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*pulls back and looks at the mark as I help you get my shirt off and then takes yours off. Looks at you biting your lip and then into your eyes and whispers* You sure you want to do this? I don't want you to think we have to just because of things -Becca

“Are you kidding me?” I chuckle, smiling at you as I kiss down your jaw. “I’ve wanted this ever since we were in high school” I tell you. “You still do, right?” -Luke

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can we talk about the kids from the foundation verse would literally know way too much about musical theatre? I'm picturing so much knowledge about Alexander Hamilton and like the French Revolution and such (also someday was beautiful, thank you)

oh you just KNOW that cast albums and music in general are playing CONSTANTLY in that house. sofia and mateo are the kinds of kids who write plays and perform them for their parents (sofia writes and ‘directs’ them obviously bc she’s the Big Sister). 

the kids also start learning how to salsa bc it’s something their parents do in the living room sometimes and this is how they begin learning how to count music. Mateo is more the musician of the two and falls in love with the piano (so they finally tune the one they’ve had forever but never use).

When sofia gets to high school and joins the drama club, she tries like hell to hide who her parents are (literally tony winning musical theater gods) but as soon as everyone finds out they start asking her if her parents will bring any of their Broadway Friends to the show (of course they do, but that’s mostly bc they all love Sofia too much to miss it)

you did not ask me to write any of this i’m so sorry but i love these characters too much holy moly

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Becca comes over and its a school night, by time it's time for Becca to leave Sonny peeks in to say so and finds Elisa and Becca sleeping together (literally sleeping lol)


The thought of Elisa and Becca all cuddled up together on Elisa’s bed gives me flutter-y chest feelings. (’:

Whenever that sort of thing happens (Becca falling asleep at their house or Elisa falling asleep at Becca’s), Sonny and Rafael/Mike and Alice totally let the other sleep over, especially if it’s a school night because they don’t want to wake them. They’ll just lay a blanket over the girls, and shoot a quick text letting the other’s parents know that they’re staying over.

#13, hi!

i’ve known you for like ages and ages but i hadn’t talked to you in a while until a few weeks ago… it’s been super nice learning what you’ve been up to and how you’ve changed after a few years of not really talking! you’re really easy to talk to and you’re such a positive person. honestly, just teach me how you do it, it’s some kind of magic or something, i swear! it’s been really nice to learn about all the things you like and to discover some of the things we have in common, since we didn’t really talk that much when we actually saw each other irl. i like talking to you a lot!

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Okay so I just got caught up with the whole Katrina and Becca thing. I know the story about her husband leaving her and sleeping with another woman. They were separated. So, I'm a little confused. Katrina did the same thing but years back but she was pregnant with her daughter and she was marriage. Adultery was a thing when she did that. They got rid of it in 2015? Is Katrina's daughter really John's? It's just all messed up.

“and she was marriage”, Becca? Really?

Get the fuck on.


hey 3!

you’re like the coolest person i know, i talk to you all the time and you’re not annoyed with all the stuff i send to you all the time (i think)… how the heck are you so good at everything, it’s always super impressive when you write or make art or do like anything, really. you always have good advice and you help me out when i stay up too late to finish stuff. you give the best book suggestions and i have honestly never been disappointed after reading anything you’ve suggested to me. you always look so nice too, how?? how do you do it?? like you can be super tired and still look good? teach me your secrets i want to know!! 

okay, in summary, you’re great and i’d say you’re like my best friend thx

Confession: Sometimes I feel really awkward about commissioning artwork of some of my really simply designed characters. And I shouldn’t it’s dumb. Like I’m paying money like actual money for this so as long as I’m okay with it then it shouldn’t matter. But I feel like I should be giving the commissionee (?) a character that’s more worth their time. Especially when additional aspects (wings, horns, jewelery etc) are included in the price. I feel kind of self-conscious about sending them these simple designs as well. 

