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Mostly you all probably noticed the lack of art these months ( I blame Overwatch) and because I got an “internship” on my art school. Basically I’m studying to become one of their art teachers (!)

And then there’s Overwatch (again) and the reaper76 reverse bang I’m slowly working on and also some art for fanzines that’ll be announced soon!


I’ll be opening again around Oct 8th? The usual.

Oct wil be an “empty” month so I hope i have plenty of time to work on ko-fi rewards ( I know I’m so late I’m sorry ;_; thank you for all the support btw! ) and also an art giveaway?

I reached 3500 followers! It’s amazing i can’t believe you all are following for my art thank youuu <333

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So….harry potter au???

Ok first of all I KNOW. The Smiths dont live in…europe. They are from usa and in a au where they are wizards theres not way they could ever get near hogwarts. Theres the american school for wizards called ilvermorny. BUT GUESS WHAT- i dont care.

In ilvermorny things are super different and i made this au thinking HOW FUNNY it could be to see the Smiths goin to Ollivanders for a new wand for Morty (Cuz…the last one got lost or broke idk) and Rick only goes with them just to make fun of how weak and shitty those wands are. Btw imagine Rick becoming Mortys teacher against the dark arts lmao. You know Rick hates Hogwarts with all his heart but he just wants to be with Morty and make his life miserable so yeah. I have so many ideas with this shitty au.  And yeah in my version of this… Jerry is a muggle, Rick a Slytherin, Morty Hufflepuff, Beth Revenclaw and Summer is Gryffindor (Btw Rick probably doesnt believe in all that bs and hates being labeled as a Slytherin but deep down he knows….)

The Victims of the Aurora Shooting

On July 20, 2012, a deadly shooting transpired at a Cinema 16 theatre in Aurora, Colorado. This tragedy happened during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. A devastating total of 82 casualties were reported. 58 people received non-fatal injuries from gunfire, 4 from tear gas, and an additional 8 people were injured whilst fleeing the theatre. 12 people were killed. This post is a tribute to the fallen victims. 

Jonathan Blunk, 26, pictured with his daughter. Jonathan Blunk was a father of two, as well as a Navy veteran. Between 2004 and 2009, Blunk had served three tours in the Persian Gulf and North Arabian Sea. Blunk was killed while protecting his girlfriend, Chantel, pushing her beneath the theater seats.  According to family and friends, Blunk had wanted, if able to choose, to die as a hero. And indeed he did. 

Alexander Boik, 18. Boik’s dream was to become an art teacher. He had been accepted at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, where he would have attended classes in the fall of 2012. Boik enjoyed baseball, music, and making pottery. His family had said that Boik was dating a young woman who was also present at the shooting. She fortunately survived. Boik’s family specified that Alexander was “loved by all who knew him”, and that he was “a wonderful, handsome, and loving 18-year-old young man, with a warm and loving heart”. 

Jesse Childress, 29. Described by Air Force Captain Andrew Williams as knowledgeable, experienced, and respectful, Childress had been an Air Force cyber-systems operator. Childress had been based at the Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado. Tech Sergeant Alejandro Sanchez, a co-worker and bowling teammate of Childress, said “He would help anyone and always was great for our Air Force Unit”. Ashley Wassinger, another co-worker, said that Childress “was a great person, fun to be with, always positive and laughing. Really just an amazing person, and I am so lucky to have been his friend”. 

Gordon Cowden, 51. Cowden, a “true Texas gentleman”, was with his two teenage children the night of the Aurora tragedy. Thankfully his children survived the shooting, ultimately escaping unharmed. Cowden had his own business and also loved the outdoors. He was, as described by his family, “a quick witted world traveler with a keen sense of humor”. Cowden’s family went on to say that he “will be remembered for his devotion to his children and for always trying to do the right thing, no matter the obstacle”. Cowden was the eldest victim of the Aurora shooting. 

Jessica Ghawi, 24. Jessica Ghawi, also known as Jessica Redfield, had only just prior to the shooting, written about surviving a mall shooting in Toronto. The beloved sports writer’s death came as an absolute shock to her brother, Jordan Ghawi. Jessica has been described by friends and colleagues as smart, outgoing, and witty. Hockey player Jay Meloff, Ghawi’s boyfriend, was hit very hard by her death. “140 characters could never do you justice nor could all the words in this world. Never wanted to fall asleep because it meant missing time with you”. Meloff had tweeted the previous words shortly after Ghawi’s death. 

