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Isn’t it weird that in season 1, Jonas was kind of portrayed like absent minded and a bit of a dickhead? Like Eva kissed Chris and I never thought of Jonas as the victim who got cheated on? I just saw him as the guy who lied to his girlfriend bc he wanted to get high. And when Eva was upset and wanted Jonas to forgive her, I expected him to do so because “well why wouldn’t he??”. In season 2, Jonas was portrayed as the ex-boyfriend who was moving on and went down on girls (a great service). In season 3, he’s the best guy in the world, most supportive best friend any kid could ask for, basically he hung the moon. The audience is seeing the rest of the characters through the main’s eyes without even realising it and I think this has already been established here but now I’m thinking about how we’ll be seeing Isak through the eyes of the new main??? And I’m getting real excited???

More Undertale doodly doodles! I… I really like Undyne, so I decided to draw her again, this time with her hair down. The more I draw Undertale the more I think I'ma do small headcanons for some of the characters because… well, why not? xD

Speaking of headcanons, let’s start with Undyne here. Given that she’s some sort of fish/reptilian/amphibian?? monster, I’ve decided that she doesn’t actually have boobs in my headcanon. Given that she isn’t mammal, there isn’t really a reason for her to have any since she can’t produce milk, so yeah. I’ll probably tweak her appearance here and there to my liking as well (lighter belly and chest, orange irises, scars, so on).

But yeah, it’s small but it’s a start. I hope you guys like the drawing! She was so much fun to draw. :3

(PS: yes her jacket is based on Mass Effect’s N7. I can’t help myself ;_; )


2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader is drunk and she tries to have sex with her best friend Jensen.

Prompt: “Why are you in my bed?!”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested: @supernaturalgirl85

Jensen tiredly drudges up the stairs in his Malibu home, grumpy as all hell. He just lost $2,000 at a poker game and it’s safe to say that he’s ripshit.

Although he’s not concerned about actually losing the money, being a successful movie director has set his ass up for life.

It’s just the fact that he lost. He’s a competitive fucker, always has been and always will be. It’s in his DNA.

And to add fuel to the fire, his friends refused to give him another chance to win back his money. Claiming it’s too late and they needed to call it a night. It’s only midnight for Christ’s sake. Old bastards.

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anonymous asked:

Have you done any fight fics? Just curious if you have in he past, cuz I know you aren't taking requests 😄

ARE YOU GUYS TRYING TO KILL ME WITH THIS ANGST??? I’m kidding! hahaha I’m a sucker for angst (as you all probably know by now) and I think I have a few fics that you might like!

Originally posted by lawlu

Yuuri and Victor Fight

First Fight by apollosoyuz, Gen, 2.4k
The first time they fought was loud and then quiet. In which Yuuri panics and blames Viktor, and Viktor doesn’t realize the impact his petty response will have on Yuuri until it’s too late. Fluffy ending!

Break the Cycle by SigmundFreud, Explicit, 26k
College AU where ex boyfriends Yuuri and Victor can’t stay away from each other. LOTS of mutual pining, arguments, miscommunication, and, of course, angst. Thumbs up!

Submerge by cryingoverspilledvodka, Mature, 38k
The pining and angst is real in this one! Full of angry Yuuri and an equally frustrated Victor. Takes place after their first argument. Relationships aren’t easy, and Victor and Yuuri are no exception.

selfish by MissSpock, Gen, 1.9k
“…Aren’t you going to stop me?” He hated how his voice wobbled and cracked, and he had to fight to keep the tears in his eyes.
Yuuri’s brows creased. The mist had cleared from the lenses of his glasses and he looked at Victor with confused, amber eyes. “Why should I? It seems as though you’ve come to a decision.” Role reversal of ep 11. *sobs*

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 166k (WIP)
Pretty sure everyone’s read this one… but if you haven’t, do! Rivals AU where Yuuri’s main goal, ever since he was a child, is to beat Victor and win the GPF. SO MUCH ANGST (like, so much) and deliciously hot, hot, hot! You might die from reading this… it’s that good. My personal favourite!

Trouble in Paradise by DarkDemon, Gen, 1.3k
After their first fight as a couple, Yuuri feels absolutely horrible and tracks Viktor down at the rink so they can talk about it. Thumbs up!

turbulence by fan_nerd, Teen, 1.9k
Yuuri could get frustrated and tired and impatient, but he’s never called Victor out of his name. He’s far too polite for that. The word idiot rings in Victor’s head like he’s been slapped. They fight, they make up!

Nerve Endings by Phyona, Explicit, 47k (WIP)
When Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg, they have to work through Yuuri’s anxiety and Victor’s secrets to find their balance. LOVE THIS FIC OMG!

Hold Me Tight by smudgesofink, Teen, 11k
To say that Victor is touchy-feely is the understatement of the century. So when Victor just stops touching Yuuri, without explanation, without reason, it makes for a painfully jarring experience. It’s all fluff… then goes straight into the depths of angst.. *cries*

The Argument by Woubazoid, Not Rated, 1.1k
Viktor wants to pick a fight. Fluffy!

From The Moon by ButterBeerBitch, Mature, 4.8k
That one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom because….well, we all know why… happy ending!

Of Glass and Gold by smudgesofink, Teen, 4.4k
In which Victor is gold–magnificent, breathtaking, brilliant–and Yuuri is glass–transparent, thin, breakable. Great fic!

Anything You Want by Flightless_Bird, Teen, 2.6k
Victor’s heart stung. He knew that he shouldn’t get annoyed when he was clearly in the wrong; but it still hurt to think that Yuuri believed a few flashing cameras were more important to Victor than him. Love this!

Ultimate Viktuuri FicRec

(☉‿☉✿) I know y’all have been craving some Viktuuri fics, even more so since it’s already ended and we have to wait for season 2. So what better way to pass time than to read some good ol’ fanfics. Here’s a list for you guys. ENJOY   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

From the moon by ButterBeerBitch

Victor Nikiforov, the living legend, winner of five consecutive World Championships and five straight Grand Prix Finals - was in Yuuri’s bed. Yuuri’s bumpy, squeaky bed, with the Pokémon stickers peeling off the frame and the unwashed sheets.
“Smells like you,” Victor mumbled, careful and coy.

