• me:*takes a deep breath*
  • me:i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever:yes, you love Bokuto Koutarou, we know, you love Bokuto so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Bokuto Koutarou, we KNOW, you love Bokuto, you fricking love Bokuto, okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE BOKUTO KOUTAROU. WE GET IT.

Okay so I was walking back to my dorm from the library and there are a few trees and stuff to the left side of the freshman dorm in front of where my dorm is


Revise Time! 

Well, it’s time! Time to advertise, yes. Don’t you think this year is a good year to celebrate SoloShe week?

That’s right! I’m happily announcing the..

SoloShe week 2016!

Now’s the time to light up a path for those fangirls and fanboys who love SoloShe even though they don’t have enough screentime.

May it be an art, fanfiction, AMV, gifs and every good damn stuff about Soloshe can be accepted! No, forget it! Just give us all of the SoloShe love because w h y n o t?!

What is SoloShe week, anyway? 

SoloShe week is a one-week event to show your appreciation for Solomon and Sheba (and their relationship) from Magi. 

But wait! One moment to be specific, keep in mind that;

✴ Never bash or hate on other ships! If we’re talking about SoloShe, I doubt we have other rivals for this ship but avoid bashing other ships. We’re here to celebrate their relationship, not to use the event to destroy other ships!

✴ No plagiarism! As an admin with copyright problems, everyone should and everything that is contributed must be all new and original. No reposting, no copying, no plagiarism without the real permission from the original posters! Kat is very tight about the rules, she merely wants brand new content, whether it’s not in the taste of being neat and clean, we want original contents! [If the permission to a certain submission for the event is approved, we shall allow it.]

✴ Last but not the least, have fun! There’s no harm in trying! We are very friendly and we don’t intend to bite someone so oblivious.

The event will start on September 19th to 25th. Every posts should have the tag #solosheweek within the first five tags. We shall see the beautiful works of every Soloshe fans! Or if you’re scared of your post getting lost, just tag us in the post with @solosheweek2016 in the caption and not in the tags. 

Here we are, the PROMPTS:

Day I, September 19th: Marriage | Comparison/Contrast

    They’ve been going out! What’s the harm for Solomon to propose to her? Hard to imagine. With that thought alone, he has to wonder whether what brings them close is their comparison or contrast. 

Day II, September 20th:  AU (Alternate Universe) | Summer/Winter

     “And when I see him, the sun struck harshly to me. He has his usual summer clothes, sweat dripping off his face. I imagined, what if we both eat the ice cream together? What if we both stayed in the school at the very day of summer break? Together, alone?”

    Alternate Universe! What makes you think of a great setting for these two dorks? Will the season be hot as summer or cold as winter? 

Day III, September 21th: Friendship | Bravery/Confidence

    Will Solomon forever treat her like a child? Is the relationship between him and her enough to suffice her thoughts? Was it confidence that made him look up at her? Or was it bravery that made her heart throb for him? The two of them know this very well — they have this type of personality that made them look at each other in a different point of view.

Day IV, September 22th: Change | Smile/Frown

     “We changed for a very reason.”

      “We changed.”

     But, when the change happened, did that produce happiness for him to smile? Did that produce sorrow for  her to frown?

Day V, September 23th: Family | Beginnings/Endings

     A family is made when couple loves each other. They have their son, healthy and strong. His name is Aladdin. A fate must be destined to see their beginnings and endings. Will they be the best parents? Will Aladdin grow of who his parents anticipate him to be?

Day VI, September 24th: Quotes | Acceptance/Rejection

    “When I met him, my whole monotone world became colorful.”

    “My eyes brigthened when she stood in front of me.”

     “Will he ever accept me?”

     “What if she rejects the whole lot of me?”

Day VII, September 25th: Free Day | Dreams/Destiny

    Her dream is to serve her father. His destiny is to stand against his father. But when the two of them met, was she freed from her ideals? Or was he fated to suffer from his destiny?

And, that’s it! Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to reblog so our every fellow SoloShe shippers knows about the upcoming event.

If you’ve got any questions, ask us! The ask box/inbox is always open!

We hope for everyone to join! 

Sheba’s too serious about this.

Or maybe she’s just afraid?

Arba, don’t go starting it.

Solomon, please.

Well, that's—

That’s vE RY C O L D 

She’s trying hard!

Aaaand, that’s how we go.

Thank you for reading! I hope everyone joins!