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Omg pleaaassseeeee bring back Amelia. It was so good I'm crying

oh my goodness gracious this is so sweet i’m so glad yOU LIKED THE THING THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE.

i’d love to go back to that universe one day tbh but right now i’m hella excited about this universe so like you should maybe check it out??

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The Maze Runner by James Dashner
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

~Some Spoilers in the last sentence of the second paragraph~

While the premise was fascinating, the world creative, and the goal very pressing, I found the book to be lacking. The characters were very similar to each other. I couldn’t even begin to explain to you the size of the Glade or what’s in it or where. I can’t tell you where the maze even is. I don’t know how they lost their memories in such specific ways or what grievers are or how they work.

My greatest issue in this book is the lack of communication. I understand that the gladers don’t know much, but they refused to explain even the most basic things to Thomas when he got there. For the first half of the book, you barely know anything about … anything, and I mean even the other gladers or how life in the glade works or basic environment building blocks like that. It made it very hard to connect properly with the world. Characters didn’t communicate well with each other, leading me to have a tough time following relationships that involved Thomas. The only relationship I had no trouble with was Newt and Alby. Even when the gladers get out, W.I.C.K.E.D. doesn’t communicate well and that costs them the loyalty and trust of the gladers.

I grew to dislike Thomas, and I don’t know if it was his fault or just the way events were described around him as the book continued. In the final moments, his emotions seem to come from nowhere, springing up with sudden intensity and then dying away almost instantly - feelings like awe and fear and shame at making stupid choices even if nothing bad had happened because of it yet.

I went into this book very hopeful and started out pleased, but the longer it went on the more confused and bored and annoyed I became. Some people may love this book to pieces, but I am not one of them. However, I expect it will transfer very well to screen, and I suspect I may enjoy it more as a movie than a book.

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I was tagged by @heckofabecca

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs.

A—Age: 23

B—Birthplace: Athens, Greece

C—Current Time: 10:39, GST+2

D—Drink You Last Had: Water

E—Easiest Person To Talk To: Two…three of my friends. My mum.

F—Favourite Song: That’s a really tough question… Right now… “Rue de Cascades” by Yann Tiersen.

G—Grossest Memory: Eeeh. It doesn’t come up immediately and it’s not a trip down memory lane I feel like doing.

H—Horror Yes or Horror No: Horror…mostly no, not on principle, I’ve enjoyed some of it, but my definition of horror might be pretty mild.

I—In Love: I’ll let you know if I find out.

J—Jealous of People: To quote Becca: “ I often want things or skills or aspects that other people have, but not in a way that makes me dislike them or anything.” 

L—Love at First Sight or Should I Walk By Again: I too think that you can just gel with people (or not) very quickly-I don’t think this is confined to romantic attraction though.

M—Middle Name: None (two last names, though!)

N—Number of Siblings: One brother (older).

O—One Wish: To find a way to love myself more regardless of my accomplishments.

P—Person You Called Last: My mum!

Q—Question You Are Always Asked: “why do you have two last names?” is the most usual!(One from each parent, is the answer!)

R—Reason to Smile: I unlocked a life goal today! “Spend time in a forest while it’s raining” (plus I was running at the time, which is another thing I’m happy about!) I had one of those “I’m alive and the world is beautiful and nothing else matters” moments. Also… I’m going to go to Florence in August! And that is great :D

S—Song You Sang Last: This. In the aforementioned forest- It’s a song I used to listen on repeat when I was in primary school, and the lyrics are so good… The gist of it is it that this kid wanted to be an army officer, and he says “but now that I know what the bloodied trumpets mean- I’d rather be a shepard, in the snow or rain, in the forest”.

T—Time You Woke Up: 7:30.

U—Underwear Colour: Floral.

V—Vacation Destination: Florence (not exclusively) :D

W—Worst Habit: Second guessing myself.

X—X-Rays: Chest and teeth, as far as I remember!

Y—Your Favourite Food: Varies. Never say no to Chinese, though.

Z—Zodiac Sign: Capricorn!

Tagging anyone who want to do this, consider yourselves tagged!

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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I teared up a bit twice but it didn’t bring on the rush of emotion I was hoping for. Well written and sweet, it’s a simple book that any reader could follow with little or no help. But it’s also centered around death and dying and illness, which adds just the right amount of spice and darkness to the tale.

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I was tagged by @drivelikeudo to do the 6 pictures from my camera roll that describe me thing… except I did 7 cos that pic of zach had to be included. (I posted this once but it didn’t post so if u get this twice it’s cos Tumblr mobile is evil)

I tag: @swappednames @vanielmccanniel @priceskneecaps @hoosier-loser / @you-made-me-love-the-rain @wreckmyassjohnnybond and @boulevardsaint-laurent and anyone else who wants to do it!!