Yuuri was on the verge of passing out.


Or that one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom because….well, we all know why…

Things we’re all too young to know by incode

Victor miscalculates a date.

Family Arrangements by xshiroi_aki

“It’s like watching a kid, his parents, and his grandparents.”

Her marriage status aside, it kind of made sense.

That was an arrangement she could work with.

In your area by Suzariah

“Hot Russian singles are in your area.”

Yuuri probably wishes he had adblock. Victor is amused.

Get me to the Church on time by InsomniacArrest

Stories of various characters on the day of Victor and Yuuri’s wedding.

Everyone on the big day as Victor and Yuuri prepare to get hitched.

Disaster by LFMH021

“I know that one way or another, Viktor will marry you anyway. I will be your best man right so–” Phichit stated.

Chris raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me? I’m pretty sure I am the best man in their wedding.”

Yurio frowned and crossed his arms. “I was the one who suffered when these two were still pining each other. I think I deserve to be with them at the altar at the very least.”

Yuuri and Viktor glanced at each other, torn.

Yuuri didn’t really expect that Viktor’s statement about their engagement and [if] marriage would bring disaster and chaos into their night right before the Grand Prix Final’s Short Program.

Habit by LFMH021

Yuuri has developed a habit. Before competitions, whenever he wants to concentrate and exercise at the same time, he faces the wall, braces his forearms on it and then wiggle his hips while trying to recite over and over again his routine.

With earphones in and eyes shut, he doesn’t see the way others stare at him. Viktor does, though, and try to bring their attentions away. Phichit and Chris are little shits, as usual.

Amateur or Expert? Watermellonsmellinfellon

“The instructor at the local ice rink was cute. Cute with his glasses on and downright sexy with them off. And Victor just really wanted to spend some alone time with him, but there seemed to be no free time in the other’s schedule. Which left Victor considering other methods.”

In which Victor pretends he isn’t a figure skating genius all so he could talk to Yuuri.

Next time he’ll ask by Kaylin and Kira (Saphie)

Yuuri gets experimental and tries out something new in bed – calling Viktor “daddy” – but because of Viktor’s insecurities about aging, things go unexpectedly (and absurdly) wrong. [Not a daddy!kink fic so much as a humorous subversion.]

Passive-Aggressive by JapaneseAnimeFreak16

Chris has seen many strange things in his life, but he’s never seen this.

“Victor…why are you eating cereal with a spatula?”

Love Like You by LFMH021

“Viktor, it’s your turn to throw the garbage, right?”

“Nope~ Can’t remember such an agreement~” Viktor sing-sang, tiptoeing back to their bedroom.

“Yuuri, did you eat my pint of ice cream while I was out?”

“H-Huh? No way!” Yuuri spluttered with a speck of chocolate on the corner of his lips.

With each other and Makkachin by their sides on their own cozy home with framed (stolen, random and wedding) photographs occupying most of the wall, Viktor and Yuuri couldn’t ask for more.

[Basically, just a domestic Viktuuri fluff wherein Episode 11 was resolved, both of them retired but they both applied as coaches [with Yuuri as skating tutor for kids], they got married and were now living happily in their own home with Makkachin in Spain. Alternating POVs.]

Liar Liar Pants on Fire by shingeki_no_llama

Yuuri’s (not-so-secret) secret gay crush on Victor is discovered after Victor storms into his room unannounced! How will his idol and newfound coach react?

Hint: he will be very touched *wink*

Of Onsen-Holly Water by Moe_Bear

So, here’s the deal: in order to achieve such perfection, one must obligatory have contracted with Satan himself. There is no other explanation. Yuri Plisetsky is damn sure about it.

All the Times Yuuri ran from Viktor, and the One Time He Didn’t by Reisil

Or, the five times Yuuri ran from Viktor, and the time that Viktor held on.
In which Yuuri finds that he is constantly running from Viktor, until Viktor decides he’s had enough.

Just Date Me Already by Ame (Ulan)

Victor has never wanted anything more in his life.

“Yuuri, go out with me.”


let him know by mutation

Victor returns to Hasetsu alone. When he arrives at the Katsuki household, someone is waiting for him.

remembrance by doubletan

Victor remembers the confusion, hurt and rejection when he finds the empty hotel room that had once been occupied by an individual bearing the name of Katsuki Yuri hours ago, and said individual was now en route to Japan. He remembers sinking to the carpeted floor in his pajamas before returning to his own room to curl up in his comforter. He remembers Yakov coming over to help him pack with pity evident in his eyes when the check out time had long past and Victor was nowhere to be found. And all Victor could do was lie immobile on the bed with tears he thought would never end. He remembered lecturing his own self mentally, that it was ridiculous to act this way for someone you had only met once, but yet, he could not deny the fact that last night was the first time Victor had felt honestly living, relieved from the burdens and expectations as a renowned and international ice skater. Being with Yuri had felt absolutely right.

or a fic of how a heartbroken Victor had fared since that banquet and how he finally won Yuri’s heart

Looking for A Clue by rosenlight

It takes one touch and Yuuri’s head goes haywire.

Take My Hand - Take My Whole Life Too by shingeki_no_llama

Victor Nikiforov thinks he knows just who has their thoughts scrawled so carelessly on the back of his hand. He can only pray he is right.

Soulmate AU where the thoughts of your soulmate inscribe themselves on your skin in a temporary ever-changing tattoo

Ask Me by MarginalMadness

Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you want it to. Especially when you give someone else the power to break your heart.

stay by my side by paranoid_fridge

“Finally!” somebody shouts and Yuuri jumps. Russian Yuri stomps toward him, expression dark. “He’s on his third round of that.” Yuri jerks a thumb to the rink behind his back. “Make him stop before he hurts himself.”

