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New Kid (Dylan)

Length: 1000 words

Trigger warning: None

Dylan caught the eye of the new girl who moved in next to him.

Dylan looked over out the window, hearing the moving vans outside. He squinted, looking at the girl standing on the sidewalk, probably the daughter of the couple that was moving in. She stood there, arms crossed with sunglasses and a scarf over her mouth hiding her facial expression, although her body language definitely came off as angry.

For a moment she looked up, locking eye contact with Dylan. He swallowed, to panicked to duck down and hide himself, but she pulled her sunglasses down, looking at him clearer. Then she pulled her hand, waving at him and turned around to look back at the moving vans.

Dylan was oddly enamored by this girl he had never met, he wanted to get to know her better. He was going to be her neighbor now, so he felt as though it might happen naturally, but he made a pact within himself to do something, to go ask her to get dinner or something. Distracted, he didn’t notice her walk into her new house, and when he looked out, he was disappointed to see she was gone.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on writing a comparative essay? Also, how do you integrate context into your essay without turning it into a History essay? Also what's your favourite new book? Apologies for all the questions and thanks

Hi Anon! A lot of questions there. I’ll start with the book one: my favourite modern book (i.e. something that wasn’t written between the years 1700-1830 AD) is Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. It’s about a man named Peter Grant, who’s mixed raced (like me), and stumbles upon the magical department of the Metropolitan Police, and then gets to work for it. It’s really cool, and I’m currently working my way through the series. 

As for your other questions: 

1. Do you have any tips on writing a comparative essay? 

For comparative essays, I’d say that structure is really important: how you divide up the ‘space’ in your essay between topics might make a real difference between grades. If you were, say, comparing two texts, and then wrote about one, and then about another, it can be quite hard to see how these things are linked together, and even if you are comparing them in the paragraphs themselves, it can take up a lot of words. If you’re finding it tricky, alternating paragraphs can often help

Alternatively, here is an example of comparing within the same paragraph: here’s an example from one of my old first-year essays, where I’m writing about Jane Eyre and Villette, and the relationships between the characters and what I vaguely called ‘wider society’:

Admittedly, in the novel [Villette] there is a sense of the “spying, predatory society” which Terry Eagleton argues that the inner self must yield to “of necessity” (MoP, p. 17). As well as the spying Madame Beck, there is the sinister Monsieur Emmanuel who says to Lucy that, “You are one of those beings who must be kept down,” (Villette, p. 226) the italics here indicating the vehemence of the words. The word ‘being’ has a dehumanising quality, making Lucy seem part of a group who must be oppressed - in this case, women unafraid to go to galleries by themselves without accompaniment, and thus women attempting to show some independence. Lucy herself concedes that  "self reliance and exertion were forced upon me by circumstances" (Villette, p. 95), where the sentence structure makes her the object which is acted upon which adds to the sense of oppression and helplessness of her situation as it is described. Rochester comes out with a similar sentiment to Jane Eyre, in the novel of the same name, telling her that “Most things free-born will submit to anything for a salary” (JE, p. 153), which again suggests that there is a kind of ‘submission’ involved, as well as 'necessity’. It is not, however, the only kind of 'necessity’ that Eagleton means - as well has the physical needs of characters needing to be met in order to present them realistically, there is also a sense that not submitting will lead to poverty and suffering. Even if one does submit, women without connections still don’t have much hope, it seems, for, “[a]ccording to her [Reason], I was born only to work for a piece of bread” (Villette, p. 307). Reason here is personified, but perhaps this 'Reason’ is that of wider society, and one which is not 'reasonable’ at all - the reward for hard work is merely enough sustenance to keep existing, the piece of bread coming to symbolise poverty.

2. Also, how do you integrate context into your essay without turning it into a History essay?

The main way to do this, I’d say, is to make sure that you do spend a substantial amount of your essay talking about the literature itself, and - to indicate this - quoting from the book(s) or text(s) your are discussing. It is okay to take up space to explain context, but only where it is relevant to your discussion. Make sure to keep linking your historical points to quotations from the books, and that should make a huge difference. 

I hope that helps - any more questions, do let me know, and I’ll try my best. (A question per ask is also totally fine - I don’t mind receiving lots of messages, it just sometimes takes me a little while to get around to replying!) 


               In This Bar

Character: Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader Insert
Word Count: 3,180
Warnings: Really light smut, A/B/O Dynamics
Request: “ You’ve never had a heat before until you meet Dean Winchester from across a room.”
Summery:  You presented as an Omega at a young age, but never had a heat. You’ve had doctor appointment after doctor appointments trying to figure out what’s wrong, but the doctors can’t find anything. While you’re in the local bar, your eyes meet Dean WInchester’s from across the room. Right away your body starts experiencing some extreme changes, and all you can think about is the Alpha standing behind his Beta brother, knowing exactly what you need.

