why i think gorgeous is incredible in lyrics and style :

-the whole song is making fun of itself. it’s intended to be overdramatic and brutally honest, and full of things that in the light of morning were probably better left unsaid. it’s the epitome of intoxicated conversations.

-the repeated use of ‘compliment’ and 'consequence’ makes it feel like intoxicated taylor is just repeating herself and trying to explain herself but stumbling, as well as the perfectly balanced internal rhyme.

-the whole song has an amazing tone of blame. it’s like 'it’s all your fault’. i think this is so well done because you can imagine drunk taylor poking this person’s chest and going 'WHY?’ and then falling asleep. it’s almost comical.

-that on point magnetic field metaphor that i’m now using every time i’m attracted to someone

-the neatly done 'me and you against the world’ with 'i’ve got a boyfriend, he’s older than US’. it immediately puts these two people on the same side.

-'you’re so cool it makes me hate you so much’. now taylor’s just straight up laughing at herself and how ridiculous the situation is.

-'whisky on ice, sunset and vine’ the colour palette created here is so striking that it goes on to form a symbol for the whole song

-'you’ve ruined my life’ again with the overdramatic tone. this is taylor acting intoxicated and emotional and it’s so genius to live in the skin of that person in this song because they’re someone we’ve all been.

-taylor continually references his face. it’s like she can’t help but be drawn back in or she can’t help herself. his face is such a focal point in the song and it’s so smart.

-the rhythm and pace of the song is a little off kilter, like someone swaying when they’re drunk. it gives the effect that the listener is drunk too, which is again a really good effect.

-the dramatic tone changes throughout when really the whole song is fun and light. it’s layering up emotions.

-the emotional accuracy of 'but if you’re single that’s honestly worse’ perfectly captures the feeling of being confused when you have a crush and it’s so relatable.

-in the bridge the multiple rhymes for each word stacks up a mental image.

-'ocean blue eyes’ damn! another striking colour and image, and it’s like taylor can’t help but make it sound romantic

-sink and drown and die. DO I NEED TO COMMENT?

-i love her use of the whole 'cat lady’ thing - like she’s trying to turn it into a situation that’s sad for her. she’s going 'alone’ and just waiting for him to give in and come with her. she’s acting and being coy.

-you make me so happy it turns back to sad ; again with the swinging emotions like she’s drunk.


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okay so I did a style challenge because, well, I LOVE doing them they’re so much fun and its a great exercise for me because it gets me excited about drawing! 

For the purposes of this experiment, let’s assume taako was wearing a hat when the IPRE first left their homeworld 

every time they are reset when they leave a plane, they are rebuilt exactly as they were when they left their original world. We can assume this means their clothes are reset as well, because there’s no way those red robes are lasting that long otherwise. It is also started that they are capable of bringing objects and lower lifeforms with them on the starblaster. 

so, is it then feasible that Taako could say, take his hat off and leave it in his room on the starblaster, and then be rebuilt by the light of creation, wearing a replica of that same exact hat. 

what i’m saying here is that taako found a glitch in the planes to make infinite hats and absolutely abused the hell out of it

I know Pisces placements get the label of being “the dreamer”, but Libra placements are also idealistic

Take Libra Venus. They’re so idealistic in regards to love that it takes very little to spark their interest, which gives them the label of being “shallow” in love… when really it’s just that they’re looking for love, because it is a center for their ideals.

Libra Suns are idealistic in their self-image. They have an idea of being benevolent and fair toward everyone, and being well-liked because of this… and while the Sun in uncomfortable in Libra because of this, Libra is always striving to be the best that they can be, absorbing traits that they admire from the people around them so that they may reach their ideal identity.

Listen to John Lennon’s “Imagine” as an example of Libra idealism; they’re dreamers just as much as Pisces placements


You… deserve someone better because you, Detective, are selfless to a nauseating degree. You always put your daughter first, even though the ungrateful urchin does nothing to contribute to the rent. So… you deserve someone worthy of that grace. Someone who knows that every crime scene breaks your heart, even though you’d never admit it. Someone who actually appreciates your impossibly boring middle name. Jane. More importantly, Detective, you deserve someone as good as you… because… well, you’re special and I’m… I’m not worth it.

i hate how people think sharks are just like…mindless killers. they’re not really that different from wolves and lions, bears, etc? they’re apex predators and great hunters. we’re not their prey but theyre capable of hurting or killing us. this is also true of wolves, and even though people are scared of wolves our culture still respects them (for the most part. but i wont get into wolf conservation issues right now) and even characterizes them as cute? so why are sharks not the same. well partially because they aren’t fluffy mammals but people like dolphins despite that? my point is justice for sharks. thank you

