beck lives

Quirky Skirmishes

“Beck! Where are my socks!?”

“In your drawer, hon, probably.”

“No they’re not!”

“Are you, perhaps, looking for particular socks?”

“Yes! Yes you tease! Where are my TARDIS socks, I have to leave for work in five minutes!”

“Oh those socks—“

“—yes those socks!”

“Those are in the bookshelf.”


“Ah, there you are, isn’t this better than yelling across the house—“

“—they’re in the bookshelf!

“The left sock is hidden in my favorite book. The right sock is hidden in the first book that ever made me cry.”


You baked my car keys into your favorite cupcake and made me guess and now it’s coming back to bite you in the ass, Rachel!”


- I’m David Pumpkins.
- I know. But, like, who
are you?
- I’m David Pumpkins, man!
- And David Pumpkins is…?
- His own thang.
- And the skeletons are…?
- Part of it.

#look at this scruffy romanian prince #he is so done with your interview questions #check out that head tilt/side-eye combo #the goddamn lip lick #but then we get the CUTEST LOPSIDED SMILE EVER (◕‿◕✿) #in related news: my sebstan thirst is off the chainnnn

He’s his own thing. Thought I’d give the newest star in the horror genre his own poster treatment after his debut on Saturday night. You can buy this vintage style poster here so he can constantly scare the hell out of you. Any questions?