Headcanon that APH France almost never leaves the house without at least some makeup on. The stuff he wears is more expensive than all the other nations’ combined. He is such an expert at applying it and knowing what looks best on someone that he has become legendary among the other makeup-wearers. Most of the male nations don’t even realize he wears makeup because, well, you know.

mikiri-tohoshima  asked:

What if someone wants to make a cartoon out of TPOH?

honestly part of me would want to jump through the ceiling yelling YESYESYES but there are so many gags and story things that can only work in the comic medium and I just…?????? I legit don’t know if it could ever work in another form of media

the exception that I would 1000% go for would be maybe one of those badass animated trailers like the French folk do to advertise their graphic novels because, you know, France is fucking amazing like that I mean like dang can’t we do that too I would love that