Aka Yuuri says “let’s end this”, Viktor turns to melodramatic skating, they get to cry and kiss (in that order) and all is well in the end.

Masks off by emulikule

And so the story goes that a playboy comes to a town, makes it fall in love with him and then proceeds to get himself enticed by the most mysterious person there.

Wait… did it really go like that?

Stress Is Bad by MEIXIU

“I can’t handle this. Stress is bad for the baby.” Yuuri deadpans.
If everyone were drinking something, they would have spat out their drinks in surprise.

An Examination of Stamina by Viktor Nikiforov by Anonymous_Ostrich

“Viktor…” Yuuri’s voice was low and gravelly, his teeth grazing the bend of Viktor’s neck, “Is it really okay to keep going?” His cock stirred inside of Viktor, still rock hard, still eager. The feeling of Yuuri’s semen trickling slowly out of his stretched hole made Viktor shiver, and he grabbed Yuuri’s chin in his hand, yanking his face up so that their eyes could meet.

“I’ll say this once, Yuuri. Give me everything you’ve got. Don’t stop even if I beg for you to.”

Accidentally Seductive  by braveten

Yuuri Katsuki is a walking contradiction.

(And it’s driving Viktor mad.)

Out For A Walk by Cinnamean

Yuri goes out with Yakov to explore town and gets separated from his coach. Walking around town with no money for food, he runs into the two infamous lovebirds.

Darling, Please Don’t Ask Me by HisRedEmpress

Sometimes, letting things left unsaid can be harmful.

But sometimes, only sometimes, there’s just no words needed.

yuri is even more done with everyone than previously believed by thankyouforexisting

There are things Yuri isn’t proud of, regardless of how superior to everyone else he is. Few things, of course, but still there nonetheless, though he loathes exposing them. One of his regrets might be, for example, not reading the summary of Fifty Shades of Grey before his mom mentioned off-handedly, “We should watch it, Yura.” (He can never look at her in the same way again.)

Going out for Victor’s “ exciting stag night” (which is a terrible name for it, as it mostly consisted in him sitting down and watching skaters get progressively drunker as they tried to do jumps off ice on the corner of a busy street, while everyone stared) and allowing himself to be roped into a hopeless bet has just become his newest, most fresh regret.

Unwritten by kaizuka

Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be.

A Safe Place To Fall by uchiuchi

“Can I…?”

Viktor’s voice breaks Yuuri out of his trance and he focuses on Viktor, waiting for the words to come out. But Viktor doesn’t say anything more, eyes flickering between Yuuri’s eyes and mouth, and then his finger stops moving and he pulls it back.

He looks like he has more he wants to say, but doesn’t.

I’m Right Next Door by i_like_my_eggs_benedict

“The first time he heard it, Yuri Plisetsky thought he was imagining it.”

On Our Love by LiaoftheDawn

Everything was so easy and real with Yuuri. Even with the lingering tension and the unspoken inevitability of separation, they somehow managed to fall back into something close to a routine, effortless conversation, easy jabs and quiet smiles and something he wanted to hold on to for the rest of his life. Home.

Or the one where Victor thinks he’s doing the right thing, manages to disappoint all the Yuris in his life, and still everything works out at the end.

victory cheer by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (KnightOfRage)

Victor kissed Yuuri. You better believe all of these people have something to say about it.

Or…Mari is exhausted, Minako is confused, Nishigori is supportive, Yakov is annoyed, Yuri is pissed, Phichit is the best friend anyone could ever have and Yuuri just wants to kiss Victor again.

Five Kisses by oh_imintrouble

It hadn’t seemed out of the ordinary at the time. Victor had always been free with his affection; throwing out compliments, light caresses, even the occasional peck to the cheek. After a little over a week of having him as his coach, Yuuri was sure he had gotten used to it. It was just a Westerner thing, no use getting riled up if Victor wasn’t going to be stopping it anytime soon.

Then it happened.


Victor likes kissing Yuuri and Yuuri is frustratingly dense

rumour has it by lunaetude

Viktor Nikiforov is a genius. He tops the level without having to study and he can perform most spells without his wand. He was the second-ever first-year Seeker in the school, and the first Slytherin one at that. He’s a Parselmouth and he’s tamed the other basilisk hidden in the school’s plumbing. He has washboard abs and really defined hipbones. He’s the only son in a long line of pureblood Slytherins and he’s half-Veela and he can speak Mermish and he was born as Voldemort’s secret daughter which is why he’s prettier than half of the girls in school and—

‘Where do you even get all these?’ Viktor asks, eyebrows drawn together in bemusement. ‘I’m not even a pureblood, I’m Muggleborn.’

Dance Along by feelslikefire

Five Times Victor Kissed Yuuri, and One Time Yuuri Kissed Victor

Hold Onto Me by novocaine_sea

“Let’s end this.” Yuuri said, but it was the last thing he meant.

That was the last thing he wanted to say.

True Eros by Nerd_Queen

Viktor can’t sleep. Thats when he hears it.

A groan

the history books are made for us by d10smessi 

Victor thinks, I’ll never love someone this way again.

or: Victor Nikiforov, on loving Katsuki Yuuri.

a kingdom, or this by perennials 

The problem is, Yuuri sees Viktor’s face light up at every performance except his own.

The problem is, Yuuri takes off his glasses when he skates.

The problem is, Yuuri doesn’t see.

Addicted (to the taste of you) by smudgesofink

It’s mortifying. Of course it’s mortifying.

But even with his hands restless by his sides and his stomach buzzing with butterflies and adrenaline and nerves, Yuuri finds that he oddly doesn’t mind the attention. Or rather, Yuuri can’t bring himself to care, for once. He’s exhausted to the bone from his performance, eyes slow and limbs heavy from running on little to no sleep for more than 24 hours now, not to mention kind of emotionally drained from his mental breakdown earlier.

If anything, Yuuri kind of wants Victor to kiss him again. Preferably right now.

At once.


(It’s turning into a problem.)

