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A little about me *Bio*

Hello everyone! I thought it was about time introduce myself a little more. While I won’t say my name or where I live, I have other things to myself that are plenty!

🏫I go to college/University and have been for about 3 years now. I was studying for a major in psychology to hopefully become a therapist one day but human services has taken my interest more. So I hope to become a licensed clinical social worker (:

👾I love video games! I like older ones and newer ones that are coming out. My first gaming console/handheld was a Sega Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog.

👽I like weird and creepy gore things. My favorite type of movies are horror and Rom comedy but I like scary stories.

😻I am a down to the bone cat lover! I had up to 8 cats once when I was living with my mother and nursed 3 litters.

☺️I also love anime, if that hasn’t been proven already. I’ve been watching anime for over 10 years and seen over 130 different types of anime.

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Education is a Human Right This Young Woman Would Not be Denied

“[A]s an undocumented immigrant [from Brazil] at age nine, by the time [Luana] graduated from high-school she knew four languages and had a 4.3 GPA. Unfortunately, because of her immigration status she couldn’t attend the universities of her choice… Her legal status meant she had to pay higher out-of-state tuition so she only took two classes at a time [at Florida International University]. She also works double shifts as a restaurant manager to help support herself and her sister and her family back home. You see, she hasn’t seen her parents or brother in more than five years. They were deported. Fortunately, two years ago Luana was approved for differed action… This allows young immigrants like Luana to temporarily remain in the United States, and as a result Luana was able to… graduate today.”

She plans to continue her education at FIU to get a Masters in Social Work with an end goal of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker equipped to help children and families suffering from substance abuse and mental illness.

Let’s congratulate Luana and stand up with all our undocumented brothers and sisters!