Automagical Convention Spending Tracker
Sheet1 Table, Badge, Flight, Hotel, Printing, Misc., Misc., Total Expense, Amount Made, Total, Profit,

I posted this to Twitter earlier this week and it kind of blew up, but I want to post it here too. Just a little something I use to help myself keep track of spending during convention season, made into a rainbow because why not make more things rainbow?

Whether you’re tabling or just attending for fun, conventions can get expensive - especially when you include travel costs! I’m no spreadsheet wizard so you still have to enter everything manually, but it takes very little time and it’s worth checking your numbers. I’ve used this sheet for about three years now. It’s nice to look back on and compare to, and helps me make decisions for future conventions. Sometimes it turns out I did better at a con than I thought I did! Or maybe I didn’t do so great compared to last year and need to think about coming back again. Oh, and everything listed are purchases that you get e-mail reminders about, so if you can’t remember the cost of a table or flight, it’s probably somewhere in your e-mail. I try to fill mine out as I buy flights and order prints, but sometimes I’m digging up old e-mails after the con is over.

Some things worth considering that are not on this sheet: food costs, gas if you drive to cons, baggage fees, and shipping if you ship your supplies in advance. Please feel free to download and edit this sheet as you see fit for your own needs! I hope it helps. And let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!

EDIT: HOLY SMOKES, lenalibrarian on Twitter took my convention spending tracker and made it 100x better!!

–> SMART CONVENTION SPENDING TRACKER <– (original link edited too!)

It now calculates your costs and total profits AUTOMATICALLY!! Which is super useful for someone who’s terrible with numbers like me. I just finished importing all my 2017 convention spending so far, and this smart sheet caught a few mistakes already. I’ll be using this sheet for years to come, thank you lenalibrarian!!

Nct 127's reaction to their s/o procrastinating over their work

Request: oooookay so how would nct 127 react to their s/o constantly procrastinating on homework or projects (bc that’s literally me 24/7)

A/N: can’t relate because im a highkey nerd who always does her homework immediately… HAHA kidding, this was so fun to write thanks for requesting omg



You’re together with a smartass who did so well in his academics why are you doing this to yourself, kidding taeil i love you. He’d probably drag you to the table and start nagging at you to do your work, while he stares at you and makes sure you complete the page in front of him. But most of time it seems as if he’s the one doing the homework, because he helps you with almost every question. and he gets it right for almost every question so, you don’t complain at all.

“I’m so tired-”

“so you find x first and then ….”


*still doing math equation*

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


Some days he loves it, because he gets to spend time with you instead, away from all the school work and projects. But he still knows that it’s important for you to do your work, so he always tries to convince you to do your work, which always seems to succeed.

“Babe go do your work”

“I can do it tomorrow in the morning?? and it’s math, im lazy”

“You do it now you get a free night cuddling session later on, deal?”

“Omg you ass- alright”

Originally posted by suhyoungho


Instantly becomes a mother and would start nagging non stop. As soon as he saw you using your phone and laptop instead of doing your work that you had claimed to start doing 2 hours ago, he’d go all strict with you and probably keep your phone and laptop away from you. Doesn’t give in even if you whine and pout, because he wants the best for you and wants you to do your work on time.

“Babeeee when will you be returning my phone”

“Not until you’re done with this worksheet”

“This page please?”

“No shush i love you, do you work hm”

taeyong, why’re you so mean :-(

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I feel like he wouldn’t even care that much and he’s even more happy that you’re actually spending more time with him rather than doing your work. But when he starts to realise that it may affect your grades and academics, he starts becoming more alert and whines at you to complete them. Like Johnny, he’d try to make small little deals with you, which always work too.

“I’m so lazy today, this work’s due two days later anyways, i can complete them later”

“You always say that but end up not doing any”

“I’m trying my best, but i’m really lazy today”

“Okay at least do a few pages, and i’ll give you a surprise”

“i guess i have no choice”

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A louder and even stricter version of Taeyong. Can nag at you for hours and go on about “how important doing work on time is” to “time management in life”, and it’s always the same few words that’d he’d say. He nags so much and takes up so much time you end up always eventually giving in to doing your work because it’s the only way he’ll stop. But after you’re done though, he becomes all sweet and polite again, even cooking you a meal.

