YACHT — Space Grrrl Blues (DEVO Cover)

DEVO are giants to us, because they’re a band with a conceptual stance that goes beyond gimmick. They have a philosophical sensibility that is both deadpan funny and savagely critical—that’s a really difficult line to walk, but we feel like it’s the only way to speak accurately about the 21st century. Space Girl Blues is a longtime favorite, a kind of difficult 4-track demo from the late 70s that wasn’t properly released until Hard Core Vol. 1, a collection of those obscurities. In the original, we love how you can hear Devo becoming itself from raw industrial components. Our version, however, is more of an homage to the 1982 cover of this song by Toni Basil, one of the great misremembered female post-punk icons. Space Girl Blues is a song about women being aliens, which Basil inverted and owned as a point of pride. We’re interested in feminism’s relationship to science fiction, so the gesture speaks to us.

Also, we love how Moog brings artists together. The sound of the machines and the culture of the company are like a bridge across genres and generations.

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“Pretty much as soon as we finish a song, we’re ready to move onto the next sound, the next experiment. We take pride in shedding our skin and trying on new ones. We believe that’s what keeps us from becoming complacent and calcifying creatively. But the themes – of technology, humanity, language, and emotion – will likely stay the same for the rest of our tenure on this Earth as the entity called YACHT.”

YACHT for Georgie Magazine, 2014.


What do Vans Surf’s Dylan Graves, or Pat, and Dane Gudauskas have to do with Bad Brains’ Darryl Jenifer, photographer Sandy Kim, or the band YACHT? They’re all in a new season of Vans Classic Tales telling hilarious stories from the road animated and brought to life by Jay Howell & Jim Dirschberger (Yep, that’s the genius team behind Sanjay & Craig, too.) Watch Vans Classic Tales Season 3 now.

Interview: YACHT

You guys have a predilection for getting to the bottom of things: “The earth is on fire, Put a beautiful thing in a container and it ruins it.” If you had to write some new laws of physics based on the everyday science of contemporary experience, what would you propose?

This is such a great question. These are the YACHT laws of (meta)physics: 

  1.  The Universe is completely indifferent to all human pursuits.
  2.  The Universe is infinitely expanding. Ergo: any human can lay  claim to being the center of the Universe.
  3.  You are the center of the Universe, but so is everyone else. 
  4.  That means nobody can reasonably tell you what you can (or can’t)  do. 
  5.  It also means you can’t dictate anyone else’s reality.

What are your favorite sounds that are not musical in nature?

The crazy-making hum of overhead power transformers, the boing of a doorstop, the inquisitive chirp of a domestic cat. 

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YACHT - “Plastic Soul”


Honestly how could you not want to watch the video that all of these seemingly unrelated GIFs come from? Vans Classic Tales are back for season three and in this episode we’ve got a hilarious story from one of our favorite bands, YACHT. You ever tried Yak yogurt? Yeah, us either. Watch the full episode now on

There’s a palm tree on the hill opposite from our house that’s perfectly framed by the window; it’s the first thing we see every day. I keep meaning to take photos of it because it really looks different, depending on the season and the weather. But you internalize your interest in palm trees here, after a few years—like sunsets, they’re not to be photographed, only appreciated in the moment as the shifting desktop backgrounds of life in Los Angeles.

Claire L. Evans, in ADULT Magazine