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Early 2000′s Courtney Act looks like a divorced suburban mom that’s in the PTA and insists her kids do a trillion extracurricular activities just so she can boast to other moms how great they are. She also constantly asks to speak to the manager at any store/restaurant and smells like the entirety of bath and bodyworks threw up on her.

Meanwhile current Courtney Act looks like early 2000′s ex husband’s new wife who’s 25 years old, does yoga, and only eats gluten free organic foods. She works at a gym, but wants to become a popstar, and films shitty music videos on her husband’s yacht. 

I’m Kim and for as long as I can remember I have been mocked and told that I cannot sing by old classmates and, more importantly, my family. My father has even gone so far as to say if I were to audition for Swedish Idol at some point he would deny that we were even related and when I was still a toddler I told my parents I wanted to become a popstar when I grew up and they both laughed me straight in the face. Even tho I have a very small group of amazing friends and an even more incredible boyfriend who support me it is very hard to feel good about myself and feel confident in my own voice, even tho I logically know I am a strong vocalist. This, and the fact that I miss performing in front of crowds, is was made me decide to post this in hopes that some strangers would be kind enough to send some positivity my way.

I am also, to be honest, far more of a powerful singer, but since my parents were home when I filmed this I could not display these abilities as they would, once again, complain and/or mock me.

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Hii!! Hunting down a fic which was an AU where Betty followed her childhood friend/huge crush Archie to LA so he could become a famous popstar then dumped her when he didn't need her anymore so she decided to take revenge and she meets Jughead along the way. It was enemies to friends to lovers fic

We got the same ask a little while ago.

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Meet Kylo Ren & Tsuruga Ren

I’ve been reading manga series for many years and recently discovered some similarities between Kylo Ren and another character named Tsuruga Ren (from Skip Beat!).

Coincidence? I think yes, in this case. But since I love to find parallels and similarities in everything I see, I thought I would do an analysis and comparison between Kylo Ren and Tsuruga Ren, and their relationship with a certain young woman in their lives.

Ever since I heard the name ”Kylo Ren” I always thought it sounded familiar to me. Besides the fact that the whole name itself sounds very Japanese, I didn’t connect the dots until I recently read Skip Beat! again - a Japanese manga by author Yoshiki Nakamura (which I highly recommend by the way).

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The Comics and The Fans

I’ve been meaning to write about The Wicked and The Divine for ages. Unfortunately I was preoccupied with attempting to avoid a nervous breakdown so temporarily couldn’t think about comics but hey here is a thing. It was going to go on Freakytrigger but I think we’ve drowned that in content already and besides, it’s Tumblration of the highest order. So let’s experiment with email posting.

(This is non-spoiler-y, in that it’s talking about themes more than specifics; also I feel really bad cus I haven’t really talked about the art and style and things because I want to talk about that in a different post; also I haven’t really talked about the comic. I am good writer)

I know Kieron’s said this until his jaw must be close to falling off but The Wicked & The Divine isn’t really about the experience of being a fan, it’s about the experience of being a creator. It’s not about the point and joys and revelations of critical shagging or love letter playlists, although that’s all in it, it’s taken as a given that those elements of loving something exist without having to dwell too much on explaining why.

But it’s about gods as popstars, about theology as fandom, so it’s not *not* about fans, obviously. You don’t become a popstar because you’re roundly ignored and no one feels anything about your work and by talking about the process of creating things that give people emotions you have to talk about those people to contextualise the creator.

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