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Wow! Barby Q is certainly /smoking hot/! She really puts a /fire in my chest!/ I think I feel the /flames of passion!/ She really sets /my world ablaze!/ I know she runs a grill, but she's /fine dining!/ I'm certainly feeling that /burning desire!/ Call me dinner, because she makes me feel /properly roasted!/ She must be a fine steak, because she is /well done!/ Boy howdy, she leaves my brain /properly fried!/ If she were into fashion, she’d be /too hot to trot!/ I’d do more but I’m out of room.

These puns are too good to not share. (For those who don’t know, Barby Q is Grillby’s mom.)

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Just imagine bangtan finding tumblr once. And because there’s a lot of stuff in english here namjoon decides to translate some things to guys, because well it’s interesting what international fans think of you as well, so they just sit down all together in a circle ready to listen for what namjoon has to say. And he starts reading stuff about how cute and cool they are, how we love them, shows them some of the edits and arts, reads “imagines”, maybe even fanfics and texts. And they all laugh and discuss if it’s realistic or not.

But then namjoon finds some kinky shit on here. I just have this IMAGE of him turning red while reading a fanfic pr maybe even some tags under the picture. And how he starts saying something like “oh yoongi it’s about you here….” and then he shuts up telling “NO I’M NOT GONNA TRANSLATE IT” and how they all start whining that it’s “not fair”.

I just have such a strong image in my head, I cannot stop smiling.

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I wish someone could explain this ship to me. I want to like it, but can’t.

I understand it aesthetically and I absolutely get the appeal of “the girls ditch the guy and get together”, but on a character level I don’t see what there is between them as people. Misa and Takada prioritize completely different things in their lives and what common ground they have is flimsy. Where Takada prefers to be elegant, mature and politically active, Misa is loves being over the top, cutesy and is more engaged with pop culture and fun than politics.
Takada is an academic who canonically looks down on non-academic women. Misa is an outgoing person who wants to have fun, she’s not at all bookish and Takada’s snobbiness pisses her off.

Sometimes opposites attract, of course, but I don’t see what would attract these two? What would make them like each other? Nobody has ever told me.

Shipping for me is a lot about character study, so this pairing kind of bothers me. It’s something that seems to be done solely for looks and not because the women involved actually fit together? And I’m really looking for someone to disprove me and give me a more in-depth view of the reasoning behind the ship, but as of now none has been provided so it irks me personally. Doesn’t mean shipping it is bad or anything, I just look for something else in ships personally.

Jin: *rubbing his temples* Jeon Jungkook I told you to bring me something you like me to give to you right?

JK: Yep

Jin: Then why?!

Jk: Why what hyung?

Jin: WHY THE F**K Would you bring JIMIN?!

Jk: Well simply because, I like him and you could buy him from Bang PDnim so you can give him to me and There’ll be no one else who’ll take him away.

Jimin: Awww kookie, I like you too.

Jin: I’m done. *Packs his things*

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The fact that she even calls him an "angel" makes me think that Joe's the kiss-your-forehead kinda boyfriend. The one that holds your hand whenever he can, the one who calls exactly when he says he will. The kind that makes time for you because he wants to be with you. The kind that listens when you need to talk. The kind that feeds you well because he loves you with 5 or 10 or 15 pounds more because he doesn't care because he LOVES HER FOR HER™

He knows how to treat woman right what a man 🙌🏼💕😭

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might I add the timelines just don't with with joe because well the dj bf line just? Joe wasn't even in the picture it was tom but "older than us" tom is older than Calvin....I think this may be satire and the rest of the songs are genuine I don't wanna reach and say it's about Karlie even though it can fit (except ocean blue eyes staring back at me)

I do like it as a satire of the media persona always on the look out for a new, better guy. I also like it as Taylor’s public closeted self being jealous and resentful of her closeted private self’s freedom and happiness that she can’t have.

