Hello again! I have another hair for you all today! This one is dedicated to @cynicalsimming who asked me to try and mesh these two hairs together. I hope this is what you had dreamed of! :)

It comes in EA’s 18 colors
It’s for females, teen-elders
It is BGC and hat compatible!

Note: The hat chop for the hats that slant downwards has the bun removed–too much of it was cut off and it would have been to difficult to keep it looking nice.

Download [Onedrive]

Credit to EA for the meshes and textures.
Made with Sims4 Studio.
@cynicalsimming for the concept/idea!

TOU: Please do not reupload my mesh and claim it as your own. Please feel free to recolor, just don’t include the mesh. And if you want to tag me if you use it I would love to see your beautiful sims!

And if you have any issues please let me know!

P.S. The necklace is another WIP of mine!