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ask-de-writer  asked:

Has Dashie ever loaned her remote control T-82 Main Battle Tank educational toy to Becky or Mia?

Thomas the writer: are you kidding me De-writer, there is absolutely no way I’m going allow my twin daughters play with Dashie remote control T-82 Main Battle Tank. I still remember the damage she done, when she first drove it around the apartment, it took me hours to fix some of the walls.

Princess Celestia: come now sweetie, I  know my father gifts tend to be a little …. over the edge of many level. But knowing your daughter is a lot more responsible now and should be able to know better, to give something that dangerous, to two irresponsible

Before she get the chance to finish her sentence, they both heard a loud explosive noise in the background, which wasn’t that far from where they are. Thomas and Princess Celestia look and saw a moving T-82 Main Battle Tank crashing through the castle wall. The Battle was about to head towards them, but made a quick turn and mash through another castle wall. After seeing the damage the tank had done, they notice three ponies running down the hallway, doing their best to catch up with the tank. One of them stop running for a moment and then turn around to bark at the other two that was behind them.

Dashie writer: i can’t believe you two accidentally broke the remote control for the battle Tank

Rebecca: it not my fault, Mia was hugging up the control and wasn’t sharing at all.

Mia: that not true, you was playing the tank too long and wasn’t allowing me to have my turn.

Rebecca: that because I’m the older twin sister, which give me the privilege to play it a lot longer

Mia: OK first of, your only older then me by five minute and secondly, that a whole lot of nonsense, that you made up

Dashie writer: look you two, I don’t care who started first, but if we don’t stop the tank right now, all three of us going to be in a a lot of trouble and

Thomas the writer: Rainbow Dash Writer

Dashie writer: …. gulp, please don’t tell me that was dad calling my name

Rebecca: i think and  he doesn’t sound happy either

Princess Celestia: Rebecca Solaris and Mia solstice Writer, get your flank over here, right this second.

Mia: and that was mom too and she is super upset

Dashie writer: ……. sigh, there goes my free weekend.