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Umm. Reaper did actually die, and has done numerous times. The whole point was Mercy tried to resurrect him after he died but botched it to the point where he was revived and his cells regenerated at a faster rate than they could deplete subsequently making him immortal. His despise of mercy and overwatch came from this Incident which is why he joined Talon. He even occasionally says "At least you got it right this time" upon being resurrected by mercy. Also Gerrard LaCroix is confirmed dead.

Yeah, I didn’t mean to put Reaper in there because of what you just said.
And I just wanna say, I don’t really think Gerard will be a hero. I want to know more about him and Amelie, even if it’s unlikely xD

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Will you be going to NJ Con this year??

UNFORTUNATELY NO and there is a part of me that really wishes i’d been able to do nj rather than atl this year! reason why i can’t make it though is basically just because of doctor appointments D: i really did love nj last year!!

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I know it’s a bit of a ways out, but do you think you’re gonna make it to Seacon2017??

I’M TRYING FOR SEACON, YES! nashville and seattle are two that i would absolutely adore making it out to. the one that i can say i’m not making it out to again will be vegas. that one, on all accounts, just takes way too much out of me. but the others i’m gonna do my damnedest to swing!

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Have you got a picture of Rob trying to pull a tag off his jacket on a coffee mug yet?

i have a feeling this is in regards to a panel i missed over the weekend but i do have something related to rob and tags from the last swain stageit

that was his sale pitch for this swain hat they gave away that borja had sitting around his house

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In regard to mental health, I’ve been feeling kinda “under the weather” lately and I just wanted you to know your art really makes me smile

i really hope you bounce back soon, but i’m happy i could lend a hand in any case. i’m glad to know the things i make could be a little boost!

Yuuri touched Viktor’s hair.

I mean, of course, to most it’s a small gesture but I think it means much more than it actually looks. This whole episode Yuuri was trying to gain more confidence within himself. He also had trouble establishing relationships due to his somewhat awkward personality. And he’s been pushing Viktor and almost everybody else away; because he’s been putting up this barrier that shuts him out from everyone else. Yuuri even pointed out that he needed to open himself up more. 

Yuuri is usually not one for touch. Or for making relationships. But Viktor has been increasing Yuuri’s openness ever since ep. 1. So I kinda don’t get why people are saying that Viktor is out to use Yuuri, because proof from these episodes are showing that Viktor really has no intention of doing so

But Yuuri looking at Viktor’s hair and getting such an urge to touch his hair and actually DID IT; proves that he actually calmed down enough and allowed Viktor in and put down his own barrier. He opened himself up, he let himself be freed a little more. Yuuri felt alone because he would not allow anyone else to carry the burden. Even though he apologized to Viktor for doing it, it was something small, but so substantial because Yuuri actually did it. 

He even opened himself up to a new composition for the song he decided on. Showing growth. Viktor even said it himself.

Yuuri is improving under Viktor’s care. 

So I think some people in this fandom should stop assuming things we don’t even know yet. We’ve already revealed the reason why Viktor is there. Yet we don’t know too much about his backstory. But let’s just cross that bridge when we get there instead of making Viktor seem like a bad guy.

Just saying.

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What I love about the make-out scene is that everyone was worried WA can't kiss with a passion but oh boy did they prove us wrong lol. I wonder why don't they kiss like this all the time because it felt natural and so freaking HOT. I even saw some anti-WA admitting the scene was hot and sexy :D

It was absolutely perfect. I have no doubt that when the writing/directing calls for it, they can bring the heat. It’s amazing that Barry and Iris can be so sweet and pure, but still revel in each other physically and actually, that makes their love making even better, because it’s not rooted in lust. 

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So I'm feeling better about the Kurt and Nas thing because I think with this recent episode even the writers are making it clear this isn't meant to be a long term ship. Even with that preview with Kurt holding Nas's hands and promising they'll get through this together. But here's my question. I still don't understand why Kurt bought her story so easily? Why did he let her off the hook so easily but not Jane? Is it because he loves Jane so the pain cuts deeper? I'm so confused by his actions.

Why did he let her off the hook so easily but not Jane? Is it because he loves Jane so the pain cuts deeper?

