On this day in music history: June 18, 1996 - “Odelay”, the fifth studio album by Beck is released. Produced by Beck Hansen, The Dust Brothers, Mario Caldato, Jr, Brian Paulson, Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnapf, it is recorded at PCP Labs and G-Son Studios in Los Angeles, CA, The Shop, Sunset Sound and Conway Studios in Hollywood, CA and Sun Studios in Memphis, TN, from March 1994 - February 1996. Beck initially begins recording with Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnapf in early 1994, intending it to be more acoustic based than the previous album. He ends up scrapping much of the work recorded during those sessions, starting over with The Dust Brothers. The albums title is pun on the phrase “Oh Delay”, with Beck making a subtle, self-effacing statement on how long it had taken to record the album. It spins off five singles including “Where It’s At” and “Devil’s Haircut”. The album becomes Hansen’s most successful and acclaimed album, winning two Grammy Awards including Best Alternative Music Album and Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for the single “Where It’s At” in 1997. It is remastered and reissued in 2008 as a double CD Deluxe Edition, with the first disc featuring the original fourteen song album plus three additional bonus tracks. Disc two includes sixteen bonus tracks including remixes and non album B-sides. The album is also reissued as a lavish quadruple LP set pressed on 180 gram vinyl, and limited to 3,000 copies. “Odelay” peaks at number sixteen on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Something Chris Beck? Maybe him looking after you after you get your wisdom teeth out and you’re a little loopy from the anaesthetic? Just wanted to let you know that you’re writing is amazing and I kind of/totally stalk your blog a little ;) <3 x  - anon

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It was just two weeks before you would set off for space on the Ares III mission. That meant everyone was going through final checks, medical examinations, psychological examinations and of course a trip to the dentists.

At this final hurdle they had told you that you would need to have your wisdom teeth removed and with such a short period of time they would have to be taken out that day. Luckily, Chris had come along with you to hold your hand because you had always been a little afraid of dentists poking and scraping inside your mouth and now you needed him more than ever.

The anaesthetics were strong and numbed your mouth, the dentist spent a few hours trying to remove your wisdom teeth which were apparently really wedged in there. You weren’t aware of what exactly was happening in your mouth, you were distracted through the whole process by Chris’ hand in yours.

When it was over the chair lifted you into a sitting position and cotton balls got stuffed in your mouth and puffed out your lower cheeks a bit. You looked over at Chris who tried not to laugh at your confused and disgruntled expression.

Chris talked to the doctor for a bit about taking care of you after you left and how your gums were expected to heal up, he led you out of the dentists and into his car. “Hey, it’s like a giant toy car!” you said in wonder as you looked at his car.

Chris chuckled from beside you, “That’s because it is a car.”

“No, but it’s like a toy car,” you insisted, “But giant.”

Chris came to the passenger side and leaned over you to buckle you in, “Hey, Chris,” you said.

“Yes?” he smiled at you.

“You’re eyes are really blue. Like really really blue,” you said in wonder.

Chris blushed and ducked his head, “You’re loopy,” he shook his head and jogged round to the driver’s side and buckled up.

“You’re bossy,” you rebutted, “Doctor Bossy Beck,” you laughed, beginning to cackle like it was the most hilarious thing you had heard all day.

Chris laughed at you and pulled out of the dentists driveway, you kept laughing so hard you began crying. “CHRIS!” you screamed so loud and pained that Chris swerved the car in shock and looked over at you in panic.

“What, what? What’s wrong?” he asked quickly, concerned, glancing over to you every few seconds and looking to see if you had injured yourself.

“I’m leaking!” you screeched, horrified as you brought your hands up to your face and touched the tears on your cheeks. “Chris help, I’m leaking,” you repeated, your voice thick with tears as even more fell onto your face now that you were scared and upset.

Chris pulled into the side of the road and shifted to face, “You’re not leaking they’re just tears, you’re completely fine,” he said calmly in his most reassuring voice.

You snivelled and flung yourself across the gear sticks to wrap your arms around his waist in an awkward hug, Chris did his best to hug you back and comfort you. He ran his hand over your hair until you calmed down and propped yourself back up again.

