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April 26, 1798

James Pierson Beckwourth: Mountain Man/Explorer


The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth 

James Beckwourth: Legendary Mountain Man

James Beckwourth: Mountaineer, Scout and Pioneer 

Reflections of a Black Cowboy: Mountain Men 

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The Not-So-Tall Tale of a Trailblazer: He Was Gaudy, but Not a Liar

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Now five years and more than 10,000 copies later, the two volumes (California and Oregon/Washington) of The Pacific Crest Trailside Reader continue to complement the experience of walking on the PCT.  In addition to accounts from contemporary hiker/writers, these anthologies include historical stories (e.g., Andy Hammond’s short biography of mountain man Jim Beckwourth, who established the emigrant trail that bears his name in the Bucks Lake area, or Jeff Schaffer’s reflections on his legwork for the first Wilderness Press PCT guidebook) and some relevant classical literature (e.g., Wallace Stegner’s ‘Wilderness Letter’ or John Muir’s “A Wind-Storm in the Forests”). Nearly 100 stories in total trace the route of the PCT from south to north.

Over $6,000 has been contributed to the PCTA from author royalties (all author profits) derived from the sales of these two books. They still make relevant holiday gifts!  By purchasing them through the PCTA store, even more money supports the trail: