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A New Frontier

Fukami: How dare you do that to my master…

I received ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES to examine for people overseas to see images. *
Yes, yeees…? In retaliation…that’s right! It’s former-delinquent sushi.

Repent with death (and sperm)**~



Fumika: For what reason did you lie?

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anonymous asked:

You had once stated that there is not one good thing about nerd culture. Why do you think that?

Hi, sea lion! One reason I think that is because nerd culture, by prioritizing information acquisition over social cues (at the very kindest interpretation), encourages exactly this kind of long-after-the-fact litigation of an off-the-cuff remark made in the context of some gamergate shittery that anyone with a functioning moral compass would disavow.

Fuck feeling sorry for yourself and entitled to revenge because your consumption preferences temporarily made you feel less sexually attractive than people who had slightly different consumption preferences. Fuck “finding your community,” when that means finding people who encourage hair-splitting defensiveness about shitty misogynistic, racist, and homophobic attitudes because you all like similar corporate products. Fuck using consumer profiles as identity politics, and fuck using a surface grasp of identity politics as a rhetorical tool to position yourself as a perpetual victim, and therefore justified in participating in any campaign of rhetorical or actual violence against perceived enemies. Fuck not growing up.

“But that’s not nerd culture!” It is now. I don’t give a shit about the halcyon days of Trekkers and the Merry Marvel Marching Society and watching Monty Python after midnight on PBS and having to learn to call it anime instead of Japanimation. As a culture, it is past redemption and needs to be abandoned. The total destruction of every nerd-beloved cultural property (which, by the way, is not remotely on the table) would be worth it if it meant right-wing sociopaths stopped having a tribalistic pretext to harass women of color. Just for instance.

If it’s a war, I’m with the social justice warriors every time. And, real talk, I hate the fact that my own nerdy heroic-fantasy-devouring adolescence encouraged that particular metaphor – it’s not a war. It’s a symptom of broader cultural instability, and there is no idyllic harmony that will be restored if one side or the other “loses,” just a further entrenchment of neoliberal capitalist hegemonic power. So diminish, and go into the west.


1. My fucking amazing apple pie

2. My littlest of brothers, he leaves for his first year of college tomorrow..I’m not making such a big deal because I will see him just as frequently if not more so…he is only going a whole 1 hour and 20min train ride away from home, I used to commute to work further then his school. My mom can drop him off at the dorm in the morning, and he can come back for dinner if he chooses. I don’t know why he is living on campus, my other brother did the same before but his circumstances were different.

Me, I lived at home and commuted. Personally I don’t feel I missed out on anything living at home, especially with the amount of freedom I had (thanks mom!) I loved coming home after practice to a full fridge, usually cooked meal and my own room and bathroom. But then again…crazy freedom and that really did help.

3. Picture not shown ..Hungarian2 went back home . Mills gets her room back and i can go back to walking around naked…

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Do you think everyone has a soulmate

Are you asking if everyone has a perfect match? Someone who they are destined to be with? That one true soulmate?

No, I do not believe that. If you believe in God, I do not believe that God made a mate only for you, either. If He did, it would eliminate free will. I do not believe in soulmates.

No pairing is perfect. There will always be hard times in relationships. I am no exception to this rule. No relationship is without its troubles. If God, if you believe in Him, did make a “soulmate” for you, why do you have problems in your marriage (because everyone does)? I believe a marriage in which two people work together to get through the struggles will be tighter and stranger than a couple who see no dark days.

I believe that we have free will to choose who we will as a mate. I believe that had I not met my wife through the many crazy circumstances which led us together that I could have found happiness in and with someone else. That may seem off to some. But it’s true. I believe that the person we choose to spend our lives with matters greatly. But I do not believe there is only one answer to this, one of life’s great riddles.

There are many out there who can be a partner in this life. Find one who can be your best friend and your “cohort in crime”. Find someone who can work together to get through the issues which you will undoubtedly face. Look to their mind, their personality, and their soul. Because, afterall, beauty will one day fade.

heartstorytime  asked:

gOSH i'm so excited for WAYFARER that i keep daydreaming about what can happen and what tragedies will occur - i also think a lot about how henry and rose will meet because i am such trash for them :D also, what's your top three fave songs from hamilton ??? one of my faves is satisfied ♡


OK can we talk about how “Wait For It” used to be one of my least favorite songs and now it is my eternal fave 5ever. I’m going with “Guns and Ships” and “Cabinet Battle #1″ for my other two picks, because those are the two I most enjoy sing-screaming when I’m cleaning/driving/walking/living. Unpopular opinion, but I also love “Your Obedient Servant” because it gets into the utterly devastating passive aggressive politeness of the 18th century. Oh man, but “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” always makes me cry when “EliiiizzZAAAaaa” comes on. WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME I DIDN’T WANT TO HAVE TO SUFFER THIS DECISION TODAY

Rose and Henry are kind of fascinating to me! I’m really happy I could explore how/why their relationship broke down and explore Etta’s feelings about having a father and how she handles having a father who actually is a lot like her and probably would have been the ideal parent in the situation. (Although: poor Rose. Girlfriend has seen some shit.) They do collide in Wayfarer, but if you’re interested in teenage Henry and Rose and how they *cough* reconnected after she disappeared as a child into hiding *cough* you might want to stay tuned for some fun news I’ll hopefully be able to share soon!