Maybe it’s my anxiety that’s making it feel this way? It certainly sounds like it as I’m typing this up. 

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Royals!becliver for the Christmas ship meme please!

send me a ship & I’ll answer the following:

  • who starts putting up decorations in october? LMAO in almost any other universe I’d say Becca but ROYALS!OLIVER IS THE MOST EXTRA AND HE LIVES IN A SNOWY WONDERLAND so he probably puts them up sooner and now Becca invites herself to come help <3
  • who buys the advent calendars? That seems more like a Becca thing – Oliver would only really care if it was one of the ones that had candy or booze inside everyday, otherwise Becca’s the one that cares about keeping time and countdowns and stuff.
  • who places mistletoes all around the house? UM BOTH OF THEM HONESTLY (but technically Becca if she really gets that mistletoe headband). Although they take it down when Wake’s around because they don’t need to be encouraged lol. 
  • who wraps the presents for other people? Oliver tries and quickly gives up and just tosses stuff into bags of tissue paper and sticks bows on top. Becca’s the one who’s really meticulous about her wrapping paper. 
  • who puts the final star/angel on the top of the christmas tree? Becca, but only because Oliver picks her up so that she can reach it.
  • who’s the one that hates eggnog? Neither one of them? They’re both so festive that even if one of them disliked it initially they probably trained themselves to like it out of sheer stubborness (plus the more alcohol you put in, the better it tastes anyway :-p)
  • who’s the one that bakes christmas cookies for guests? Becca tries and fails, and Oliver probably shows off the skills he’s learned from his mom over the years (Apparently Anna’s a better teacher than Rapunzel lol)
  • who sends out the christmas cards? Becca would be the one to address the envelopes because she’s got the better handwriting, but they’d both be so giddy and proud to have pictures together that they’d tag-team in whatever way they could.
  • who knows all the words to twelve days of christmas? BOTH! Oliver sings louder and prouder although Becca probably sings better :-p
  • who’s the better snowman builder? Oliver’s got years of practice on his side and Becca will spend the whole rest of her life playing catch up :-p
  • who starts snowball fights? Oliver probably does with anyone else in the world but Becca, who he’d rather make snow angels and snowmen with, or ice skate or do something more cute and couply… at least, until she surprises him and starts the first of their snowball fights by shoving snow in his hood lol
  • who’s the one that wakes the other on christmas morning by playing christmas songs really loudly? Oliver probably, because Becca even stays up too late on  Christmas Eve reading Christmas stories, so she’s more tired lol

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I've been gone for a long time. I see the katrina/becca thing is still in full gear. What's the other good drama, in short version? Ha! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving

Couldbestephanie might be pregnant but issues with her early ultrasound have nonnys questioning it.

Journeytopk got called out for giving her 8 month old a bite of ice cream and then she wrote an five part novel complete with screen adaptation on why it’s acceptable. It’s good. Go read it.

Those are this weeks drama. The Becca and Katrina shit show has been on going lately. We hosted the Great Mumblr Election, Katrina won. I’ve been tagging things for more enjoyable stalking.


Text || Mocca
  • Becca: A cannon net? Would we have an actual cannon in battle? I’m sorry that I’m really quite behind the times when it comes to fighting tactics, I’ve just never really read many war books or watched many war movies.
  • Becca: Things are a little busy here at the moment getting ready for France and starting my job part time at Flora’s, but I’m sure I could make some time to chat, at least.
  • Mo: No cannon required-- bittuva play with the Appleby Arrow conjuring charm, just insteada shooting arrows, it's a cannon net, right? It packs a bit ofa punch-- might be a little hazardous for younger students. Maybe when you try it out come September we can decide if it's just for the 7th years maybe. Well, normal 7th years-- special-mention upper years?
  • Mo: Right-- wait, I forgot you're gonna be 'round Hogsmeade this year! Maybe we could meet up during your lunch break or after work or someought some days and talk plans? How long are you gonna be in France?