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Note : I’m sorry if this sucks, I’m out of it tonight.

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Part 4

“ Y/N! Y/N! Can I get an autograph and a picture” someone called out to you. Turning your head seeing a few fans chanting your name, you loved your fans so how could you say no? 

“ Sure” making your way over with a guard by your side in case something happens to you. You leaned near the fence as the guy snaps a picture with you.

“ You are so beautiful” “ You are one of my favorites” “ Rebel Nation!” some of the fans yelled making you smile and laugh. You signed some autographs and took pictures before heading to the car.

This time you had other traveling buddies except Sami was with you. New traveling buddies were Seth, Xavier and Bayley. Finally a girl with you this time, Finn and Enzo didn’t want to get in a car with you or they said something along the lines, “ I’m not really comfortable sitting with a bunch of bozo’s” that’s was Enzo said. Finn just said sorry I need a new traveling buddy.

What an ass he was. 

Your phone binged as the car started to move, taking out your phone glancing at it seeing Stephanie texting you about a photoshoot with the girls and you are expected to be there.

“ That sounds like fun. Do you know what kind?” Seth asked looking over your phone reading the text. Rolling your eyes, “ Does it look like I know?” 

“ Heal Y/N” Sami said from the other side of you. 

“ Bite me” “ I can if you want me to princess” Seth muttered with a smirk on his face. 

“ No thank you Rollins, keep your germs to yourself” “ Ouch, I’m hurt” “ You’ll heal”

Seth pouted in his seat as you took out your headphones listening to music while the guys chatted. Bayley was driving the car, she looked at you through the mirror before glancing at the road. 

Arriving at the photoshoot, the girls were already there. Bayley and you walked over to Charlotte getting her asking her which photo shoot was this. It was a Glam Photoshoot.

Even the girls from Smackdown were here, you saw bright orange hair. Becky was here.

“ Becks!” you called to her. She turns and searches who is calling her. When she sees that it’s you, she rushes towards you pulling you into a hug. 

“ Hi beautiful” you greet her hugging her back. “ Hey” she chuckles as pulls away. 

“ You excited for this shoot” She nods her head turning to see that Alexa was just done with doing her shoot and she looks gorgeous. She walks past you and Becky, “ Alexa” you call out to her. She turns around, stopping in her tracks. 

“ Love the look on you” She smiles wide, “ You think?” “ I know so” she blows you a kiss before she gets called by someone. 

You watch as the rest of the girls get done with their photoshoot when it’s just you and Becky. Bayley just been done, she steps off groaning as she stand in heels.

“ I need to take these off right away. My feet are killing me” She has been standing in those more than an hour. Poor Bales. “ I’m going to go, see you later” Bayley hugs you and then hugs Becky before rushing off. 

“ Y/N!” your name was called. You already were in your outfit, hair and make up done. Walking over to where you had to stand,doing various poses. The last one made you laugh because Becky decided to join you posing with you.

“ This one is going to be special” she says. 

As you finish, leaving Becky telling her to text you before leaving. You had fun catching up with her. It was sad that she was in a different brand then you are. 

Heading from Sandra, you were in your new outfit for Raw. Wearing a leather jacket, with combat boots ,fishnets and black shorts with a belt around it. You had your own shirt that was selling in the WWE. It’s said Rebel Nation on it with a rock sign. Your hair was done to the side, wavy at the bottom and your make up down, dark eyeshadow with red lipstick. 

“ Is that you Y/N?” standing in front of you was Corey Graves, ready for the show. He was checking you and he liked what he saw. 

“ My eyes are up here Matt” 

“ I’m sorry, it just you look so good” 

“ Thanks Graves” He nodded before he left. 

You decided to walk around, it wasn’t time for your match yet. While walking around you spotted Finn sitting on the crates just sitting there doing nothing. He seemed like he was deep in thoughts. 

Should you walk up to him or let him be? Oh what the hell, you made your way towards him standing in front of him. He picked up his head, he didn’t say anything just stared at you. His eyes roamed your body, checking you out . 

“ What’s with you?”

He shrugged leaning back, putting his head against the wall. 

“ Stop being an asshole Fergal. I’m your friend, it’s not good to keep things inside. I’m here for you “ placing your hand on top of his. A tingle went down your spine from his touch. He glanced down at your hand, he was hurt by the word “ friend.” 

“ I want you to stop hanging out with Enzo” he mumbles. 

