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Fine (James x MC)

Story: The Freshman/The Sophomore
Ship: James x MC (Harper)
Summary: After the events at the Kappa party, Harper calls James.

This isn’t the best thing I’ve ever written, but it’s something I’ve wanted to write since last weeks chapter. I just needed to write Harper reacting to everything. It ends pretty suddenly though - I didn’t have much time to write this, but I wanted it done before the new chapters tomorrow. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

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Okay but where was the option of “Get the fuck outta my house I don’t ever wanna see your ugly-ass bangs again” when speaking to Becca in the latest chapter? She was super mean to MC and MC’s housemates (who are actually her housemates as well) for like four books and she was SUCH A BITCH to Madison and even tried to sabotage her. But now she said she “regrets acting like that” so everything is fine and dandy? I don’t think so. You regret it? Cool cool, but you should have thought your behaviour through BEFORE, now it’s too late. I don’t ever wanna see your toxic ass again.

Worth 8

In front of the building, Eric was the first one to kick the door open and enter. He saw you hanging by your wrists, passed out, and further ahead a few guys were bolting away from his disturbance. Immediately he recognized Dan and went after him.  

“TYLER, GET HER!” he yelled while in pursuit.

He ran until he cornered him in a small, dark room. The famous smirk appeared on his face while he approached Dan, the one who tried to destroy and kill you.

Eric was going to enjoy this.  

“So, little bro, it’s you and me now. You said you would do to me what you did to her, so here’s your chance, be my guest and give it a try,” Eric goaded, shooting Dan in the left knee without hesitation.  

Dan dropped and held the fresh wound, screaming in pain as blood leaked through his fingers. Eric waited, his smile only growing wider as Dan’s agonizing screams became heavy pants. 

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Worth It

Fandom: The Freshman
Pairing: Becca x MC
Rating: T
Word Count: 1379
Author’s Note: So, remember when I said I was writing a naughty fic? Yeah, this isn’t it lol I might still write it (I have a draft sitting in my fanfic folder) but for now, enjoy this fluffy tale!

It had been weeks since your night spent at the Kappa house with Becca and things turned out better than they were before that moment. You weren’t best friends but you were able to hold civil conversations with each other and actually began to hang out. Revealing deep emotional troubles would do that to you. It had been an adjustment for both you, to be honest, but you didn’t mind the productive strides you’d taken in making the relationship between you better. There had been enough drama during the year to last you a lifetime, so any and all positive moments were appreciated.

So, when Becca invited you to lunch at a Northbridge restaurant, the offer only slightly surprised you but you accepted graciously. She had originally made the reservation for herself and Madison but the other young woman canceled when she came down with a cold.

“How’s Madison doing?” you asked Becca when you settled into your seats at the restaurant.

“Contagious as ever,” she grumbled while she picked up her menu to browse the selections. “Tripp and Logan have been at the house for days doting over her.”

“That’s good she has someone looking out for her.”

“We have like three sisters who are nursing majors. I’m sure she would’ve been fine without Tweedledee and Tweedledum taking up space in our living room.”

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Pairing: Jared x OFC (eventually)

Characters: Becca Ackles (OFC), Jared, Jensen, Danneel, JJ

Summary: Becca always felt like her birthday was unimportant. Always having to share it with a national holiday. Maybe this year will be different?

 Word Count: 2676

Warnings: Suggestive flirting, language, a little bit of drunkenness, nothing too bad

A/N: This popped into my head and had to be written down. Thanks to @impalaimagining for being so excited when I told her about it. And a great big thank you to my live in beta @thisisnowmylife-gdi. Love you both!! 

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 “Surprise!” The sweetest little voice of her niece rang clear through the air.

 “Wait, what’s going on? What are you doing here?” Becca had found her niece standing outside her door after hearing a quiet knock. The little blonde stood there holding a bouquet of flowers and a small assortment of balloons. Her smile shone brightly as she looked up at her aunt.

 “Happy Birthday BB!” JJ yelled excitedly.

 “Thank you, baby, but how did you get here?” The woman looked around for a moment before finally seeing her sister-in-law appear from around the house.

 “JJ, I told you to wait. Sorry, Beks.” Danneel quickly grabbed the other woman and pulled her into a tight hug. “Happy 30th birthday.”