The Assistant Chef:

[[ facts about her ]]

- She was brought to the Maw by the ferryman to assist/help the twin Chefs 

- it takes a while for her to get used to others around her 

- she loves baking/ cutting/gutting meat 

- her favorite place’s in the Maw is the guest area because she finds the guest area beautiful~~ the butcher room because she finds butchering meat relaxing~~

- gets really violent when angered/ or really annoyed 


[[ What she thinks of the others ]]

The Ferryman [ she thinks he’s strange looking but won’t say to him xD ] 

Six [ finds six a nuisance because six likes to tease her alot… ] 

The Janitor/Roger [ find’s him alright and a little funny looking cause his short legs and long arms, but finds it sad that he’s blind… ] 

The Twin Chefs [ she’s likes them because they treat her well ] 

-Twin 1/ Chef 1/ Squishy: really loyal to him, loves watching him cook, and will go up to the guest area with him (( sometimes they like to squish faces with each other~~ <3 )) 

-Twin 2/ Chef 2/ Butch: she likes him because he is like a brother she never had, and loves baking with him >w >

The Lady/ Governess [ doesn’t see her very much but was told by the Janitor/Roger  that she is scary and must not get on her bad side… ] 

The Bellhop [ She seen him couple times but hasn’t interacted with him yet - she soon will ] 

The Guests [ she’s amazed how much they could eat and tries to avoid them (( especially the males )) whenever she goes to the guest area with twin chef 1 ] 

- female guests: she doesn’t mind some of the female guests cause some are respectful and do put up some interesting conversations and give her tips with relationships XD 

- male guests: hates them! she hates how the males are rude/perverted towards her. But it’s rare for the assistant to meet a respectful male guest.

The Runaway [ hasn’t met him yet ]  

The Granny [ hasn’t met her… cause she’s not allowed to go deeper in the lower parts of the Maw ] 


[[ Other Little Nightmares OC’s/Persona’s ]] 

@the-ladys-servant / The Servant [ really good friends/  feels sorry for her cause the way she’s treated by the governess/  she’ll always and make the servant feel happy whenever she see’s her in the guest area >w> ]

@z0eboo / The Waitress [ really good friends/ find the waitress really cool and wishes to be like her someday~ and sometimes asks if anything new going on with her and Twin 2/ Butch >w> ]

@ask-tiny-three / Three and The Carpenter [ good friends with them both ]

-Three: she adores little three and finds her really cute! plays with her whenever she visits The Janitor/ Roger 

-The Carpenter: Still has the gift the carpenter has given her on their first meeting/ wants to know more on what the carpenter does in the maw C:>


also, don’t be afraid to reblog and type what your oc’s or persona’s thinks of the assistant Chef! Cx 

Plazalympics thoughts
  1. Jesus, who’d knew that Colewort would suddenly be an asshole after winning…..
  2. Not gonna be surprised if someone (outside of this website) is gonna caption the Boxbots Menacing Machines reacting to being awarded participation trophies as “Millennials in a Nutshell.”
  3. KO should be happy he went to relieve himself because well this could’ve happen to him
  4. Is it safe to say that Potato’s relationship with Colewort is over or they never had that kind of relationship in the first place?
Sadie Black (Chapter 6)

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Things just kept spiraling out of control the next few weeks. Things really got weird when Edward requested my brother to go to Bella’s house to use his ‘wolf senses’ to sniff around after some vampire broke into her house.

I guess things hadn’t really gone well because when he came back home later that day, he was all upset because he had found out that Bella was going to be changed into a vampire after she graduated in a few weeks.

But he got over that pretty fast, convincing himself that he could change her mind by then. Bella was coming to the bonfire tonight, which was weird cause that was usually reserved for pack members and Quileute leaders only.

But I knew I wouldn’t have to hang out with them at the bonfire. Paul and the whole pack were gonna be there.

Sadly I had to go with him to pick her up at the border. Her leech boyfriend was dropping her off so he could go hunting. Gross.

His fancy ass car drove up to the border and Jake got out of his car to meet them.

“Are you gonna get in the backseat?” he asked, poking his head back through the window.

“Nope,” I muttered, popping the ‘p’ sound, not even bothering to look up from my book. I had my feet up on the dashboard while I read my chemistry book; I had finals coming up and I was stressing.

“Fine,” he grunted back at me before turning around.

“Doesn’t he own a shirt?” I heard Edward ask sarcastically.

I snorted at that. At least the leech had a sense of humor. I guess I had just gotten used to everyone that I was friends with not wearing a shirt.

A few minutes later, Bella got into the backseat and Jake started the car up. I continued reading my book while they made small talk. Thank god the ride to the beach wasn’t too long.

When we got there, the fire had already been started and most of the pack was already there. I abandoned my chemistry book in Jake’s car and walked slightly behind him and Bella down the beach.

“Hey babe!” Paul grinned as he yelled out from where he was helping Sam build up the bonfire.

