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Becca for domestic?

Becca Domestic Headcanons:

- Loves to be waited on hand and foot but still helps out a bit
- Tries very hard to keep her relationships stable and you often have to assure her that you’re not going anywhere
- Always apologizes first even when it’s not necessarily her fault
- Didn’t used to like commitment but this was the one exception
- Is really great with kids and kids love her.
- she’s like a whole new person around kids
- Spoils her kid(s) so much
- Would never admit to spoiling her kid(s)

Hope you like them!! ❤️

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do you have the scene where MC gets steamy with Becca? I can only seem to find the part where they talk about her parents and thats it (also i love ur blog thanks for posting diamond scenes)

I sure do! Enjoy. 😉

Becca’s Steamy Scenes with MC:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:


The Beautiful Bride and Her Court: Ghanaian Top Model Kate Menson

Video/Photo: thenanaaba/Kate Menson


“I never really understood why actors get paid so much money. But now I feel like it’s because they have to sacrifice their lives sometimes, you know? Some people may want that, but I said it: I’m shy and reserved, and there is nothing about me that wants to throw myself out to the world like that. I don’t resent those people or anything, but it’s hard to feel like you’re a person. You go around everywhere and people treat you like a doll.” – Dylan O'Brien  


“When I was at Oxford University I used to break into balls. Like fancy balls. It was great! So there’d be a ball coming, where the college would be shut off and everyone would buy their over expensive tickets and regalia. We’d find out what the wristbands were and essentially would forge. One ball they had a yellow laminated wristband so we then went shopping for folders- you know with the laminated bits? We’d strip off that section and cut it into the thickness of the bands and would flash them at the bouncers.” – Alfred Enoch