Five Times Viktor and Yuuri Were Jealous of Makkachin (and the one time they weren’t) by braveten

“Viktor will do whatever is necessary in order to never see Yuuri cry again. He’d walk miles across broken glass. He’d relinquish all of his gold medals to JJ Leroy. He’d let Phichit hack his Instagram account.”

Viktor and Yuuri are jealous of Makkachin on multiple occasions, but the adorable brown poodle might be the only way to get them to realize their love for one another.

constellations of me and you by theargonaut

He can’t look away from Viktor, even when he turns and catches him staring. Truth be told, he can never look away from Viktor. Not even in the beginning; surely, not in any dimension or attic of spacetime, could Katsuki Yuuri have ever looked away from Viktor Nikiforov. And when Viktor looks back at him, smiling, it’s all that matters to him.

Question and Answer by chellethewriter

Viktor is growing old, and his competitors seem to be growing younger and younger. Thus, with every passing year, Viktor finds fewer familiar faces at his Grand Prix banquets, and he wonders whether his attendance has become pointless. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that one unfamiliar, alcohol-reddened face can make the whole night more than worthwhile.

(A canon-compliant retelling of the banquet in which Viktor falls head-over-heels for a certain drunk, Japanese figure skater, and Yuri Plisetsky is both displeased and incredulous).

Pretty For Me by blushunder

A month and a half into becoming more than just skater and coach, Viktor is struck by a realization while Yuuri tries on his old costumes.

Nighttime Sparklers by brumalbreeze

“If anyone should feel lucky, shouldn’t it be me?” Yuuri murmured. “I mean, you’re the Viktor Nikiforov, after all. You could have anyone you want….”

Viktor let his breath fan evenly over Yuuri’s neck as he listened to his words. Though he couldn’t see it, he could imagine Yuuri’s knit brows and small frown. He tightened his grip around Yuuri’s waist and thought about what had happened earlier in the day. This was a different scenario, but Yuuri was feeling anxious and unsure again, and he needed comforting. Viktor didn’t want to mess up this time. He wanted to do things right.

i know my madness by astoryaboutwar

It’s hardly a secret that Victor Nikiforov is a massive player.

(In which Yuuri doesn’t blow the Grand Prix Finals the first time round, does blow Victor, and everything changes but ends up the same.)

– updated version below this  (✿◠‿◠)–

I want to stay close to you by Cloud111

Yuuri swallowed, letting his head turn back to the legend sprawled out on his bed. To the first person to reach out for him after he’d pushed them away. To the man that had taught him to love himself and taught him to want things because he could get them if only he tried.

“I want… you.”

Yuuri!!! On Pole by Noble_Nook

Viktor Nikiforov is an accomplished, world famous dancer-turned-choreographer who has struck out to rekindle a spark he seems to be missing after so many years on and off the stage, only to soon find it wrapped around a stripper pole in Japan.

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya

‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.

On My Love by RikoJasmine

For the second time, the Sochi Grand Prix Finals arrive, and with it a reborn Yuuri Katsuki. “Viktor,” Yuuri thinks over the pounding of his heart, the crowd going silent as the music begins. “I’ll show the world what you meant to me.”

Yuuri often thinks of his life as Before and After Viktor Nikiforov, the marking point being the day Viktor swept into his life and turned his world upside-down. After many years together, an accident leads to Yuuri suddenly waking up in the Before—back in Detroit, before the GPF, before he ever knew Viktor as anything other than his childhood idol.

As if it had all been just a dream.

I Wanted To Check by insatiablerealist

Yuuri is an artist, Viktor is a ballet teacher, and they find themselves sharing an apartment in Barcelona. The only problem is they speak two different languages, but despite that, they fall in love.

Love Actually AU based on the Colin Firth/language barrier storyline, you don’t need to know the movie to get the story. The setting etc is all changed but the plot is mostly the same.

you’re like heaven to touch by lazulisong

“Is this because I let you watch American movies as a child,” says Yakov flatly. “The ones where the popular boy gives his coat to the pretty girl?”

Victor puts up both eyebrows in a delicately mocking gesture that was unbearable when he was a fey creature of sixteen and makes Yakov yearn to clip him around the ears now, when he’s twenty-eight. “'Let’ me?” he says.

5 Lessons on Sexuality Victor Taught Yuuri (+1 Lesson Yuuri Taught Victor) by angel_kink

Whether Victor realized it or not, he taught Yuuri many valuable things about sexuality. But Yuuri had a lesson for Victor as well.

Move Close by SigmundFreud

Now fully awake Victor could feel his morning wood pressing against his lover’s ass. Damn. He wondered if Yuuri would be upset if he woke the student up for a short love making session before work and school.

the distance between our fingers by awkwardedgeworth

If Otabek were a bystander, he would see Victor Nikiforov being a ruthless coach, raising his voice at Yuri’s less than stellar free leg, It’s a normal occurrence, the older retired skater pointing out areas Yuri can work on.

But Otabek is not a bystander, and he sees the glint of a golden ring from Victor’s right hand, slipped around his ring finger like a reminder.

A reminder that Victor, estranged with nowhere else to go, was picked up by Yuri and Yakov to go back to Russia so he can have a semblance of a life back.

A life without Yuuri Katsuki.

I see the universe in your eyes by fangirlandiknowit

Before Yuuri realizes what’s happening, he’s been kissed by Viktor Nikiforov.

It’s a small kiss, but Viktor’s lips are soft and dry, brushing over his slow enough that he can feel the tingle of it for minutes afterwards.

It was a kiss, and-

If Yuuri wins, he can ask for another.

Maybe more than one, even.

(Maybe he’ll ask for as many kisses as there are stars in the universe.)

The Grass is Dead by ztellar

It had been two days since the house next door had been moved into, and today, Saturday, it seemed that whoever was going to live there had finally moved in themself. It was all anyone in the neighborhood would talk about, Morooka had even stopped by for a surprise visit so that he, Phichit, and Yuuri could watch their new neighbor from Yuuri’s kitchen window.