John Larimer, 27. Larimer was a Navy petty officer and the youngest of five siblings. When the shooting began, Larimer immediately rushed to shield his girlfriend, Julia Vojtsek, his life being taken soon thereafter. He had once told his brother Noel that the best way to die was in the process of saving someone else’s life. John Larimer had immense pride for his country and will continue to be loved by his girlfriend, friends, and family. Adam Kavalauskas, a former friend and college roommate of Larimer, expressed that Larimer was “never selfish” and was “always serving others”. 

Matt McQuinn, 27. On the night of the shootings, Matt McQuinn was with his girlfriend, Samantha Yowler, and her brother, Nick Yowler. When the shooting commenced, McQuinn and Nick Yowler attempted to shield Samantha with their bodies. The young woman was unfortunately shot in the leg, but was able to escape with her unharmed brother. McQuinn, however, did not survive. His stepfather, David Jackson, stated “I know he’s a hero. He and Sam were very much in love and planning their life together. I am sure they were thinking very seriously about getting married soon.” 

Micayla Medek, 23. Medek was out with a group of about ten friends to see “The Dark Knight Rises” on July 20. She was an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers and loved to hang out with friends. Medek’s aunt, Jenny Zakovich, described her as an independent-minded and sweet girl who rarely asked her family for anything. “This shouldn’t have happened to somebody like her,” Zakovich said. Anita Bush, the cousin of Medek’s father, has said that she hopes “this evil act…doesn’t shake people’s faith in God”. 

Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6. Veronica was the youngest victim of the Aurora shooting. “She was excited about life as she should be. She’s a 6-year-old girl,” said her great-aunt. Veronica, an only child, tragically died on the operating table at a local hospital. 

Alex Sullivan, 27. Sullivan was celebrating his 27th birthday with friends on the night of the shooting. His first wedding anniversary with his wife Cassie would have been just two days later. Sullivan was cherished by his family and friends, and was described as “just a big teddy bear” who gave great hugs. He was smart and funny, with a great smile, according to his loved ones. Sullivan was an enormous movie fan and a comic book geek, as well as a fan of the New York Mets. “He was a very, very good young man,” said Joe Loewenguth, Sullivan’s uncle. 

Alexander Teves, 24. “Alex was a very wonderful, kind, caring person,” said Teves’ aunt, Barbara Slivinske, “He had a great sense of humor. At one point he grew his hair ten or twelve inches long so that he could cut it off and donate it to Locks of Love”. Teves died while protecting his girlfriend as the gunman attacked several movie-goers. He had a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Denver and was aspiring to become a psychiatrist. Alexander Teves is survived in part by his two younger brothers, ages 16 and 17. 

Rebecca Wingo, 31. Wingo was working towards an associates of arts degree at the Community College of Aurora. She had joined the Air Force after graduating from high school. Wingo became fluent in Mandarin Chinese and served as a translator. Her father, Steve Hernandez, posted a FaceBook post saying, “I lost my daughter yesterday to a mad man. My grief right now is inconsolable. I hear she died instantly, without pain, however the pain is unbearable”. A friend of Wingo, Hal Wallace, said that she had “the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen. She got prettier as she grew older”. 

Other victims who survived, but received extensive lifelong injuries. 

Ashley Moser, the mother of Veronica Moser-Sullivan, suffered a miscarriage not long after the shooting. She also lost her ability to walk as a result of many critical gunshot wounds. Moser will remain in a wheelchair for the remainder of her life. 

Caleb Medley has serious brain damage as well as an eye injury due to a shotgun wound to the head. He requires a feeding tube and has severely impaired movement. Medley can no longer speak. After the completion of three brain surgeries, he was the last victim of the Aurora shooting to be discharged from the hospital. 

The Community First Foundation collected over $5 million for a fund for the Aurora victims and their families. The Aurora Victim Relief Fund announced on November 16, 2012, that each claimant would recieve $220,000. On July 25, 2012, three out of the five hospitals treating Aurora victims announced that they would either limit medical bills or forgive them entirely. 


i have doodled TINGPERWOLS

tiny action pose practices with the fighter wolpertings + wanted to try my hand on drawing the Old and Tired Doggos of the wolperting city in my style

also Urs because the world needs more Urs art

anonymous asked:

Hey, Im a trans boy and I'm honestly scared for my future because I want to become an art teacher and Im scared that i wont be hired as who I am and may have to pretend to be female when I'm not. I dont think I could handle having my future students call me Ms/Mrs. How can I become a teacher when I'm trans? Is it even possible?