You said it right there, my friend. And as wrong as it may seem, that is the case. That and well, the damage done is not as great as what happened with jane (Mayfair’s death, his father, Taylor’s memory, etc…) it is easier to forgive someone who isn’t that close to us, who we don’t actually love, because their betrayal doesn’t affect us as much. What Nas did, Kurt was able to look at logically, rationally, and make sense of it and move on. What Jane did, he still cannot because the depth of it runs deeper than something he can do the same with. I think logically, Kurt has forgiven Jane - he is working with her, he is always there on her side vs. Nas, as shown in this episode, he knows she wouldn’t turn on them - but it is the emotional betrayal that he cannot overcome.

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People are freaking out because Bob isn't on set and isn't in Vancouver which makes people worried that either he's been killed off, is separated from Clarke, or has left with Octavia.

I think he just had to go to a wedding. 

Y’all need to calm down.

and even if they did write it so that he’s off on a mission with Octavia, why is that a problem? That sounds like an interesting story and like Octavia has worked through some of her issues or is about to.

Why must everything be catastrophic with the fandom?

Killed off. lol. there is no The 100 without Bellamy. And The 100 is still going. Not cancelled, like the rumors being maliciously spread a few days ago.

Take this as a learning experience, my friends, don’t believe everything you hear, don’t make everything into a catastrophe, and don’t believe everything you hear.


spider muffins.
the legs are strings of licorice, glued on with liquid chocolate. lemme tell you, this was a pain to get right.
a few of them only have six legs because i got mad at the sticky icky licorice.

i dont even like licorice.
why did i make these

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Did you watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Was that why you were salty?

Quiet confession: no, but I did go Peter’s tag on tumblr which I usually never do because like over half of it is just Peter/reader stuff. I’m a strong supporter of ‘do what makes you happy in fanon’ but. God.

Checks the calendar...did I forget? Was today my birthday? Because it felt like it!!

Thank you to Peter Scanavino for making today awesome! What an epic takeover of the @nbcsvu IG!! I keep rewatching all his videos and pics and can’t wipe the smile off my face.

We got pics, video, humor, random bts stuff, and even let us in his dressing room with a peek at his new hobby. The man is smart and funny, What a gift today was!

Why is it over!?!? Nooooo!!!

The Merpony Queen - Sketch

I might have been a try hard with this, but I still like the way this came out. Though while drawing her, I had no intention of making some form or lore. But I did anyways.

She is a queen. The medallion around her neck the secret power of the ocean, she is the reason there are underwater rivers, why the plants grow, why the fish are all happy and the ecosystem in a healthy circle of life. 

Though the medallion is and was, always incomplete. Only a being of great power could make any use of it because they had to be the fourth crystal. The crystal that has since been missing for so long. If the crystal were ever found and the necklace given to one deemed unworthy, not only the ocean, but all life would be in peril. Because without a healthy life in the sea, what would happen to the life on land?

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A handsome hunny you are! Love the hair too! And yay an artist that loves leather! Is that the only leather you have or what? Also, why did you draw yourself? You didn't have to dear! Stay comfy with your self and don't stress!

Is that the only leather I have

Oh Ye of little faith.

All joking aside. No. I have three more leather jackets. I love them all, but the one I drew is my absolute favourite.

It’s not that I’m not comfortable, obviously because I wouldn’t have posted the picture if I weren’t. I just felt like maybe some of the 1.000+ people that follow me would like at least a hint at what I look like. Kind of makes me a bit more real?? Idk.

I’m happy I did it though, for sure.

Here I met an Opera Girl . She’s a girl with an impressive voice.
She’s around my age, or elder by one or two years. But the innocent tone in her voice simply makes her suddenly sound younger.
Celes: Excuse me, what happened?
She asked me the question, and then I bought an opera ticket  from her, which was rare in this town.
Maybe she was pleased that the ticket was sold, because the worried look on her face had vanished.
If this ticket costs only one gil, it is a good purchase.

Hahaha, if you watched the cut scenes of WoFF you know why I did this XD 

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Referring to the other anon about clothes, I do think it's kinda unattractive that you wear just band t-shirts in all your pictures. Guys wanna see some skin, they don't want a girl that dresses exactly the same as them. If they did they'd just go for guys 😉 Hope that gives you something to think about, sweetheart.

