This will be the year that my health is my main focus along with school. I’m so sick and tired of breaking out, feeling lazy, and feeling bleh about myself all due to my poor lifestyle.

I have already started changing my eating habits little by little. I have started taking this Skin Detox tea(day 3 today) and I love it. It taste sooooo amazing☕️💕 I never really had “perfect” skin growing up. I had tiny little blemishes and pimples as a teenager. Nothing too bad though. However, once I started college and working I started to really breakout. When I started working I started wearing makeup as well(like full face) and that’s basically how my acne started along with a lack of a good skin care routine. It developed into cystic acne and I was depressed. So I’ve been battling ever since late 2013. I have really sensitive skin so it makes everything worse. After doctors and dermatologist visits, changing my makeup products, and finding a simple and gentle skin care routine my skin started improving. Just about last month, my skin started drastically improving and to speed up the process, I decided to use natural remedies as well as my prescribed acne gel. I stay hydrated and drink detox tea, and change my eating habits. My skin is the main reason why I want to become healthy and soon become a vegetarian or at least cut the amount of meat I eat. Also, working out has never been my thing because I’ve always been skinny. And I would get criticized for even wanting to workout because people thought I wanted to lose weight. That’s not the case, I just wanna be fit and healthy and active. I may not look like a blob but I sure do feel like one. And NOW is when I will make a change in my lifestyle!!! No more procrastination. I will work and commit to being healthy, physically fit, and keep improving my skin. 💕