Ryn says:

It is very possible. First of all, in many states in the US, employers cannot ask if you are trans during an application and interview process, and so would have no way of knowing. There are a few professors at my school that are GNC, and my archaeology professor knows of a few people in his field who are openly trans (one of whom was his graduate adviser and one of whom interviewed for a position at my college). In my high school there were several teachers who were openly gay, and had been since they were hired. While in some states in the US there are discriminatory laws on the books (or no statutes to protect trans folks from workplace discrimination), hopefully more states will follow the trend of enacting workplace discrimination protections for trans people. 

Pursue your dream. Do your art. Live as who you are. There is no major reason why you shouldn’t be able to become a teacher in the future. 

Yet not dead

Hey, I’ve been busy lately and school had pressured me very hard for 2 weeks straight, focusing on studying and finishing the assignment in exact deadlines, sleep late and sleep in the class, got scolded by academic teacher and participated an art competition and becoming a red house athlete..
Bleh what a life but I’ll be back on next Thursday, so it won’t be long but I can’t stay long because school give me just 2 days holiday so, what a life 😩

Voltron Characters in Hp

I already made a post about what kind of people the Voltron characters would be in the Harry Potter world [X] Here’s how the characters would interact if they lived in the Harry Potter timeline. I have a lot more head canons about this world, and if you want more just ask, but this is a basic overview. 


Lance, Hunk, Keith, and Pidge would all be in the same year as the main ‘Potter Gang’ (Harry, Draco, Ron, etc)

Allure and Shiro are five years above the rest (year sixth when Harry is in year 1)…or think two years above Oliver Wood and Percy Weasley. 

Summary of Houses:

Gryffindors: Keith and Allura

Hufflepuffs: Shiro and Hunk

Slytherins: Lance and Pidge

(for more explanations go Here)

Alright, time to get to the juicy stuff:

Allura didn’t show up at Hogwarts until Shiro’s fifth year, because her father, Alfor, became the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Before she went to Beauxbatons. Alford avoids the DADA curse by switching on and off with Coran, so the curse doesn’t recognize them as real ‘teachers’. 

Allura, Coran, and Alfor may or not may not have beautiful French Accents…I’ll leave that up to your imaginations. 

Allura quickly established herself as the leader of the Gryffindors, becoming their quidditch captain within months. And she may or may not have a thing going with the Hufflepuff’s team Keeper Shiro. After games they well sneak out the empty locker rooms to hook up. Shiro is always worried about getting caught, but Allura is like ‘Shut the hell up and get going’

Allura and Shiro HATE the new quidditch captain for the Slytherin team Marcus Flint, who is a year under them, because he cheats to get his way. Shiro and Allura switch on and off depending on who is playing making sure that he is playing fair. 

In their sixth year Shiro is super excited to have his younger brother Keith coming to Hogwarts, and Keith when Keith becomes friends with two Slytherin and a Hufflepuff, Shiro and Allura tag Along as sort of their older siblings/mentors. They help the group out with hard coursework and it’s great. 

Oliver Wood doesn’t become Quidditch Captain until Allura graduates in his sixth year, but he’s been vice-captain since his fourth year. When Allura gets pulled out of class for Potter catching the snitch she decides to hold tryouts for all the first years, because her Hufflepuff boyfriend has corrupted her with a sense of fair play. 

Keith Kogane becomes the second first year to break a centuries old record by becoming the other Gryffindor beater. Him and Allura make an unbeatable team. 

In Lance’s second year he becomes a Slytherin Beater just to try and take down Keith, but halfway into the year he figures out he’s much better as a chaser and switches positions. 

Speaking of Lance, he’s on a mission to erase Slytherin prejudice. Remember Lance has the share a room with…Draco Malfoy. He would go crazy. Lance and Pidge (who is pretending to be a guy…explanation Here) would form a Coalition against Blond Bitches. 

Lance refuses to make fun of other house, and his friendship with Hunk is  reminiscent of how close James Potter and Sirius Black were (This has the side effect people being wary, because Slytherin prejudice is alive and well).