This is honestly so fucking insulting from start to finish. First off, don’t call me sweetheart. Second, why should I be concerned about what you think is attractive? And why should I care if guys wanna see skin or not? I’m not dressing for you or any guy, I’m dressing for myself. You shouldn’t make assumptions, I don’t wear that stuff everyday, but even if I did it wouldn’t be any of your concern because I wear what makes me happy and what makes me feel comfortable. And just because you stuck your two sense into something that doesn’t concern you, doesn’t mean I’m going to think about it. Fuck off. 

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My ball python is a sweet thing and always eats his mice but I only fed him 2 days ago and I opened his viv and he got so excited and start striking, I used his bark to shield myself and then get him out and he was totally cool and back to normal, could touch his head and stroke him. He's never done it before, why would he get excited even when there's no prey smell, I'm pretty sure it wasn't defensive :/

This isn’t gonna be a satisfying answer, but sometimes snakes have bad moods too where they just want to strike because they are grumpy. You did do the right thing by taking him out anyways though, snakes can’t be ‘trained’ but they can be conditioned into thinking that biting allows them to have their way. If that makes sense. Or its possible that you startled her as well, I’ve had a few of my snakes strike because I woke them up and it scared them :) No worries, it likely won’t happen again, it was probably just a fluke moment.


I was tagged by @raphaelsdumort !!!!! thanks!

Height: like 5′4? idk

Hogwarts House: HUFFLEPUFF OMG

Go-to SSBB character: omg i’ve only played like once idk sorry

Fictional character you’d date: literally anyone from shadowhunters aahhhh

Favorite band or artist: Pentatonix

When did I make this blog: like april last year???

How many blogs do I follow: omg i suck so much. if a blog posts one thing i like then i click follow??? i have a serious problem i follow like 3000 stop me!!!!

What do I post about: shadowhunters and other random stuff

Do you get asks on a regular basis: nope 

Aesthetic: pictures of literally anyone on the shadowhunters cast. examples: 


I’m tagging @alecspookylightwood @latinalightwood @thelushfiles @melbopo @thegirlinthehighcastle @spoopyjimon @magnuswinchester because i always seem to tag the same people in things so why not keep that trend alive

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Kale-child put it perfectly, what happens to people when they get on tumblr? They take everything their favorite celebrity likes/dislikes, does/says and puts it under a microscope and then deems the person disappointing. Of course they are going to be disappointing, because nobody on this planet unless they actually did walk on water could live up to these types of expectations.

It’s exactly what I mean, like, if you don’t like it… why are you a fan? He’s not gonna be perfect, we won’t like everything he does, but to be disappointed by his poetry preferences? Just… just no. It makes no sense. He’s a human, he’s allowed to have preferences.

12 Step Groups can be so creepy. 

Like you can’t question any of the steps or how they work. Even if they don’t apply to you at all you are still expected to “work through them.”

For example, we were supposed to make a list of all the people we harmed in relation to why we were in the group. Except I didn’t harm anyone because it was a group for abuse survivors? How the fuck did that apply to me?

Oh, and the whole “admitting you are powerless” thing can be REALLY BAD for some people. For passive people, it basically zaps you of your willpower and you just have to accept how much a doormat you are. 

For abusers, it’s even worse. This is PERFECT excuse for their shitty behavior because every time you catch them on their bullshit they just go “Oh, I am POWERLESS. This isn’t my fault! Why are you blaming me for something I can’t control?!”

Dear Brittany,

I’m angry. I’m angry because I’m so damn tired. Please do not act like I don’t love my sport just because I don’t have as much time to dedicate to it as I wish that I did. That doesn’t make me love it any less. I have committed to a group that isn’t even my family anymore and so I can’t spend that much time working, they aren’t my family because I rarely get to interact with them anymore because of the commitment I made to you. If you want me to practice more then for the love of god, take away the chronic fatigue that nobody cares enough to figure out why it’s here, take away my mental health problems, add more hours to the goddamn day, make it so I’m not failing the subject I used to be best at because I spend so much time dedicated to this damn sport. Take away all the scars your best friend left behind, rewind time and have her undo what she did, make her apologize and mean it, make everybody else forget it so they stop giving me bullshit I don’t deserve for it. But Brittany, you can’t do any of that, can you? You might have a captain-ship, but you don’t deserve it, and you can’t do any of those things. So don’t act like I’m not dedicated to this sport I’ve been committed to longer than you have.

You may not be able to see the scars she left behind, but we both know that they’re there.