the signs + fifth harmony member you would fight
  • Aries:Ally
  • Taurus:Normani
  • Gemini:Camila
  • Cancer:Dinah
  • Leo:Lauren
  • Virgo:Dinah
  • Libra:Lauren
  • Scorpio:Normani
  • Sagittarius:Ally
  • Capricorn:Dinah
  • Aquarius:Camila
  • Pisces:Lauren

forgive the huge doodle and allow me to ungracefully segue into pimping my sideblog about movies n stuff

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most of my content is/will be about horror movies and the production behind them, plus a good chunk of content dedicated to art direction, promotional material design, practical effects, and creature design

it’s something i fawn about with (aka slobber all over) friends a lot whether they ask for my input or not

so i figured i need a better outlet to dedicate to my film buff nerdism

if you’re into that kind of material or like what meager content you see on my blog so far (or maybe you just like me???) go ahead and give it a follow

Fun fact: If you go to a drive-thru window on foot and the drive-thru worker tells you they aren’t allowed to serve you, that is the end of the conversation.

It is not:
- an invitation to convince them to serve you
- a request for a story about how hungry/thirsty you are
- a desire to hear about how “they served me here before”

They are not telling you “no” to spite you, they are telling you “no” because those are the rules (it’s also a safety issue so you don’t get hit by any cars coming through) and they will get in trouble and possibly fired for breaking them. 

i gave my mum an ultimatum to either watch all eight harry potter films or all three series of sherlock before we go to london and she was like “i’d rather watch sherlock tbh OH WAIT I’VE WATCHED THEM A LITTLE WHEN YOU RECORDED THEM” and i was like “but you didn’t watch them like, in order or like, entire episoDES right” and she was like “no but i’ve watched a little” BUT U DON’T UNDERSTAND MOTHER U CAN’T JUST WATCH A LITTLE


The Leaf: Connor Brown

godfatherpride asked:

Rewatching R on Hulu and finding the break-up pretty pointless. The previous arc established that Mamoru likes Usagi without the concept of destiny since he didn't have his memories in the Doom Tree arc. Would the break-up have been more interesting if Usagi dumped Mamoru instead of the opposite?

I agree that largely the break-up arc is pretty pointless. In my opinion, it’s ridiculous soap opera drama injected into the middle of the season, stretched way beyond its premise, and never resolved in a satisfying way. It’s one of the more blatant examples of the anime having to tread water while it waits for the manga to do stuff, I think. I can only assume that they thought that idea could go somewhere but it never did. And it’s a pity, too, because it does have potential as an idea. I think not THERE, exactly. After the Dark Kingdom and the Doom Tree, Usagi and Mamoru really needed some time to actually just be a couple for a while. All the emotions involved, for me, would’ve felt much more genuine and I might’ve been more invested in the drama (MIGHT have; the entire concept really isn’t my thing) had Usagi and Mamoru had more than, at best, like two weeks to actually be together.

But a dire warning from the future, Mamoru taking it to ridiculous extremes, Usagi struggling with it all, THE INNERS ACTUALLY REACTING. I don’t think I would’ve ever ENJOYED the storyline, but a few tweaks and chopping its length down considerably, and I think there would have at least been some interesting character stuff to come out of it. As it was, there were a few times something more substantial was suggested that I wish they’d followed through with. This, for example

I know you pointed out that the Doom Tree arc dealt with the idea of destiny already, and you’re not wrong, but it’s in a passive sense rather than an active one. I think there’s something worthwhile in the idea of Mamoru still wrestling with the idea of being Fate’s paddle ball. His dreams seem to be more in control of his life than he is, and really he’s not had any opportunity to deal with his identity. He remembered his past life and was then kidnapped and brainwashed about three seconds later. He gets his memories back and dies within a minute. He comes back and has lost his memory AGAIN – this time not only the past stuff, but a whole chunk of the new stuff too. Then he gets all that back only to have new dreams start with another disembodied voice giving him dire warnings and telling him what to do. I’d really have preferred to see Mamoru like “Okay I need some time to sort shit out. Did *I* sign on for all this, or did Captain Stabsalot from the year Whatever The Fuck?”

And it could lead from there to the others examining their choices as well, so the idea of fate versus choice is confronted head on and becomes a seasonal theme. (After all, if Mamo-chan is only here because he has to be, maybe everybody is. Do they all need time to sort it out? What if they decide the answer to “Am I only here because of the past?” is “yes”?). This done in tandem with the revelations about the future – a seemingly huge flag being waved on the side of “fate” – could be fascinating. At least way the hell better than SEVENTEEN EPISODES of Mamoru being a cruel and conflicting jackass while everyone stands around and does nothing as Usagi’s heart breaks every week.


Anyway, so your part two. The break-up would almost certainly have been more interesting had it been Usagi’s decision. But completely out of character. Usagi’s reaction to a dream showing her nightmare visions and telling her she must break up with Mamoru would be the polar opposite to Mamoru. Mamoru takes it all on his shoulders, makes decisions for Usagi without talking to her, and martyrs himself silently with only his motorcycle helmet to witness his lonely tears.

Usagi would be on the phone to Rei in seconds. “I HAD A SCARY VISION DREAM WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!?” Now everyone’s involved. They have a problem to solve, and they get to solving it. Maybe Usagi stays away from Mamoru for a bit while they sort it out, but she’s sending him reassuring messages through the other Senshi who are almost instantly tired of being her relay network. The longer it takes, the more schmoopy the messages become. Ami can’t even deliver them anymore. Mako has to deliver hers through her bookbag because she can’t bear to look either Mamoru or Usagi in the eye. Rei by contrast keeps intense focused eye contact for each and every flat and toneless word because if she has to suffer by god so do they. Minako edits hers beyond all recognition. Either they’ll stop making her do this or she’ll have her own fun with it, their choice.


But yeah, the very last thing Usagi would do is let some dream tell her who she can and can’t love. She has a problem, she takes it to her girls, they fix the problem together, the end.