becca adams

adam is eating hershey kisses one day and ronan goes, “can i have a kiss, parrish?” and adam leans over and kisses ronan right on the mouth and then goes back to eating his chocolate while ronan is staring at him with a slack jaw and wide eyes and is internally screaming


30 days of KBR: day seven » a scene that made you cry

Don’t fucking die on me. Don’t fucking die on me.

“Hey, hey,” I say in a softer tone. “I’m going to get you off his fucking rock, okay?”
He mumbles something, but I can’t understand, the fucking anguish in his eyes is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I concentrate on saving him. Because he’s going to fucking make it.
We’re both going to make it.

“…Ryke,” he chokes, tears slipping out of his eyes. “No.”
My knuckles whiten on the rope. “What do you fucking mean?” I know what he means.
“…Leave….me,” he cries. He’s crying, his chin trembling.
My nose flares, my eyes clouding. I shake my fucking head. “I can’t.” I can’t leave him here, even if it’ll save my life.