The only cue of someone even living in the house was the chitter of a sprinkler in both the front and back lawn.

“He’s got a pretty nice looking car, from here,” Morooka commented.

“Yeah but who has a nice car and moves into a shady house?” Phichit retorted, his question seemingly rhetorical. After a beat of silence he made a tch sound and cocked a hip, “Only pimps or rich kids running from their super sad and oppressive lives, that’s who.”

An Alternate Payment Scheme by exclamation

Yuri and Victor never did discuss what Victor’s coaching fees would be. When Yuri brings the subject up again, Victor has some interesting ideas.

Hell No by LoveActually_rps

Would you tell anyone when you accidentally learn that the person you adore the most and the person you hate the most are actually soulmates? Hell no! [– a novel by Yuri Plisetsky]

Buy 1, Get 50% Off by ayyyywhatsup

Yuuri is just a 21 yr old college student who is trying to win at life. When he gets into an argument with his roommate, Phichit, he rushes out of the apartment to make amends. The only shop he can afford is a dainty flower store in the busy city of Detroit.

Flower shop! AU

Then you should have put a ring on it by ObsidianAbyss

Recently, it’s become a trend for students to exchange rings with their significant others. Although Yuuri is very much single and uninterested, he wears a pretty ring that mostly goes unnoticed by his peers.
That is until Victor Nikiforov starts wearing an exact copy of Yuuri’s ring and flaunts it around.

Loosely based on Only the Ring Finger knows

He Did More Than Drink Till Dawn by TrashBambi (orewakei)

Viktor had spent so many nights fantasising about the Japanese man, remembering the way he’d ground against him as he begged Viktor to be his coach. 

Anything Could Happen by Creepikat

After two years Viktor and Yuuri finally get married. They rent a Hotel near Detroit, in a beautiful and snowy place. Everyone’s here. The future husbands are idiots. Phichit is a best man. Christophe too. And somehow he’s even more dashing than usual. This is gonna be a merry mess. 

To Savior by Kaishiru

“Today is all about you,” Yuuri breathed, fingers fanning out over the obvious bulge in his lover’s trousers.

In which Yuuri makes Viktor’s birthday a day he will never forget.

Mille-Feuille by hanakoto

“You-you were talking dirty, weren’t you?”

“Wow, Yuuri! How can you tell? I could be talking about eating chicken soup and you wouldn’t even know.”

Yuuri discovers that Victor is fluent in French.

Better Romance by EttaMills

Yuuri was no playboy, but he did, to people’s shock, have romantic experience before Viktor. However, it was no love story and bad memories tend to reopen old wounds.

Luckily, Viktor is more than h
appy to not only patch up those wounds, but rub a little salt in the person that caused them. 

Clap Back by EttaMills

A few months after the embarrassing Instagram incident, Yuuri had foolishly thought there would be no consequences.

However, certain hockey players learn that you can’t go after Ice Skating’s number one katsudon without dealing with the squad.

a certain playboy by fan_nerd

@v-nikiforov - The handsome playboy has returned to town. Please pay special attention to my Free Skate tomorrow. ♥♥♥

There’s no way that Victor, Yuuri’s childhood idol, could be calling Yuuri a handsome playboy, just because they’d met eyes at two skating events. Besides, a total stranger had given Yuuri the tickets. It would be totally absurd.

Yuuri frowns, turning his head on the pillow. Wouldn’t it?

Later Date by triste

“Here’s the thing, see,” Victor breezes. “Yuuri mysteriously misplaced his suppressants, so now he’ll be going into heat. It’s a terrible shame, I know, but I could never leave him to deal with this on his own. I’m his alpha, remember? And his coach. And his fiancé.”

“It’s the middle of the season!” Yakov roars. “Vitya, you can’t just–”

“See you in five days!” Victor says brightly.

Then the line goes dead.

Yakov hurls his phone at the window in impotent rage, and it actually makes a bigger dent than Yurio’s did.

“I wish people would stop doing that,” Georgi sighs.

Break the Cycle by SigmundFreud

Yuuri’s neck was bright red, matching the colors of his cheeks. His eyes were half-lidded with pupils blown wide. He could try to avoid Victor all he wanted, but standing this close to the man made Yuuri lose all rational thought. Victor was like a drug, the strongest drug Yuuri knew, and he could never reject those lips.

College AU where Yuuri is a grad student addicted to fucking his ex, and Victor is secretly suffering from heartbreak.

Russian for Dummies by cutthroatpixie

“Are you a beginner?”

Viktor was not a beginner. Viktor was the TA supposedly in charge of this study session. Viktor spoke Russian. Viktor was Russian.


Strange Bedfellows by ikemegane

When Yuri’s childhood crush showed up at his door, naked, full of impossible promises, the young skater didn’t even know what to think. When Yuri somehow ends up with said childhood crush in his bed, however, his body does the thinking for him.

santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight by frolickingangels

Yuuri has a sweet, little surprise for the birthday boy.

Consequences of Jetlag by paintstroke

The morning after Yuuri arrives in St. Petersburg he decides that this might be his one chance to wake Viktor up however he wants…

Shameless fluffy smut, PWP.

Japan is 6 hours ahead of St. Petersburg.

We’ll Remember These Nights by Cornflower

“You look just like the poster in my room,” Yuuri slurred, barely holding himself up in Viktor’s arms, “but you have more clothes on.” He giggled. The words hit Viktor hard, and he didn’t know how much more his weak gay heart could handle. He barely even noticed Yakov leaving the room with his head cradled in his hands.

Or in other words, what really went down at the banquet last year, and what that meant for them now.

So that’s it for now! I’ll update this from time to time but here are some of the fics I found  ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)

Remember to give kudos to the authors!

