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Haven't finished the walk through I'm watching so I say this. I hope you can find time to draw bayek and aya. But mainly Senu the best birb ever.

I already drew my first Bayek-fanart, in case you missed it. :D 

Ionno about Aya but I will definitely look into birds and draw Bayek with Senu!! Also maybe more cats. And a dog. Maybe with a lion. 


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rough. loud. growling. screaming. crying. sobbing. gentle. tender. whispers. moaning. touching others. touching self. being touched. lingering caresses. kisses. french kisses. licking. nibbling. biting. scratching. hair pulling. dominance. submission. switch.power play. struggles. wrestling. hugs. cuddling. shower / bath sex. up against a wall. being held down. spanking. body worship. breasts. butts. legs. thighs. feet. hands. ears. love bites. innuendo. ( light ) choking. breath play. bondage. leather. silk. velvet. lace. being watched. watching others. half-clothed. bared skin. teasing. indoors. outdoors. public. private. lingerie. stockings. corsets.

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I downloaded a tarot app and i think it just got mad at me for calling it out

i did acouple readings n it gave me some really positive readings

but of course, i worried bc it’s an App that it’s just giving me a spread that says nice things so i won’t just delete the app n get pissed over it

so i used a one card spread to ask if it was just giving me positive results bc it’s what i want to hear

it gave me the Seven of Swords

a card about deception and betrayal and a lie being found out

i asked it again with a one card if it was gonna be truthful to me in the future

it gave me the card Temperance, reversed

which basically feels like it’s telling me “you’re asking me too much at once, please leave me alone”

I’ll probs mess with it more tomorrow morning n learn more card meanings

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hc where you and sam have kids //becca

bitch!!! my dream!!!

  • i can see this so vividly wOw
  • okay it’s your first kid and she (yes she) is a perfect replica of sam
  • (that’s a gorgeous kid just saying)
  • anyway she’s starting to learn how to walk
  • and she’s clutching each of sam’s index fingers in each hand
  • she’s slowly tottering in front of her daddy towards you all while sam has the biggest smile on his face
    • he’s definitely saying things like “look at you go” + “c’mon you’re almost there”
  • she definitely does that cute baby fall onto her bum right in front of you
  • and sam scoops her up and rests her on his hip and you’re all cheering
  • because your baby girl just did that!!!
  • when she gets to be about two and is walking around more often she finds the piano in the house
  • and she somehow gets the cover up over the keys and starts going to town on with her baby hands against the keys
  • both you and sam rush in and she turns her head to look at you both with a big smile as she bangs on the keys more
  • and sam is quick to grab her and sit her on his lap on the piano bench
  • he attempts to help her play simple songs like chopsticks and twinkle twinkle little star
  • when she’s about three you have your second kid and he looks just like you
  • life is pretty hectic with a toddler and a new baby but you guys definitely manage
  • when he’s about six months old he says his first word
    • yay for baby milestones!!!
  • but it’s not what either of you expected it to be
  • little girl holland is in the living room with her toys
  • and baby boy holland is sitting in his high chair right outside the kitchen
  • you’re making breakfast with sam and you’re in charge of the bacon
  • anyway the grease pops and burns your arm
    • “shit ow that hurt”
  • and suddenly you both hear a little babble and a little voice yelling out “shit!”
  • sam’s doing his best not to laugh but can’t help himself
  • you definitely slap his arm slightly surprised with baby’s first word
  • you hurry over and crouch in front of the little one
    • “no no baby, that’s a naughty word we don’t say that”
    • “shit!”
  • meanwhile sam’s laughing away in the background
  • “sam! stop encouraging him!”
  • “what? you’re the one that started this”
  • “not intentionally!”
  • yeah uh this became longer than expected
  • and uh i definitely want this as my reality in the future thnx xoxo
Friendship Tag👯❤️

Rules: Say 15 facts about your best friendship and then tag three friendships so they do the same.

I was tagged by the fabulous @runesandfaes and @queen-archeron to do this about @paperbacktrash

1. She sends me at least one picture a day of her and Raph, which happens to be great highlights to my day.

2. We are going to be married in Croatia one day (sorry boys). My husband already asks me if I’m laughing about what my wife has said. The answer is yes. Always yes.

3. Despite having a shit go when it comes to her body betraying her, she keeps the humour alive and does not allow the dire situations to take control. She is so strong and I greatly admire her.

4. I love anything she writes. Literally anything. I’ve read her for fun writing and I’ve read some of what she does for school. It’s all fascinating to me and I love that she shares it. I’m very excited to read the after Germany works.

5. I always wake up to a message from her. Usually a response to what I sent her before she went to sleep because time zones are a bitch, but it literally makes my entire day to wake up to.

6. Becca is NOT a crier. She makes fun of me laughing when characters die in books (OKAY I WAS VERY WORRIED ABOUT GANSEY BOY AND IT WAS VERY EMOTIONAL) but I cannot get her to crack. I might need to write something where Chaol dies and see what happens.

7. If I am having a bad day, she always asks if there’s something she can do. Despite the fact that there’s literally an ocean separating us. You do not find kindness and thoughtfulness like that just anywhere.

8. She knows several languages fluently and I definitely enjoyed listening to her speaking Greek. Even for that one brief phrase. Talk foreign to me. Haha.

9. She is so stunningly beautiful. Inside and out.

10. Her home is literally goals. I am in love with it. She has beautiful decorating skills and I’m gonna need her help to do mine.

11. She is HILARIOUS. I am often laughing out loud at work because of her. 

12. Our father’s suffered from the same disease and I wish desperately that Becca could have her father back.

13. I know she said this one for hers, but seriously. We wouldn’t get anything accomplished if we were together. There would be pj’s, there would be pet snuggles. Pizza and cake. It would be glorious.

14. I’ve tried to say it before and I’ve said it badly, but I greatly value her friendship. She has been there just a text away for the last several months and I cannot imagine a day without her. I absolutely adore this woman and am beyond lucky that she replied to my stupid message that one day back in March.

15. Her extended family have no idea what they are missing. She is truly an amazing person and if they could get their heads out of their snobby asses, they would know what an incredible person they are neglecting to know. 

BONUS: 16. I fucking love you. And we are absolutely going to meet one day. I am going to come see you and we are going to go see the Harry Potter studio and the sea and all the things.

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Sorry if you all did it already!