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Your Levi and Erwin are so handsome <3 I think they're one of my favorites among the many that I've seen

Ahh wow really? I have the feeling they always look different whenever I draw them haha… But thank you very much ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Honestly I’m getting so excited for season 2. We have new showrunners who have lots of experience with scy-fi stuff, we have a new executive producer/director who directed some of The Originals episodes (if you wanna check them out) and they are all freaking awesome, new special effects company who make visually STUNNING works (check out the movie La Belle et la Bête that these guys worked on, it’s gorgeous) and new writers who already wrote interesting character arcs. Seriously, Shadowhunters season 2 is going to go She’s All That on our asses and I couldn’t be more happy.

What's your lame superpower?

My husband and his buddies came up with a theory that everyone has some sort of superpower, even if it’s lame. For example, when one guy goes to a restaurant it’s always somebody’s birthday so the staff sings a lame song. My mother-in-law always wins money in Vegas. I always manage to spill food on my shirt somehow. Ignore the post hoc fallacy and tell me what your superpower is.

Like I know there is Shallura where they are parents and they raise the others and are trying to settle, but where’s that Shallura where they’re young and get the opportunity to be kids themselves?

A childhood friends AU, or a time where they find the opportunity to be reckless with one another, or awkward College AUs? One where they heal their scars together and through each other and their own self-recovery learn to mess around? Doing trolley rides round shopping malls, snickering as they sneak the other out of their house late at night, sitting in the parks gazing up at stars while chatting about nothing that’s especially important. But all of it is memorable if only for how easy and simple it is. There’s no stress, nobody to look after, nothing to take care of, no forced responsibility. It’s just the two of them. The two of them being young and happy.


After Harley’s imprisonment: 

Incoming new messages

xoxoPuddin:)<3: Where are you

xoxoPuddin:)<3: Did you broke out of Arkham all by yourself? Daddy’s so proud of his baby

xoxoPuddin:)<3: You know he HAD to crash the car. Bats was on our tail. Come home and I’ll make it up to you ok

xoxoPuddin:)<3: Harley you know I don’t like to play this game

xoxoPuddin:)<3: WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU

xoxoPuddin:)<3: I’m sorry honey. Daddy didn’t mean to yell he’s just worried

xoxoPuddin:)<3: Where did they take you?

xoxoPuddin:)<3: These people think it’s funny to take you away from me. I’ll give them something to laugh about. I’ll do it for you Harley-girl

xoxoPuddin:)<3: Hang tight Harley. I’m coming to get you

Your last message was not sent because the device is turned off.


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