"We've made it" - 5sos (bromancey blurb)

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “can you do more of the non romantic bromancy things i loved the fighting one”

A/N: This is a blurb bro but eh


They’ve just performed at Wembley arena, their first headline there and there’s a feeling of excitement that hangs in the air around them. They come of stage jumping around careful to hand any guitars and technology beck before they begin to go crazy in the dressing room.

“Holy shit, that was cool,” Michael says.

“You’re fucking right it was,” Ashton adds.

“It only goes up from here, boys,” Calum says.

The three group hug but Luke is leaning against the an overwhelmed look on his face.

“You alright there Lukey?” Ashton asks as Calum nudges him.

“We’ve done it haven’t we?” he looks up.

“Done what?” Michael leans next to him.

“We’ve made it”

They all smile and all four of them are now leaning next to each other against the dressing room wall.

“I guess we did, didn’t think it would happen,” Calum says.

“I still remember that first show,” Michael laughs.

“100 people my ass,” Ashton mocks.

One by one they stand and leave the room without saying a word but the last one there is Luke, stood remembering the times he posted mediocre covers of just him and his guitar.


A/N: ‘kay that was shit but alright.

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