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Music Is The Greatest Defense Against Annoying People At School  


colinlanephoto August 2002. Here is Julian, Nick, Nikolai, Albert, Jack White, Fab and Beck in the dressing room at Radio City after the show. A huge crowd gathered in the street below, blocking traffic. The guys were waving hello and Jack White even took off his shirt and threw it down. Everyone was going wild. It was a nice moment.


Christine & Meg- Backstage Edition!

A.K.A. Brianne Kelly Morgan & Layla Harrison

Brianne Kelly Morgan & Amanda Huddleston, Las Vegas

Eleanor Waite & Claire Lyon, World Tour

Brianne Kelly Morgan & Kristen Hertzenberg, Las Vegas

Alicia Beck & Lisa-Anne Wood, West End

Layla Harrison & Sofia Escobar, West End

Layla Harrison & Harriet Jones, West End

Emilie Lynn & Eleanor Waite, World Tour

Valerie Link & Theano Makariou, Hamburg

Cat Lane & Olivia Brereton, West End

Layla Harrison & Anna O'Byrne, West End


FAVORITE TV CHARACTERS: Daria Morgendorffer (Daria)


Favourite backstage Meg and Christine photos: 

1. Tori Johns and Gina Beck, West End. 
2. Emilie Lynn and Cat Lane (celebrating the 100th Seoul performance). 
3. Anna Forbes and Sofia Escobar (Anna doing last week goofs). 
4. Gina Beck and Tori Johns swapping costumes, West End. 
5. Lorraine Chappel and Sarah Ryan, UK tour. 
6. Lisa Vroman and Jenny Gould, US tour. 
7. Brianne Kelly Morgan and Elizabeth Loyacano, Las Vegas. 

Photo of Jimmy Page performing an instrumental version of ‘Stairway To Heaven’ on September 20, 1983. This was at the ARMS Charity Concert; a special event held at The Royal Albert Hall, London, in support of Action into Research for Multiple Sclerosis (ARMS). It was attended by a host of stars, including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Charlie Watts, Steve Winwood, John Paul Jones and others. Many were personal friends of Ronnie Lane, who had somewhat willed the concert into being, and a suffer of MS himself. I was there; close enough to see what gauge strings Jimmy was playing, and the concert was memorable for many reasons, but there were two in particular for me. Firstly, Jimmy had not made many live performances since Bonzo’s tragic death on September 25, 1980, almost exactly three years previously. In fact, I don’t think Jimmy had performed live at all during those three years. He appeared somewhat nervous, but shone nonetheless. He also played an all-black Fender Telecaster; I went out and bought the very same guitar the next day. Secondly, it was the first occasion that the three famous guitarists from The Yardbirds had performed on stage together. Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Unforgettable!


Decades of Cosette’s Wig.

Row 1: 80′s / early 90′s. Very 80′s however they were the most time accurate the Cosette wigs have ever gotten. It looks like more of the hair is pinned up in the back than the current wigs which almost gives it a mullet look. However I actually really like it. there is something very period about it. It looks like they actually took a lot of time and care.

  1. Rebecca Caine
  2. Jacinta Mulcahy
  3. Mary Louise Clarke

Row 2: 90′s / early 2000′s. The wigs slowly got longer and darker. As you can see they are almost black compare to the original wigs which were a warm brown. At this point the wigs almost look identical to the Christine Daae wigs.

  1. Sarah Lane
  2. Gina Beck
  3. Katie Hall

Row 3: Late 2000′s / 2010′s. Very modern. Loose, short, curls. They pin them up when the Cosettes are not on stage so they keep their curl to the end of the show. Lighter than the latter wigs, however Emilie’s seems to be going closer to black again.

  1. Lisa Anne Wood
  2. Samantha Dorsey
  3. Emilie Fleming

A recap from our first Gallery Opening

“On Set”
(Friday, February 2012)