They Called Me Iron Fist

For obvious reasons Danny Rand has been on my mind. There are a lot of ways to approach that character, and frankly I’m not in a position to say which, if any, is right for the current moment. This is what would work for me, though:

Danny Rand is the worst student K'un Lun has ever seen, and he knows it.

Not through any particular failing of character, mind. But in a hidden temple populated by elite aspirants from the world’s greatest schools and orphans raised in the tradition from birth, even the most motivated nine-year-old foreigner is going to have a lot of ground to make up. Picture young Danny stumbling through half-understood drills, towering over the toddlers in the beginner’s class (who then enthusiastically toss him around because he makes for such a handy practice dummy). Eventually, regretfully, knowing that it will stunt his development as a martial artist, his masters decide there’s only one path that will do him any good before his hated foe dies of old age: the staggeringly unsubtle Way of the Iron Fist.

So while his peers are learning the delicate art of flowing through combat with minimal effort and devastating effect, Danny punches rocks. It’s effective enough, in its own way, and certainly impressive to the average rube on the street, but Danny has been to the foot of the mountain and he knows how high it goes. And, though his vengeance compels him to return to the world beyond the art, and his good character and sense of justice compels him to stay out in the world where his skills, meager though they are, may be of use…

In his heart he will always be the worst student at K'un Lun, and he would like nothing more than to return and, at last, begin to learn the real martial art he glimpsed long ago.

Wholesome Headcanons: An Instrument Hunt

- One Saturday Wylan decides to find Jesper an instrument
- Wylan is a firm believer that there is a perfect instrument for everyone
- So this rainy day Wylan makes it his mission to find Jesper’s
- Jesper is of course 150% on board with this idea, he’s on board with anything Wylan is passionate about honestly
- They go to the University Music Store, a reputable place because Wylan is in charge, also they keep instruments handy for people to try
- The cashier is a bit afraid of Jesper in his green plaid pants and equally lurid green shirt, but he is reassured by the presence of Wylan in his burgundy sweater and white collared shirt
- The store itself is paneled with some sort of material to keep the sounds of inexperienced players from reaching the ears of everyone in Ketterdam
- It also has a boatload of instruments, so many
- Wylan almost passes out from excitement
- He begins the search by weeding out the obvious
- No tubas, because if you can sit in a tuba, you cannot play the tuba, and Jesper can sit quite comfortably in a tuba.
- Also, no strings because Jesper has his heart set on something mildly loud and obnoxious, in a good musical way, and strings are not loud and obnoxious enough
- They wander around for a bit through the guitars, which are all carved super intricately, and point out all the prettiest ones
- They find a section of just triangles and Jesper tries to see how many he can hang from his ears until the cashier tells him to knock it off
- They move on through the woodwind section
- Now the most woodwind instruments have a little wooden reed, which is where you put your mouth, and it needs to be wet to be playable
- Wylan buys a reed so Jesper could try the clarinet, and instructs Jesper to do what most musicians do, put it in his mouth for a bit before putting on a clarinet 
- Jesper does this
- Then he opens his mouth to tell Wylan it tastes weird and nearly swallows the reed
- So all the woodwinds are gone there’s no fucking way Jesper is putting a reed in his mouth again those things are the one kind of deadly situation Jesper does not want to be in
- As they go through the store they point at random instruments saying “that’s you”
- In the end, they decide Jesper looks like a bassoon cuz it’s just a big long tube
- Wylan, they decide, looks like a trombone, they don’t know why it just seems right
- Finally, they enter the brass section
- Jesper immediately goes and picks up a trumpet that’s got engraving all around the bell
- His first try he makes the most ridiculous off tune toot, and the second try, and the third 
- But it’s cool because it is loud and obnoxious and Wylan can teach him to be in tune
- And the design is just gaudy enough to be barrel appropriate 
- So they buy it
- and within a few months of diligent training with Wylan, Jesper is quite good
-  he even learns to manipulate the metal in little ways so the trumpet can make noises it shouldn’t theoretically be able to make

Randomly recalls my mom previously trying to discourage me from learning Japanese (and successfully discouraging one of my sisters from getting into French) because apparently all I ever need to know is English, because I live in America, when could it ever come in handy to know any Japanese.

speedwagon had to die after part 2 because part 3 would have been ten minutes long. holly joestar gets sick? speedwagon himself flies to egypt without being targeted because he isn’t a stand user and with the help of a handy dandy speedwagon foundation wrecking ball he destroys dio’s mansion and straight up kills him for daring to breathe at a joestar. part 3 over. part 4 never happens because speedwagon confiscated both stand arrows. bang.

