becile's boys

SPG Confessions: The Jack

~The Jack, being an insane, crazy, laughing, unpredictable mass of scrap metal. I couldn’t help but think that he is more animal than….“bot”. I pictured Jack walking on his fours most of the time, yipping and laughing like a hyena
and tearing apart any late-night party goers in an alley using his incredible bite force and sharpened claws. Many years of being tormented by Thaddeus turned him this way and the only ones who can reach him are his own brothers, The skull and Hare. 

Pic done by me!

[[Just a quick PSA about our Becile Boys: while the boys are no fans of the Walters, they’re also not transphobic. Frankly they have a loose grasp on the concept in the first place, being machines that can be altered at the drop of a hat. But Hare for example won’t have anything transphobic to say about Rabbit. Rabbit’s just Rabbit. A swaggering Italian ghost from the 20’s bonded into a metallic husk is frankly more interested in mouthing off over more important stuff - like who could really hold up in a fight. So keep that in mind when drawin’ and writin’ the boys. Thanks a ton - RileyLaRoux and Surge]]