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Since we've BOTH been discussing them: Jess/Becker of Primeval "six of one, half dozen of the other" (no idea why - it just popped into my head)

Jess held the gun in her hand and glared at Becker, who calmly regarded the velociraptor-like creature just a few feet away.

“This is not what I meant by teaching me how evade a predator, you know,” she whispered.

“Sure it is,” he said.  “It’s a bit more practical than I had in mind, but six of one, half a dozen of the other.”

“No, no,” she said.  “More like six of one, one hundred of the other!  Practicing how to evade a predator is NOT the same thing as actually evading a velociraptor!”

“Don’t think that’s actually a velociraptor,” he said.

“Ask me if I care, Becker,” she said.  “Go on, ask me.”

He sighed and looked at her.  “Even if I get us out of here with little to no bloodshed, you’re going to bring this up at the next staff meeting, aren’t you?”

“Oh, it’s going to be agenda item one,” she said.  “Now, you made me wear these terrible trainers, so I’ll be the bait and you’ll take it down, okay?”

He smiled.  “After you, Miss Parker.”


I’m um… I’m gonna… I’m gonna go do some security stuff…

Captain Becker Appreciation Week - Day 2 - Favourite Scene:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Becker look so worried or so vulnerable. You really have to give Ben Mansfield props for this one. The look of relief on his face when Jess wakes up really shows how much Becker really did care about Jess. 

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