beckett and her boys

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Star Wars Weekend Not normally season appropriate but for this year it is!

She’s in the kitchen, preparing the snacks for the Stars Wars marathon he’s been planning since he’d learned of the newest addition to the film franchise and its upcoming release. They were meeting with Alexis to see the movie tomorrow afternoon, but Rick was insisting they catch up on the last six films to prepare.

It’s eight a.m. on her first day of her weekend off, but she’s wearing his favorite Star Wars t-shirt, even stole his pajama pants with the logo printed in bright yellow all across the black fabric, and she’s ready to curl up on the couch with him for the next few hours, listen to him recite all the lines and gaze at the television with that little boy look of wonder in her eyes.

Beckett grins to herself, pops a grape from the bowl of fruit into her mouth. She enjoys the movies, but what she’s truly looking forward to is spending the day with her goofy man-child of a husband.

“Beckett,” he calls to her from his office, his voice muffled, and Kate glances towards the study, just in time to see him emerging dressed head to toe in a Darth Vader costume. Mask and all.

His breathing is exaggerated, mimicking the infamous villain from the series, approaching her with dominating steps and a glowing red light saber in his hand.

“Really, Castle?” she chuckles, brushing his cape back from his shoulder once he’s standing in front of her. “Going to feed me the ‘I am your father’ line now?”

“Eww, no,” he huffs from behind the mask, his voice back to normal, tugging another laugh from her lips. “You can be Padmé.”

“She dies,” Beckett argues, catching the edge of his mask and drawing it upwards to prop atop his head, combing back the flop of hair from his forehead.

“We can just roleplay the parts where she’s alive,” he suggests and Kate rolls her eyes, drops his mask back into place. “Fine, let me go change back into my pajamas so we can start the first movie.”

Kate chuckles as he trudges back into the bedroom, his black cape billowing behind him, and takes the fruit bowl to the couch, grabs a few blankets to turn the sofa into a cozy nest.

“How many are we watching today?” she inquires while she places the first DVD into the player, ensures that it’s connected to the projector screen he had set up for their viewings. “All of them?”

“If you think you can handle that many,” Castle answers, returning to the room, back in his Stormtrooper pajamas.

Rick plops down onto the couch once she presses play, grins at her when she nestles in beside him, finds a comfortable position and sighs in contentment.

“I can handle watching all six, as long as we get an intermission at some point.”

“Sure, maybe once we’re halfway through?” His attention shifts from the screen, the opening credits beginning to roll, at the trace of her fingers to the neck of his shirt. His eyes flicker with realization, what exactly she planned to do with him during ‘intermission’. “Or sooner.”

“The sooner the better,” she confirms, settling against his side, allowing him to focus on the movie, but Castle is already pressing the pause button on the remote, turning away from the screen to face her.

“You know, I think we could spare a few minutes before we start the movie. I’m too distracted by a different kind of force. And with this one, the force is strong.”

Kate groans at the joke, but smiles against his lips when they cover hers. She can handle an entire weekend of Star Wars, an entire day on the couch watching movies with him, as long as she’s allowed this too.

Just watched "Veritas" again...

….and my stomach still gets so many butterflies watching Beckett apologize to the boys for getting them in trouble. Castle telling her it will be ok and kissing her in the precinct. And then her realizing it’s the elephants
And the way she stops the interview and arrests Bracken.

This. Show.

One of the really cool, refreshing, and beautiful things about Castle:

From the very start Richard Castle is a cocky egotistical little boy serial dater.  Beckett knows this.  She rolls her eyes at his behavior.  She has a hard time taking him seriously and is annoyed by much of his behavior. Castle is also charming, funny, and the most wonderful father a girl could ever ask for.  He is also a terrific son.  Beckett knows this and gives him his due credit for these things.

Beckett is confident.  She knows that she is the best detective around but she is not at all egotistical.  She’s rather a tease as in she loves to make Castle stumble over his words as she alludes to all of the kinky things she is capable of.  Castle never gets mad at her for all of the teasing. He’s enamored by her every word.  She is his muse after all. 

They get to know each other slowly. They learn to trust each other.  They become partners and friends but there is always an underlying undefined aspect in their relationship.

Before they even admit their feelings to each other or even to themselves they both experience jealousy from time to time. Jealousy is revisited once they begin dating but it is never a main focal point in their relationship. Any jealousy either experiences never takes center stage.  It never becomes a be all or end all in their relationship.  The show never goes the common route most shows go and have a jealous induced misunderstanding that leads to huge fights and a breakup. Of course Beckett worries from time to time that dating the funniest kid in class isn’t going to be the type of relationship and future she needs and Castle worries that Beckett’s walls will be rebuilt or cease to crumble.  But ultimately the two talk about their fears and desires for the future.  Castle grows up just enough to make the relationship work.  He is finally ready for a committed relationship.  Beckett opens up enough to share her life with someone.  She is ready.  Finally, they are both ready.  They are ready for each other. Beckett is still confident though perhaps we see her vulnerable side a bit more often because she can now confide in Castle more than ever.  She also has a friend in and close relationship with Castle’s mother. Castle is still a big kid though we may see his serious side a bit more, with how he lets Beckett know it is okay to open up and how he tries to let his daughter find her own life.  Individually and as a couple they are still fun, well rounded, and interesting.  They still have the shared brain thing and there is still plenty of sexual tension and adorable moments. The show does not let us down.