Well, Jenna Ushkowitz and I have been friends for so many years and obviously Becca Tobin is my best friend, and Darren Criss who I love, who was here [at Comic-Con] today and he just showed up at my panel which was absolutely hilarious and I can’t wait to hang out with him, and Chord, I really love everyone, and Matt Morrison…we became such a family.

“We were on a show together for years and […] we were brought closer due to a very unfortunate circumstance for the both of us. And […] it was sort of interesting for me cause I always knew that Becca and I had a lot in common, like both coming from New York, both coming from a Broadway background, and then having something so similar bring us together.”

I think Heather [Morris] would be some wacky Mother Earth-type hero. She would definitely be a hippie hero. Naya [Rivera] is like Catwoman. I don’t know about Becca [Tobin]. She’s just so funny and there are many sides to her. She could be Harley Quinn, something sarcastic and dry and wild and hilarious. There’s one for Jacob [Artist], but I can’t think of it. He could be like… who dances? Like Hawkeye, maybe? [Laughs]
What we did at the end of the show was, when they said, ‘That’s a wrap on Glee,’ myself, Jon Groff, Kevin McHale, Chord [Overstreet], Amber [Riley], Becca [Tobin], Darren [Criss], and Chris Colfer sat on the stage — all by ourselves — in a circle and just reminisced. We all said what we loved about the experience. We really made sure that all of our goodbyes were thorough so I could leave that feeling good about the ending. I really mourned that loss in a very proper way so that once the show was done, I could leave and feel OK.