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I’m finally doing this six selfie tag thing (lol I’ve already posted some of these, I’m not super photogenic ;-; also everyone who tagged me was v attractive anyways…) I was tagged for this by peggyandthecaptain aeroplanejelly and heartinelli
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[TRANS] 150723 Yoo Seungwoo Twitter Update

@seungu97 We’re revealing the main characters Yoo Seungwoo’s 3rd Single Album [BEAUTIFUL]! Meet Seungwoo’s, Eunha’s (G-Friend), Jeongmin’s (BOYFRIEND) and Kihyun’s (Monsta X) refreshing youth that they portray #YooSeungWoo #BecauseIt'sBeautiful

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: seungu97
please take out with FULL credits.

Lmao I just want him to text me like I’m not trying to put this many eggs in one basket but I want to kick it with him but his schedule is so weird I don’t know what to do? Do I go out with this other guy?
Either way I’m going to bed. I’m exhausted.
I hope my thyroid is actually ok becauseits been hurting me all day today and I’m a little nervous.

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can u PLEASE tag your toad stuff with not mweor related

I’ll try to remember, I sometimes forget becauseits hard with an iPad for me to type.

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What is your favorite memory?

This is actually distracting me from some very depressing things omg thank you!! Im going to name a few. Most of my favourite memories are from diabetes camp!
Like this year, we were all riding on the buses and everyone was singing along and getting up and dancing and the boys side was pointing and singing to the girls side and vice versa and it was so fun!!!!
And all the early morning rides to camp.. lying back with a blanket, watching the sun rise over the passing farms and trees through tired eyes.. being able to see how beautiful it all is.
One of my favourite memories of my brother was back when i was first diagnosed and I was on the pump and i had to have a sensor. I was 6 or 7 and I hated having the sites put it becauseit hurt so much and i would cry and my brother would braid my hair as my mom put the site in and he would talk to me and distract me so i wasn’t afraid… God, i miss that..