YACHT — Space Grrrl Blues (DEVO Cover)

DEVO are giants to us, because they’re a band with a conceptual stance that goes beyond gimmick. They have a philosophical sensibility that is both deadpan funny and savagely critical—that’s a really difficult line to walk, but we feel like it’s the only way to speak accurately about the 21st century. Space Girl Blues is a longtime favorite, a kind of difficult 4-track demo from the late 70s that wasn’t properly released until Hard Core Vol. 1, a collection of those obscurities. In the original, we love how you can hear Devo becoming itself from raw industrial components. Our version, however, is more of an homage to the 1982 cover of this song by Toni Basil, one of the great misremembered female post-punk icons. Space Girl Blues is a song about women being aliens, which Basil inverted and owned as a point of pride. We’re interested in feminism’s relationship to science fiction, so the gesture speaks to us.

Also, we love how Moog brings artists together. The sound of the machines and the culture of the company are like a bridge across genres and generations.

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