becky bliss

tonight we saw

  • the hardy boys return and win the raw tag team titles
  • nikki and john get engaged
  • stephanie mcmahon go through a table
  • naomi become a 2x smackdown women’s champion in her hometown
  • the smackdown women go on second to last
  • jim ross back on the commentary table for taker vs roman
  • and undetaker most likely have his final match

say what you want about wrestlemania 33 but it truly was the ultimate thrill ride

i like how smackdown’s approach to the women is “yeah they’re having a steel cage/no dq/falls count anywhere/2 out of 3 falls match its chilled lol”

then there’s raw like “OH MY GOD HISTORY!!1!1!!! HISTORY IS BEING MADE!!!!1!!!! LOOK @ THE HISTORY!!!! WOMEN MAKING HISTORY!!!!!!1!1!1!”