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I've without a doubt read every last lin x reader on tumblr and your series have BY FAR fucked me up proper. Like top 5 EVER AHHHHGGGGGGGG you're perfect

oh my gOD???

you must not have seen some of the phenomenal talent going on around here holy moly but I sure do appreciate this it means a whole lot and I may or may not be crying about it 


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okay amelia is so good??? i'm screaming, you're amazing. i can not wait till part 3. i have no patience. anyways, thanks for this amazing story!!! much love<3

YOU’RE amazing holy moly thanks, pal <3

part 3 is probably gonna be up sooner than originally intended just bc I’m getting too hype for y’all to read it omg I need to find some chill tbh

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NAME. becca
STAR SIGN. libra
HEIGHT. 1.64 cm

SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. i wanna be adored by the stone roses
LAST SHOW WATCHED. goodbye deutschland lmaO 
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG. idk tbh sometime around when carmilla came out 
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST. everything with wlws in it tbh
OTHER BLOGS. yah my own art blog 
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL. cause of cophine and their crazy science lesbianism 
HOGWARTS HOUSE. tbh i always say something random so let’s say: hufflepuff
mystic i think ?? i dont remember anymore 
FAVORITE COLOR. blue, black and turquoise tho my clothes are mainly black 
AVG HOURS SLEEP. @boobiwan 8-12 =?? ? ? !! wow teach me your ways. for me it’s like 4-5 hours because i dont love myself
DREAM JOB. writer & graphic designer. im already a designer and i wanna do a creative writing course asap. 
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        And here’s your juice… Look…

     Glancing back over her shoulder, Becca wondered why she bothered doing so. The hotel was near empty at the moment, of course no one wanted to come here. More keys were hung on their hooks than they were being used, a sign of the current times. Why would anyone want to come to Broadchurch with a murderer on the loose?

          I wanted to apologise for that whole scene with Beth… I… It shouldn’t have happened. Mark and I… We were stupid. We shouldn’t have done what we did… And I’m just sorry you had to see that with Beth? She didn’t get you with any of the glass, did she? @pculcoates

Just had a dream where I was on break from my job n I ran into this kid I made out w like 2 times - and something happened at the fast food place we were at so we kinda bonded or w/e again n we left n I sorta followed him (but like it was kinda insinuated that he wanted me to??) n he led me to these isolated hills n shit n like I didn’t mind hanging w him which surprised the crap outta me?? And he sneaks through this fence and I’m like “where are we going?” and he says to have angry s*x and like I’m still kinda game until he lifts up this tarp behind the gate to discover the biggest goddamn army tank hidden there. I make a RUN for it n he follows, like we all think the government is gonna kill us and he’s like I HAVE to call someone!! And I’m like YOU CANT DO THAT U IDIOT and he calls for that scumbag senator w the last name Ryan on the walkie talkie I had on from my job and like RYAN PICKS UP HIS PHONE AND HEARS HIM N RESPONDS but then calls the guy I was w by the WRONG NAME (which was kind of micro aggressive cuz it wasn’t like a “white name”) and we’re all like wow, we’re all gonna die cuz of THIS idiot

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truths for everyone ('cept emery), pretty please? if it's not too much trouble! ❤


  • Danny- Do you think there will be any more little Cases running around any time in the near future?
  • Christie- Have you ever regretted getting pregnant when you did since Sophie was born?
  • Millie- When do you think you’ll be ready to go back into the dating world?
  • Eli- Favorite and least favorite things about Becca?
  • Abbie- Tell us your top 5 turn-ons.

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Elisa has notebooks full of Becca pictures!


She has pages upon pages of all of these intricate sketches of her Becca doing various things, whether it be lying on Elisa’s bed or a sketch of her down at the boxing ring with her dad whenever Elisa comes to visit her there.

She gives Becca a sketchbook full of drawings every anniversary. (’:

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Becca for the name thing?

I actually don’t think I have ever known anyone named becca… If any of my followers are named becca then feel free to introduce yourself and then I can know a becca!

send me asks cause I’m sick and need company!


I’ve been trying to figure out how to re-layout the actual planner pages to print them in spirals… It’s possible. I looked at Becca’s layouts, the thing is the space for her calendar is smaller. she makes us of only one page for it.


all i ever do is save up selfie tags so that once i feel confidante enough, i have an excuse to post them right away

these people all tagged me At Least one month ago so im sorry for dragging u all thru this once more, but a bich gotta do what a bich gotta do (for the attention): @kingusoo @wooziology @meanieanti @madhattercharlie thank u my frends for tagging me, u are enabling me 

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obv if u dont wanna do this u dont gotta, i just tagged som people bc i have thought of them recently, im thinkin abt u my frends

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When my boyfriend was around 5 he burned his hand and it looked like Becca's little ones. Thing is he was playing with a butane lighter that exploded.

What the fuck?!

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My daughter is curious and likes touching things too Becca. But I make sure the things she touches are safe. It's called fucking baby and toddler proofing not putting your curious child within inches of something fucking hot you stupid bitch. That poor baby will probably be permanently scared and will forever be reminded of his mother's horrible neglect

I’m not quick to use the term neglect, but that’s what I view this as. I just… ohhhhhmygoooood. I’m pained that I can’t do anything about it. And that nothing we say will make this vapid fucking twat DO what’s best for the child. What the fuck is WRONG with her

Thoughts on “The Freshman”

If I was the MC I would have the biggest crush on Chris and would never have the nerve to tell him especially after the whole Becca thing. Abbie and Tyler would be my best friends. Actually, they do remind me of my old college roommate Hilary and her future husband, John. They were nerds playing video games, watching lord of the rings movies and all of us having d&d sessions every Friday night with pizza hut pizza and Dr. pepper. Just reminds of good times at were in college. 

(I had to censor her name lololol that’s why theres a random cat on the top)

Ham!! Tricey!! My first kpop friend!! I was so so excited to meet you~ you’re so chill and smart and sweet gah ily ^_^ you always have a different opinion on everything, which keeps things interesting! (Becca and I agree on too many things thank you for keeping it balanced) best of luck with your boy drama 😉 lololol always remember im willing to kill a bitch if you need me to XD (ill hide the body too shhh 😂)