Pidge gets away with hiding their gender until their second year when Lance sees…the ever feared red sheets. At first he thinks his roommate Pidge was sliced open in the night, but when he checks…he finds out they are just on their period. Luckily, since he has three older siblings who went to Hogwarts he knows a lot of spells, and since he hates most other members of their dorm (except for Blaise Zabini, Blaise is too hot to hate) he keeps it a secret. 

Apparently, everyone else in their group already knew. Shiro was even best friends with her brother Matt. 

Keith and Lance have an almost Ron/Hermione relationship. Keith is always trying to correct Lance, and Lance is always trying to prove Keith wrong. There is a large betting pool set up by the Weasley twins and Pidge to see if Keith and Lance or Ron and Hermione will get together first. 

Pidge walks away with a gold mine when Lance takes Keith to the Yule Ball in fourth year. 

Now, Hunk is a lot like Harry Potter. He just wants to help out where he can, and find himself stuck between two arguing friends a little two often. Pidge is no help either, because they just laugh and grin. Sometimes in the Great Hall when Ron and Hermione and Keith and Lance are both arguing, Harry and Hunk will just give each other looks across the great hall in solidarity. 

Harry and Hunk actually have a good friendship, and they like having out together, because they are pretty similar. 

In Harry’s fourth year when Ron is ignoring him he goes and joins up with the ‘Paladins’ (Harry can’t decide if it’s better or worse than the ‘Golden trio’). They are a kind and friendly lot, and it makes Harry re-evaluate his position on inter-house friendships. During the Twi-wizard tournament everyone always says that Cedric Diggory is a lot like a younger Takashi ‘call me Shiro’ Shirogane. When Cedric dies, Shiro goes to his funeral. The kid had been only two years below him, and Shiro had helped the younger Hufflepuff out a lot during his O.W.L year. 

When Shiro and Allura graduate In Harry’s second year they go off to get their masteries. Allura gets a mastery in Ancient Runes and becomes a professional quidditch player. Shiro gets a mastery in DADA, Potions, and Transfiguration. Alfor decides to ‘retire’ from teaching in Harry Potter’s fifth year so he can focus on the research aspect of Defense against the Dark Arts, and Shiro becomes the new teacher alongside Coran. 

Of course, when Allura hears about some Umbridge lady making a new position in Hogwarts called the High Inquisitor she takes a break from professional quid ditch to become Madame Hooch’s teaching assistant. 

When Harry starts up the DA, he can’t help but invite the Paladins. Unfortunately, the second the rest of the DA (*cough* Zacharias Smith *cough*) saw that there were Slytherins invited, them didn’t want them there. The whole thing was going to fall apart, so the Paladins decided against joining. They started their own defense group that was overseen by Shiro, and Allura and Coran would come by every practice to help. 

Lance and Keith would stand up everyday in Umbridge’s class to defy her. they have matching scars that say, “I will not defy authority’. (When they are older they get a tattoo that crosses out the not so it says I will not defy authority). 

Harry stills trust the Paladins, so when he goes to the ministry he invites them, and Shiro and Allura come along, because ‘these are children!’ (They never joined the Order). 

At the ministry, Keith comes face to face with his worst fear. In this AU, his mother is Bellatrix Lestrange (mirroring his Galra heritage..more on that Here). He freezes, but when he see Lance beside him he feels brave, and goes into eh battle with everything he’s got. 

In this world, Zarkon, Haggar, and Sendak are all high ranking Death Eaters, like inner-inner circle, and Zarkon is actually Voldemort’s co-Dark Lord. 

Throughout their sixth year, the Paladins run interference with the Slytherins and Ravenclaws, trying to make sure no one else joins the Dark Lord. They recruit people like Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass, Tracey Davis, and Adrian Pucey to help them fight against Voldemort in the future. When the Deah Eaters take over the school, they prepare for rebellion. 

In their seventh year they run a rebellion in Hogwarts. Aided by Nevill Longbottom and Ginny Weasley they protect the younger students and teach others how to fight. 

Shiro and Allura left Hogwarts to join the Order (they wouldn’t have been allowed to stay anyway, Shiro is a muggleborn) where her father Alfor has been running operations since Fifth Year. Coran stays on staff, even though he knows that the curse will hit him since he doesn’t have anyone else teaching. He needs to be there. 