“But i’m tired and lazy-”

“No excuses, do your work please”

“Babe you’re so mean to me”

“Only at times like this, now stop talking and do it”

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Like Johnny, he sometimes doesn’t mind and let you do things on your own, not interfering at all. But when he needs to, he becomes a less serious and nicer version of Taeyong, constantly reminding you to do your work and also offering you help if needed. Lowkey smiles to himself proudly everytime because he managed to convince you to do your work.

“Jae, can i not do it today?”

“I wish i could say yes but no, you need to complete it”


“I love you but you really have to hm?”

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At first when you lied to him and said that your work wasn’t important, he believed it at first and didn’t mind at all. But he’d notice how you’d always drag your work till the last minute, causing you to not get enough sleep the night before. From then on he started reminding you to do your work, probably acting cute so you’d agree to completing it on the day itself, which was a success.

“It’s due on Friday!!”

“it’s only two days away, do it now baby”

“Don’t give me that pout- and those eyes- okay fine i will”

Originally posted by nct-trash


Gets worried and anxious rather than as compared to the other members, and he seems as though he’s the one that’s doing the homework. Would try his best to convince you to do your work and also at the same time, help you out. Probably even offered to help you finish your homework because he’s so nice? And because of that your heart softens and end up doing it because you feel bad towards Mark if you don’t.

“I can do it later though?”

“It’s better to do it now babe, you can rest later”

“Why not you help me complete it?”

“I mean… i wouldn’t mind”

“Omg babe, i’m only kidding, i love you. for you, i’ll do it alrights”

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Probably joins you in procrastinating too that’s why both of your assignments are always not passed up on time. But on days where he’s feeling good and actually completed his homework while you haven’t, he’d started annoying you and asking you to complete your work, while he’s there laughing at you while you suffer.

“Stop laughing and at least help me out or something”

“No way, find the answers yourself”

“You’re so mean, ”

“Well maybe if you actually did it earlier than i would have helped but you dragged it on for one hour so, sorry”

“I hate you”

“i love you too”

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I know I’m just preaching to the earnest woman choir but sex positivity…is definitely in large part responsible to my unhealthy use of substances, and my eating disorder, as well as my discomfort with sex, and kept me in the closet for as long as I did. the fact that I spent ages like 14-19 getting drunk and high to lower my inhibitions because part of me knew how much i hated what I was doing and knew I needed to be near unconscious to subject myself to horrible traumatic sex as a temporary bandaid solution for my hating myself and then the consequent years convincing myself I actually enjoyed fucking men because if I didn’t why would I have done it. And the subsequent desire to make myself as small as possible because I hate being Curvy and having a big ass and big tits, or at least how i know men look at me because of them. And all of the time spent trying to unlearn all of these horrible ideas that I’ll probably be in the process of doing til I die etc lol

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That's what I've been saying all along. I don't follow you and have no desire to but your out of character Ketch shit clogs the tags up so I miss the good stuff like Tonis and Rowdys. Now will you fucking stop?

Alright. I’m fucking done with you. 
I’m done with you coming to my ask box giving me shit because you can’t be mature enough to just scroll along something if you don’t fucking like it.

I’m sick of you shitface trying to tell me what to do, trying to ruin something that gives me joy, trying to ruin something that makes me happy. 

I’m fucking sick of you.

If you don’t follow me why do you bother? Why did you see that post? My posts appear ONE FUCKING TIME if you haven’t gotten that memo and even then you can just fucking scroll past it like anyone else would if they didn’t want to see something.

But no. You’d rather come shitting into someone’s ask box trying to ruin something just because you are living a poor life. Just because you aren’t satisfied with your own life. GET SOME FUCKING HELP if you feel the need to bring down others for your own entertainment. 

You don’t want to miss someone’s stuff? Then go to their blog, turn on their fucking notifications or just search through their blog it ain’t that hard! Let me bet you’ve never even sent anything nice to either of those authors and just use this as a possible way to destroy me but guess what.


I won’t let some shithead, hiding behind anon tell me what and what not do.

I will NOT stop writing or posting Ketch. I will NEVER stop. 

And just a side note. I can tell you for sure neither @wayward-mirage nor @rowdyhooliganism want you to send hate to someone in their name. 

I know for a fact, they’d just want you to get away from their own blogs either.

But I’m fucking done with you anon. 

