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Becca Longo is believed to be first woman to ever get a college football scholarship

  • A high school senior in Arizona just became the first female football scholarship recipient at an NCAA DII school or higher, per ESPN.
  • Becca Longo has signed a letter of intent with Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado, according to CNN, after sending out her highlights reel to various colleges and adding Timm Rosenbach, the head football coach at Adams State, on Twitter. 
  • That caught his eye, and got him to watch her tape.
  • “If she’s able to compete at a level we think she’s able to compete at, we should afford her that opportunity to do that,” Rosenbach told CNN.
  • According to ESPN, roughly a dozen women have played college football, but Longo is the first known scholarship recipient. Read more (4/17/17 1:50 PM)
  • Kenji: The man is moody as hell.
  • Adam: I am not moody—
  • Kenji: Yeah, bro, you are moody. It’s always ‘Shut up, Kenji.’ ‘Go to sleep, Kenji.’ ‘No one wants to see you naked, Kenji.’ When I know for a fact that there are thousands of people who would love to see me naked-
  • Me: *Claps for you Kishimoto* YOU GO KISHIMOTO

so nobody asked for this but have a little bit of gansey being ready to tell ronan that bluesey is a thing:

  • gansey telling noah first (and basically crying because he’s scared of hurting her because he knows he knows h e  k n o w s)(I’m sorry I’m sorry that was unnecessary) and noah cutting him off mid sentence because ofc noah already knows so he just shoves gansey in the direction of ronan’s door
  • i wanna be yours by am is blaring from ronan’s room and gansey is like wtf where’s the heavy metal and murder squash song gone and his curiosity over ronan’s music choice settles his nerves a little so he knocks
  • there’s no answer and gansey knows ronan’s room is a no go zone but he really needs to talk to him like he’s just built up the courage to discuss this so he opens the door anyway
  • and his jaw literally hits the floor because pynch are tangled up on the bed flushed and out of breath snogging. each. others. faces. off.
  • ronan is facing the door and notices gansey gaping and he just kind of goes still while adam keeps running his fingers through his hair completely oblivious
  • and ronan just thinks f**k it and gives gansey the finger behind adam’s back before burying his face in adam’s neck and letting out a small groan and off they go again
  • gansey manages to just about compose himself and stumbles out the room his mind racing over all the clues he’s missed and he thinks he’s such an idiot for not noticing before and realises that all the times he couldn’t find Ronan or Adam they’d been t o g e t h e r
  • once gansey gets over the initial shock he finally understands why Ronan has been so happy these past few weeks like pre-Niall lynch’s death happy and smiles to himself when he also notes that jealously over his and blue’s relationship will almost certainly not be an issue anymore
  • meanwhile noah is laughing uncontrollably throughout the whole thing and when the song changes ronan hears him howling and threatens to throw noah out the window again (bonus: adam is staring in awe at ronan’s lips as he curses) and poor adam (and blue) are both very confused about the ensuing awkwardness in monmouth over the next few days