“Pretty much as soon as we finish a song, we’re ready to move onto the next sound, the next experiment. We take pride in shedding our skin and trying on new ones. We believe that’s what keeps us from becoming complacent and calcifying creatively. But the themes – of technology, humanity, language, and emotion – will likely stay the same for the rest of our tenure on this Earth as the entity called YACHT.”

YACHT for Georgie Magazine, 2014.


What do Vans Surf’s Dylan Graves, or Pat, and Dane Gudauskas have to do with Bad Brains’ Darryl Jenifer, photographer Sandy Kim, or the band YACHT? They’re all in a new season of Vans Classic Tales telling hilarious stories from the road animated and brought to life by Jay Howell & Jim Dirschberger (Yep, that’s the genius team behind Sanjay & Craig, too.) Watch Vans Classic Tales Season 3 now.


Before they started collaborating in 2009, Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans of YACHT already had their own long impressive bios, but together their star shines even brighter. Partners in both life and art, they possess a chemistry that’s undeniable and rare, both onstage and off. Their live performances are electrifying, energetic affairs, but behind the scenes they are contemplative, spiritual people who look to nature and science for inspiration.

For the past year, the couple has made L.A. their home, where, like many Angelenos, they do a lot of hiking. Just back from a sojourn in Marfa, TX, they let us tag along on one of their frequent walks. We went to Elysian Park, an uncrowded sanctuary of green overlooking downtown, and found splendor in the grass, as well as some wonderfully mysterious tree stump thrones and a big wooden mushroom.

From PAPER Magazine, YACHT Finds Their Land-Legs in L.A.

Interview: YACHT

You guys have a predilection for getting to the bottom of things: “The earth is on fire, Put a beautiful thing in a container and it ruins it.” If you had to write some new laws of physics based on the everyday science of contemporary experience, what would you propose?

This is such a great question. These are the YACHT laws of (meta)physics: 

  1.  The Universe is completely indifferent to all human pursuits.
  2.  The Universe is infinitely expanding. Ergo: any human can lay  claim to being the center of the Universe.
  3.  You are the center of the Universe, but so is everyone else. 
  4.  That means nobody can reasonably tell you what you can (or can’t)  do. 
  5.  It also means you can’t dictate anyone else’s reality.

What are your favorite sounds that are not musical in nature?

The crazy-making hum of overhead power transformers, the boing of a doorstop, the inquisitive chirp of a domestic cat. 

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YACHT - “Plastic Soul”


YΔCHT is a band “if it is known at all,” describes Claire Evans in their CreativeMornings talk. Claire speaks alongside Jona Bechtolt who founded the endeavor in 2002. The duo hail from Portland, Oregon and are now performing and making music, as well as objects, events, texts, video, products, websites, and other miscellaneous things in Los Angeles, California.

We summarized some takeaways from their talk which you can read here or watch the full version here. →