Sometimes you get something in your head and you have to finish it. This is one of those projects and I am quite fond of the way it turned out! This Bride of Frankenstein is based on one of my favorite pinup ladies/ cosplayers the AMAZING Arsenic Cupcakes! You should go and like her page now! Cause she’s super awesome. She also has a pretty rad tumblr!

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I’m not sure if it’s the final version, I’ll probably still tweak this a bit but I thought I’d share this fun illustration I did of astrophysicist extraordinaire and Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson surrounded by a galaxy of lovely planets! Sort of a Charlie’s Angels thing I guess  Each gal is a different planet in our solar system. I think my favorite detail is the Mars Rover on the head of Miss Mars 

Eeeep!!!! I just got a chance to get myself into the artist’s alley for this years C2E2 in Chicago! Something of a little miracle for me! Now I just need to raise the table fee…in a week’s time… no sweat right? So this means I will be offering lots of art and prints for sale!, Hooray! Starting with this one! I will be doing a limited run of 11x17, signed and numbered prints of my Kat Dennings, Max from 2 Broke Girls drawing. It’s $25 plus shipping! Send me an email if you are interested Thanks for any help!!!!