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LOL “at least she’s finally getting an arc that’s not about a man” I literally did a Nick Young, then looked around my empty room, looks back at the screen, slowly backs away from screen, starts chuckling. BIIIITTCCHHH! *starts singing why tf you lying song* I cant w these mofos

Hey, they are trying to make it seem like they give a fuck about her as an individual because they figured that’s what WE did and we are getting what we want. 

The difference is, we’ve always cared about Iris as an individual, we asked about every aspect of her life from day one. Reporters never had to wonder what they’d ask her, all they had to do is tweet and they’d have hundreds of questions, most of which were about her personal life outside of Barry. 

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STID makes me uncomfortable for a lot of reasons but one of the main reasons has to be the fact that Khan's blood apparently cures death but it isn't explained how. And then it's never mentioned again. Can you only be dead for a certain amount of time for it to work? Did Starfleet find out and take advantage of this? because they would. H O W does it work.

the only explanation is that bob orci and friends were completely reckless when writing the stid script. while some episodes from the prime universe can be really questionable, in overall star trek has a record of being a very scientific tv show. spock’s death worked in wrath of khan because he was vulcan, so there was this whole mythology behind it. with jim it was the other way around… they found a way to revive him with a quick and lazy plot device, without taking in consideration the established big picture, which imo was a horrible mistake because star trek has an incredibly organic universe - every little thing counts, and when you’re taking a big risk like literally inventing the cure for human death… well, the least you can do is a resolution for such risk. like, did they bother to get a science consultant? even in tmp they hired isaac fuckin asimov!!! in the end jj admitted stid to have some problems, but I really wish they would talk about it in the movies instead of pretending none of that mess happened. 

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I HATE it SO much when people say "Papyrus doesn't even know Flowey's name!" and use the MTT Hotel phone call as an argument. Why? Because they only use the 1st part of the 2nd call. The FULL call is what follows "So you hate this dog but like weird talking flowers?" "THE FLOWER IS MY FRIEND!" "I mean if having an imaginary friend makes you happy..." "OH MY GOD! HE'S NOT IMAGINARY!HE HAS A NAME!" "What's his name?" "FL...FLOWERY?" "Oh my god! You just made that up!" "OK I DID!BUT HE'S REAL!" (1)

I’m always reminded of the fact that Papyrus also has issues with lying to Undyne about what the player is wearing during the Waterfall sequence. While he is not a bad liar AT ALL (as we get to see on some other occasions) he obviously is a bit selective about when and about what he lies.

Flowey probably told Papyrus not to reveal his name to others, but Papyrus gets (understandably) defensive when everybody treats him like a little child with an imaginary friend. He might not have expected Undyne to inquire after a name and, when put on the spot like that, his improvisational naming powers failed him…

It’s been a long time since iv’e posted here *-* So WHY NOT POST AGAIN?!?!? and oh boy….The last time i posted here was only 3 months ago AGH THE DRAWINGS LOOK SO DIFFERENTT HOW DID I CHANGE MY STYLE SO QUICKLY!?!? Anyway here are some Jacksepticeye doodles. I’m too lazy to correct the mistakes because it’s night time here. I might make more of these… *cough* i have a markiplier one hidden in one of the millions of folders i have on my desktop :’D *cough* I MEAN- PFFT HAVE THIS.

When you’ve already gotten
used to tasting salt water, it would
take a while for your tongue
to adjust to the feel of a fresh
one–something you’ve never
tasted before.
That’s why when I met you,
I did nothing but flinch at your
touch, sometimes even
wanting to throw these feelings up.
See, gentleness was
something I wasn’t familiar
with; it was too foreign
to me I didn’t know what to
make of it–of you.
All I’ve ever known was
tears, how salty and sweet and
bitter it tasted on my
all at once.
So forgive me for resisting
you at first. It’s just that
you’re the very first one to
be gentle–
I was scared because
I thought I was
being lied to.
—  Irally Cariaso, Of Tears and Gentleness

lol okay so i need to distract myself to escape the neverending loop of dissociation college is so graciously giving me, but also i want no interaction with people and it’s hot and sunny out and the dining hall is trying to kill me but i have no car so i can’t go grocery shopping and even if i could the only grocery close to here is a whole foods and i only have 80 dollars!!! so i’m going to stay inside and hope that things are cool by which i mean i’m probably going to read old texts and cry and miss my cat and my parents and wish that i was home instead of on the other side of the country because why did i ever think this was a good idea okay just because its cheapish and closeish to the only thing that makes me happy anymore jesus fuck and i literally have no friends here and i’m so scared of walking places bymyself and im constantly worried that i’m sick or allergic or seriously injured for like no reason  things are just super peachy.

i’m fairly sure i’ll feel great again in thirty minutes but right now i am trying very hard. 

anonymous asked:

are u shook? is this why you keep "no!"

bish i’m shook. because alfie tried to put a picture like that with/without thinking what others would think and make of it. honestly i’m shook he did that that’s it..


