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Eren Week | Day II: One Pairing

title: sleeping beauty
pairing: jeanere
summary: Jean’s sleeping princess isn’t all she’s cracked up to be. 
notenot a genderbent. 

sorry this is a day late ;-; missing deadlines physically pains me.

There is a princess who slumbers upon a bed of moss and flowers, in an area of the forest where the sun always touches, where only those with pure intentions may enter, where the trees stay the same and her body never ages. She passes the endless days with the gentle rise and fall of her bosom, expression ignorant and peaceful, face lacking any mars or distortions of time.

No one knows how long she’s been under the sleeping curse. They only know that not anyone can stumble upon her faux chamber, that only those whose fates intertwine with hers are granted the chance to try to awaken her with true love’s first kiss. 

…Or so the saying goes. Personally, Jean thinks the myth is just that: a myth. A load of horse crap. A pile of manure. Complete and utter bullshit. A tale most likely spun by the Mitras Kingdom to attract foreign travelers, and thus more business. Not that Jean is one of those travelers. Nor is he trying to find this so called Sleeping Beauty - as people are ought to call her - not that he would mind if he did. Being the one true love of a princess has its perks, he’s not going to lie. Perks he would not mind indulging in. Such as living a luxurious life, having servers wait at his beck and call, money and jewels…

People think being a knight is glorious, a blessing, but nah, Too much work.

Now being married to a princess, that's a full-time job he’d be all for.

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