Love is…convincing Oliver to help break bae out of prison 

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(also how cool is it that Deadshot was featured in both these episodes? and John was imprisoned with him both times? okay i’ll shut up now)

gabs-88  asked:

If that's the third best joke what are the top two? :)

Well, best jokes I don’t know actually, but the parts that made me laugh the most are:

1) The transition between “I saw a ghost, ghost are real” and the YouTube video

2) “The rent is 21,000$ a month” “burn in hell”

and then 

3) “She thinks they’re all doors. That’s sad. She is a scientist.”

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Babies In Baby

Characters: Daddy!Dean and Daddy!Sam being adorable daddies
Words: 411
Requested by @angie1djonasgg:  I was wondering if I could request some Winchesters cousins ( I know Sam and Dean are brothers, but I’m not talking about them😉) I’m talking about Their daughters ( preferably little) and just riding Baby pleeeease and thank you😘😘😘😘 

Dean’s Point Of View 

           “Daddy!” Cassie giggled as I drove down the road toward who knows where. These trips used to be to find hunts. Now, they were used for fun days with kids. My little girl Cassie, and Sam’s little girl Jessica.

           “What, Baby?” I asked.

           “Zeppelin!” she squealed.

           I looked over at Sam as he rolled his eyes, “She is definitely your daughter,” Sam said, “How does she even know Zeppelin?”

           “Because she’s my daughter; how else would she know Zeppelin?” I asked, hitting the button for the cassette to start playing.

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Imagine you have a high l’o’m with Lysander but he’s not your main boy. When he lost his memories, he was set back to when he had feelings for Rosalya. But then he finds out she’s dating his brother. That probably re-opened some old wounds.

Now Lysander has his memories back. He decides to confess to Candy so he wont be too late like he was with Rosalya. But then he finds out you’re dating someone else.

History has repeated itself.

Bonus points if Candy is dating Castiel