becky idol

Perchè ascoltando la tua voce mi sento protetta e capita,perchè ci sei sempre qualunque cosa succeda,perchè con la tua musica mi trasmetti una miriadi di emozioni,perchè mi salvi,perchè quando tu sorridi a me spunta un sorriso sul viso,perchè quando tu sei felice lo sono anche io…non smettere mai di cantare idolo.

You know what? I’m about to say it.. #JusticeforEmilySonnett

She should be in Sweden having fika with her idol, Becky and celebrating her birthday.

i guess my point is really that christine sinclair means so much to me, and to be one of the greatest of all time on a team that could never really keep up w/ you or get you the kind of glory and results you deserve couldn’t have been easy, and she carried canada for so long asking nothing in return and just being this strong, quiet, dignified leader with an unrivaled passion for the game. and i’m so happy that as her career gets closer to its inevitable end her team is starting to catch up with her, and i’d imagine she’s proud that her legacy is gonna be these young women like fleming and rose and beckie who grew up idolizing her carrying the torch, and none of them are gonna have to do it alone because she fought so hard to make canada soccer what it is today. anyway this is just like run on sentences about how much i love christine sinclair, but i mean she fully deserves the whole world and, i don’t know i feel like her impact on the canwnt and on woso in general is really understated

sab facts from her periscope

november 12, 2015

  1. sab is part irish, german, and english
  2. sabrina has the cutest laugh in the whole world
  3. last text she received: “what is your favorite type of shampoo?”
  4. she likes broccoli the most out of all the veggies
  5. someone called her mommy and she said “daughter”
  6. music came before acting for her (it’s something that you can take with you anywhere)
  7. she loves music and acting equally
  8. ooh ooh ahh ahh - lyrics from new song
  9. sarah is sabrina’s little pocket elf (from wowp who loves chocolate)
  10. sarah knows sab better than anyone
  11. she loves getting down to the “raw beauty” of music/acting
  12. she remembers charlie the unicorn
  13. she can do a monkey (and other animal) impersonations
  14. her favorite subject in school is math (lately)
  15. peppermint hot chocolate 
  16. she has had her own songs stuck in her head
  17. she is “not going off” about green beans okay
  18. never been to prom or school dance
  19. sofia carson is from miami and like sab’s big sister
  20. her favorite actor she’s gotten to work with: daniel radcliffe
  21. ben savage is one of her favorite people in the world
  22. seasoned > salted fries
  23. favorite song rn is “hide and seek” (she tweeted it a couple days ago)
  24. her outfit looks very maya but she thinks the jacket she’s wearing is actually in riley’s wardrobe
  25. seriously she has the cutest laugh ever
  26. favorite quote: “when one door closes, another door opens” and “focus on the good and the positivity in the world”
  27. top 3 idols: becky, alise, mom, emma stone
  28. she “can’t tell you how much [she] enjoys the rain” 
  29. favorite desert: chocolate indulgence cake 
  30. songs stuck in her head rn: “hide and seek” and a song she wrote yesterday
  31. how she does her hair: “woke up like this (that’s such a lie)”
  32. least favorite color: grey
  33. she has the cutest nose
  34. thanksgiving plans: she’ll be singing the national anthem at the detriot vs eagles game
  35. plans for christmas: spend time with family, listen to michael buble’s christmas album on repeat, get more starbucks red cups, and make more music
  36. would she rather be a banana or potato? even though bananas are more aesthetically pleasing, potatoes are tastier on the inside, so she’d rather be a potato
  37. how long can she go without singing? 5 minutes. or 20.
  38. she didn’t have braces
  39. cutest. laugh. ever.
  40. what does she think of peyton meyer? 
    - she saw him eat a burrito last night 
    - he’s one of her favorite people in the world
  41. she doesn’t usually use lipstick very often
  42. her favorite book is “looking for alaska” by john green; she’s reading “to be a slave” right now
  43. how does one become sabrina?
    - don’t like bananas (despise the taste of them)
    - sing every 20 minutes
    - breathe 
    - utterly adore music with all your heart
  44. favorite old song: bohemian rhapsody by queen
  45. looks up to christina aguilera and adele the most
  46. her laugh is still adorable
  47. she likes mexican and italian food
  48. her and rydel did not plan their halloween costumes 
  49. her favorite commerical is the doritos one “don’t touch my mama, don’t touch my doritos”
    (her mom’s favorite one is the miracle whip one, but she didn’t like it bc she had to wear a bonnet and it was very cold in romania)
  50. she thinks her fans are some of the funniest people and inspire her every day
  51. favorite hozier song: “in a week”
  52. favorite thing about winter: big coats
  53. when you hacked peyton, why didn’t you change his layout?
    she realized she should’ve done that after she logged out. so unfortunately, his layout is still not on fleek. “sorry peyton”
  54. favorite christmas movie: elf or the grinch
  55. favorite halsey song: “control”
  56. favorite melanie martinez song: “mad hatter”
  57. who inspired her to make music: 
    herself because it’s what she loves most in life
    lot of people that inspire her music taste and what she listens to
    something she wanted to do on her own
  58. favorite sport to watch or play? football
  59. “i’m not tall, guys! we’ve been over this!”
  60. more instagram covers coming soon
  61. she’s tired and hasn’t eaten a lot today
  62. are you in love with anything?
    you guys (you inspire me to be a better person)
  64. “Christmas the Whole Year Round” comes out tomorrow on iTunes!