I was tagged by my beta bitch and my ride or die lady, @paperbacktrash (on Friday but I’m so slow and I had bowling and badminton this weekend so super delayed, sorry) for the shelfie thing! Becca, I’m sure you’ll enjoy all my GoT things.. that whole shelf of pop figures in the first shelf is Game of Thrones. They’re beautiful.

I have a lot of stuff… and it took forever to make it pretty-ish but this is my pride and joy and I admire these things every day.

I tag @throne-of-omg-the-feels @squaddreamcourt

Real Talk - Becca X MC

Pairing: Becca x MC
Word Count: 542
Universe: The Freshman
Author’s Note: MC trying to get out the pit stop status. She tells Becca what is on her mind and Becca doesn’t know what to do. I am betting there will be a part 2 in the future. 

Lying there with my arms wrapped around a satisfied, or at least I thought she was fulfilled. I closed my eyes thinking about this last year and half of school. If you told me at the beginning of college that it would like this, I would have laughed at you. After, falling in love and watching it all apart. I thought I could handle anything with Kaitlyn but, the more I wanted to hang on to that relationship the faster it seemed to fall apart. This thing with Becca and me was just fun in the sheets, and at the end of the day, I want more. I don’t know where I stand with Becca.

I thought she was asleep but, she turned around and moved, so we were face to face. She asked, “So I know is this not like me but, are you okay?” She started rubbing my side. I felt my heart started racing there was just something about her that does things to me. One touch I could be undone. I replied, “I don’t know if I am and not. What are we doing? We started back up when school started again. Am I still just a pit stop?”

She ran her hand through my hair and pulled me to her and planted a hard kiss on my lips. It was over way too fast. “Did that shut you up? Stop thinking about it and just take it for what it’s worth,” She said while grinning at me. “Sorry, Becca I can’t,” I admitted. I slipped my hand into hers. I continued, “I care about you, and I don’t think I can stay too much longer as your dirty little secret. Are you ashamed of me?”

“No, God no but, there is more to this than just us,” She said. She looked down at our still enjoined hands. She added, “You know I care about you, too, right?” “Really, well now I do,” I said. I shook my head but, she did tell me what this was at the beginning. I continued, “You were honest about what this was at the start. So, I can’t blame you. Right now, I am fooling myself because I should have known I couldn’t change you.”

Becca looked at me, and her mouth opened like she wanted to speak but, she stayed silent. “Hey, it is my fault for developing feelings for you. I know now, what I want that is I want to have something real. I don’t think you can offer that to me right now,” I said as I got off her bed. I went all around her bed trying to find all of my articles of clothes. Becca stayed silent while she sat on her bed.

I was putting my clothes back on, and the reality of the situation hit me. I know without this to keep us together we will drift apart. I know that I would not have any more nights like this. As I walked away, I realized the ball was on her court. I told her what I wanted. I deserved to be happy no matter how these glimpse of her made me feel it would never be the real thing that I wanted.  

imagery things #2

okay so think about the use of silhouettes in marketing the show, now think about how this works for any other visual depiction of the story.

for example: the light that’s required to create a silhouette, and ultimately the darkness that’s also required are two competing factors in lighting that always have to work together. it’s a complex art form in and of itself without even thinking about all the complex characters you’re using it to depict.

the city of new york. the greatest city in the world with a familiar yet oh so foreign skyline of a city before skyscrapers.

watching as alexander and eliza kiss for the first time through drawn shades, a small candle burning and lighting up their early love.

burr’s silhouette standing outside the window of the room where it’s happening, his isolation and disconnection from the action and conversation deeply apparent.

pregnant eliza in silhouette at the beginning of that would be enough.

a roaring fire burning as we watch alexander most certainly not saying no and kissing maria reynolds in silhouette through that very same window. 

the silhouette of looking at eliza from behind as she kneels in front of said fire to burn bundles of letters. 

weehawken, dawn. the sun is rising and burr and hamilton are in a vague, cloudy silhouette as they raise their pistols.

just…. silhouettes y’all. 


Written for @waywardjoy ‘s Love the Ships Challenge!

Prompt: “What’s that smell?” “Me.”

Pairing: Wincest

Word Count: 2100

Warning: smut, possibly Sam topping from the bottom, dirty talk

A/N: This was such a fun challenge! Thanks for hosting it! XOXO

Dean comes in late, so late that Sam almost considers pretending to be asleep. But they never really sleep anyway, and he’s not some worried boyfriend trying to play it cool, so he just sits up when the motel door finally opens.


“Hey,” Dean whispers. He seems caught off guard, but he’s walking perfectly straight and not slurring his words, so Sam knows he’s sober.