UPDATED!! (January 02, 2017)

((I know that I didn’t really add a lot but I promise I still have some that I’m going to post, I just feel really lazy atm (▰˘◡˘▰) haha whoops. I thought about making the updated fics into a separate post, sort of like a part two but eh, I decided no to. If there are some repeats from the earlier fics I rec’d let me know so that I can edit it out and also, if you want to submit a fic, please do!   ◕‿◕ ))

Shiro is actually Kaltenecker and here’s why

Okay to go more in depth with my original post on explaining why I think Shiro became Kaltenecker:

Kaltenecker was never necessary in the Space Mall episode. Sure he was chilling in the Earth store as a nod to “aliens abduct cows” or whatever, but the thing is the writers didn’t have to have the shopkeeper give the cow to Lance. In fact the only thing they needed to escape from the mall cop was the hoverboard the cow was on. So the writers could have just had the paladins take the hoverboard, but they took the cow as well. Why? Because Kaltenecker will play an important part in the following seasons.

We all know the clone Shiro theory that’s been drifting around and I totally believe that’s true. The thing I don’t agree how however, is where Black teleported Shiro. It widely accepted that Shiro got teleported to Matt but how “safe” is Matt’s location? He’s a rebel, he’s thrown into fights (as seen in the leaked clip). No the safest place to Black would be the castle ship. It has a somewhat functioning particle barrier and it’s where all the other paladins are. So maybe Black was trying to teleport Shiro into the Castle

But here is where the teleportation goes wrong. Zarkon corrupts the Black lion’s power, which causes a teleportation malfunction. As a result, Shiro does get teleported to the Castle - but now he’s inside Kaltenecker’s body. Basically, Shiro became a cow.

Why Kaltenecker? Well Shiro and Kaltenecker are really similar, which is why it was easier for the Shiro to be teleported into Kaltnecker’s body, rather than an inanimate object like a lamp or something.

  • They both have a black and white color scheme
  • Kaltenecker has a pink nose, Shiro has a pink scar on his nose. Coincidence??? I think not
  • The cow is a living vessel, unlike any other inanimate object

Jeremy Shada said it himself, Kaltenecker is coming back. But it makes no sense, why have the cow come back for no reason? For example, Coran has a bunch of Olkari cubes, but they haven’t come back this season. My point is, random little things from the show don’t come back without any reason. And Kaltenecker’s reason for coming back is because he’s actually Shiro. Kaltenecker’s main importance in season 4 will be the team trying to figure out how to remove Shiro from the cow.

Basically Shiro is possessing a cow’s body and can’t get help because no one can understand his moos.

Some more evidence

Now you may be saying “but we saw real Shiro fighting with Matt in that one leak!” And yes that’s true, but for all we know that can be clone Shiro fighting with him. You could argue that it’s real Shiro since he’s wearing the paladin armor, but Clone Shiro has his own black paladin armor too. He’s also seen wearing the armor in that Lance blushing leak. There is no evidence that says the Shiro that is fighting with Matt is the real one.

TLDR: The Black lion’s teleportation power screwed up and dumped Shiro’s consciousness into Kaltenecker so now Shiro is possessing a cow


Hello ~(˘▾˘~) , so i decided to share my hair textures with all of the colors i use for my hair retextures because, well, why not? XD

Feel free to use them for whatever you’d like and share. But please don’t claim as your own, and give credit to me. 

Example for how they look in game:

**Sorry for Tumblr’s shitty quality -_-**

Tutorial on how to retexture hairs.

Download (SFS)

Dear Jon,

The good news is that our siblings are alive. The bad news is that they have both lost their personalities. Bran is calling himself the Three-Eyed Raven. He won’t explain what that means, but he did make some very uncomfortable comments about how pretty I looked the night Ramsay raped me. Arya says that she trained to be a Faceless Man. I’m not exactly sure what that is either, but she has a bag full of skins, and I think she threatened to cut off my face. Petyr is creepy, the Northern Lords are unreliable, and I may have snapped at Brienne from the stress and then sent her to King’s Landing. I understand that you are very busy mutilating your character by inexplicably falling for the Dragon Queen despite no visible development taking place. I also understand that you, for some reason, have agreed to bend the knee because… Well, I’m not sure why. The point is, you need to come home, because the rest of our family apparently have “blame the victim” philosophies, and I am losing it.



PS: I feel the need to mention that we have far more chemistry together. Just putting all the options on the table.

Cookie Day (WinterIron Quick Fic)

This is just fluffy WinterIron. Just fluff. To make up for the tear fest that was “Moments” lol

Enjoy :)

Bucky made….cookies.

Like really, really insanely good cookies. While humming, and listening to slow music as he took over the kitchen in the Tower. He even wore an apron most times.

And really, the team didn’t know what to do about it.

Mostly because even a year and a half after Steve brought him home, Bucky was still quiet more days than not. He still wore his hair long, his chin scruffy. He hardly ever smiled, hardly ever engaged with anyone. He was never in anything other than a long sleeve because he didn’t like the attention his arm inevitably drew, even though Steve had told him at least a hundred times that no one here ever noticed. He didn’t wake up screaming with nightmares anymore, but no one ever actually saw him sleep either so…

Anyway. Cookies.

Like, the best cookies in the world. Like thick and fluffy and packed with butter and chocolate and enough sugar to put an elephant down. And he absolutely refused to share.

In fact, no one was even allowed in the kitchen while he was baking. Clint had tried one time to scoop some cookie dough and Bucky had (accidentally) almost broken his hand.

So the team retreated, hovered outside the kitchen door and plotted ways to get to the cookies.

Steve had assured them that back in the day, Bucky had in fact been the best cook he had known, always making something in his mamas kitchen, and then cooking for Steve after his parents passed.

It didn’t matter what it was- thick, crusty bread, impossibly light pastries, and of course these amazing cookies— Bucky could make them no problem, and was happy to do every time Steve looked just the littlest bit hungry.

Of course Steve had been allergic to or at least sensitive to nearly everything back then, so little bites and nibbles was the best he could do. And now that he was a 100% healthy, super serum powered soldier who needed upwards of 4000 calories a day to keep his body running… well Steve was just as desperate as the rest of them to get his hands on some of Bucky’s cookies.

