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I have been quite active now for 4 years on my eye-candy blog @greatgaymen, but I decided it was time for me to make a more serious blog about my sexuality and even start meeting new people here.

I’m an Alpha and I have known that since I was quite young, always having a desire to bring big muscular men to their knees and make them my fags. Since I became sexually active with men (a bit after turning 18) I’ve always been a top and have been into a pretty rough kind of sex. Soon I found out about domination and power-play, instantly fascinated with such concepts and started meeting sub men, which I greatly enjoyed playing with.

I also love working out and want to see myself grow into a big muscular Alpha, not that the being an Alpha and being muscular are necessarily related. I have always had a passion for muscles and hot underwear and being gay, I also thought I could become the thing I adore. Ironically, I also love destroying such men too.

Since I don’t get too many fags around here in Slovenia, I would love to communicate with other doms and subs, explore new kinks and fetishes and become a better person with this blog.

I think something needs to be said about Seth and Kate’s relationship development from how they were in early s2.

I’ve seen people whining that their messier parts are ignored. We all know they were super messy in the first two episodes and Seth wasn’t good for Kate. Seth was in a dark place and was on drugs and Kate still had a younger mentality and was a teenager on the run, so she didn’t know how to help him and failed to help him. Honestly, it wasn’t even her responsibility but I think she truly wanted to but had so much weight on her shoulders she wouldn’t have been able to. They weren’t good for each other then. Although DJ and co have said she brings out the better part of Seth and is his moral compass and I think when you see how he treated her in comparison to Sonja, you see that still held some ground even at his darkest point. But that’s not relevant to this post.

I think people forget people aren’t always good for each other immediately. People need to go through growth and development to be good for each other. Seth was unquestionably not good for anyone prior to season 3. He treated Vanessa and Sonja terribly. He kidnapped a family….I mean.

But Seth grew as a person, and I think Kate had a lot to do with it, to the point where he is good for Kate now. Not to mention Kate is not the same “little girl” she was before. Seth and Kate needed their brothers in early s2 and that’s why they separated at their lowest points. But it came to the point in season 3 where they also needed each other.

It’s also telling when a relationship recognizes their messier parts after they’ve grown from them. Seth apologizing and Kate saying she doesn’t forgive him was so important for them to move forward. They needed that moment of recognizing everything he’s done to her (which they spent this ENTIRE season bringing up) and her forcing him to remember it all, so they can get to the point of him forgiving himself and her forgiving him but not pretending it never happened.

So you can go on about Kate enabling Seth’s drug habit (kinda crazy y'all call Kate a child but then put that on her shoulders…) or Seth leaving her on the side of the road or kidnapping her family which are all things that happened, but the show recognized it all and so have they and that’s what makes them stronger than most messy relationships on television. They weren’t good for each other when they were grieving and confused and in dark places, but they’re good for each other now because they’ve grown and forgiven the past.


Where’s that first win we were so determined on getting when MX first came back?

NO BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS! We have no excuse for this first win not to happen!!!

@monunion has easy to follow slideshows with explanations on a bunch of ways you can help MX >>.>>

We’ve all watched or heard about No.Mercy and we know how hard all the boys have worked! They had to battle and lose a bunch of friends to win a place in the group so they could pursue the career they love. I mean the show had 13 contestants and only 7 debuted, that’s like half of Seventeen! 

Even now, they’re still working hard! A lot of their live v apps are in the practice room and there’s a bunch of tweets with them in the practice room. In Right Now, when the staff came in on them practicing y’all saw how sweaty they were! omfg those boys were dripping wet! 

Monsta X loves Monbebes so much! They really do try to interact with the fans as much as they can! I mean, they did something like MonCafe, they post random tweets literally everyday, just saying things like “I miss you guys” “Have you eaten?” “You’ll get through this Monday” and sweet things like that. They’re also willing to have the camera in their faces almost all the time so that they can give us things like: Deokspatch, Right Now, and CH.MX. They honestly love us MBBs so MUCH. As Minhyuk would say “Monsta x would die without Monbebe.”

They put so much work and effort and dedication into what they do and give so much love to the fans, yet (if you remember the Mon Anniversary video), they feel like they don’t deserve OUR love. Because they haven’t won on a Music Show yet, they think that their music isn’t what people like and that we’re supporting them for no reason (EVEN THOUGH THAT’S NOT THE CASE AT ALL). They think we like them for no real reason and that makes them feel like they don’t deserve all this attention they’re getting. They keep saying things like “We’ll become better singers for Monbebe to love” because they think they’re sub par even though they’re all SO amazing already!! How sad is that!!??!!

On top of all that, they don’t get their phones back until their first win! I can’t even be away from my phone for an hour, and they haven’t had a personal phone for a WHOLE YEAR!? Imagine them never getting their phone back! (Aw that just made me really sad) But imagine if they do! Imagine their personal social media accounts! Personal Instagrams and Snapchats! (And maybe even Tumblrs O…O).

But it’s more than just personal social media accounts. Imagine them getting that first win! That doubt they have will be erased! We’ll feel so accomplished and so happy too, seeing them be happy over their first win! (I bet Minhyuk and Wonho will cry (I bet I’ll cry as well).

And on top of that they have a “gift” for us fans as well if they get their first win?! They said they walk from their studio(?) to their dorm and that they’d broadcast the WHOLE thing on v app LIVE. The reason I’m making a big deal out of it is because its a 4 HOUR WALK. Imagine 4 hours of MX just being MX walking along and interacting with all of us ^.^!!! 

I’d really rather have a 4 hour v app of them being smiley and happy over their first win than another v app of MX being sad and Wonho crying over the fact that promotions didn’t go as well as they thought they would and nonstop apologizing to all the fans.

They REALLY believe this first win is gonna happen and if we, the fans, MX’s main love and support, fail and disappoint them again and make them apologize again, even though they did something wrong. My heart will truly break.

Ik most of you guys have been trying so hard already but this is hardly the time to start giving up! 


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