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Not in analysis-mode just yet, but I love this moment so much, because Raven’s heart has been the solution to this dilemma all along.

The thing with Becca is that she appeals to Raven’s brain on a complete scientific level, working as this voice who is lurking in the back of her head that tells Raven who she can be when she just listens to her mind “with me in her brain, she’s da Vinci, Einstein, Mozart”, all these great people who have done/contributed to immense things. It’s fascinating to be honest. Then, there is also the fact that Raven has always used her brain to overcome her pain (even long before she got shot in the spine) something Becca promises her too - only this time through one last wish and not a chip that will make her forget things.

The contradictory aspect of Becca’s promises though, and this is such an interesting thing to delve into because the show explored this on such a human level, is that by trusting her brain too much Raven does not only happen to distance herself from who she really is, but also happens to be more in pain.

When Raven tries to find a solution for the “What can I use to protect myself with against solar radiation” problem for example Becca calls it a science problem that Raven could easily “overcome” by Thinking. But therein lies the issue in itself. By overusing her brain (something we know others told her not to do - Abby and Murphy) Raven happens to suffer through intense seizures that shock her body to the core, damage her brain further, make her nose bleed hard, or even her mouth foam and ultimately bring her closer to dying before she even gets to space like she is actually *supposed* to. It happens again just as she is about to find another solution that is simply scientific.

So, science, on a fundamental level, creates a barrier here.

And that’s where Sinclair comes in - The one manifestation that is tied so close to Raven’s emotions.

The thing with Sinclair’s presence is that he (as you can see in the pics above) puts focus on the one part of Raven’s body that Becca actually ignores.

The heart.

By bringing up a new possibility on how Raven can actually get rid of the remainders of ALIE’s code that exist in her brain, Sinclair (Raven herself) opens a new door by mentioning the heart, and - in a very vulnerable position - makes Raven put trust in herself once again. That’s why, when Sinclair says “I choose Raven Reyes over those 3 hacks any day and twice on Sunday” we hit so close to Raven’s soul, because Super-Raven is not super because of an Upgrade that promises her to be like Albert Einstein. Super-Raven is super because she is Raven fucking Reyes. And Raven Reyes chooses Life over Pain (Death). It’s just so… poetic in a way. That her heart will be the one thing to save her mind.

I love how she is the one who says “Not If I was frozen” by the way, because it shows that she is ready to take control of the entire situation even with all the risks she has to throw herself into, breaking the pattern of “Get back to work” by using that line herself “Let’s get to work”. So, in a way, the most symbolic part of Raven’s situation here is that she works in a partnership with herself, reproaching her inner-most fears and trusting herself more than anyone else.

On another note, it’s so important that Sinclair is the one to appear for help, because he is not just the person who died by Raven’s side (remember how in 4x02 Raven doubted herself to take over the position of the chief and Clarke had to remind her that she doesn’t trust anyone more than Raven to pull it off), but he is also the one person who has always believed in her confidence. The Raven Reyes confidence. She takes the risk. Dies. And ends up being alive.

In other words: Raven literally goes beyond the Survivers-move.

Worth It

Fandom: The Freshman
Pairing: Becca x MC
Rating: T
Word Count: 1379
Author’s Note: So, remember when I said I was writing a naughty fic? Yeah, this isn’t it lol I might still write it (I have a draft sitting in my fanfic folder) but for now, enjoy this fluffy tale!

It had been weeks since your night spent at the Kappa house with Becca and things turned out better than they were before that moment. You weren’t best friends but you were able to hold civil conversations with each other and actually began to hang out. Revealing deep emotional troubles would do that to you. It had been an adjustment for both you, to be honest, but you didn’t mind the productive strides you’d taken in making the relationship between you better. There had been enough drama during the year to last you a lifetime, so any and all positive moments were appreciated.

So, when Becca invited you to lunch at a Northbridge restaurant, the offer only slightly surprised you but you accepted graciously. She had originally made the reservation for herself and Madison but the other young woman canceled when she came down with a cold.

“How’s Madison doing?” you asked Becca when you settled into your seats at the restaurant.

“Contagious as ever,” she grumbled while she picked up her menu to browse the selections. “Tripp and Logan have been at the house for days doting over her.”

“That’s good she has someone looking out for her.”

“We have like three sisters who are nursing majors. I’m sure she would’ve been fine without Tweedledee and Tweedledum taking up space in our living room.”

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*Etta James voice* Aaaaaaaaatttttt laaaaaaaaaassssssttttt, our podcast for 408 “God Complex” is up!! 

We were thrilled to be joined by two very special guests, @hawthornewhisperer​ and @knowlesian, who are smart-as-heck analysts of the show and shared all kinds of brilliant insights with us.