Compliments in Korean

잘생기셨네요  You’re handsome

잘했어!  Great job!

내면이 외면보다 더 아름답네요  Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside

내가 더 나은 사람이 되고 싶게 만들어요.  You make me want to be a better person

재킷이 잘 어울려요.  That jacket looks nice on you(you can replace jacket with anything jacket was just the first thing thought of)

머리가 좋네요.  You’re smart!

넌 멋진 친구야.  You’re an awesome friend

유머 감각이 좋네요.  You have a great sense of humor

웃는 얼굴이 아름다워요.  Your smile is beautiful

네가 해 준 요리를 좋아해.  I love your cooking

아름다워요.  You look gorgeous

말솜씨가 좋네요.  You have a way with words

힘든 프로젝트였는데 성과가 기대 이상이에요.  I know that was a tough project but your performance exceeded my expectations.(This is a great one to use to students or if you’re a boss, to employees)

이력서가 인상적이네요.  Your resume is impressive

안목이 있네요.  You have great taste

I hope that these come in handy because complimenting someone is always a great thing to do💕

I’m seriously not over how Viktor needs to let his guard down

Yūri probably has No Fucking Clue™ why Viktor is interested in him at all. He thinks Viktor is out of his league. Recall how he spent like *a decade* idolizing this guy—posters, moves, dog breeds, etc. And Yūri probably still sees himself like this:

while Viktor is this:

Which is only reinforced by the people around him.

Yes, they are wearing rings. But they haven’t yet had the Conversation. Yūri tempers his expectations by calling the ring a good luck charm, a thank you gift, whatever it’s all bullshit. [Edit: It has been brought to my attention that “good luck charm” is a poor localization of “omamori”, the charms one would buy at a shrine which do indeed hold some superstitious power. Yūri says he has always wanted one. And without access to a shrine, he subs in … a wedding band? Which. Is like. So tragic? I can’t get a little folded charm with string so I’ll give him. This thing that symbolizes eternity? Honey. I mean it’s a pretty good reason to buy a ring, as a thank you omamori. But you’re still just hiding and FUCK is it sadder than I thought. There’s a comic that *for my life* I cannot find again that is the best translation of Yūri’s feelings at the moment he gives Viktor the ring, were he self-aware enough to be so clear voiced in his rationalization process. I think it was in dark red ink? SOMEONE HELP]

So Phichit Motherfucking Chulanont Says the Words before either of them. Then Viktor—playfully—Says the Words, but Yūri does not. He just devolves into embarrassment because this is where the banquet reveal occurs, and it’s a handy excuse not to call it what it is because anxiety is a force of chronic mislabeling. And playful comes across as teasing anyway, so what the fuck does Yūri know?

And then this happens:

I LOVE YOU JJ BUT. GOD. DAMN IT. YOU. ASS. HOLE. So here we have further confirmation that Yūri isn’t good enough to have or keep Viktor, like he hasn’t “earned” him. What is that based on, subjective plainness? Inability to win a gold medal in *international competition*? Jeezus Yūri.

Meanwhile, back in Reality, this face:

happened in response to this:

sweaty and wasted and at his lowest, his most vulnerable, so honestly achievement/lack thereof and looks and body and poledancing had nothing to do with it. It’s just that somebody took Viktor down off the pedestal, treated him as an equal, and simply requested his company. That is what Viktor wants, and Yūri still doesn’t know that.

As an anxious person, you are not rational. You then spend all your time rationalizing. This person who’s too good for you, you’ll give them outs at every opportunity, or cut them off at the pass, or just generally fucking sabotage the good things you have, because it’s easier to destroy them than await an end you feel is coming and which is out of your control.

