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Season 4 Theory and Thoughts

Okay…I told myself just to ‘let it go’, the ‘it’ pertaining to season 4. But, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t let it go. I am trying to comprehend why they destroyed the CoL and possible AI storyline at the end of season 3.  I have always been interested in the AI and CoL storyline since it was introduced.  I am really finding it hard to believe that they would get rid of the AI storyline when that was the point of season 3. Season 3 introduced us to the Flame, Becca, Commanders, Nightbloods, etc. Season 3 would have legit just been a waste if they don’t explore the Flame and somehow use it to solve the nuclear reactor melting down problem. More reasons why I was confused with the choice to destroy the City of Light is because the show’s logo is the AI program (the infinity sign) and the opening credits are ALIE’s drones mapping the earth. The Flame still has the infinity logo on it and it is still the ‘sacred symbol’. Therefore, if the Flame is still a part of season 4, this would make the logo still connected with the show. So, I am going to write a season 4 rough storyline about how they will save the human race and how the series will end with incorporating the Flame. Sorry if parts of this is confusing or doesn’t make  sense. :\

When looking at this upcoming season and looking back on season 3, there are things that have been ‘left open’ and ‘grey area’ that the writers and use and explore to explore the AI here are a few that I can think of at the moment:

  • The Flame is still ‘alive’
  • People still have ALIE 1.0’s chip in their necks and there is still a chip maker that can have
  • The kill switch could have just been a way to disconnect ALIE 1.0 from the chips and she might still be in space
  • ALIE’s drones
  • The mansion and lighthouse
  • Raven’s ‘abilities’ and knowing things she shouldn’t about ALIE

Season 3 ended with the human race needing to be saved from  nuclear reactors that are melting down and releasing massive amounts of radiation. ALIE said, “The nuclear power plants that were destroyed by the bombs have begun to melt down. My drones detected the first of them 4 months ago. There are more than a dozen at-risk plants around the world, 7 currently burning. Global radiation levels are already rising. By my calculations, in less than 6 months, 96% of the Earth’s surface will be uninhabitable… even for those born in space, so, you see, the City of Light is the only thing that can save you.” Some people have asked,  “What if ALIE is lying? What if the nuclear reactors aren’t melting down and she is just saying that to save herself from Clarke destroying her?” To that I would say that she is not capable of lying. She has been programmed to present facts and data. She did suffer from perverse instantiation, but she is still an AI and lying is a human trait – and ALIE doesn’t know what it means to be human. ALIE was presenting facts due to her calculations and trying to buy time for her to delete the kill switch – “she’s stalling”. Clarke ended up pulling the kill switch saying, “We’ll figure it out, we always do.” Clarke could no longer see Becca due to the virtual reality platform (the City of Light) being destroyed/disconnected. She then removes the Flame and is a Flamekeeper instead of a Commander. Clarke will protect the Flame with her life; she will protect the last remnants she has of Lexa with her life. Clarke will have the Flame in her possession but not be able to talk to lexa – this might become unbearable. In season 4 I hope they touch on Clarke grieving and ‘losing it’ a little bit. She has lost so many people and their deaths weigh heavy on her; the lives of her loved ones and the lives of those she has killed to save her people. Now, more than ever, the weight of the living also bears down on her. The fate of humanity is in her hands and she just destroyed the City of Light that brought many people a sense of peace, even though they were being controlled.

In true Clarke and The 100 fashion, I think that Clarke will try to repress her grieving and pour all of her energies into the task at hand. However, she constantly is touching the Flame and thinks back to her time in the City of Light. She still has hope that Lexa is not lost to her and she can protect Lexa. Protect her in the Flame when she was unable to in the real world.  Clarke becomes obsessed with the thought of seeing Lexa again if she is able to connect to the City of Light. Now, it is possible that we might see ‘frantic’ Clarke to parallel Finn trying to see Clarke again. But, instead of killing multiple people for no reason, Clarke will instead be willing to put her life on the line to be connected to the Flame and protect it. I would love to see Raven take Clarke aside and try to get her to confront her loss. Raven may have seen the Clexa interaction due to being able to read ALIE’s code.

Alright, now onto the main ‘big bad’ and how they are going to fix the nuclear reactors melting down. So, how are they going to stop the nuclear reactors from melting down? The answer is…they aren’t. Okay….sooooo…. how are they going to save the human race if they can’t stop the nuclear meltdowns? My theory/want/headcanon is that they will have to make everyone nightbloods/genetically modify themselves. Looking at what ALIE told Clarke, “Global radiation levels are already rising. By my calculations, in less than 6 months, 96% of the Earth’s surface will be uninhabitable… even for those born in space.” we can see that ALIE didn’t say that the earth would be a desolate wasteland, she said that the radiation levels would be be too high for even those that can endure high levels of radiation; like those born in space. This would be like the Mountain Men trying to live on the earth’s surface; their bodies couldn’t handle the radiation levels and they ‘burned’. However, a person that is genetically modified (like a nightblood) will be able to withstand high amounts of radiation and be able to eat and drink radiation soaked food and water and breath the air.

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