here we go!  SPG characters, colour coded and as accurate as i could possible get it without turning mad.

there might be mistakes,  ive already fixed some.   some things are just pure speculations/headcanon or just wishful thinking.  open in new tab for better image.


Boring Humans au: this one’s mine and its huge and has its own lore and is if a bunch of token gay sitcom characters were all main characters

Herobots au: an oldie but a goodie swap au that got pushed the wayside when vice quadrant happened and everything got too complicated but its still good. gay robot boyfriends, trans girl sea captains, airships, whats not to love

Walter Industries au: there is no tag for this one yet but basically the walters are wildly rich and successful in the robotics business and the beciles are the struggling locally owned family business. the walters are still good guys and the beciles are still bad guys tho

Spaceswap au: another one thats barely been touched, au where the fanfic fairy swaps shit so rav is a cool fire themed super hero and cosmica and cosmo are normie humans

Separation Powered Giraffe: The spine is a sad boy. theres beciles being awful and lots of angst and h/c and sad, sad robots

Revenge Buddies au: delilah ends up at walter manor after getting brought back from the dead, peter spends litarally 2 hours apologizing for every (real or imagined) bad thing hes ever done to delilah, delilah is happy to have a friend again, theyre both really hurt and angry at thad, iris is dating two whole scientists

Herofriends au: Commander Cosmo enlists some of the biggest heros throughut time and space to help confront necrostar. this au isnt about fighting necrostar though its about 7 dorks from wildly different times and places being goofy friends

Lil Old Lady Holly au: let the cute old people be happy together (often set in the same ‘verse as the herofriends au)

The Astronaut is OK au: the astronaut actually is very far from ok hes just less dead. what started as shippy fluff turned into hardcore character introspective and some very dramatic h/c (often set in the same ‘verse as the herofriends au)


Squirrel Becile: all the fun of becile bots without any ableist imagery and more cool cute ocs than ever!

[[Just a quick PSA about our Becile Boys: while the boys are no fans of the Walters, they’re also not transphobic. Frankly they have a loose grasp on the concept in the first place, being machines that can be altered at the drop of a hat. But Hare for example won’t have anything transphobic to say about Rabbit. Rabbit’s just Rabbit. A swaggering Italian ghost from the 20’s bonded into a metallic husk is frankly more interested in mouthing off over more important stuff - like who could really hold up in a fight. So keep that in mind when drawin’ and writin’ the boys. Thanks a ton - RileyLaRoux and Surge]]

Name: The Duchess

Performer: Marissa Cifelli [Instagram] [Tumblr]

Type: Clockwork Copper Automaton

“Gender”: Female

Creator: Walter Robotics

Core: Blue Matter

Friends: Steam Friends United, Steam Bot Unity, Rabbit, Spine, Jon, Hatchworth, Upgrade, Zero

Purpose: Lead singer of Steam Powered Fairytale (amalgam name of Epic Fairytale/Steam Powered Giraffe) and fearless leader of Steam Bot Unity (or so she thinks haaaa XD)

Crush: The Wrench (her partner) Sometimes Rabbit, sometimes The Jon

Age: 121

Created of: Copper, gears and coils, wires all around lol

Notes: Duchess was originally the prototype that was gonna be Rabbit but her idea was scrapped until the bots were all made. She was originally supposed to be part of Steam Powered Giraffe but she was too unstable and almost went to the Becile side, and Peter Walter I had to reset her Blue Matter core. She was shipped to NJ later on to a Cavalcadium associate of Peter Walter’s, Walter Peterman (lol) and he was in the process of building his “butler robot” (a.k.a. The Wrench/Jonathan Bycroft) but when he saw how broken-down and unstable she was he programmed Wrench to serve her instead and be her handyman. Ever since then she sings, dances, and acts to her core’s content with her friends by her side. She grew to have crushes on Rabbit and The Jon until Crystal Pepsi ran dry and Rabbit couldn’t get over Jenny the Toaster. (XD) so, Duchess ended up falling in love with Wrench and the two have been inseparable ever since. She often glitches very severely and malfunctions during Honeybee much like Rabbit, only hers nearly damages her core…

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