“ Why? He’s my friend” 

His face harden, shaking his head, “ He’s no friend. He likes you..” 

“ How do you know that?” 

“ Because I talked to him” 

“ And did you punch him too?” 

Finn didn’t answer you, instead he looked away not wanting to look you in the eye. He can’t lie to you, you hated being lied to especially to your face. 

“ Why did you hit him?” 

He continue to be silent,refusing to give you an answer. 

“ Right, I’ll ask Sami then. I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer me”

“ I hit him because he doesn’t deserve you” 

“ Who are you to decide who deserves me and who doesn’t?”

“ I care about you, you don’t need a guy like him” 

“ Enzo is actually a sweet guy, who makes me laugh and I like spending time with him” This angered Finn, he got off the crate glaring at you pointing a finger at your face, “ Don’t come crying to me when he hurts you because I’m not going to stand here and watch you be with him.”

“ Who said anything about me being with him?” 

“ You did. By the sounds of it your giving him a chance. I won’t be here to watch” 

“ But Finn-” he rose his hand up not wanting to hear anything anymore. He walked away from you, watching his back as he left, you whimpered as a tear streamed down your cheek. 

You collapsed by the crates sobbing out.

Did you just lose Finn? 

#18. Sit down, you are hurt. #17. You need help but you don’t like asking for help. #24. Sure,make fun of the injured person. - Sami Zayn

RAW was in Toronto, Canada tonight for Monday Night RAW. John Cena was having a United States Open Challenge and everyone backstage except for you knew who was accepting John’s challenge. “Can you at least tell me who it is?” You asked Kevin, thinking maybe he would know.
“All I am saying is you know him.” Kevin told you before walking away. You put two and two together. You know your boyfriend Sami is debuting on the main roster soon. Could it be him? 
You ran and tried to find Charlotte or at least find Becky. They can tell you. Hopefully, anyway. By the time you found Charlotte and Becky, RAW was already starting.  “Hey, Becks and Charlotte. Do you know who is answering John’s open challenge?” You asked them. They were in the process of getting their hair and makeup done. 
“We would tell you. We really would but this is a surprise.” Charlotte answered. Becky frowned. “Sorry, Y|N. I really want to tell you but you will have to find out yourself.” Becky said. You groaned in frustration. “Thanks for the help.” You mumbled before walking away. You went into catering since you were already in your ring gear and had nothing else to do. You sat with The New Day since they were entertaining enough. 
“Hey. Y|N. Do you know who is debuting tonight?” Xavier asked with a grin. You rolled your eyes. “No. No one will tell me!” You exclaimed. Before anyone could say anything, you heard his theme. You quickly turned to the monitor and saw Sami skipping out to his music. You stood up with the biggest grin on your face. As he got on the steps, he flung his arms like he always does but you noticed he did something wrong. He tried to get his arm back in place. You knew something was wrong. 

As soon as the match was over, sad that Sami didn’t win, you made your way to gorilla. As soon as you got there, Sami was walking through the curtains holding his arm. “Sami!” You said. He grinned before coming over to you. He pulled you closer with his one arm he didn’t possibly injure. He kissed you. “Hey.” He said. 
Sit down, you are hurt.” You told him. Sami waved you off and laughed. “I am fine, Y|N. Don’t worry.” Sami tried to reassure you. You crossed your arms. You then spotted one of the medics. Sami saw who you were looking at and grabbed your hand. “I’m fine, baby.” Sami said.
You need help but you don’t like asking for help.” You said before going over to the medic. 
“Hey, could you check out Sami? He hurt his arm during his entrance.” You asked. “Yeah of course.” The medic, Alex, answered and then followed you over to Sami. 
“I told you, Y|N. I am fine.” Sami sighed as the medic examined him. “You need an x-ray. Please get one done.” Alex said. 
As soon as you and Sami got the x-ray done, it was revealed that Sami had a torn rotator cuff. “I told you.” You said as you got in the driver’s seat. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now I will need surgery.” Sami sighed. You frowned before grabbing his hand. “Don’t worry. I will be there with you every step of the way. I love you.” You told him. Sami smiled at you. 
“Thank you, sweetheart.” Sami said before leaning in to kiss you. 
Sami got surgery that following Friday. You decided you wanted to take time off to help him heal up. After all, he only has one arm for now. 
You were currently washing dishes as Sami was laying in bed. Once you finished the dishes, you went upstairs to check on him. 
“How are you feeling?” You asked, walking in the bedroom. He looked up from his phone. 
“Pain medicine is starting to ware off. But other than that, okay.” Sami answered. You crawled into bed next to him and rested your head against his uninjured shoulder. 
“It’s like taking care of a baby. You need help because you can’t do anything with one arm.” You said, trying to make light of the conversation. Sami rolled his eyes. 
Sure, make fun of the injured person.” Sami said.
“I’m kidding. I do love you.” You said, kissing his cheek. 
“I love you more, sweetheart.”