Thank you so much, ladies and listeners, for your patience in waiting for this one! The delay in getting this recap uploaded was because having multiple people exponentially increases the editing hassle, but we promise it’s worth it because these ladies are terrific. 

We covered 18th century British colonialism, Abby’s emotional breakdown, Bill Cadogan’s love of wordplay, Clarke and Murphy’s relationship, Sassy Nihilist Jasper, how to rave responsibly (hint: bring a backpack), and tons of speculation about where the season might be going next, both things we’re hoping for (Becca flashbacks!) and things we’re side-eyeing (Commander Clarke???). Come join the lady nerd party!

0:00 - 100% Not Apologizing For Beginning This Podcast With Twelve Minutes of Jaha Dragging
0:12 – Let’s Talk About Harper
0:23 – Bree, Niylah, and the Occasionally Dubious “Solve Problems With Sex” Trope
0:27 – The Underappreciated Significance of Jasper and Bellamy’s Relationship
0:31 – DRINK! Sarah’s First Pike Reference
0:36 – Everyone Giving Bellamy “Advice” Is Literally Just Describing Themselves
1:01 – “I Bear It So They Don’t Have To”: Clarke’s Leadership Dividing Her From Her People
1:10 – “Welcome to Mt. Weather”: Claire’s a Little Salty That Raven Is Treating Abby Like Dr. Tsing
1:20 – “Don’t Call Her That”: Roan’s Casual Prejudice Shows Us Exactly Why Emori Can’t Trust People
1:25 – That Clarke and Murphy Scene Broke Our Hearts Into Tiny Pieces
1:39 – Clarke and Roan, Sass Siblings
1:43 – We Are Heavily Side-Eyeing This “You Were Born For This” Business
1:55 – “It’s Not Blasphemy, It’s Science” – British Imperialism, Distrust of Technology, ALIE and Cadogan
2:04 – Abby Reaches Her Breaking Point and Paige Deserves a Goddamn Emmy
2:16 – Marcus Kane, a Peacetime Leader Who Sucks at War
2:22 – Hedging Your Apocalypse Bets: We’re Predicting Every Potential Solution Will Come Back In the Endgame
2:26 – DRINK! Sarah Talks About Pike Again
2:28 – Indra 2.0 Is Equal Parts Terrifying Badass, Tragic Hero, and Conflicted Mom
2:39 – Random Final Thoughts: Sarah Has a Finale Theory, Claire Is Going To Scream If Kabby Isn’t Reunited Soon, and WHAT IF CADOGAN WAS THE FIRST FLAMEKEEPER???
2:53 – Stay Tuned Later This Week For Our Anniversary Fan Roundtable!

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Chapter III | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here.

Song for the Playlist - It Ain’t Me by Kygo (with Selena Gomez)

Instagrams are here.

Word Count - 5250…ish

“Great, ten past twelve at Euston station. All I wanted when the train we were booked on left exactly one minute ago,” Eden looked at her companion, blame written all over her face.

“Shower,” he reminded her.


“Look,” Harry began to walk to find the ticket office. “We’ll ask to see if we can just exchange them for the next train and if not then we just pay up and live off beans on toast when we come back after New Year, not like we haven’t struggled before.”

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Hidden Behind Straightened Hair

Hidden Behind Straightened Hair | The fives times Dan’s hair was used as a joke to hide his insecurity about his sexuality, and the one time it wasn’t.| Phan | PG-13 | Homophobia, Bi-Erasure, 2012 Scenario’s, Curly hair/Straight jokes | 5,304 Words

Massive thank you to @ineverhadmyinternetphase​ for quite literally letting me force her to read over my shoulder the entire time I worked on this, and her endless support of both my take on 2012 events, and bi-erasure.

Honestly guys, this is the thing I am currently the most proud of ever having written, so please let me know what you think <3 I’m literally shaking as I post this. 

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No Regrets - Princess

Request by @secretlyfurrydragon: I would like to know the baby girls name? 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Talk of Jensen having missed out on things with Becca, Otherwise fluffy fluff.

Wordcount: 787

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fits into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place not too long after LWR part 10. Just after SPN started filming after their winter break during s11.

Thanks to @mysupernaturalfics for betaing for me



Jensen was sitting on the bed, resting against the headboard and his legs stretched out, when she returned from the bathroom. She immediately drew his attention without even knowing it. The script he had been reading laid forgotten in his lap.

Even absently towel drying her hair, 8 months pregnant and only wearing one of his shirts, she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He would never grow tired of watching her do the simplest things.

She smiled at him throwing the towel over a chair, before walking up to the bed giving his leg a small tug.

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