Once Chris was sure that you were fine and buckled up he pulled out onto the road again and continued his journey, “How you doing over there?” he asked after a few moments of silence.

You had your face pressed against the window watching everything with high concentration, “Holy shit it’s like we’re going at light speed,” you whispered, “This must be NASA’s most expensive vehicle,” you said in awe, stroking your hands over the dashboard and glove compartment of Chris’ beat up old car.

Chris snorted to the side of you, trying desperately to hold back laughter, “Uh-huh,” he agreed, silently shaking with laughter.

“Chris,” you said turning to face him with a serious expression, “You are very pretty. You should be a disney princess.”

Chris quirked a smile and looked at you, “While that seems like a fantastic career path I already have a job. I’m an astronaut.”

Your eyes went wide as saucers, “Really? That’s so cool,” you breathed, “I want to be an astronaut.”

“You are an astronaut.”

“No, but I want to be one.”

“You are one.”

You huffed, looking out the window, “But I want to be one,” you muttered quietly and stubbornly looked out the window.

Soon, though, your interest peaked again, “Woah, Chris do you see that?”

Chris looked over for a brief second at what you were pointing at. It was a person cycling next to the row of cars, “Yeah?”

“It’s an acoustic motorbike,” you said fascinated, “I love acoustic things,” you sighed happily. “But not only acoustic things,” you said urgently, fearing that Chris and the world would now think you only loved acoustic things and nothing else, “There’s loads of other things I love. Like unicorns, and chocolate, and bad tv because it’s good Chris, it’s really good,” you emphasized.

Chris chuckled at you, pulling up outside your house, “You wanna go inside?”

“No,” you shook your head, “The door is too far from the car, we’re safe here. If we go outside we’ll die, the floor is lava. God, Chris, you’re a doctor and you don’t even know that the floor is lava?”

“I’ll protect you from the lava,” Chris grinned.

“Really?” you beamed, “You’d do that for me?”

“Yeah,” Chris rolled his eyes fondly, “Wait there,” he instructed. Chris got out of the car and walked round to the other side and opened your car door, “C’mon. I’ll give you a piggy back ride,” he said and turned around.

Carefully you looped your arms over his neck and cautiously hopped onto his back, squeaking when he stood up to his full height. “Woah, Chris, you’re super tall. You’ve got to be the tallest human in the world.”

Chris held your legs as he carried you up to your house and dug in his pockets for your keys and let the two of you into your house. Your dog came running through to greet you and Chris, barking happily. “Puppy!” you yelled, scrambling off Chris’ back. (this however was not due to the drugs, you always called your dog puppy. All dogs were puppies.)

“Well, I’m gonna go,” Chris said.

You looked up from your seat on the floor, “No,” you cried out, “You have to stay. Please,” you did your best puppy eyes. Except because of the drugs your face didn’t move and you just ended up glaring at him until he relented with a small huff of laughter.

“Fine,” he agreed.

You grinned brightly, “Yay.”

Little did you know Chris had filmed the whole thing to show to you (and everyone he knew at NASA) later on.


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"We've made it" - 5sos (bromancey blurb)

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They’ve just performed at Wembley arena, their first headline there and there’s a feeling of excitement that hangs in the air around them. They come of stage jumping around careful to hand any guitars and technology beck before they begin to go crazy in the dressing room.

“Holy shit, that was cool,” Michael says.

“You’re fucking right it was,” Ashton adds.

“It only goes up from here, boys,” Calum says.

The three group hug but Luke is leaning against the an overwhelmed look on his face.

“You alright there Lukey?” Ashton asks as Calum nudges him.

“We’ve done it haven’t we?” he looks up.

“Done what?” Michael leans next to him.

“We’ve made it”

They all smile and all four of them are now leaning next to each other against the dressing room wall.

“I guess we did, didn’t think it would happen,” Calum says.

“I still remember that first show,” Michael laughs.

“100 people my ass,” Ashton mocks.

One by one they stand and leave the room without saying a word but the last one there is Luke, stood remembering the times he posted mediocre covers of just him and his guitar.


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