1 year ago, @nolanthebiggestnerd told me “Your stuff is really cool! I really encourage you to get back into the art scene! You’ve got so much potential! :)”

I stopped back then because I felt like I ran out of creative things to draw. My ‘style’ at the time limited me to drawing very similar things.

But, a year later and being surrounded by some of my favorite drawings I’ve ever done I have to thank Nolan for giving me that little push to pick it back up again.

This drawing (which I can’t believe I didn’t post because it’s like, my second favorite) was the one I sent to him. This drawing was so good, that my mom got it tattooed on her shoulder.

So from me to you, reader. If you have a hobby that you enjoyed doing whether it be drawing, model painting, video editing, or cooking. Even if you think you weren’t particularly skilled at it. It’s always worth it to go back. Either for a afternoon, or a whole year.

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hii!! i just wanted to pop by and let you know i'm reading p.g. wodehouse because of you (i hadn't really heard of him before i started following your blog). i like this mike guy already (i'm reading mike at wrykyn) :)

Oh my goodness, best news ever! This makes me so happy!! :) :) 

Mike is a cutie and I love him to death and I hope you’re willing to slog through a lot of scenes of complex sports being played in this book because it’s so extremely worth it for all the strong comedic content to come. Wodehouse is one of my favorite authors.

thenicult asked:

parks & rec!

  • Favorite character: Ben Wyatt
  • Second favorite character: Leslie Knope
  • Least favorite character: FUCK YOU JAM YOU PIECE OF SHIT.
  • The character I’m most like: Ben Wyatt forever and always.
  • Favorite pairing: BEN AND LESLIE.
  • Least favorite pairing: Champion X Death
  • Favorite moment: Okay so I have a lot. Ben taking Leslie to Paris is probably number one since it’s my tattoo but I also love Smallest Park and I love drugged out Ben. My favorite scene ever is “I’m feeding your eagle, he’s starving” but then Leslie is running for Governor KILLS ME because that’s when I lost it and I could go on forever. 
  • Rating out of 10: infinity/10

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The first character I first fell in love with: Probably Buffy? I mean I was young and not necessarily sophisticated enough to look to the sides. Which is ironic because Buffy as a person and as a character develop so much as you move through the series. 
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Giles is hands down my favorite character and in the beginning I wouldn’t have assumed that. Anya is a close runner up - she vastly improved the show as a whole, and any scene that she was ever in. 
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: While I wouldn’t say that I don’t love Spike, I’m definitely not one of his screaming fans. And I feel like post-season-3 nobody really ever loved Angel ever again? So that might not count. 
The character I love that everyone else hates: The only character everyone hates is Dawn. And I don’t hate her. That’s the best I can give you. 
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Willow’s great and all but my fires for her have cooled a bit. She’s at her best when she’s skinning some motherfuckers and not mentally violating the people she claims to love. 
The character I would totally smooch: Construction worker Xander. 
The character I’d want to be like: GILES. In my heart of hearts I’m a bookish, scotch-swilling dilettante with secret magic knowledge. 
The character I’d slap: Jonathan or Andrew. Both great characters for what they’re there for, but eminently slappable. 
A pairing that I love: DRUSILLA/DARLA (technically Angel, but whatev)
A pairing that I despise: Spike/Buffy had a lot of potential, but then they had to do the whole rape storyline to support the awkward mystical poorly-defined “soul crap.” The fact that he was slowly becoming a decent person through behavior was really interesting, but it didn’t fit into the show’s annoying mythos so…I don’t know. Lots of weird unpleasant shit there.  

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1, 3, 10, and 29 sorry for so many :)

1. If you could travel to another decade, what would it be and why?

umm 50′s because i just like that style the dinners, rockabilly things if that makes sense or the 80′s because of the goth scene 

3. What’s the best halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

hmmm maybe my Harley Quinn costume i don’t really have one since i haven’t had the best, maybe this year will be a best halloween costume

10. What is your spirit animal?

hmmm a bat ^o^

29. Who is your favorite mythological figure/ancient god(dess)?

Hades or Aphrodite 

For Anon you don’t have to apologize i like being asked lots of questions, so i thank you for asking me questions :)

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5, 6,7, 16, 19, 26

oh wow, an ask.