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beck are you okay w sheith bc the artist who did that comic is and it makes me uncomfortable as a minor and i just wanted to know where you stand on that

The short answer: yes. I’m not an anti, and I did ship Sheith for a long time at the beginning of the fandom. Now I just don’t ship anything avidly, but I do reblog platonic shaladin things and sometimes romantic sheith, shallura, and shance (among other, non-Shiro ships) once in a blue moon so if it makes you uncomfortable I’ll definitely do a better job tagging. If you ever feel like you need to unfollow or talk to me about it, feel free anon; I won’t hold it against you at all. You gotta do what you gotta do.

The long answer: I’m a multishipper, I ship everything and nothing at once. I have shipped the “bad” ships just as much as I’ve shipped the “good” ones. I still headcanon that all of the characters are 18+, and I don’t buy the “Shiro is 25” wank when the writers themselves said 25 is a “ballpark number”. I was a hardcore Sheith shipper until the age discourse, and when that happened I basically withdrew from the fandom because I got lots of nasty messages from anonymous users. I won’t go into what they said, what it did to me, or what memories it brought up from my own hildhood, because that’s my business and not something I want to talk about. But that said, I’m very against the anti movement and I believe that you can dislike ships without resorting to the violence and hate that the anti movement spreads. Your reasons for liking or disliking any ship are completely valid; my reasons for liking or disliking any ship are valid as well. Everyone has different worldly experience, and if something makes you uncomfortable I want to do my best to prevent it from happening again by tagging more appropriately.

Whatever you decide to do, I’m not going to hold it against you.

  • Theresa: For now, you have the support of two friends: Jasper, who will serve you always, and Sir Walter Beck, who will be your greatest ally.
  • Hero of Brightwall: ...Well, THAT'S a weird way to put it.
  • Theresa: What?
  • Hero: You said that Jasper "will serve me always" and Walter "will be my greatest ally." Why not just say that those two will always support me? I mean, you're kind of making it sound like Walter won't ALWAYS be my ally, or, I dunno, I'm going to have to fight him at some point.
  • Theresa: ...
  • Hero: ...Oh, balls...
Sol 6

Chris Beck x Reader

Part 1

Summary: You’re part of the Ares III crew, on sol 6 you’re left behind on Mars with Mark. How will the both of you survive and will Beck ever realise your feelings for him.

Originally posted by chrisbeck

Sol 6 was officially the worst day of your life. It had started off great as can be, you were on Mars for Christ’s sake! How many other people could say that? 6 days since your arrival and while back on earth the repetitive collecting of soil would have been a bore, the fact that it was on a completely different planet made it fascinating for you.

You were busy collecting samples for your experiments and listening to the team bicker back and forth, your body tingling when the familiar sound of Beck’s voice sounded through the comms. It was no secret that you had a crush on the doctor, well actually it was a secret and that was the big problem because while Beck was unaware of your feelings he was developing his own for your teammate Beth.

Mark was your confident, he had figured it all out halfway to Mars when he noticed how much you blushed when Beck came into the room. From that point on it was an endless source of teasing from Mark but it was all in jest so you didn’t mind all that much, Mark was like the older brother you never wanted but appreciated all the same. However, his teasing became an issue when Martinez picked up on it and joined in to. At least Beck hadn’t figured out yet.

When you got the call from NASA about the storm your stomach had dropped, the HAB wasn’t designed to last this long and the MAV would tip for sure. You’d only been there for 6 sols, how could you go back now? Mark suggested you wait it out and you nodded in agreement, “Yeah, c’mon, we’ve been here for 6 sols. We just need to tie down the MAV before the storm hits and gets too bad,” you voiced.

Commander Lewis shook her head, “No, it’s too risky. Prepare for emergency evacuation.” The team rushed into action, getting into their space suits and packing only the essentials- the storm was moving fast and who knew how long they would have. You would have to leave behind your box of personal items which contained your laptop and pictures of your family and the crew, you were a little bummed but it beat dying.

The team was leaving the air lock, making last checks on equipment before they opened the door to the Mars atmosphere. The MAV wasn’t planted too far away but in the eye of the storm it would be a difficult crossing, your heart hammered in your chest but you focused on the shape of Beck in front of you. As long as you could see him everything would be fine, just don’t lose sight of him.