But alas, it wasn’t going to happen. Because Bucky only ever baked enough for himself, just enough to pile on a plate that he then hoarded on his lap during team movie nights, an entire gallon of milk sitting next to him because that’s how much milk it took to wash the cookies down.

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I was recently made aware of this video (via @ghostwheeze​ ‘s blog… thank you!)

Kiss the Girl

Originally posted by katarinadreams92

Carlos DeVil x Reader

Kiss the Girl

Prompt: Could I request an imagine with Carlos from Disneys descendants where he uses one of Mel’s love potions to make you fall for him since you’re from Auradon and he doesn’t think you’ll go for someone like him

Note: Aaaaaaaah that’s really cute. I loooove Carlos and I’ve really been in a Descendants mood since Ways to be Wicked and What’s My Name came out.

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 742

“I need a favor.” Carlos approached Mal with a fair amount of uncertainty. At this point, he wasn’t even sure he wanted to go through with his ridiculous notion anymore. Sure, he wanted to date you, but using a love potion…he wasn’t so sure. Maybe this was a bad idea.

“With what? Your love life?” Mal didn’t even bother looking up from her book.

“How did you know?”

“Evie told me. All right, who is it? Spill.”


“Ariel and Eric’s kid,” Mal stated in disbelief and looked up at her friend. Carlos smiled sheepishly. “Well, I see why you’re here.”

“She’d never go for a guy like me. I’m just a VK.”

“You’re right. You’re just a VK. A VK that’s about to get the girl.”


Carlos found you sitting at your favorite part of the courtyard: in front of the fountain. You often sat here with your friends, but today you were there alone, watching the water. Carlos cleared his throat, took a breath, and then sat down beside you.

“Hey, (Y/N),”

“Oh, hey Carlos!” You turned around to face him. His heart raced. Practicing this in his head and in front of his mirror was entirely different than actually sitting in front of you. He felt like Evie’s mom about to offer Snow White a poisoned apple. And while this wouldn’t send you into a death sleep, it was still magic.

Maybe he shouldn’t go through with this. Mal glared at him from behind a nearby tree. Right. He shouldn’t waste magic either. He had come this far, he may as well go all the way.

“So, Jay and I were baking cookies, and we were wondering if you wanted some?”

“What kind of cookies?”

“Chocolate chip.” He held up the plastic baggie.

“Thanks, Carlos, that’s really sweet of you.” You accepted a cookie and took a bite. It was warm and chewy and the chocolate just about melted in your mouth.

“H-how are they?”

“I think…I think this is the best cookie I’ve ever had.” You couldn’t explain the feeling that washed over you. It was a sort of euphoria. Your vision was fuzzy, your hearing was muffled, and for a few long moments, all you could think about was Carlos.

When had he gotten so cute? Had he always been this attractive? No, you would have noticed.

Suddenly, your senses returned to you, and Carlos was still there, a mix of concern and guilt strewn across his handsome features.

“What’s wrong Carlos?”

“Are…are you okay?”

“I feel…Great. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good in my entire life. Carlos, have you always been this handsome?”

“Um…yes?” He hesitated, hastily stuffing the rest of the cookies back into his bag. If one bite had done this to you, there was no telling what the rest of them would do. You slipped your hand into his, intertwining your fingers. “So do you want to go see a movie or something?”

“I’d love to.”


The love spell lasted about a week. When you finally woke up from it, your feelings for Carlos had definitely dulled a little. You weren’t obsessed with him anymore. But, you had always harbored a crush on him, he had just been too timid to ask you out because…well, you weren’t sure why. He had relied on magic when he could have done it without the aid.

You approached him at lunch. He was sitting with Jay, Mal, Evie, and Ben.

“Carlos, we need to talk.” You offered a small smile. He nodded, folding up his lunch box before getting up to follow you. Once you were out of sight of the others, you hugged him, taking him by surprise. Hesitantly, his arms wrapped around you.

“What’s this about?”

“I know you spelled me.” When the words came out, you only hugged him tighter. Carlos’ heart raced. This was it. It was over, then. You wouldn’t want him anymore. “But I liked you before the love potion, and I still like you now.”

“You…did. You do.” He paused. “This is news to me. So…you still want to go out, then?”

“Yes, Carlos, I still want to go out with you.” You pulled away to look at him. Even without the love potion filtering your sight, he was still just as handsome as you remembered. Your eyes flicked down to his lips. You wondered if they were as soft as they looked.

They were.

An Introduction to Viktuuri

The main fandom classics, and essential reading!

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya (197k) Explicit
‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’
A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.
Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.
Comment: Absolutely legendary fic in the fandom, but be warned, its like wading through a sea of angst and feelings. So many feelings.

Masquerade by Ashida (54k) Explicit
“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.
“Ok.” Yuuri smiled as this game of masquerade came to an end, what would happen now, he didn’t know, he would probably die, his family would come after him and try to put a knife in his back or a bullet between his eyes, none of it mattered, because together they would fight, and the rest of the world would finally burn.

Excelsior by powerandpathos (77k (WIP)) Explicit
Yuuri wanted the reporters to leave knowing one thing: That he had found Viktor in a way that they had not; that Viktor was his in the same way that he was not theirs: utterly, entirely, completely.
Yuuri has won the Grand Prix, which was everything he thought he wanted. But for Yuuri, an end to skating could mean an end with Viktor, and when two female skaters approach them with an offer that could make them or break them, they are put to the test more than ever. Can they rise higher than they already have?

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alright. Trans Bitty.

i should be working.

