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that picture of you with a red mohawk looks like an underfell version of yourself

* That’s pretty much exactly what it is;

* Underfell Jim never got past his edgy teenage punk phase, he trolls the people on the internet, holds grudges, engages in dumb arguments like a piece of trash and he surrounds himself with bad, fickle people and backstabbers.

* I almost can’t believe I was such an awful teenager.

* Y’know, life becomes so much better when you just learn to let it go.

Change has always scared me but I know that only by that can I evolve and become a better version of myself. I make the risky choices, I make the choices that stray me away from the familiar and comfortable, and many times I do suffer from the changes I experience from my choices– but I know months from now I will only look back at how far I’ve gone and I’m going to be proud of the better me I’ve become.
Change is overwhelming and its crazy how you can just feel it in within yourself– I feel like a completely different person from when I was 18, 19 and now 20. Those felt like 3 different people all together. But how do you deal with change? You embrace it.

So I dare you guys to embrace change and to break away from anything who hinders you from your own personal growth. You’ll never know the kind of person who was within you all along.

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Life took an uneasy toll in the last few months.

I realised that in order to heal, I had to invest in myself and that in every way possible. This meant socially, physically, emotionally and more importantly spiritually.

All areas are interconnected and it’s only when I began to acknowledge this, that I began to heal.

So if you are feeling defeated, get up and fight! Invest in yourself:

Buy yourself something nice, some good food, some new clothes, some new cream, increase your salah, increase your dhikr, increase your dua and believe with certainty and conviction that your Rabb will answer you, perfect your manners, forget, forgive, move on, find closure if people are toxic, let go, call people, socialise carefully, find yourself a new hobby even if you’re doing it by yourself and if you still remain alone after all this, at least you have contributed to your growth and you’ve become a better version of yourself, which will never be a loss.

Don’t seek validation from people, seek validation from yourself.

And more importantly always remember to say Al hamdulillah and remember your blessings!

I had a realization a few days ago. 

You know the reason you don’t get what you want the moment you want it? As in, preferred situations or material circumstances, maybe even people? I believe it’s because it takes time to move into a space – mentally, emotionally – in which the person that you are is, in a sense, most compatible with these things. 

In another word, for the things we most want, the fantasy of instantaneous change and wish fulfillment loses out to the fact that most of the time you have to grow into these scenarios. You have to become the model or expression of yourself that could most appreciate these things.

Like updating your PC’s version of windows so that it operates compatibly with other newer, better versions of software.

You have to become change to get change

…It seems almost like some rule of, like, cosmic economics.

Think positive ! 💫

The things you imagine today will become real tomorrow. That means it is never too late to change your live actively!
One year ago i was so unhappy with my life. I hated my job, my body, always trying to lose weight, restricted calories, always exhausted and tired & caught in my negative mindset. Today I am a completely different person. I stay up every morning thankful and glad for every minute in my life. I do things i love, i have the energy to work for my goals & start to love my body and everything about myself. 💕

And you can do this too! Just remember yourself that you are creating your reality! You can quit everytime and start to change your life!
Veganism helped me a lot and gave me the energy and focus i needed to become a better version of myself 🌱 and i am still working, but it is the most worthy work - the work on yourself! And i appreciate everyday i can improve myself ✨

And i just love to share this with you because I hope that i can help someone out there sharing my experiences and thoughts! Thank you all so much it gives me more than you can Imagine when i get all your lovely comments and messages everyday - you are keeping me motivated and showing me that I so something right in my life 💕

Dinner were those awesome potato chippies ( the recipe is in my blog- link in bio 🔝😉) with some lettuce to wrap them in 🌱😜 have a nice weekend and always think positive 😊😋 !

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Meron kasing part sa'kin na sobrang laki ng insecurities ko to the point na nagseself-destruct ako kasi yun yung defense mechanism ko. I don't know I just feel like I am a worthless and a nonsense proclaimed person

Alam mo, dapat hindi tayo nagpapakain sa insecurities natin. Try to look at your insecurities the other way around, use it as a motivation, to become a better version of yourself. Marami na akong pinalampas na opportunities sa buhay ko gawa ng insecurities ko pero this time I won’t let my insecurities get into me. Tiwala lang, mao-overcome mo rin yan. :)

Alcohol is never a good idea
But every time it is

It numbs you
Makes you less timid
It lets you talk
And be comfortable with strangers

You are not like you are
And still you are you

Your new sides
And characteristics
Are more you than ever

Because of your new self-confidence
You learn new things and people
You learn yourself and others better

The next day?
You try to forget it all
Just to repeat it next weekend

Just to become someone new again
A version you feel better in
A version of yourself that has excuses

A version of yourself who finally can be the real yourself

—  c.t - I’m emotional and drunk and it’s 4am