This is the last time I will give you any kind of attention and I hope you’re happy now.

Arrow 5.17: A Moral and Ethical Dilemma

Starting a new thread because the old got too long.  Before I proceed; I need to make it clear that I understand what the writers were trying to do for the story of Oliver Queen.  But I have a huge moral issue with the plot device they have used to get to their final destination for his character.  I also need to say that I love Oliver Queen and see the 5.17 message as a huge disfavour to his character and here is why:

Arrow is telling me that in March of 2012; Oliver Queen was a man who “liked to kill”; “who enjoyed killing”; who did it because he could and because he wanted to.

The show is also telling me that even when Anatoly offered him a way out; he chose to stay and kill more; he chose to torture while interrogating; that he not only killed but skinned a man for practice.  I am not inferring; these are facts the show wants me to accept.  The show is musically reminding me of a psychopath who skinned people in Silence of Lambs; in essence the show is asking me to compare Oliver Queen to a serial killer.  The show is also using Adrian Chase’s words - another psychopath - to tell me that Oliver Queen is in fact a serial killer or at least he used to be one; in season one of the show.

The show is also showing me through Oliver’s journey through season 1 to 5 that that man has changed and has become redeemable.  The show calls for my empathy for Oliver and my sympathy for his story; for the torture he suffered; for his journey across a 10 year span.

Now, please take away the name Oliver Queen; take away the pretty face and hot body of Stephen Amell and tell me: do you not see the serious moral and ethical problem here?  Do you see the dangers of the message being subliminally given?? 

The message that comes across to me is very clear: although a man was a serial killer at some point; he can still be redeemed and should be allowed the chance for forgiveness love and life and yes that man should be able to walk free among us and be officially elected to represent us!!

Sorry writers and producers of Arrow!  You have failed morally and ethically; and if I must point it out legally as well!

Are serial killers redeemable? Should that question be put to a jury of his peers?  and lets say the show is asking me to be a juror; do I care about his redemption story?  I want him in a maximum security prison and off the streets and away from my children.

Take away the romance of Oliver’s redemption; the understanding and sympathy we have as part of the audience.  The message delivered on my screen in Arrow 5.17 is just morally and ethically wrong.

Tagging all the people who participated in the original post; but feel free to explain if you saw a different message on your screen.

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yes I'm back before you ask. but why did you make Epic!tale Frisk so freaking awesome! I don't know if I want to either hug them or punch them!

Because i love frisk as a badass hooman xD

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Wow, you look beautiful in your photo! // Anyway, I haven't shared this headcanon with anyone, at all, and I hope you don't laugh. So Draco's complaining about Harry/Ginny and everyone thinks he's into Ginny until they break up and he marches up to Harry and snogs the hell out of I should write about it K BYE

and everyone is SO taken aback (but once they think about it they wonder why they didn’t make that connection before)
And Ginny is just SLIGHTLY miffed because she knew she could just RUIN the ferrets life if he had been into her, but no, of COURSE he’s infatuated with her ex boyfriend… little did malfoy know that they actually broke up because harry told ginny he was in love with malfoy… SOS THIS HC IS GREAT I LOVE IT

To Riri Williams fans, from a Sharon Carter fan

I’m really sorry about Sharon in Invincible Iron Man #5. It was extremely out of character for her to accuse Riri of being a Hydra fan, and it made no sense that she did that. It also made no sense that she would say Riri needs to learn some respect, because Riri was respectful - meanwhile, Sharon was stabbed in the hand by Taskmaster a few issues ago in Captain America: Steve Rogers and took that in stride.

Anyway, she isn’t typically like that, and I’m really sorry that Bendis decided to write her that way. It really just… doesn’t make more sense. (Here’s some more about WHY it doesn’t make sense. I swear, Bendis either hates her or doesn’t read any comics but his own.)

But Riri handled that perfectly, and she was great. I’m just… sorry about Sharon. 


Tbh, when I saw the door open at the end of the episode I thought we were going to see Sonny walking into Barba’s bedroom! If they do make Barisi a thing, then that’s exactly how they should do it! That’s what they did with Rollins and Amaro!

This is super short…Anway read away!

‘I don’t care about Barba’

Rollins was right ‘it didn’t sound like nothing’ because it wasn’t nothing.