  • really loved figure skating, but competed in pants instead of dresses.
  • had to give up when he didn’t want to skate in pairs and be lifted
  • wore his hair short, large tees, flannels
  • got bullied a lot by the girls, got locked overnight in a locker by the cheerleading squad
  • never had trouble with his dad, because in this AU Coach never pushed him to play football.
  • His mom has trouble connecting to “her little girl” but they still bake a lot, they just avoid the touchy subjects of hair, clothes, boys, etc.
  • new school, he signed up for Co-Ed hockey, liked it, people called him Bittle. Also, no checking.
  • Found Samwell online, learned that he could have a scholarship for Hockey
  • After two weeks of gathering his courage, wrote to Samwell asking what would happen to his scholarship if he transitioned mid way
  • Was told he would be switched from the Women Hochey to the Men hockey team, now if he wanted, no trouble.
  • Got an email detailing what Samwell could do for him, like changing his name on his registration forms but still send his parents mail under his first name if he wasn’t out to them yet.
  • Learned that his scholarship could cover a part of his transition
  • So Bitty joins the SMH team
  • He still wears large t-shirts, never seen shirtless, but wears shorts because let’s admit it, his legs are AMAZING
  • And Jack is still a dick, because Bitty still is afraid of checking
  • Bitty was on the verge of quitting, when he heard Jack complaining to the coaches
  • “Coach, seriously. How’d this guy get recruited?”
  • Jack may be a dick, but he’s a dick who NEVER mixed his pronouns.
  • So Bitty stays. Befriends the other guys. Went to checking practice with Jack. Scored points.
  • He also hides the fact that he’s gay, because usually people ask “Well why didn’t you just stay a girl?” and fuck them.
  • Still comes out to Shitty, they talk about his transition.
  • Sometimes during second year he starts taking testosterone.
  • He warns Jack about the fact that he’s definitely transitioning.
  • Jack nods, and goes to brood in his bedroom.
  • “What’s up with you, Jackabelle?” asks Shitty.
  • “Bittle.”
  • “He tell you about the hormones? Neat, huh? I’m so proud of our Bits.”
  • Jack broods.
  • “What the hell, Jack.”
  • “I didn’t know he was trans. He’s going to have to change teams.”
  • “What?’ yells Jack. “He’s becoming a girl, right? He’s gonna have to leave for the women’s team! We’re gonna lose him!”
  • Shitty sits back down.
  • “Okay, first, we need to work on your phrasing. That “becoming a girl” shit is not good. Second, huh, Bitty’s a guy. He’s just taking the steps to be more comfortable with his body.”
  • “So he’s staying with the team? He’s not leaving us?”
  • Shitty hugs his dumb Canadian child.
  • Bitty learns about this conversation some years later and kisses his dumb Canadian boyfriend who never even considered Bitty as something else than a guy.

BTS REACTION - Finding out you can’t eat with chopsticks


Jin would be so caught up in his own food that for a while he wouldn’t even notice the trouble you were having.  When he does, though, he’ll quickly offer his help, scooting his chair closer to yours and feeding you both from his bowl with well practiced hands.  Admittedly he’s not the fairest of sharers; you’re sure his mouthful are bigger than yours and that he’s sneaking extras when you’re not looking.

“One for you Jagi, and two for me!”

Originally posted by beatriceindre


Yoongi always keeps a close eye on you at mealtimes, though you never realise it.  He just wants to make sure you’re looking after yourself and eating enough, so when one night you sit playing with your food he very quickly notices it.  He asks why you’re not eating, and when you blush and quietly explain that you don’t know how, Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to summon a waiter and request a knife and fork for you instead.

“Don’t worry what anyone thinks, your health is more important.”

Originally posted by bwibelle


You’ve always struggled a little when using chopsticks; skilled enough to manage larger pieces of food but always faltering when it comes to rice or noodles or anything fiddly.  Unfortunately it’s rice that’s on the menu during your first meal with the whole group, and when you manage to spill a whole mouthful on your lap you feel your cheeks start to blaze with embarrassment.  Luckily, Hobi’s right on it, distracting any attention away from you by pinching it up grain by grain from your skirt like a monkey picking fleas and making the noises to match.  

“Ah, see how she feeds me?  My baby’s so thoughtful.”

Originally posted by you-got-no-jam


You’d confessed to your ineptitude when it came to using chopsticks the very moment Namjoon had told you about the upcoming meal with the BigHit executives you were expected to attend.  As predicted your boyfriend immediately took it upon himself to teach you the new skill, patiently showing you the exact way to hold each stick to achieve maximum dexterity and making you practice again and again under his tutelage.  

“You’re a fast learner, aren’t you baby?  Just try moving your hand back - that’s it!”

Originally posted by pretending2bme

(I know it’s not really a suitable gif but it was just too cute not to)


Jimin hadn’t even given it a second thought that there wasn’t anything other than chopsticks to eat with in the house; he’d always just presumed that you knew how to use them because, well, why wouldn’t you?  It comes to a complete surprise to him when you start to huff and pout over your plate, getting increasingly frustrated as food keeps falling on its way to your mouth.  Jimin thinks it’s adorable, but you’re not so amused when he starts to giggle and pinch your cheeks.

“You’re so cute Jagi!  Here, look, I’ll help you.  Don’t get mad.”

Originally posted by liveyourownfairytail


This was the first time you’d met the rest of Taehyung’s group, and though it’s only an informal dinner at the dorm you still want to make a good impression.  That’s why when Jin lays the table with chopsticks your heart starts to sink, and sure enough half an hour later you’re sat glaring at your bowl, almost trying to will the food into your mouth rather than struggle.  With a sigh, and knowing your hands are clean, you eventually give in and start to eat entirely with your fingers, trying to ignore the looks being passed between the others.  Luckily, Tae joins in right next to you, moulding his rice into balls before shoving them into his mouth two at a time, grinning.  

“This is more fun anyway, right?  Guys, isn’t she perfect for me?”

Originally posted by f-yeah-taehyung


Whoever invented the idea of sharing platters? Especially sharing platters when the only utensils you have are ones you’re notoriously bad with.  Jungkook watches as you pick up and drop a slice of meat at least three times, finally thinking you’ve gotten it and then slipping again, this time right on the tablecloth.  You stammer your apologies to his parents, flushing when your boyfriend gently kisses your cheek and takes your bowl, filling it with thin slices of beef and rice like a gentleman.  

“What else would you like, Noona?  I’ll get it for you.”

Originally posted by sugutie