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  • he’d be a bit shy at the start of the relationship
  • but although hes shy i do think he could muster up the courage to confess to you (with a bit of pep talk from mingyu + scoups)
    *scratches his head* “i…er, like you”, he seems a bit indifferent but he brings out a cute little envelope from his back pocket and his hands are shaking and when you read it ITS A QUOTE FROM ONE OF HIS FAVOURITE BOOKS
  • blushes at everything you do but has those times where he makes you flustered by whis[pering in your ear with that deep voice and kissing your neck
  • the way his cute little nose scrunches up HE IS ASKING FOR NOSE KISSES
  • eskimo kisses too which make him giggle
    always singing
    its so on point as if so intricately chosen i mean you’ll be arguing over what to buy in the grocery store and he’ll just burst into a ballad becauuse he reaallly wants some lucky charms
  • dates where he orders pizza and you guys just watch movies or read a book
  • or he takes you out to get a burger
  • makes you lay on his lap so your ass is in his face so he can use it as a book-rest while reading
  • his cheesy puns which make you cringe but hes just there snorting with laughter and youre like “gosh why are you my boyfriend”
    “i dont know jagi, i guess we make a great PEAR" /that was so bad pls forgive me
  • he gets riled up REAALL quick, i see him as pretty submissive so when youre on his lap making out he’ll just whimper and beg for you
  • bites your lip when hes feeling |FREAKY
  • likes to doodle on you, like rings and bracelets and such with those cute brightly coloured pens
  • you do the same,
    but its  something stupid like a dick on his face while hes taking a nap
    hes not even mad lol hes actually proud
    “great job jagi, its nearly as big as mine”
    he literally just failed at roasting you LMFAO
  • he loves naps and baby sloth loves to lay on top of you, burying his face in your chest
    he gets all mushy when you call him “baby” and he reciprocates with “prince/princess” before pinching your cheeks
  • punny pick-up lines
    “hey, sweetie, i love you a latte!”
    pls wonwoo just drink your orange juice YOU DONT EVEN LIKE COFFEE
  • legit forces you and mingyu to join book club with him
    his eyes twinkle when he talks about books its just wow
    but you and mingyu are just snoring in the corner 
  • he likes to talk about the future
    in 10yrs he’ll be a dancing queen and you are his personal chef (CHEESEBURGERS IS YOUR SPECIALITY) and mingyu will be his hubby
    “ohmygod jagi i was just kidding”
  • wonwoo will always sing really cheesy romantic songs to you and just hold onto you tight as you slowly dance around the room
  • go-karting! this would be really fun
  • mini-golf as well and wonwoo is bigs himself up saying hes an expert but you end up helping him get putts, you guys end up vs-ing a little kid and he gets sooo competitve although you’re practically doing all the work
    “my hero!”he says when you win and kisses you on the forehead
  • wonwoo is a dorky, warm and cuddly boyfriend

“There is the heat of love, the pulsing rush of longing, the lover’s whisper, irresistible - magic to make the sanest man go mad.” Homer, The Iliad

(Inhales) au where   rick went to highschool  with  the twins and at first he had a crush on ford so he Befriended  stan to get close to  ford  and they actually became good pals and  stan developed a crush on rick and then he gets heartbroken when  rick tells him he wants to ask ford out (because of unrequited  feelings an becauuse Yet Another person that likes ford better) but then on his date with ford rick realizes  his crush on  ford  was only superficial and  stan was The One all along  

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And becauuse I’m an absolute nerd procrastinating on Tumblr, I thought I’d make a little thank-you gift to the people who help me Tumble best! AKA:

My tumblr crushes described in two Gravity Falls gifs!

(it shows how much this show has taken over my life recently in that ALL of you post GF stuff)










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Just because we believe in something doesn’t mean we have to kill each other.I really believe that.I come from a really religious background and I grew up from that.I have so much respect for any religion that isn’t my own.I think that we are all very similar and so much shit can be resolved just by talking to each other.I’m very attracted to Buddhism because it’s not about some bearded guy in the sky telling you what to do; it’s about you. And I think if we stopped to actually understand the effects that we have on the world, then we would make the world a better place. 
—  Brian Molko