He did care about Barba. He actually cared too much about Barba and his opinion. And that’s why he snapped and caused a scene. Barba would be pissed, he is pissed.

Since being together, Barba hadn’t raised his voice much, but when he did he would make it up to Sonny. On top of that, Barba would never have shouted at Sonny like that in crowded courthouse. 

And If Barba had yelled at him like that, he would have texted him some sort of note. Not an apology, he’d do that later, but some sort of sentence to let Sonny know he felt bad even if it was hours after the fact.

Sonny hadn’t texted him anything and he felt incredibly guilty.  

He walked with shoulders hunched and downcast eyes as he approached Barba’s office. His office door was closed, but not locked, so he let himself in.

“Detective.” Barba muttered not raising his head, he knew Sonny would be here.


His eyes made contact with Sonny’s, it was more of a glare. He hated that glare, it was different than the glares he gave other attorneys, judges, or perps. This glare was different, hurt.

“Rafael.” Sonny sat down.

Rafael set down his pen and gave him his undivided attention. His face read ‘talk to me’. He had his hands folded him front of him and Sonny took a breath.

“I was angry,” Rafael let out a deep breath through his nose. “And I recognize you were as well and still are.” Sonny shifted uneasily. “I was angry because this guy was gonna go free.” Sonny

“So you snap at me. That case was from Delaware.” He was so still and his jaw hardly moved. “I know you were angry because I wouldn’t use it, but I couldn’t have.” Sonny sighed.

“I’m just here to say, I shouldn’t have yelled at you in the middle of the courthouse hallway.” Sonny declared.

“Oh, good.” He nodded with a fake smile. “I’m glad you’ve realized your mistakes.” He picked up his pen to return to his work, which was Sonny’s cue to leave, he chose to stay seated. Sonny regretted his tone.

“I’m sorry.” Sonny let his eyes fall.

“You should be.” Rafael shot back. “If you want to lecture me about how to do my job, loudly and hurtfully, I might add,” Rafael tried to catch Sonny’s gaze. “We talk privately in my office, my apartment, or yours not in the middle of the courthouse, so all our colleagues can gawk and stare and gossip.” At some point Rafael had set his pen down and leaned farther to meet Sonny’s eyes. “And if the lecture is this personal, namely this outburst, then we most definitely shouldn’t be having a conversation of that nature in front of anyone.”

“You’re right.”

“I’m aware.”

No one spoke as they sat.

“And I want you to know,” Rafael looked a little intrigued as Sonny broke the silence. “I know you appreciate your privacy. And in the future, I will let my frustrations out when it’s just the two of us.” Rafael nodded.

“Thank you, Sonny.”

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YOU DIDNT HAVE TO DO THE PACER???? It's hell. You just run back and forth between a basketball court. Every time a beep goes off you run to the other side. You have to make to the other side before the next beep goes off. The second time you miss the beep, you are out. It's a living hell because the time between beeps gets shorter and shorter.

I did not. I was a VERY SPECIAL person Anon. Why am I special?

I grew up in Ohio. LOL. That apparently meant you didn’t do the Pacer. At least me and my friends in Ohio never had to do it. 

I actually wanted to try it. Especially now that I’m hearing it’s been banned for child cruelty. But all my friends at college that did do it think I’m crazy. I probs am. But I’m curious you know? And curiosity killed that cat. 

Barron hears the commotion and rushes to the room:

- What’s up? What happened?

Bristol: The stupid cat…

He stops what he is about to say as Terra shoots him a cold look. He knows his sister does not approve of what he did. Why in the world does she always have to be so good?

Bristol: I tripped over the cat. But it’s fine now.

Barron: Oh, really? Well, be careful, you two. 

Terra: Hey, Dad? When is our next lesson with Sage? I want to show her my last made potions, because I think I’ve made a few mistakes.

Barron: Next week, but don’t worry too much about it. She did tell you it’s natural to be making mistakes at your age, after all. And you’re doing fine. As is Bristol, he just needs to focus a little more.

Terra: Oh, he focuses, alright. Just not on the right things.

Nice eyes.

This is definitely not good, and this lion is definitely not a normal lion.

I really wanna see how Steven is going to manage to tame this thing, or at least this is what the episode title hints he is going to do.

It’s pink? What the fuck is this creature?

I mean, Rose was all about pink it seems, but i don’t think this lion is somehow related to her, is it? Why is it appearing exactly now?