VIKTOR. MY DUDE. You have to tell the truth. You have to show your weakness, prove that you are also human, and Say the Words Damn It.

This whole thing falls apart otherwise.

Because these are always handy, here are some Hayikuu fic recommendations for amazing one shots

These are just my favourites I thought I should share with the world. 

Pairings: Iwaoi, Bokuaka, Kuroken, Matsuhana, Kyouhaba, Ennotana


untitled by snoqualmie -  Words: 1,092

Soft and cute Iwaoi.

Dinner and a Movie by rikke -  Words: 11,010

Fake relationship, do I need to say more?

Holding on to You by lahdolphin -  Words: 11,464

Harry Potter au with twists that left me speechless.

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Soft Gladio Headcanons:

  • Manages to find the softest pj and sweat pants imaginable
  • He thinks his lover wearing his hoodies is the cutest thing ever
  • BIG hugs, 10/10 makes you feel safe and like everything is going to be okay
  • Super ticklish which comes in handy because he is tall and will absolutely hold stuff out of your reach
  • Pro tip: poke his ribs
  • Lets little kids win against him in arm wrestling
  • Is a human furnace A+ for snuggling on cold days
  • Loves cuddling while he reads

Regina: Emma none of this is real. *kills parents* see none of this is real

Emma: *faux Robin shows up* Regina none of this is real. None of it, let’s go home. To our actual family and friends who are waiting for us.

Regina: *Doesn’t do shit

Emma: *Doesn’t jump into the portal, leaving Regina behind* Should’ve jumped into the portal when I had the chance, but noooooo the writers make me cater to this bitch.


Why Overwatch’s CNY event brings a tear to my eye

Do you guys know what people think of when Chinese is usually brought up?

On the good side, we are known to be nerds that wear thick glasses and lightning bruiser speed math because we don’t know how to have fun.

On the bad side, we are known to be disgusting, chaotic, unruly, and just… made for laugh.

And for our representations in games…

We are known as gold farmers. People that farm gold to sell. Goddamn Chinese as people in WoW would say in general chat.

We aren’t very well represented as my girlfriend would tell me. When was the last time you saw a kickass actual Chinese protagonist in a video game?

I’ll give you a hint, if they existed, it is only because I had a handy character customization.

Blizzard is one of the very, very few gaming companies that actually pay a lot of respect to Chinese culture. This was evident when they first introduced the Lunar Festival Event in WoW. 

They were literally the first MMORPG out there that started celebrating Chinese holidays.

Maybe it is because they have a huge fanbase in China, some might call it pandering, but it doesn’t matter.

When Blizzard first announced Mei. I CHEERED. And even more so when I found out she actually speaks Mandarin. She even has an accent!

And she did look like she really could have came out of the street of Shanghai. Somewhere. It was great.

And she kicks some serious ass in game.

But when Blizzard announced the CNY event for Overwatch. I was THRILLED. A part of me wasn’t really expecting it – I thought they’d go straight for Valentine’s Day special. So, I was so so so decently surprised.

At the intro (oh my god, Mercy actually writes the letters for Happy Chinese New Year in CHINESE! Tracer dances the dragon dance!!) and skins (JOURNEY TO THE WESSSSSST!!). 

It was all so unforgiving Chinese, I loved it.

But there’s more to it than that.

It is because it portrayed the holiday – something that is even more important than Christmas to us – as a really positive light. There’s spray of Zarya FEASTING like a Chinese, dances for celebration, and just… so pretty and colorful.

I know we aren’t always like that, but in the world of poor portrayal of Chinese in media, Overwatch portrayed the good side of the Chinese culture.

And there’s so little good portrayal of Chinese traditions in Western culture.

It can definitely be better, like Mei’s waist. But there’s a whole lot of good being done here.

So fuck off to anyone that wants to talk about cultural appropriation. 

I am happy that Overwatch and their beloved characters will celebrate Chinese New Years with us and showcase our traditions as actual human beings.

