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Say hello to Flora Lynn Paisley

At first, Flora seems reserved, almost distant, but that’s really just her work demeanor, as she becomes very focused on what she does. When she’s around those close to her however, she’s a very warmhearted person, often sporting slightly rosy cheeks as she goes out of her way to make sure anyone in her company are comfortable. She loves to prepare home-cooked meals for family and friends, and you can depend on her to hang onto to every word you say.

She’s a very special squid to me
I’ll be revealing more about her soon -w-

Last thing I’m going to say about this. I just remembered how Jeremy did everything he could to save his gay cousin from conversion therapy. He helped a REAL PERSON who had a REAL PROBLEM but the fact that he may have saved this girl is completely invalidated by the fact that he disagrees with your fictional ship. Like this is it. Fictional characters are becoming more important than real people and apparently if someone does something that you perceive as problematic it automatically erases all good deeds a person has done in the past. I hate this culture that crucifies people and only focuses on the negative.

  • sailor moon mangaka: i wanted to kill everyone in sailor moon for no reason but my publisher said no so i had to actually write a story
  • magical girl fans: wtf it would have been so cool if she killed everyone! boo!!! give us a dark magical girl show!
  • madoka magica: has character deaths and a bleak story while still maintaining a message of hope and ends with the titular character becoming god by hanging on to hope despite all the dark shit that happened
  • magical girl fans: ugh!!! why is it so dark!!! this is bad and problematic!!! bad things shouldnt happen in magical girl shows!!!

Sansa was able to lie Jon about the Ramsay thing ( she told him that Petyr sold her, when the truth is they had a plan to take back winterfell which sansa agreed with, he did not force her to accept it, it was her own decision)  but she forgot about a few things, like: this guy saved her from kings landing, he had a huge part in Joffrey’s death ( who killed her mother, who ordered Ned’s execution..ect), he looked after her , respected her, gave her useful lessons and so on. Somehow she totally forgot to tell these things to Jon. Not to mention what kind of dress she has made to seduce Petyr!

So it’s not a miracle why he hates Baelish so much, thank you, Sansa! Nice job!:)

I wish he was the monster without feelings many people think he is…

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Allura has a great character but I'm worried about season 3. There are so many ways things could go wrong. She is this strong leader but I worry she will be demoted by becoming a paladin since Keith will be the one in charge of Voltron. Then there's the opposite where she becomes too strong a character. Like she had just awakened her magical powers and now she is a paladin as well, on top of piloting the castle. Do you think they will be able to do her character justice with the switch?

allura can never be too strong,,,,

besides all I’m excited for this season is Lance lmao and the Hunk character development the rest is just icing on the cake!!

I know we all curate our dashes, but I feel a type of way NONE of y’all were talking about Young Justice season 3 promo art at SDCC.

  • Also Aqualad’s hair not being blonde? why? or is he just in stealth.
  • Ms Martian absent? why?
  • Can Rocket aka Raquel Ervin get some damn shine?
  • I just LOVE how they spoke of diversity and simply added 3 white women and no WOC at ALL. where are the new female characters of color?
  • where is bumblebee? the women that saved earth and took down the war world? 
  • where is mal duncan and will we see him become Vox? his character has potential.
  • I’m happy to see static but i want an inclusion of the other characters of color that were his friends, the other reach experiments Tyle Long shadow, Eduardo and Asami. Like you’re telling me within 3 years Arsenal’s wild ass actually earned a spot back on the team.
  • i’m happy lagoon boy is gone.
  • Where is barbara gordon
  • I get it’ll be a three year jump but how will that gap be showcased? and not another underwhelming video game unless its Arkham knight, injustice 2 level type shit. 
  • how do you talk about diversity and introduce NO characters of color in the team.
  • Static shock, and Blue Beetle, so far from the promos are the only character of color on the team.
  • no new female characters of color at ALL.

So I’ve been working on this Naruto fic idea that I’m doing in a sort of diary format.

We always get those fics where an OC is born/shoved into either Sakura or Naruto’s bodies and then be them. Or they become a character who boots Sakura from Team Seven somehow. And I was telling my mom the other day how I want a fic where Sasuke ends up being the one replaced by an OC, and this idea came to mind since I didn’t find any.

Sasuke Uchiha’s soul moved on during his trauma at Itachi’s hands and was replaced by another soul, and as this person who is a stranger and stuff, they aren’t fueled by the need for revenge like canon-Sasuke, changing the storyline a shit ton.

And I’ve been trying to think of who should be Sasuke 2.0′s first friend. And no, Sakura and Naruto are not the first choices I would have simply because they’ll be a team eventually and he can get with them later. He needs someone different.

I was thinking Shino, but then Shikamaru would be good too. The OC themself is originally 29 and those two Genin seem the most mature, so befriending them seems the most obvious for an adult mind. Then again, I’m still unsure.

Writing can be such a pain sometimes.

But anyway, I’ve started chapter 3 of this, and I’m not even sure I’ll post it, but the idea has been bugging me for weeks. I’ve read so many hilarious/well-written OC fics lately that various ideas came to mind and I just have to get this out or I won’t be able to think of other stuff.

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One thing I love about Jon when he acts is like, when he plays badass characters like Shane, Grady, Frank, etc etc, he does the little head tilt thing when hes like "oh is that right?" Some may say that it makes his characters seem too similar to each other but I see it as his signature mannerism and I fricken love it. Do you know what I mean? I hope I'm making sense lmfao

You absolutely make sense!!  I agree with you about it being more of a signature mannerism than just a fallback characteristic!  I notice he has several mannerisms that he uses for a few characters, but it all works imo.  Like we can spot them because we’re such big fans of his, not because they take away from the character, you know what I mean? 

He absorbs into his characters.  Jon’s the foundation and he truly becomes these characters to the point that he’s so comfortable in the part that his own mannerisms leak out (whether to his knowledge or not), does that make sense? Basically, he’s so great at what he does that you don’t see Jon anymore and you also don’t get distracted from these frequent mannerisms that he uses because it just all flows so well together with the role he’s playing.  

I went off a bit, sorry, haha.  Back to your main point, yes! I love that he does the head tilt too and the other mannerisms, like the ‘trigger finger’ tick and the nose scrunch, to name a couple.  He’s just an incredibly interesting actor to watch. 

p.s. I realize I sort of answered this question like Jon sometimes does;  a little off topic, with a circle back to the main question.  Whoops haha

“Why is there romance in Transformers? Robots don’t sexually pro-create and hence have no need for it!”

Hey, pst, pst; buddy… got a Fresh Idea for ya

You can have romantic relationships……….. without sex


I beg your pardon, ma'am. There are entries for your wage laborers here, but I see no accounting for the others.


Come write with us at Blue and Gold. The school newspaper? Yeah, that’s what we are. But I’m pretty sure that our annual operating budgetis bigger than the Register’s.

I made a BnHA oc because everyone else was doing it and holy shit a manga I actually liked enough to read all the way through?? (please protect All Might)

She discovered her quirk when she fell out of a tree as a kid, got a concussion, turned into a giant red porcupine thing, and went on a dizzy rampage before passing out on top of a building.

Her super strength/speed/climbing ability exist in both human and beast forms, but if she’s messed up enough to approach MAX LEVEL she’ll for sure be in beast form. When completely sober and well rested, her physical abilities are no more impressive than your average human teenager. 

a request!

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