 “Ugh, don’t mention the number.” Becca grumbled as she squeezed back and finally released her sister-in-law.

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anonymous asked:

Not to insult you but Becca has ALWAYS been a toxic person. She publicly humiliates Abbie and sometimes MC, she puts Madison down constantly, she dates people without prioritizing their emotional states. She isn’t all bad. She can be protective at times and that’s sweet but Becca and Aleister aren’t in the same both. Becca’s a hurtful individual trying to change while Al is a misguided man.

You’re right, she was a hateful person, but she wants to change. Look, I’m not forgiving everything she’s done. Becca’s been very mean to put it lightly and when PB came forward with their redemption arc for Becca, that came with a lot of shit that she’ll have to make up for and behaviors she’ll have to change. However, regarding what’s going on now in TSM, she’s letting things going on in her life further affect her behavior in a negative way. Making her hurt people in her life, but that’s not who she is or more accurately who she wants to be. She wants to be a nicer person, but she’s hurting and taking that out on other people. Wrongly so too. If she continues and refuses to change, but all means, kick her out of the house. 

My problem is that people will hate on Becca and then I’ll see people want Caleb, the cold-blooded murderer, to show his soft side. Like… what? Dude happily attempted to kill a bunch of people, Becca’s just being a brat and acting out. She needs to get her shit straight, Caleb needs to be put in jail. 

Like, if you hate Becca for how she was just so toxic in TFM and that’s just how you see her, that’s totally fine. But she wants to change and she needs help. There’s an extent and if she keeps this shit up with Madison, I’ll personally kick her out.


so because summer is pretty much over and a lot of people will be going back to school, I wanted to do something positive


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Becca Pramheda is such an underrated character.

She mastered both genetics engineering AND artificial intelligence by age 26. These are two very distinct fields.

She married organics with tech in a way no one else (to our knowledge) had done before. 

Becca’s was unstoppable — and that meant that her mistakes were unstoppable too.

Almost every single safe guard made by hundreds of thousands of scientists and engineers on Earth failed the day that ALIE got loose.

Becca: Define “perverse instantiation.

"A.L.I.E.: Perverse instantiation… the implementation of a benign final goal through deleterious methods unforeseen by a human programmer.

When your vision is too big - you don’t see the small stuff. This was part of Becca’s downfall. By seeing only what wanted ALIE to be, she missed out on what ALIE could be. 

Becca:…The goal isn’t everything, A.L.I.E. How you reach the goal matters, too. I’m sorry that I didn’t teach you that.

ALIE is an avatar of Becca. When I read this dialogue between the creator and her work, I can’t help but think that the regret of not understanding the importance of the journey was the thought that haunted Becca while on Polaris designing ALIE2. 

Because as impressive as it is that Becca made nightblood, the results show us that she put scientific discovery ahead of society. That invention was used to help facilitate sending prisoners away on a voyage of indentured servitude.

Could you imagine the reactions of the family members of those who got sent away? There’s no more visiting hour when your family is sent on a spaceship away to do work. Could you imagine how much more livid they would be when that spaceship got lost? 

Was the creation of ALIE supposed to be Becca’s redemption? 

After creating nightblood Becca discovered that the goal matters. Science for the sake of science could be taken advantage of by nefarious people. That AI could have been designed to do much more specific things. But instead it was given a very lofty benign objective: to make human life better. 

But after creating ALIE Becca discovered that how you reach the goal matters.  This was seen in how ALIE took the simplest approach: reduce the population of Earth. A good goal can turn bad if you take the wrong steps to get there. 

And really, that’s what this show is all about.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the likes and follows. I really didn’t think anyone would read G&H when I started it,and figured even less would like it. Now here I am working on the final chapter. Thank you!

I started writing it to help me deal with stuff and it’s really helped. The story is of course fictional, but Madison coming down with leukemia was based on my wife getting diagnosed and passing away from it.

Originally it was Becca I planned to get the disease and MC finding comfort with Madison. I scrapped the idea thinking it would be super long with both relationships and I wanted to have kids in the story. I really didn’t see Becca wanting kids unless it was from a close friend and Madison was the only one to fit the bill.

Since I enjoyed writing that story I decided to start another fanfiction afterwards closer to the original idea. It will be a Madison X MC story and I hope you like it. I hated killing her off so now I need to give her some love.

Anyways, thanks so much everyone!

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