And we are definitely from a very colorful culture.

i would watch the fuck out of a benjamin sisko cooking show

Dating Them Includes - Hoseok (BTS)

Trying this out guys, I fucking love these things ~ Taebaby

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

  • Really tight hugs
  • Like really tight hugs ok
  • ‘Hobi get your thick ass legs off me, they’re heavy’
  • ‘You know you love riding these thighs’
  • Enjoying witnessing J-nope first hand
  • Very emotional boy
  • Like he’d keep you up all night just talking (but you wouldn’t mind)
  • Talking about how he feels and wanting to know how you feel
  • Wanting to make sure he keeps you happy because he’d constantly be worrying that he’s not enough but honestly how is he not?
  • Reassuring him, that yes, you’re very happy with him
  • Really long, really sensual sex because he’d be super into pleasuring you till exhaustion
  • Them thighs come in handy, ya get me
  • Pretty dang loud in bed (like a stallion
  • He’d get off on just your facial expressions and the sounds you made so there wouldn’t be one weak second in his sex game ok
  • Don’t fight me on that last one
  • Constantly telling him that he’s a very important part of the band (because I feel like he may ba slightly self-depreciating of himself)
  • Staying up late for him till he gets home
  • Him scolding you for not getting enough sleep
  • But secretly loving the shit out of the fact that you cared about him enough to wait up
  • Him telling you he loves you practically every five minutes
  • Just an overall really deep relationship
  • Very open, very honest, very caring
  • Overflowing with passion and love and fucking intense romance novel shit. You’d never think of anyone else and he’d never think of anyone else

Ok so I wasn’t going to tell this story, but I feel like it’s important.

So, for thanksgiving I went to my cousin’s house with mum, dad, and younger brother. My cousin has a 6 year old daughter, who is very interested in my art (every time I see her I always have paper handy because i know she’ll want to draw with me)

So I was sitting on the couch, drawing some Yuri on ice fan art, where chubby genderfluid Yuri had on a crop top and leggings (in the au I was drawing, Yuri still used male pronouns, but liked dressing more feminine). In the picture, Viktor was calling him “princessa”. So my little cousin comes over and she sits down next to me and watches me draw. She asked me “who is he?” So I said “he’s a character from a show I like. His name is Yuri.” She nodded and continued to watch me draw. After I had drawn yuri wearing jewelery and drawn Viktor calling him princessa, she pointed to the speech bubble and asked what it said. So I told her it said “you look beautiful, princessa.” She asked “why is he calling him princessa if he’s a boy?” So I told her “sometimes boys like being called girly names and sometimes girls like being called boyish names.” referring to genderfluid, nb people, and others who might go by such names. She smiled and nodded, and didn’t ask any further questions.

Notice how she wasn’t bothered by the fact that I drew Yuri in obviously “feminine” clothes. Notice how she wasn’t bothered by the fact that I drew viktor looking at Yuri in a loving way, with his finger under his chin and his face close. Notice how she wasn’t bothered by the fact that people don’t always follow gender roles that she’s used to seeing. She just smiled and nodded, thinking nothing else of it.

It is NOT that hard to explain to a child. They can understand at a young age that people are different and not everyone is going to fall under the cishet category. I didn’t force anything on her. I just casually told her the truth and she casually responded. THIS is how kids are when you teach them not to hate. THIS is how kids are when they learn to accept people. They are kind. They see no difference in whether someone wants to dress feminine or masculine or both or neither. They don’t care what you want to be called, or what gender you prefer to love. They don’t mind.

So please, parents who have children and are worried about them being “exposed to gay culture”, don’t shield them. Don’t teach them that they are weird of different. Teach them that they are people too. Teach them that they should be friends with those people, because a lot of people don’t want to be. Teach them that it’s okay. If you teach them to hate, you are only hurting them and the people around them.

Domestic Lawlight

where Light does all the work like changing the light bulbs, repairing the the roof and sewing holes in socks because L is a useless piece of shit. All he does is just sitting there while eating a gigantic cake, thinking “Wow my boyfriend is really handy lol”

Handy visual reference for the different house expansions.

Click the pictures for more info.