I couldn’t keep the smile off my face as I ran ahead of Jake and Bella to give Paul a hug. I had worn a sweatshirt, but as soon as I got close enough to the fire and to Paul himself, I took it off.

“I don’t know why you even bother to wear those anymore,” he chuckled.

“Neither do I,” I laughed with him.

“Why don’t you grab something to eat and take a seat while Sam and I finish up with the fire,” he suggested before kissing me on the forehead.

“But then I’ll be cold again,” I pouted up at him, grabbing onto his belt loops and pulled him closer to me.

“Fine,” he chuckled. “Just give me a minute.”

He finished up gathering up more wood for the fire, throwing a few into the fire, before grabbing my hand and walking over to where Sue was serving up some food. We sat down on one of the logs by the fire and ate our food before the legends started.

Luckily Jacob had enough sense to sit on the opposite side of the fire from where Paul and I were sat. I always loved the bonfires; there had been a few since I had joined the pack. I thought the stories were interesting and I wasn’t going to let Bella’s presence ruin this for me.

I was always so excited to hear the stories, but I had been so stressed out lately with final exams coming up that I hadn’t gotten much sleep. And with Paul’s warm arm wrapped around my shoulders, I almost fell asleep.

After the bonfire, Paul drove me home as Jake had to bring Bella home and Paul didn’t really want me going to Forks anymore without him. And I didn’t exactly want to with vampires on the loose.

The next few days I spent studying my ass off. I was really worried about finals coming up and I wanted to get some of my studying done so that I could help Paul and some of the other wolves study as they hadn’t been in school much. It was stressing me out.

But at the moment I had been helping Paul study for the past two hours. Sure it was cliche, but I found that if I gave him a kiss after each correct answer he got it gave the best results.

“Sadie,” Paul whined. “Can we just take a break? We’ve been at this for too long.”

“Just a little longer, babe,” I answered. “We’ve almost finished with chemistry.”

“But I just want to kiss you…”

“You have been kissing me,” I giggled.

“I mean,” he started, scooting closer to me. “Really kiss you.”

He leaned in and kissed me slowly, holding my cheek gently in his hand. I lost myself a bit for a minute, but I pulled away quickly once I realized what he was doing.

“No!” I exclaimed. “We have to study!”

“We did, babe… now let’s just kiss a little before I have to go out for patrol.”

“But I-” I was cut off by my yawn.

“Or we could take a nap instead?” he suggested, laughing a bit. That sounded like a better idea. I hadn’t slept much lately.

“Okay I can do that,” I answered.

“Not sure if I should be offended or not that you don’t want to kiss me.”

“Shut up,” I moaned, laying down on my bed. He placed the notes and books we were reading from on the floor before flopping down next to me, making me bounce slightly on the bed.

“You need to stop worrying,” he told me. “You need to actually get some sleep. Sometimes I get more sleep than you and I have patrol practically every night.”

But I barely heard what he was saying, I had already started drifting off to sleep. I didn’t respond, I just snuggled into his side and wrapped my arm around his torso.

That Friday, after finals were officially over it seemed like things were going well until Jacob decided it would be a good idea to kiss Bella without her consent. And then she had punched him and broken her hand. That had made Edward extremely angry, yet Jake still thought it was a good idea for us to go to Bella’s graduation party.

Which is where we were heading now. I had told him that I wasn’t going to go to the party unless Paul came. Not that Paul wanted to come, but he couldn’t say no to me. Plus Quil and Embry were going so why couldn’t Paul come?

The Cullen’s house was so… shiny and new. It was like no one had ever lived in it even though they had in fact been living there for awhile now.

The party wasn’t terrible though, considering it was thrown by a bunch of vampires. The food was pretty good, but not as good as Emily’s obviously. Paul and I were hanging out with Quil and Embry in the kitchen when Jacob rushed in. His jaw was set angrily and he motioned for us all to follow him upstairs.

We made it to one of the bedrooms on the second floor of the house and walked into what looked like a Cullen family meeting.

“What is this about?” Paul demanded. I stood in front of him with my back up against his torso and his arms wrapped around me tightly.

“Alice had a vision,” their coven leader answered.

“About what?” Embry asked.

“They’ll be here in four days,” the one that I’m assuming is Alice responded.

“This could turn into a bloodbath,” Carlisle stated.

“Who’s behind it?” Edward asked Alice

“I didn’t see anyone that I recognized… maybe one.”

“I know his face,” Edward said, reading her mind. “He’s local, Riley Biers. He didn’t start this.”

“Well whoever did is staying out of the action,” Alice concluded.

