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Becca for the name thing!!

the feeling of protest, neatly organized binders and color-coded notebooks.
coffee with too much sugar and white fences with the paint chipped off.
a smile that’s angry and beautiful and sad all at once. the ties between girls who have been through so much together
and the aching in your chest when those ties are tested.
staying up late and sleeping in.
neon signs and bonfires. kissing girls whose names you don’t know.
the tug in your heart to return home. the resolution that you can never go back.
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So I made one. Even after I heard it doesn’t work well for authors. Still gonna try it.

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To help out the anon that was concerned about her weight affecting her fitness - I'm a skinny mf'er, and I have been my whole life - and ever since I stopped being as physically active as I was when I was younger, I too find a couple flights of stairs kinda rough. It's not your weight hon, it's just an overall fitness thing. Becca nailed it on the head, do a little more cardio, and you're set~ Bikes, be they actual or stationary, are a very good, low-impact way to improve cardio~

Re: being winded walking upstairs (:

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How about Becca for the playlist thing? :)

B: Blasphemy by tyler joseph

E: Everybody’s watching me by the neighbourhood

C: Car radio by twenty one pilots

C: Careful by paramore

A: At the bottom by brand new

Hope you like it :D

to remember

a list of cute things I have got for my birthday so far 

  • A Peter Pan necklace (Lucy) that’s never coming off, I love it
  • Peter Pan’s Flight and the Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant framed art piece things idk what their official name is but wow they are beautiful (parents)
  • fucking huge ass bar of chocolate (parents) 
  • Peter Pan/Darling themed card (mother and Lucy)
  • cool GREEN COAT (parents)
  • Sims 4 Get to Work (Jeff)
  • handmade LUSH bath bomb (Jess and Crystal)
  • Handmade jewellrey all in greens including CLIP ON earrings (Mollie)
  • cute af cards (everyone at uni)
  • fuckin magic sand i mean (Gaby)
  • buttload of Avon smellies and pretties <3 (Ze)
  • ppppppromarkers (parents)
  • my brother designed and printed his own 3D thing for me and it’s Star Trek this boy is amazing 

it’s been a good one

anonymous asked:

How would Hakuryuu, Titus, and Yunan propose to his s/o? Thx Admin Becca!!

Sure thing!


  • If his s/o is quiet for just a few moments too long, he might get worried
  • If they start crying, he’s probably gonna get teary eyed too
  • If he does plan it out, he likely had help from Marga. She was in on the whole thing
More here.


  • He’d be a nervous wreck just thinking about proposing, he loves his s/o so much so he has to make sure it was the perfect proposal.
  • He can’t let even a little thing go off the plan, but his s/o knew something was up by the time it gets closer. He’s so easy to read sometimes
  • Both of them would probably start crying when he finally asked. He was so nervous that it just started spilling out when they said “yes” and they’re just so happy
  • Both of them are just a teary, hugging mess


  • He’s also a nervous wreck, but tries to keep his composure the best he can. However, if he thinks about it, he gets a bit flustered and stuttery
  • It has to be done at the right time. After a dinner of their favourite food and a great dessert, he’s gonna do it
  • He’s such a cute dork getting all stuttery during the proposal and his nervousness is obvious to see
  • If they say yes, there’s going to be a big hug after, there’s no escaping it

Fonzie got this lil house thing that Becca put over his normal bed and like, he can fit inside and be totally hidden but it takes him a full minuet to get out because he’ll curl up and he’s too Big and Needs Pets Immediatly and gets upside down in his excitement.

So i had time to walk over and go “Fonzie, you are too big for your tiny house. Fonz, Fonz no.” by the time he got a paw out and then he dragged it a bit before he slid out and came for pets.

Whoever adopts Fonzie is going to have to contain themselves a lot, because he’s amazing.

anonymous asked:

i really like your jily texting au! do you have any other jily fic or blog recs? :)

thank you friend! it was a fun lil project and i’m hoping to finally write my pirate jily au fic and also just a regular old marauders fic one day…we’ll see…

anyways some other jily blogs (not exclusive jily of course) are @poppypomfrey ellie is actually the queen of ficlets and her writing is so lovely and tbh one of my bffs so she’s a definite must-follow

@jammespotter becca writes these drabble things? like…extended headcanons, not quite ficlets, but really nice bits of writing

@hmionegrangr again super nice content and i love chloe in general

@ravnclaws cindy is just my favorite and while she makes more gifs she has amazing writing too! (notably her piece entitled “red.” ok)

@snapslikethis linds has lots of jily content like everywhere tbh like out of all the blogs i follow she has the most

@atalienart isn’t jily-exclusive but i’ve seen some great jily artwork!! like seriously amazing!

@alrightevans chloe is another one of those jily-humor-sad-cute-post makers whom i truly love with all my heart

@herhmione sunny has a TON of cute headcanons and little ficlets i always love reading

if you browse through my jily tag (it’s under /tagged/p: jily on my blog) you can see where i find most of my content. sadly i’m not huge on fics, but i’m pretty sure ellie and cindy and some other people on this list have a fic rec list. hopefully this helped a bit!