December workout challenge 11/20

I set out to do the workout Becca gave me.

I had a headache when I started, but it wasn’t bad.

I used 12 lb for the squats & lunges and did sets of 12 for the first 2 sets. My wall sits were 2 min. each. I wanted to do the same duration each round.

Between sets, I did abs: 30 super ball crunches with 12 lbs, 10 side leg lifts (each side) with stability ball between my legs, and 10 (each side) side plank ups with stability ball between my legs.

For the 3rd set, I skipped the lunges because they were making my hip hurt, so I did 15 of each move.

Then during my 3rd set of super ball crunches, my headache exploded and I nearly fell off the stability ball. I did 13 that time.

I laid down on the couch for a couple minutes until the dizziness went away, but knew I need to rest the remainder of the night.