Halfway through the year, Shiro is captured by Zarkon when he was on a mission with Alfor. Allura finds her father dead, the dark mark floating above. When the news of Shiro’s capture reaches Keith, he’s angry and distraught. He decides to leave Hogwarts to look for him and for Pidge’s family. 

Lance goes with Keith and they infiltrate the Death Eaters base. They find Matt Holt and Pidge’s father kept a prisoner much like Ollivander was, button sign of Shiro. When they do find Shiro in the dungeons of Malfoy manor, it’s with his arm missing and a silver one (like Pettigrew’s) in its place. He has a scar running across his face now. 

It takes a while for Shiro to recover, but Lance lets Pidge know her family has been rescued through the underground network. 

Shiro can’t cast spells anymore. He can only shoot bursts of energy out of his arm that are similar to stupefy. When the final battle arises the Paladins all fight. In the middle of the battle after seeing the carnage Shiro propose to Allura, she accepts while blowing an arm off of a Death Eater. 

Hunk is the one who takes down Haggar. She knew these ‘Paladins’ would be a threat, but targeted Hunk as the weak link, and see made quite the mistake. To this day, Hunk is the most feared Healer in the wizarding world. Shiro and Allura tag-team to take Sendak down. He was the one who had experimented on Shiro, and they finally get their revenge. 

It takes all five paladins to defeat Zarkon. They surround him, and after a brutal battle he lies defeated. They go to continue in the battle, when Zarkon sends a final curse at Allura, meaning to kill her. 

Coran leaps in front of it and saves Allura’s life. He falls to the ground unmoving. 

Then Voldemort falls the ground dead, and the battle is over. 

Throughout the coming months the Paladins are instrumental in rebuilding the wizarding world, Coran lived, after spending four months in a coma, but suffers from bouts of memory loss. 

Allura and Shiro get married in the fall next to newly rebuilt Hogwarts, a week before the school year starts. Two years later, another wedding is being held for Lance and Keith. Hunk ends up marrying a professional quidditch player he met in his fourth year from Durmstrang named Shay. Pidge spends most of their time catching up with their family, and is going to Muggle university to become a, as Lance calls it, ‘A science nerd’. They casual date a few people, but Pidge doesn’t have anyone serious. 

The Paladins are hailed as war heroes, and remain close friends with the so called ‘Golden Trio’. In fact, Allura is planning to run for minister in a year, and Hermione has joked that soon Allura will have to run against her

They had fought their battle, and made a better world for it. 

All was well. 

My grandpa passed away today.  He just turned 90 yesterday.  In fact… i just spoke to him yesterday.  He was in good spirits and his girlfriend was taking him out for lunch.  

I will miss him so much.  He taught me so much about history and science and God.  About gardening and patience and how to ignore my brother when he tickled me till I couldn’t breath.  I think he was a little disappointed that I didn’t become a scientist or a teacher, he didn’t really understand art or the type of art I do.

I meant to tell him that I’ve been working on a WWII game for the last three years.  He was the person who first explained WWII to me.  He was a little too young to go, but a lot of the things we had growing up were surplus from WWII and Korea because we were very poor.  I had an old foot locker to put my stuffed animals in- and every time I see one in game I feel like it should be filled with toys.  Toys that grandpa bought me.  He was always getting me giant stuffed animals.  

Since living alone after his second wife passed away, he’s become a bit of a hoarder.  His bedroom and the guest room are immaculate.  But the porch and living room are knee deep in boxes.  He admitted last christmas that he had filmed in detail the construction of the new bridge in town.  He was fascinated by it and was annoyed that no one wanted to watch all ten VHS tapes of it with him.  He also admitted he didn’t know what to do with all the junk he had.  I suggested to mom later that we have a viking funeral for the stuff.

He and my grandmother, who passed away when I was 13, adopted my mom and her brothers right after the korean war.  They were an odd family in such a white area like southern Illinois… he once picked a man up by the neck in church because the man called my mom a slur.  He was cranky and irritated with everyone, he had a short temper, and often embarked on insane home improvement projects that left Grandma shaking her head and saying, “That man.”  Which is what I’m sure she’s saying now, and “It’s about time.” 