Did the lion make this wall? Is it what is controlling this desert? What does it want from Steven?


Steven i really don’t think touching a lion like this is a good idea.

But awww it’s so cute when it doesn’t have those staring-into-your-soul terrifying fucking eyes.

I just… love the fact that Steven talks to this lion as if it was a real person. I do that as well to people’s pets because i don’t have friends, or a life. :D

They’re going to become very good friends, this is the start of something beautiful. I wonder how the gems are going to react to this.


out of all the millions of possible pet names

you picked “Lion”

fucking brilliant

Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains Trash Talking 101

Wow! This show is gonna get salt like the last few did!

Aoi: Unacceptable! Why is our getting postponed until May!? Outta all the Yu-Gi-Oh! show in the past, why is this one gonna get any worse then Zexal done by Yoshida’s writing poor females and Arc-V Manga whom being written as of right now! Instead, Arc-V start out good and then it’s fanbase freaks the fuck out! Is our show gonna get any better then Arc-V or not!? And why do I look freaking generic? Because taking Arc-V away from us wasn’t bad enough.Konami decide to take the main focus away from us! JUST FOR Yu-Gi-Oh! Labo…Dafuq!? Konami promised me that Vrains will have better females then Zexal did! We need to make those trolls eat their money in areas!

Go Onizuka: I suggest we watch DSOD!


Go Onizuka: Well, excuse me giant! Would you rather get our show post-pond until June/July or maybe even 2k18?

Konami: Ha! Inpatient little brats!

Aoi: Come again, Konami?

Yusaku: Aoi….you fucked up! *face paw*

Konami: Back in my day! We never used to Synchro, XYZ, Pendulum, Link Summon! We just summoned high-level monsters and waited for 20 turns to attack with them! And another 20 episode to see the same thing over and over! If I go to talk with the Executive writer, will you let me drink my beer in peace!? Because those trading cards aren’t gonna shill themselves! Besides we don’t want another problem with this fanbase like what happen with THE ADJUSTED BANLIST that got Pepe player on the salt! Can’t I have a minute without you kids complaining!.

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and four makes home + favorite line of dialogue?

…332k and you want my favorite line? oh man… okay… (I realizes neither of these are ‘lines’, per say)

“Clarke. Your mom’s a surgeon, a medical doctor, you should know this better than the rest of us, not every illness, not every disability is visible.” Raven gestures to her residual limb, cut just above the knee, all that remains of the leg she had ends with her femur. The skin is riddled with scar tissue, some of it from the accident, some of it her own making. “Not every illness is a visible one, but sometimes the ones you can’t see leave physical scars. Sometimes, it’s all up here,” she flicks her finger against Clarke’s temple. “But that doesn’t make it any less real.”

alternately on the light side of things…

“Why did you let me pick so many apples?”
“Because I want to bake, and you want to eat what I bake.”
“There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere.”
“You’re a dirty joke.”

send a fic title + a number

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What is your favorite dadjoke? For all of you. - Andy the Anon

A man told his friend 10 puns to make him laugh - sadly, no pun in 10 did. - Anxiety 😈

My boyfriend said he’d call me later. I said don’t call me that, call me Roman. - Roman/Prince 🌟

A ham sandwich walks into a bar and asks for a beer. The bartender says, “sorry, we don’t serve food here.” - Dad/Morality 🐶

Whenever we drive past a graveyard my dad says, ‘Do you know why I can’t be buried there?’ And we all say, ‘Why not?’ And he says, ‘Because I’m not dead yet!’ - Logan/Logic 🤖

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Hey so no one is responding to any of my posts and it's starting to make me anxious. Do you know why I got kicked out of the Discord server? I'm not in the group anymore for some reason, and I can't join again. Did I do something? Because if I did something to upset you guys just tell me and I'll leave you alone, but I thought I was on good terms with the people in this fandom and now just no one will talk to me and explain what's going on.

idk??? i have zero problems with u dude. i haven’t been on the discord server so i can’t say anything about that, but that sounds weird?? we are literally the most drama-free fandom ive ever seen and i cant imagine ppl would shut you out like that

does anyone care to explain whats going on


Stanuary week three: Memories
Bit by bit all of his memories return, but not all of them are good ones.

You can see all of my Stanuary entries here.