5. favorite female character

Isabelle Lightwood owns every portion of my soul

6. least favorite character

Maureen - the only good thing she did was kill Camille

7. favorite part of all the books?

Does TFSA count? Because if it does then when Magnus and Alec talked about keeping the baby. If it doesn’t count then the scene where Clary creates the binding rune (and the ‘see the one you love most’ rune) in the hall in CoG - first time I ever really liked her. Or the Malec kiss in the hall. (CoG was my favourite book, okay?)

16. warlock, werewolf, or vampire?

Warlock 100%

19. if you could change something in the books, what would it be?

I would change a fair few things but the biggest one would be any page where Clace made me want to smash my head into a wall. They are a great couple, they belong together so obviously, but sometimes their obsession with each other was too much for my cynical soul to handle.


26. what are you most excited to see?

Everything. That is a legitimate answer. 

trishxwalker asked:

character: Luna Lovegood (feel free to ignore the last one XD)

lmao too late about that last one

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: ginny weasley or neville longbottom

general opinions: luna is one of my favorite characters ever and she’s such a precious cinnamon roll. she’s just such a good person at heart and that scene when they see her bedroom with all the portraits of her friends broke my heart but made me love her even more because you can tell she cherishes her friends so much and luna, my bby girl.

send me a character!

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For the character thing,I'll give you Birds

First you come into my home and throw puns at me.

Then you come back and throw BIRDS at me?!



I’ll do it.

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'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2' Adds Comedian Steve Agee

This is legit one of my favorite photographs ever.

James Gunn has been promising some cast announcements and sharing some behind the scenes pics from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. One such casting announcement just came through unofficial channels: Doug Benson’s Doug Loves Movies podcast.

While Benson was interviewing Scoot McNairy for the podcast, their mutual friend comedian Steve Agee came up in the conversation, at which point Benson revealed, “[Steve] just found out because he’s in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, he has to shoot that bullsh*t instead of being here with us today.”

So, it looks like the film already stacked with funny actors is getting even more comic relief with Steve Agee, whom I’ll always remember fondly from the now-on-hiatus Nerd Poker podcast and as one of the big orange gays from The Sarah Silverman Program. He’s the one dressed as a can of Tab above, and yes that was the most appropriate picture for this post.

Now we’ll have to see what species he’ll be playing when the film opens May 5, 2017. Perhaps he’ll be a Weekend Dracula. *freeze frame, Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” plays*

(Via Comics Alliance)

I’ve just got to say I love Ferguson only because she’s such a deep, intriguing character played by a beautiful, great actress but my favorite characters are the Queen Bea team, including Maxine. I love her. She had so much strength and compassion toward others while fighting her own demons that there is way too little props toward her. I also have to talk about that I love Franky and the Fridget ship. That moment where she leaves prison and Bridget is sitting there waiting for her was one of the most romantic scenes I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of the season three finale, I know Ferguson did some awful things but i feel like she redeemed herself at least a little bit by saving Doreen’s baby. She just went about it wrong. She went about ALL of it wrong! Lol

bensondunwoody asked:

Yooo for the trc asks, 1, 2, and 10

1 - Do you like Maggie?

pppppppp no not really!! i kinda dislike her a lot actually!!!! i respect her abilities as an author and whatnot but as a person she just makes me go ‘yikes!!!’ coupled with ‘wow i can’t believe you really typed that all out’

2 - Favorite raven boy?

noah!!! noah always noah. ever since i first read his very first scene i just knew he was the one i’d pour my heart and soul into

10 - Favorite book?

some of my fave quotes come from the second one and it’s so engaging i love it!!! but i also love all the content the third one provides. its really a toss up between those two but i really like the third one because noah is doing stuff and being great and doing his best so!!!

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Marian anon stopping by to say hello!! We just finished blocking through all of act one and I've got some anecdotes for you: -the guy playing Robin has to kiss my hand during *our first meeting* and we had to redo it like five times because the entire. cast. couldn't stop giggling (including us) -don't get me started on the finale kiss that we have to block next week -my best friend there is *my* lady in waiting and we've got a whole scene together and it's now my favorite scene EVER

wow. U NEED TO MARRY THIS BOY. jk…. make sure he doesn’t think this is something real…….. be good…. be SMART and clean AND STAY HAPPY LOVE U!! SO HAPPY TO HEAR HOW WELL THINGS ARE