#NYFW #mbfw #ss2015 #ss15 ##azarialamode #Plussize is officially in fashion! Two up-and-coming labels send #curvy models down the #catwalk at NYFW
Two up-and-coming labels are making waves for using plus-size women to model their collections at New York Fashion Week.
#ZanaBayne, who has dressed the likes of #Madonna and #LadyGaga since launching her namesake label in 2010, sent several plus-size models including #GiaGeneiveve down the catwalk in some of her bondage-inspired creations.
And #Chromat - which was launched in 2010 by #BeccaMcCharen - opened its show with #DeniseBidot, a stunning Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti model who also identifies as plus-size.

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Becca Mc Charen is the beauty and brains behind the intricate and sexy Chromat brand. This is the brand responsible for keeping the likes of Madonna and Beyonce dressed on tour. We hung out with Becca in her Navy Yards studio and talked Chromat, Nascar, and what it feels like to get a phone call from a one Tina Knowles.

How was Chromat born? In 2008 as a fashion experiment in Lynchburg, Virginia; in 2010 as my full-time job in NYC. Chromat evolved from my training as an architect and urban planner, and it focuses on structural experiments for the human body.

Your designs can be found on Beyonce and co. on the Mrs. Carter tour right now. Can you tell us a little bit about how you started working on that? (So basically our question is have you met her? What’s she like? Is she perfect?) Yes, Beyonce is perfect! I didn’t get to meet her this time, but I do have a great voicemail saved on my phone ~forever~ from Tina Knowles. They originally worked with the Chromat team on their Superbowl performance in February–we made 40 Pentagram Harnesses for her backup dancers 3 days before the football game. That led into us creating custom Chromat cages for Beyonce, all of her backup dancers, and her all-female band for her world tour.

What are your plans for expansion of the Chromat brand? In the near future, we’re gearing up to debut the SS14 Chromat collection at New York Fashion Week in September! We’ve been approached by several furniture designers and architects for collaborations, so in the future I’d like to see Chromat evolve into a conceptual design studio that functions on all scales–from the site of the human body to the city.  

How would you describe your personal style? Would you say it’s congruent with the Chromat brand? I love strapping up in Chromat swim when I’m at the beach or pool or foam party, and I wear all the Chromat bras and cage harnesses when I go out dancing or want to feel like a superhero. Day-to-day working in the studio involves lots of black t-shirts and jeans.

If you’re not at your studio, where can we find you? On the dance floor, behind the DJ booth, at the Printed Matter zine shop, or at a Nascar track driving 200 mph.

If you could resurrect someone just to have lunch with, whom would it be and where? Frida Kahlo, at the top of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Fill in these sentences:

I eat…pizza, cookies, and kale, separately.

I’d eventually like to…ride a moped through Bangkok.

I’m usually…working ‘n twerking, simultaneously.

Girls just wanna…be strong, sexy, and powerful.

The best things in…my party calendar are Witches parties at Tandem.

Most of my…creative inspiration…comes from…music. Disclosure, Gita and Migos are this week’s current favs.

The fashion world is…my strange home.