Lewis opened the airlock and everyone was forced to the ground by the strength of the wind, through your comm you could hear Martinez yell that the MAV was going to tip over. That spurred everyone into action, you made small progress. The force of the wind made it feel like you were walking through molasses and threatened to knock you over. Behind you Mark called out to use something to secure the MAV but before anyone could respond the communications dish flew past and hit him straight on, you looked back and he was gone.

“Mark!” You yelled out, frantically searching for your best friend but you couldn’t see far past the storm.

“Look for Watney, spread out!” Lewis ordered and you did so, stepping in the direction you assumed he would have been flung in. You couldn’t focus, you couldn’t, you wouldn’t leave your best friend behind. Tear fell down your face as the realisation that Mark was gone sunk in but you refused to admit it, still searching. Even if he was dead you had to find his body, you had to bring him home.

You could hear the team giving up, you wanted to tell them to shut up and keep looking but it wasn’t your call to make. It was only you and Lewis still outside the MAV. “Commander, Y/L/N, you need to come inside. Now,” Beck spoke through the comms. Normally his voice would bring you comfort but now it didn’t help, the only person who truly knew about your feelings for Beck was gone. How could you live on without Mark?

Lewis gave you the order to get inside, you knew there was no arguing with her on this. “Okay,” you agreed, your voice cracking. Slowly and reluctantly you began to make your way to the MAV, by now you could barely see past the sand and debris in the air. You made your way over to where you hoped the MAV was, you could see it in your sight. The light of Lewis’ helmet was straight ahead, you were almost there when you got hit. The other half of the communications dish was uplifted and hit you, sending you flying far away from the MAV. Tremendous pain exploded all throughout your side and you were aware that the storm was carrying you further away and you weren’t even touching the ground. The pain became too much and your vision went black.

Back on the MAV the team was alerted when your bio monitor failed, even belted into the seats Beck turned round as far as he could to Martinez at the front. “What happened?” he asked sharply.

Martinez looked lost as he tapped at the controls, “Y/L/N’s bio monitor just failed,” he told them confused and worried. “Commander?”

There was a pause before the response, “Y/L/N got hit by debris. I’m going back out to look for them both,” she said, ready to step off the ladder.

“Y/L/N and Watney are dead, commander,” Beck said strained, he felt like his world was breaking. “We’ve lost two team members already, we can’t lose you too.”

Within a minute Lewis was seated and they were launching off the surface of Mars, the whole team was silent. No one dared speak as they looked over at the two empty seats. Beck faced away from Vogel to hide the tears that were streaming down his face.


A/N- so this is part 1, I’ve already written the first 4 parts and this is turning into a bit of a series. So far there isn’t much interaction with Beck but there will be at some point. Anyway, requests are open so just shoot me an ask or let me know what you think <3

mutual. [johanbeck]

Just a short, cute lil thang. Basically a crew hangin’ out fic. 

[I’ve seen a couple takes on Watney finding out about Beck and Johanssen in the past couple of days, so I wanted to write my own.]

Once the Vicodin kicked in and Watney had his (extra-long) shower, Beck ordered him to bed. The first steps were obvious: Hook him up to an IV, patch up his scrapes and self-bandaged wounds from the last year, get a reading on his blood. A plethora of medical tests would be necessary, but bloodwork came first.

To say that Watney was tired would be an understatement, but he wanted to see his crewmates again. As happy as they were to see him during their quick hello, they’d seemed a little unsure of how to act around him – shy, almost – and he feared that if their access to him was limited, that sense of estrangement might continue. If anyone was going to be acting weird, he wanted it to be him, not them.

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The long and winding road

Title: The long and winding road
Paring: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen
Word count: 3705
Rating: Explicit. Like for real, explicit.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, multiple sex positions, cock warming.
Sinopsis: Beth is on his lap and oh, if he has dreaming of this moment.
N/A: Yooo ~ I haven’t wrote heterosexual smut for long three years by now, so be patient with me. I just love this couple so much, we need more fanfics. So… here, have some smut. Title from the Beatles song since Beth is a big fan of the Beatles like myself :)

(On AO3)

The long and winding road

“So, ummm…” 

Johanssen looked up to him, her tiny fingers stopping their furious tapping on the computer and her pretty eyes staring right into his. Beck sighed, taking a sit at her side and hoping no one would come into the room now because he could never handle the embarrassed if somebody could witness this scene, right now, right… here. Beth winked a couple of times; she probably noticed how his hands were white fists and that he was nervous as hell, like a teenager about to tell his parents he got a bad note and a call from the director’s office. But this was worse, this was one of the worse scenarios to do this too but hey, it’s not like if they have better options. 

“Doctor?” She says softly. 

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