He worked in a small power plant most of his life.  He got to know every in and out of every machine in there.  He got my dad a job there when my parents were first married and dad still works there.  Almost all the instructions on how to fix or use or how something in the plant works are written in his hand… or dad’s.  At the same time, he knew how dirty coal power was and did his best to send what he could to World Wildlife Fund and made regular donations to Native American college scholarships.  He was the one who taught me the importance of recycling and reusing and conservation.  

In a way I’m happy for him because I know he was tired and ready to move on.  He went canoing yesterday for the first time in years.  But i’m sad for myself and what I’ve lost.  And what my family’s lost.  What we’ve all lost.  

Anyway.  I’ll be in touch over email but I might be slow to respond while i take care of family stuff that’s going on.  <3   

anonymous asked:

Hey Cross i just read a hp fic that has Teacher Harry in it and it reminded me of your fic and just i love it (soo much) so if you don't mind can you recs some Teacher Harry fics ? Thanks :)

Sure, here are a few I’ve really enjoyed:

Hogwarts, to welcome you home  by gedsparrowhawk (FaceChanger)

“You understand, Professor,”&#157; Harry began, after a moment, “that I don’t have my N.E.W.T.s. I don’t even have my O.W.L.s. Between everything I never had a chance the first time around, and then afterwards there didn’t seem to be much point. Hermione argued for it, of course, but I was so tired of Britain. So technically, I am completely unqualified for the position.”&#157;

“Quite a way to begin an interview, Mr. Potter,” McGonagall said dryly.

Or, three years after the war, Harry Potter becomes Hogwarts’ newest Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

A Good Teacher by Nia_River

The other children in class stared at the teacher. Then they stared at Harry, then back to the teacher, then at Harry, in a never-ending loop.

Harry found he couldn’t blame them. Everything from the bespectacled emerald eyes to the messy black hair - the resemblance between them was uncanny!

Sine Qua Non by AzarDarkstar

The best place to start is at the beginning, and Harry supposes it all began with the mysterious Professor H. J. Prewett. Years 1 through 7.

Gelosaþ in Écnesse by Batsutousai

Caught in the backlash of Voldemort’s Killing Curse, Harry is thrown through time to a world so very different from his own.

So I wrote a thing in response to this post.  It makes a few specific references and really only makes sense if you look at that first, but I didn’t want to add this on by reblogging because 1) I don’t want to start an argument or anything (though I think I’ve kept it civil, it’s just a different opinion, I just like to really examine each point and why I disagree okay) and 2) it’s over 1500 words SO

Basically the post is about how Harry should have become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and I respectfully disagree and here’s why

I have a fricking midterm tomorrow what am I doing

Keep reading


70. “Oh yeah, because you’d be so good at this!” (not requested - I just wanted to write this lmao)

Word count - 1,250

The ceramics room of your school was almost like a second home for you. You had spent countless hours there, often trading in your lunch periods and study halls in order to work on your clay creations. As a result of your dedication to the craft, you had become close to the head of the art department and ceramics teacher of your school, Mrs. Dovitch. Upon your request, she had allowed you to stay after school to work on your latest piece, a vase for your grandmother. 

 "Y/N,” she began, “I’m trusting you now with this room, so please don’t do anything you shouldn’t.” She lectured, giving you a stern look as she handed you a spare key to lock up once you were finished. 

“You can trust me, Mrs. Dovitch,” you said, taking the key from her palm. “And thank you for letting me do this.”

“Of course, Y/N. I trust you. Which is why I allowed another student to stay after school with you as well. I know you’ll keep him in line.”

“Yeah, sure,” you nodded eagerly, anxious to begin your work.

“Okay, I think that’s all. I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N!” Mrs. Dovitch called to you as she slipped out of the door, leaving you to get to work.

 You blew a stray lock of hair out of your face in one, frustrated puff. Apparently, sculpting a clay vase wasn’t as easy as you anticipated. Each time you thought you had begun to shape the form in the way you wanted, you managed to destroy the piece. It was important that you make this vase today, because you were making it for your grandmother’s birthday this weekend. You wanted it to be perfect for her, but that required actually completing it. You started to rework the clay for what felt like the thousandth time, seeming to find a rhythm while you worked. Just as you grew relaxed, however, your hand slipped, knocking the entire piece off-center. You closed your eyes and sucked in a breath in an attempt to quell your growing frustration. You took some deep breaths, wringing your hands as you prepared yourself to attempt the piece once again when you hear a voice tentatively say, “Hey, you’re Y/N, right?”

