It’s here! The official music video for my latest single It’s Honey!

Top 20 Queens Id Like to See Considered for #DragRace Season 7

1.  Vicky Vox

2.  Mayhem Miller

3.  Coco Peru

4.  Misty Eyez

5.  Rhea Litre

6.  Hedda Lettuce

7.  Asia O'Hara

8.  Epiphany Get Paid

9.  Trinity Taylor

10. Maddox Madison

11. Conundrum

12. Becky Motorlodge

13. Terra Grenade

14. Honey Golightly

15. Jizzebella

16.  Marsha Monster Mellow

17.  Jade Porchett

18.  Felicity Ferrarro

19.  Queen Bee Ho

20. Sherry Vine

* This is in no implying that they are on Season 7.  As far as I know, the production has not even started - last year, it was June when most queens went “missing” for the filming.  I dont know if these queens even applied.  Some of these queens have been on my predictions videos for previous seasons, so I am sure some of them will eventually end up on the show.  Who do you want to see on the seventh season?