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superbibliophile  asked:

So I realized most of my favorite comic book artists are men and I want to find more female artists I like. Can you recommend some female artists?

Oh boy oh boy, could I ever!

Ming Doyle Website + Art examples 1 2 and 3
Check out her work in:
-Vertigo’s The Kitchen, a mini series about a group of mob wives who take over the family business when their husbands are incarcerated.
-DC’s current Constantine Hellblazer series, which she cowrites and draws some of the flashback scenes. 

Becky Cloonan: Website + Art examples 1 2 3 and 4
Check out her work in:
-Her self released graphic novel By Chance or Providence, which includes the Eisner Award winning short story The Mire, as well as Wolves and Demeter (my personal favorite)
-Batman #12, the FIRST EVER BATMAN COMIC IN SEVENTY FIVE YEARS to have a woman as the main artist on the book. Also about my favorite character ever. Just a fantastic stand alone story. 
-Gotham Academy and Southern Cross, two series she writes and sometimes does cover work for

Marguerite Sauvage: Website + Art examples 1 2 and 3
Check out her work in:
-DC Comics Bombshells, a weekly digital first series featuring the women of DC as 1940′s super heroes and villains during World War II.
-Thor Annual #1, with Jane Foster as Thor
-Sensation Comics #7, a digital one-shot and one of the best Wonder Woman stories released in the past few years

Annie Wu: Website + Art examples 1 2 and 3
Check out her work in:
-DC’s current series Black Canary, which follows Dinah Lance on a Joan Jett meets Mad Max Fury Road rock and roll adventure
-Hawkeye Vol 3 LA Women, where Annie draws Kate’s adventures in LA. Everyone should just read this entire series to be honest just do it

Tula Lotay: Website + Art Examples 1 2 and 3
Check out her work in:
-Supreme Blue Rose from Image Comics

Emmanuela Lapacchino: Art examples 1 2 and 3
Check out her work in:
-Supergirl Vol 6: Crucible, which follows Kara to school in space
-DC’s current series Starfire

There are so many more I’m sorry but I’m too busy to keep going even though I absolutely would there is obviously Babs Tarr, there is Kate Brown, Pia Guerra, Fiona Staples, Nicola Scott, Amanda Connor, Rebecca Isaacs, Cat Staggs, Jenny Frison, Amy Reeder, Alison Sohn, Yasmin Liang, I’m kicking myself because there are so many more and I just don’t have the time to list them out if anyone wants to add please do so

***MEGHAN HETRICK, BETTY FELON, oh I’m just gonna be editing this forever with artists i forgot…

**Stephanie Hans!