  • You have to expand the main room to the fullest (8x8) and get a second floor before you can add other rooms (but in whatever order you like from then on).
  • You also have to have a right and left room before you can purchase another architectural style than the default Mansion from Nook’s Homes.
  • The basement, room in the rear and expanding any rooms beside the main room don’t have an influence on the house exterior!

“What the hell is that?”

Bitty looked down for a moment and then back up at Kent. “It’s my fanny pack,” he said.

“No.” Kent shook his head. “No, you can’t wear that. I can’t deal with it.”

Bitty looked over Kent’s shoulder and grinned. “That’s too bad. Jack’s got one too.”

Kent whirled around to see Jack coming into the room. “No,” he whined. “Not you too, Zimms.”

Jack looked at Kent with a mystified expression. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t be seen with someone with someone who wears that!” Kent said in exasperation as he pointed at the equally ridiculous fanny pack that was around Jack’s waist.

“Why not? It holds my phone and my money.”

“It’s handy,” Bitty chimed in. “Don’t be jealous though. We got you one too.”

“No,” Kent gasped in horror. He started to back out of the bedroom. “You can’t make me.”

Jack and Bitty exchanged matching, devious grins before Jack said, “Get him.” They tackled Kent to the floor in a tangle of limbs, shouting, and laughing as Bitty distracted Kent by tickling him.

When they finally stopped, gasping and out of breath, Kent confirmed that Jack and Bitty did manage to strap a neon green fanny pack on him. “I hate you two,” he muttered as he let his head fall back to hit the floor with a thunk.

“Just admit that you love it,” Bitty laughed. He propped his head up.

“I’m not admitting anything.”

“He’s just mad because he didn’t think of it sooner,” Jack teased. He tried to kiss Kent but he dodged it.

“I’m not kissing you, traitor,” Kent grumbled without any real heat.

Bitty snuggled in closer to Kent’s other side. “Actually, you look really great in it.”

Kent snorted in response, but he let a small laugh escape at the ridiculousness of his boyfriends. “At least it isn’t yellow crocs.”


So anyway I know the newest extra was completely a joke but the implications behind it are?? Because the vine that’s being referenced involves some pretty solid gymnastics so like I’m just imagining baby Nursey taking gymnastics classes growing up and even when he switched to hockey later on he still practiced because a) why not and b) flexibility is handy if you know what I mean. And so him and Bitty bond over actually have a sense of finesse among all these clunky hockey players and like one day Nursey is showing off and doesn’t fall and Dex just??? Has to leave??? But yeah Nursey doing gymnastics is my new favorite headcanon

1/3/2017 A Handy List Of Things That Are More Fun Than Lighting The Malevolent Furnace Which Co-Exists In Our Hallway And Also In An Eldritch Dimension Where Every Thought Is A Serpent:

  1. Lighting the woodstove instead
  2. Cooking a melty cheese sandwich on the woodstove
  3. Mmmm, melty cheese sandwich
  4. Put more wood in the woodstove
  5. Put the rest of the wood in the woodstove
  6. Frantically cleaning the house in order to find some cardboard or something to put in the woodstove
  7. Do you think this would burn? 
  8. How about this?
  9. I don’t really need all this very important government paperwork, do I?

I have made this list for no reason whatsoever. Ha ha ha. Everything is fine. Nobody has to go light the furnace now.

When you remember me, which of course you will not need to do because I will return alive and definitely in possession of no less than and no more than one soul, tell them at least I made a really tasty melty cheese sandwich.

How To Wish Your Alpha (And The Pack) Merry Christmas In Five Easy(ish) Steps

@histerek | AO3 - @shipperslist

Something was up with Stiles.

Jackson knew about this stuff. After all, he hadn’t spent the majority of his life learning to read other people and teaching himself to look for subtle shifts in their body language or scent and the proper ways to react for nothing, had he? Of course, those skills had been imperative when navigating through high school while playing the alpha because that’s what he was expected to be. But it was handy at other times too — like when Stiles was acting shady and no one else seemed to pay attention.

So, Jackson decided to get to the bottom of it.

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