Your eyes open in surprise, looking for the source of the voice. However, you don’t expect to see Grayson Dolan standing in front of you. When Mrs. Dovitch mentioned that another student would be joining you, you had expected it to be someone more - ahem - artistic, or at least one of the students in her classes. Instead, one of the most popular, athletic, not to mention good-looking boys at your school was standing in front of you. You assumed he didn’t even know where the art wing of the school was. Yet here he was. His tall frame took up most of the space in the doorway, as one of his tanned hands ran through his dark hair, pushing it ba-

“Oh, is Y/N not your name?” you heard Grayson say, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

“Oh, no, you got it right,” you let out a nervous laugh. “Sorry, I didn’t expect you to walk in right now. You’re Grayson, right?” 

“Oh, I’m impressed. Not everyone can tell me apart from Ethan,” he laughs, referring to his identical twin brother. 

“Really? The difference seems obvious to me,” you say thoughtfully as he slips an smock on over his clothing. “Hey, by the way, um, what are you doing here? I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you even close to this half of the school before.”

Grayson laughs. “I’m actually taking a ceramics class this year.” He says, grabbing a chunk of clay from the bin. He begins to wedge it, and you look back down at your failed project. “Do you need help with that?” he says, referring to your lump of clay. He continues to push his clay down on the table, and you can see his muscles flex with every movement.

“Oh yeah, because you’d be so good at this!” you say, laughing.

“Hey, I’m a pretty quick learner, Y/N,” he retorted, “You’d be surprised.”

“Oh, yeah? Prove it,” you say with a sudden burst of confidence.

“Okay, I will,” he says, smirking at you as he sits on the stool right next to yours. He throws the clay almost perfectly in the center of the wheel, drizzles some water over the form, and turns on his wheel. You find yourself mesmerized by the ease with which he controls his clay, due in part to his apparent upper body strength. You could never manipulate your clay like that. Within minutes, he transforms the lump of clay into a curved vase. He switches the wheel off and looks at you, laughing when he sees your jaw practically on the floor.

“That’s not fair,” you laugh. “I’ve been doing this for years and I can’t get mine to look like that!” you whine, still looking at his piece.

“I can give you some pointers or something, if you want,” he says sheepishly. “Just do what you normally do, and I can see help you where you’re stuck.”

“Okay,” you agree, turning on your wheel and starting your piece over. The same thing happens as before - as soon as you try to lengthen the walls, they give out. You look at him hopefully.

“Oh, okay,” he starts, getting up from his stool. “So when you’re raising…” this is all you hear, as he suddenly wraps his arms around you, helping guide your hands on the clay. However, all you can think about is his chest brushing against your back and his hand on yours. You look up to him, dumbstruck.

“Got it?” he says. When you don’t respond, he brings his forefinger to your face, swiping some clay onto your nose.

“Did you just…” you say, still a bit speechless over what just happened. A mischievous smile spreads across his face, so you smack him lightly on the cheek with your hand. Th clay from your hand leaves a mark on his face.

“Oh, you don’t know what you just started, Y/L/N,” Grayson murmurs, and you quickly get up from your seat to run away from whatever he was planning to do. He chases you around the room, chunk of clay in hand, trying to get his revenge. 

“No! Stop, I’m sorry, Gray, I didn’t mean it!” you shriek as he chases you into a corner. You back up into the counter as he slowly approaches you.

“Truce?” you squeak out, afraid of what he was going to do with the clay in his hand. Surprisingly, he puts it down on the counter beside you. You shoot him a questioning look as he places his hands on either side of you. Your faces are inches apart. His eyes scan across your face, gaze lingering on your lips. He looks up again, into your eyes, almost asking them for permission. You nod slightly, and his mouth collides with yours. You tangle your fingers in his hair, forgetting about the clay on your hands. He kisses you slowly, placing his own on the small of your back, pulling you closer to him. The moment is over far too soon, and you pull apart from each other, out of breath.

