beckett and ryan and esposito

Do you miss Castle like I do? Do you wish that on Monday night you could still sit down, watch the show, and interact with the fandom? You aren’t alone, which is why, on July 10 at 10 p.m. EST, the Castle Rewatch officially begins. 

The goal is pretty simple: we are going to rewatch all eight seasons of Castle (it’s gonna take a loooongggg time) using the hashtag #CastleRewatch. Share your favorite quotes, your favorite scenes, or whatever you really feel prompted to talk about and just generally celebrate a show that’s pretty damn great. 

There is an official Twitter account set up that I encourage everyone to follow, because this rewatch will be largely Twitter based, but I would also encourage everyone to reblog gifsets from the episode, write a fic, reblog a fic that you read a long time ago. Really just interact with the fandom and make this place fun again. 

See you on Monday! We’ll begin with Flowers For Your Grave. 


It has been eight years since a little crime drama named @castleabc came on the scene and touched our lives with the beautiful love story that is Caskett. We miss you!


But… the question is this, when you come down to it, would you be willing to break her out of prison? Because that, my boy, is true love.