support addicts

and I don’t just mean people on the wagon (though god knows all of us fighting addiction needs all the support we can get)

support and celebrate every person 5 years sober. you are amazing. your strength is inspiring.

support and celebrate every person one day sober. congratulations. you did it. we’re all so proud of you.

support and celebrate every person who just decided to get sober. that is an achievement worth celebrating. we love you.

support the people who have fallen off the wagon. we love you. every time you get back up, we celebrate with you. even if you can’t do it today, we’re still here with you.

support people addicted to hard drugs. meth is more than breaking bad, coke is more than scarface, heroin is more than trainspotting.

support people addicted to legal drugs. painkillers, stimulants, alcohol, benzos. your struggle is not lessened by the legality of your addiction.

support people with the invisible addictions. gambling, sex, eating, exercise. I know it’s hard to even acknowledge your problem. we’re here, waiting for you.

if the people I follow are as supportive, as VOCALLY supportive of addicts as they are of the mentally ill and neurodivergent members of the community, it could literally change - literally SAVE lives.

we exist. we’re invisible, for the most part. uplift us, support us, listen to our stories and give us a safe place to share. not everyone can go to AA or NA or the like.

I want to see Becky come back for All Stars because I really think she could do some damage and very possibly win. She always had a good read on the house and humbly pointed out flaws in her own game when she was evicted. She was one of the most adaptable in the game, she just didn’t have the loyal following and could work on her powers of persuasion.

Every single word out of Garnet’s mouth right now is managing to be the most hilarious thing. I’ve enjoyed her from the beginning, but I hadn’t properly appreciated until now just how hysterical she is when you take her deadpan nature and combine it with the most ridiculous but true shit to an audience of skeptics.


Anyway, Garnet’s gloriously slo-mo hand wave aside, CASUAL INFO DROP ON THIS THING

That’s where the Gems actually live, an “inner sanctum of the temple”, which Pearl says has been here “for thousands of years”.

I have little to directly do with that information right now, but I am glad to have it.

hmm i’m intrigued to see how the tumblr update will change the way people talk on tumblr. a lot of the jokes and the way conversations are held is influenced by the way comments were posted (which was different than most websites) and now we’ve got something vaguely like regular blog comments/facebook/youtube.

it puts a stricter delineation between the words of one person and the next and puts more of the focus on the actual bloggers than their comments. already i feel like the tone of things has changed

fifteen reasons to be happy it’s september:

  1. first day of school outfit
  2. seeing lots of people i haven’t seen in months
  3. that beautiful weather where it’s still warm from the summer but there’s a slight wind because it’s turning into fall
  4. seeing taylor perform in nashville
  5. fashion week
  6. pumpkin slice and bake cookies coming soon!
  7. ankle boots
  8. the occasional sweater
  9. you can still eat outside at school!
  10. new fall/back to school playlists
  11. dance starts again
  12. a friend’s birthday
  13. homecoming (unless in october?)
  14. new colors
  15. the start of //FALL// !!!!

Another reason I’ve been quiet; getting acquainted with this cute girl! Thinking of adopting a greyhound named Zill; so far she is doing great with Strudel, and he is doing his best to make sure she knows who’s boss in the apartment, haha. Here’s to crossed fingers on if she is indeed a dog we can adopt into the family~.

tinyfrogbaby tagged me in the 20 beautiful ppl challenge the other day n i completely 4got abt it whoops !!!! this pic isnt even from today its from like 2 days ago rip i couldnt take a gd 1 ! – i tag cutiepsych0 cosmic-prince wattpadfic genderfluxmcr nervousnymph tinybuttonlouis creamypapii masturlate zourryfics zaynkillers oatmeme roohafzayn asstheticheaux hoe4drizzy finer-than-you lips-and-liquor klee-kid cvmbe-ferre mariokartkween & kxlie !!!! hav fun !!!!!