“They must be playing with the blind spots in your vision,” Carlisle stated.

“Either way,” the blonde one next to Alice started. “The army is coming and there aren’t enough of us to protect the town.”

“Hold up,” Jake intervened. “What damn army?”

“Newborns,” Carlisle answered him. “Our kind.”

“What’re they after?” Embry asked.

“They were passing around some of Bella’s clothes,” Alice responded. “A red blouse, a pair of jeans, and a light blue hoodie.”

“I don’t own a light blue hoodie,” Bella interjected.

“Well they were passing it around.”

Bella looked lost for a moment before she gasped a bit and looked over at me.

“What?” I asked her.

“That was your hoodie! You left it at my house that night you watched the game with my dad. I brought it to my room to remind myself to bring it back to you… I thought I had lost it.”

“So these newborn leeches are passing around Sadie’s scent!?” Paul demanded, starting to shake a bit. I placed one of my hands over his to calm him down. It worked to an extent.

“So they’re after Bella… and Sadie? That doesn’t make any sense!” Jake exclaimed.

“He was probably just trying to get any scent that was from around here,” Edward tried to explain. “And the wolves have been chasing Victoria too, maybe he smelt that on the clothing.”

“So what the hell does this mean?” Paul asked angrily.

“It means an ugly fight,” Carlisle answered calmly. “With lives lost.”

Jake, Embry, Quil, and Paul all glanced at each other, seeming to come to a quick agreement.

“Alright,” Jacob responded. “We’re in.”

“No,” Bella muttered. “You’d get yourselves killed. No way.”

“I wasn’t asking for permission.”

“Edward,” she turned to the vampire, pleading with him to say something.

“It means more protection for you,” he told her.

“She’s not the reason we’re doing this,” Paul barked out. “Sadie is apart of our pack and we protect our own.”

“So you think Sam would agree to… an understanding?” Carlisle asked.

“As long as we get to kill some vampires…”

“Jasper?” Carlisle asked.

“They’ll give us the numbers,” the one standing near Alice responded. “Newborns won’t know they even exist, it’ll give us an edge.”

“We’ll need to coordinate-”

“Carlisle!” Bella tried to stop him. “They’re gonna get hurt.”

“We’ll all need some training,” he ignored her to address my brother. “Fighting newborns requires knowledge that Jasper has, you’re welcome to join us.”

“Alright,” Jake agreed. “Name the time and place.”

“Jake,” Bella pleaded. “You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Bella,” Jacob responded. “This is what we do. You should be happy. Look at us, working together. You are the one that wanted us to get along, remember?”


“No, Bella!” he exclaimed. “My sister is being threatened and she’s apart of our pack. We protect our own. Now we should go get some sleep so we can be ready for our training session.”

We all made our way out of the Cullen house and into Paul’s truck. Jake shifted and ran ahead to inform Sam about what had happened. Embry and Quil sat in the truck bed while Paul drove with one hand and held my hand with the other.

“You’ll be okay,” Paul insisted. “I won’t let anything hurt you.”

“I know you won’t, baby,” I reassured him, squeezing his hand. “Just be careful, okay? I don’t wanna live without you.”

Mini update

Hello there. It me. I’m quietly hanging out here still trying to figure my stuff out, like we all are I guess.

Work has gotten much better lately. Remember all that extra work I had been doing that was someone else’s responsibility? I suppose in hindsight I handled it and myself well because I worked my way into becoming the head of a new department that I’ll help develop. 😳 How cool is that! Val, head of the new financial intelligence unit. Ya don’t say. I’m excited man! I’ve been in this department just over a year. I wouldn’t have guessed this would all happen so quickly but I will sure take it.

With new and growing responsibilities at work, I’m feeling even more like I need to take better care of myself – finally grow up and adult more. I take care of everything and everyone else and then kinda do so-so with myself and my health. It’s time to change that. Also I would really love my pants to fit again. That would be lovely.

Otherwise things are going well for me. I’m happy. We’ll hopefully get out on the boat this weekend. I’ll be back here and posting more often soon enough. I miss it.

Happy Friday!

Played an interesting tf2 match tonight at turbine. It got to 2/2 for red and blu on intel capping….

Then we stalemated…

No intels were being taken or capped because everyone was balanced well.

Meanwhile my engie ass is with another engie playing rock, paper, scissors with little to no interuption. We played 43 rounds OF ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS AND I LOST 22 TO 21.

We won the stalemate tho but my now engie friend and I had to make shit up to do.