“Truce,” he breathes, looking into your eyes. You laugh, hands laced around his neck, and pull his lips to yours once more.

in which you study abroad in florence, italy and find a guide to the city in ashton, artist and overall art geek – a soulmate au inspired by prompts from this list.

disclaimer: i don’t speak a lick of italian (nor have i actually been to florence, italy), which means i relied a great deal on google, so if anything’s not entirely accurate, correct me if you wish, but kindly don’t jump down my throat when you do so. :-) momentary mentions of death and alcohol/drug use near the end, so this is a heads up that it’s there – skim through, scroll past, do what you must.

word count: 9124

Of all the artwork in Florence, for some reason, this portrait was what struck you the most. Not Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, not Lippi’s Madonna and Child, and not even Michaelangelo’s David (which just the sight of had made a few tourists faint, a symptom of Stendhal syndrome according to another fellow museum goer), but rather, this particular portrait right in front of you.

You supposed your fixation with the portrait had to do with the fact that looking at it was like looking into a mirror – the image looking more like your own reflection than a painting. The only difference between you and the subject of the portrait was that you both wore different clothing – you in 21st century attire and her in attire appropriate of the time period…of the Renaissance, at least 400 years ago. That one minor difference aside, as eerie as it was to acknowledge, there was no doubt about it – the portrait’s subject was definitely a split-image of you.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my goodness I feel so blonde!! I have listened to your versions of the bendy songs but I never made the connection that it was also You!! (granted I just got a tumblr about a week ago) As someone who was in two choirs in a junior college I wanted you to know that you sound Great!! And I LOVE your artwork! I'm going to college to become an art teacher and for me you're really inspiring and I look forward to more of your artwork. :)

Oh gosh, ahahaha!  Well, thank you kindly!  I’m glad you enjoy my stuff! :D

The Portrait by Josuke Higashikata

@zizigy and i have been discussing Josuhan shipping ideas. I had one idea and she absolutely loved it. 

I had treasured this idea for long time

I don’t have the time to draw it into a comic, but i decided to write it cause i just remember that i can write.

so josuhan fans, please enjoy, i suggest for u guys to read it at my . it lines up much more better there

summary: When Rohan Kishibe dropped out of art college, he moves to Morioh for a fresh beginning. However when he takes a job as an assistant art teacher, a pompadoured teenager named Josuke Higashikata becomes a thorn on his side and in his heart. What will take for Josuke to keep Rohan closer to his heart? And away from the demons that haunts him?

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✨ recoverystudies introduction ✨

Hey guys! So since this blog is getting a whole new facelift, I figured I’d finally get around to making an introduction post!!

✨about me✨
- my name is Emily and I’m 16
- Taurus (May 12th)
- Ravenclaw (Ravenrin) /Horned Serpent
- currently at the end of my sophomore year of high school (class of 2019)
- honors/AP student
- I am learning Spanish in school and Portuguese on my own
- I likely have depression and anxiety and I am working up the courage to tell my family in hopes of getting a professional diagnosis
- I am a witch and a Hellenic pagan

✨what I like✨
- sports (baseball, football, hockey– mega bias towards Boston sports but I also love the Chicago Cubs and the Toronto Maple Leafs)
- art! I draw both traditionally and digitally, and I want to become an art teacher
- music (mostly emo/punk rock like green day, fall out boy, sum 41, mcr, but I also like other rock bands like the fratellis and jukebox the ghost)
- writing! I won 2016 NaNoWriMo and write original fiction on and off

I’d love to meet some of you! I hope to start posting semi-regularly soon.

timelybees  asked:

I'm just. clapping really dang hard at your tags on that "artists can't say 'practice" post, that makes me SO MAD? They're not here to baby people, jeez!

HONESTLY like i guess i understand people might get frustrated if they can’t get anything out of people telling them to practice but like??? artists dont owe you anything???
if you follow and artist on tumblr and send them an ask like, how can i get better at art too? and they say uhh practice? how the fuck can you get mad at them!? not only was your question vague but theyre just some artist!!! if they went into specifics you would get different answers from everyone!! some artists vigorously attend school for art, and some are entirely self taught!! there is no one way to become better at art!
and by god most artists youll meet are not! teachers! theyre not your personal art coach! they probably dont know what theyre doing either all they know is that theyve been doing it for a while!! so the only answer they know is practice!!!!

lay off artists and stop trying to police how they interact with you!!! theyre not your personal content machine so stop expecting them to act like they are!

i just really dont get how people can get angry about strangers trying their best to give you advice just because its not what you want to hear.
if you want detailed advice tailored to you, take a class. find a teacher. find someone who actually knows what to say to you. dont berate other people for not fitting into your mold.