I don’t know why I’m writing this. I didn’t plan what I would say. All I know is I need some kind of release. I don’t want these thoughts bouncing around in my head anymore.

You know me better than anyone, and that scares me more than anything. You were there in my when I did the worst thing I’ve ever done. You know who I am at my absolute lowest. And you also know the things that make me so happy my heart could burst. Because of that I’m sure you know that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this. I’m an over-thinker…to an extreme. And so when I’m laying in bed thinking about how much I miss you, I always end up worrying about how you know that’s what I’m thinking. I know you wish I wouldn’t.

Remember when we were drunk that one time? You kept telling me you loved me, because you knew I was terrified that you were moving away in a week. I got mad at you, and you asked why. I said that there was a difference between loving me and being in love with me. It hurt too much for me to hear one and not the other. Hearing those words over and over just emphasized the fact that you would never feel that way for me. And I am so in love with you.

Since you left I’ve gone back downhill again. I haven’t told you, but I’m sure you’ve guessed. I depended on you too much. You were my home, and now the homesickness radiates within my chest, burning me slowly from the inside. How am I supposed to pretend everything is okay when that’s happening inside me. I can’t hide the heat.

I know that you’re happy where you are, and I can’t contain how proud I am of you. You’re everything I wish I could be.

You told me once that when you got better, it was because the medicine made you feel less and less. Like it turned the volume down on both your love and your pain. And even when you got off the meds, the volume never turned back up. I told you I was jealous, and I still am. I haven’t stopped aching and I’m afraid I never will. There’s too many highs and lows, and if it were possible, I would rip them out of my chest. Then maybe I could be happy without you. Like you are without me.

So I’m writing this in the hopes that screaming it into the void will help me get it out of my head. I’m afraid it will build up so much pressure that I’ll finally tell you. I don’t want that to happen, even though I’m sure you already know. Sorry.

I love you. I’m in love with you. Tell me how to turn it off.


a) I bought this Levi’s jacket secondhand from eBay and it arrived the other day 🙆🏼 Wanted to get one for so long and I’m in love 💓 I don’t know what it is but it reminds me of something or a certain time, wearing it makes me feel home, I feel like I’m about to drive to the beach wrap in a blanket and watch the waves for hours… 🌊 Don’t ask me why! b) I did some yoga and foam rolling this morning because my back and neck are in so much pain I could barely turn my head earlier 😖 Might have to get a massage on Monday, it just keeps getting worse for days now. I hope yoga and warmth help for now. Do you have a tip maybe? c) My whole apartment smells like passionfruit because I have a few ripening up and I think this is one of my fave smells ever 🌸

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Hi! Why don't you write cumbersmut anymore? love yuh!

Hello :D

There are a number of reasons. I initially only did it because other people asked me to. My heart wasn’t in it, but I really enjoyed people taking the time out to read my writing. People who read fan fiction are among the Gods, in my opinion. You make very insecure writers more confident. And for that, I am always grateful. The second reason why I stopped doing it is because Benedict got married. It felt really weird for me to continue, especially when a lot of the people who requested smut ended up being not too kind towards his wife, Sophie. I also stopped writing fan fiction because I am writing my very own book, and I felt like it was taking way too much of my time up. 

annaisu  asked:

How about D? Maybe K?

D. A pairing I wish I liked but just can’t: 

I guess I wish I liked more popular fandom ships? Like AoKuro or AoKise for KnB, Sterek for Teen Wolf, etc. Alternatively, I wish I liked more canon pairings like RenRuki, IchiHime, NaruHina, and SasuSaku because that would mean less pain on my part (goddammit canon, why did you have to make all my NOTPs reality).

K. What character has your favorite development arc? 

Oh gosh, this is tough. Hmm…uh…there’s so many, but I’m actually really proud of Byakuya. Like man, has he come a long way, from ‘rules are everything even if they mean my sister’s death’ to ‘Rukia is my pride, don’t you dare point your sword at her.’ I just…I’m really proud of him, okay. 

You know what I realized today? That the Garrison mostly likely did not tell Pidge and her mom that the Kerberos mission ‘failed’ before the news televised  it.

By the looks on their faces, it appears this is the first time they’re hearing about it. 

I mean you would think that with something like this they would inform the family first  and then release what happened to the press. I mean this crew was  the best at what they did. Which is  probably why they were the first people to be out that far in space as Matt mentions in episode one. 

By the looks of it’s very late at night due to the lighting and Pidge being in pajamas. I also highly doubt something like this would just ‘leak’ to the press unless someone from the inside did it or the Garrison had known for a while about the disappearance. Which makes no sense AT ALL because they should know they made it there because of flight logs. I am betting they did though so they could fabricate some BS to tell everyone. Which of course, Pidge wasn’t having any of that so.

Yeah, anyway fuck the Garrison


crooked crowns net challenge ⇒ favorite quote

what bound them together? greed? desperation? was it just the knowledge that if one or all of them disappeared tonight, no one would come looking?