becky hawkins


A Road Called Life


I love reading so many of the the 90s indie cartoonists. Often they made me feel something (anything!) that I never felt reading the comics of my childhood.  I just wish that feeling wasn’t so often sad and a little depressed.

In my writing, I always shoot for something in the vein of funny or slightly uplifting, but I’m always afraid that comes off as inconsequential. I still remember some reviewer calling it “bore care” and I shouldn’t ever be concerned about a critic, but, you know…

But then again, someone once called it refreshingly or surprisingly happy, so there’s that. I felt like they got it which was nice. No woe-is-me stuff here.

I think with my new book at SPX this week, I’ve created some of my best work. I hope some folks pick it up and smile.

Some absolutely amazing artists involved with this one. From underground legend Jay Lynch doing a Garbage Pail Kids tribute cover (I used to work at Topps) to Victor Kerlow (who has a great book out by Koyama right now called Everything Takes Forever) to Becky Hawkins (she’s killing it with her French Toast Comix webcomic) to the effing hilarious Sam Spina (Spinadoodles) and another Marvel internship tale from Fred Hembeck, followed by a Josh Bayer story that I wanted to re-publish in color. And of course my longest collaborator and friend, T.J. Kirsch, who I trusted with a story about my dad.

I hope folks give it a shot!