so let me get something straight-

my ex, and current kid i talk to, decided to mimic a picture of me and said ex… 

that’s how they spend their new years eve…

i’m very flattered that my ex and his friends take out their time to take pictures like me and him did, 10 points for vince & friends

i’m just like,

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! I just want to say thank you guys so much for making my dashboard extremely beautiful with all your posts and thank all of you for making my time on tumblr absolutely amazing and for filling my dash everyday with your wonderful posts. And for those who follow me, thank you so much for tolerating me and my shitty posts. You guys are the best! I know I don’t talk to the most of you (because I’m to shy to annoy you even more because I know having me in your dash is already the worst tbh) but trust me, every one of you means something to me. I also want thank everyone for all your kind messages, reblogs, likes and follows; without you my blog would be nothing. I follow less than 135 blogs, so I’ve decided to add all of you because I just love y’all sO MUCH AND I DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND OK. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - Becca

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ily x

hi i’m becca. i know i’m not pretty like other girls on tumblr. i don’t have a perfect smile or a flawless face… but it’s christmas eve. it was always my favorite time of year. every christmas eve my whole family comes over for a huge dinner and we sit around and eat and talk and watch a christmas story and open presents. my doctor decided to call me about an hour ago to tell me that i need to get brain surgery before i go back to school next year. the tumor in my brain could leave permanent damage & they have to get it out. what a wonderful christmas present right? to get  a call in front of your whole family from your doctor saying “you need to get brain surgery”. this surgery could take away all my memories. i would forget every christmas i’ve ever had. i could wake up from the surgery and not know who i am or where i was or anything… i wish christmas was like when i was little. there was nothing wrong, everything was perfect and i was happy. genuinely happy. i could sit with my family and not have to take medication while we’re eating dinner, and not have to worry about getting up too fast off my couch and fainting. i was allowed to take a sip of wine because i didn’t have to worry about it interfering with all the medication i’m on & the massive headaches i get. i could walk around my house with my family there with no makeup on without someone saying that it looked like i needed some because the bags under my eyes from getting no sleep were looking bad. i could eat whatever i wanted without someone saying i don’t need to gain anymore weight. i was so young & innocent and now that i’m growing up everythings so much harder.  christmas used to be my favorite holiday… now i’m not so sure. 

merry christmas to me…. this is the worst christmas ever….