Okay, I can’t keep silent any more, to Hell with that, it’s a Friday night…
Remember that weird preview?
That’s it.

It’s been almost a year since I grabbed a pencil and tried drawing this man for the very first time. NO REGRETS SINCE THEN. More over that, I seriously think that Clark Gregg is the most marvellous thing that could happen to Marvel fandom (or twitter; or Chuck Palahniuk; or - don’t pay attention, I’m just in constant awe for almost a year already).

Thought it would be way too pathetic to share this image on the exact date I posted the very first art. So - geez, I’m being a weird painter, again. Because the fires, the ideas, the Norse myths, the lights, the machinery… Well. I guess, any human being is a Universe by oneself.

I just want to say that Universes like this one always keep me inspired.

Um. Yeah. Got a sketching process image for this one ;3

Totally not related, but GOD DAMN I’M DANCING TO GOTH STUFF RIGHT NOW FORGIVE ME I CAN’T STAND THIS - and, well, this explains the strangeness of the colours, aye. Probably will regret this in the morning, aye. This is what changes the ‘jazz’ sketch into an 'acid’ painting, AYE! xD


No time to explain, drop everything, GO AND WATCH THIS.
I’ve… got… a lot of emotions right now.
The most coherent thing I can say, is THIS GIRL IS INGENIOUS and THIS DIALOGUE IS PERFECT.

anonymous asked:

I am guessing you knew this already, but Clark Gregg made some of your art his profile pic! :D

Oh, yeah. Seen that this morning. Had another one of my moments of squee #BecauseClarkGregg. And you know, what’s the best about this?
EVERY time he shows ANY sign off appreciating my art, IT MAKES MY DAY.
Just because, you know, if my stuff gets reblogged/liked/known by lots of people, it’s fabulous. I’m always head over heels in love with you people just because I really appreciate the mere fact that you like those little strange things I tend to do. But when this stuff gets reblogged/liked/known by The Very Person Who Actually Caused The Fact Of My Painting This… well. It’s way above the definition of ‘fabulous’.

lankybrunettewiththewickedjaw-d  asked:

There's lots of Coulson fan-art pouring in now that the movie is world-wide, but your'll always be my favorite artist of him. YES PLEASE never stop drawing Phil, I'm sure you're responsible for getting the ball rolling in the first place! :D

Oh, you’re so sweet x3


In fact, I’d be honoured if I’m really responsible for getting the ball rolling in the first place, you know)))

Jokes apart: I had mentioned ‘the geometry’ once.
But I promise, as soon as I get senseless enough for expressing my thoughts, I’ll explain why I will not stop that sketching Clark Gregg thing. Sometimes stuff like that needs to be explained, because it contains something besides the phrase 'I’m a hopeless fan and he’s a lovely geek’, for example)))