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SVU Questions

Objection: Least favorite Ada

Precinct: Favorite Character and why

Officer Down: Least Favorite Character

Case File: Favorite SVU Fanfiction

Handcuffs: ALL of your SVU ships

Captain: Cragen, Harris, Murphy, or Benson?

Benson: Favorite Olivia Benson hairstyle based off season

Shield: SVU 1.0 or SVU 2.0?

Arrest: Which perp do you hate the most?

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colinlanephoto August 2002. Here is Julian, Nick, Nikolai, Albert, Jack White, Fab and Beck in the dressing room at Radio City after the show. A huge crowd gathered in the street below, blocking traffic. The guys were waving hello and Jack White even took off his shirt and threw it down. Everyone was going wild. It was a nice moment.

Beach Kisses

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My friends and I are going out to the beach on this hot, June afternoon. We all thought it would be a great idea to cool off in the ocean and tan in the summer sun.

After all the long months of school, this is definitely something I need. 

Kiarra, the one who coordinated this small adventure, chucked a bathing suit at me. 

“Just wear that one, oh my god,” she said. I emitted a loud laugh. I’ve been stuck between three bathing suits, all new. I couldn’t figure out which one I wanted to wear. 

“Fine, fine!” I exclaimed. “So demanding,” I said under my breath. Kiarra came out from the bathroom, pointed a finger at me, and said, “I heard that.” I waved her off to go and fix herself as I put on my black bikini. 

We’re meeting four other people. Two of our friends, Michaela and Gianna are tagging along. Our other friends, Nick and Beck are meeting us at the beach. 

Nick. He’s actually the most attractive person I have ever laid my eyes on. He was also the captain of the soccer team, top student in the grade, and a downright sweetheart. He volunteers at food banks on his free time. 

What a catch. 

I can never seem to get my mind off of him, really. Senior year passed and we all graduated. I was afraid that I wouldn’t see Nick anymore until I found out that he got accepted into NYU, like me. 

Now THAT’S a miracle. 

I recall the dreadful time where Nick got himself a girlfriend in junior year. Her name was Vanessa and she was a really sweet girl. I wish I could hate her, but I couldn’t. She’s just really likable. Vanessa was the one who ended things with Nick before senior year and I did mini cartwheels in my mind. 

Kiarra and I are on our way to pick up Michaela and Gianna. Kirra drives to the garage of Gianna’s house and they’re already waiting outside. They quickly get in the car and Gianna plugs in her phone so we can listen to music. 

“Summer, I am so ready for you,” Michaela says. We burst out laughing and head to the beach. 

We see Beck and Nick pull up next to us. Once we parked, we got the beach towels and sunscreen and headed into the sand. Nick waved at me and I waved back. Beck stood next to me. 

“So, when are you going to tell him?” he asks. 

“Tell him what?”

“That you like him.” 

“Me, tell him that? Never,” I said sarcastically. Beck rolled his eyes and pulled me into the sand, where Nick was oddly eyeing Beck and I. 

For half and hour, the girls and I were splashing in the water. Beck decided to join in and drop me in the wave. I slapped his chest when I rose to the surface. 

“You dick!” I yelled. He doubled over in laughed and I frowned, pretending to be mad at him. I broke into a smile and headed back to the sand when I noticed Nick was keeping to himself. 

“Getting a tan?” I asked him. He shrugged. 

“Kind of. I’m just enjoying the sun.” I laid next to him on my towel and closed me eyes. 

“It feels good, especially since I got out of the water.” I felt Nick’s eyes trailing down my body and I couldn’t help but smirk. “Why aren’t you in the water?” 

“I don’t know, I don’t really feel like it,” he says, curtly. I frown and turn to my side. 

“You were all shits and giggles when we came here, so what’s up?” Nick turned to face me. He paused.

“You and Beck,” was all he said. 

“What about me and Beck?” 

“You guys are always…Together.”


“I just,” he pauses. “I don’t know.” He cited his lip. 

“Nick, are you jealous?” 

“Y/N, I thought I made this really clear within the past couple of months, but I guess I haven’t.” 

“Made what clear?” 

“Don’t hate me for this,” he said. 

“Hate you for wha-” and before I knew it, his plump lips were planted on mine. His lips were so soft. They guided the kiss and I felt like I was on the moon. He sat upwards and placed his hand on the back of my neck to pull me closer. I closed my eyes in a blissful trance, letting Nick guide the kiss. It was magical and purely magnificent. I was the first one to pull away because of the lack of air. 

“You know,” I said, “I’ve been waiting a long time for that.” Nick grinned.

“I’ve liked you since freshman year. You’re just so, what’s the word? Beautiful.” I blushed and kissed Nick’s cheek, pushing him back down on the towel so I could lay on his chest. 

“When we get back, you’re taking me on a date,” I said.

“Oh, I plan on it.” 


Please read my friend’s story about the boys of Good Neighbor and her awful experience of not only being verbally harassed by Nick Rutherford on stage but their fans supporting his sexist remarks and verbally attacking her as well.

Share and comment. Keep this conversation going. They have not commented or apologized other than this half-assed “apology” by Nick Rutherford.

Which wasn’t even responding to my friend’s tweets but another woman trying to get his attention for it. He hasn’t apologized or acknowledged her at all!