shoutout to all my mixed angels who don’t have people who understand that they are not an incomplete version of one race, that they do not need to choose one race to identify with, that they have to deal with people choosing whatever race is most convenient to label them as, that grew up stuck in such a grey area of not belonging to either side, who have been told they don’t look like their parents, who’ve been told to pick a side, who been told they don’t look enough of one race, who experience racism in their own families and most of all the mixed angels who are invalidated of their race or the racism they face because they are not fully /one/ race.

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Chen! We so rarely get to see your face straight on! You're such a blessing to this poisoned earth and you don't deserve all these creepy entitled anons. Have a good weekend, here's some flowers 💐

LMAOOO that’s because no one should have to endure that omg i have like ONE angle…. but thank you so much oh my god no no dont worry about them! everything is fine ♥ thank you so much angel slkdnflkl why are youu so cute i hope your saturday (or sunday) has been fantastic ;~~; ♥

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Imagine Palpatine giving Anakin a clone of Padme. On the surface Palpatine claims he is rewarding Vader for exemplary service, but really he's rubbing Vader's face in it over Padme's death.

Holy shit, that clone better be the goddamn FASTEST TALKER in the galaxy, man, because I cannot imagine her surviving five minutes alone with Vader otherwise, “reward” from Palpatine or NOT. Unless, like, sheer spite spared her, maybe, maybe just sheer spite. Of course she is not a reward, of COURSE not, Vader KNOWS she’s not, he–he–

Force, she looks just LIKE her. She doesn’t have the memories, obviously, but the Force signature and the lilt of her accent and the particular tilt to her head and the spark in the back of her eyes are all so, so similar, so very nearly PERFECT, so very nearly … so very nearly … 

“Angel”. That’s the name the Emperor gave her. 

Currently emotional over imagining Mary walking through the bunker and going into Dean’s room and seeing all the weapons hung on the walls and the lore books laying around and how it slowly dawns on her that her “little angel” was forced to live what was her worst nightmare: Growing up in the hunting life. And she’d just turn around and take his room in and is just saddened beyond belief by this revelation how her death has brought all of this on and then her gaze would fall on Dean’s desk. On the record player standing there and the vinyls and she just goes through them one after the other and you see a smile creeping up her face, because damn, her son has great taste in music. And eventually she’d pull one record out and put it on. Dean is in the kitchen at the time, pulling a beer out from the fridge. At first it’s just a sound, he can’t really make out the notes or the words. So he follows the music all the way to his room and when he is standing in the doorway he can’t help but get a lump in his throat, because Mary is standing there swaying to “Hey Jude” with her back turned to him holding the picture of him and her in her hands, the one picture where he was just a kid, the one he always kept close to his heart and in his wallet when they traveled, the one picture that sat on his desk right underneath the lamp. The one picture through which she was watching over him while he slept.


Because me and @choc-chip-pancakes have been screaming all day about the hunt, we both co-wrote this lmao:





Dirty Thoughts of an Archangel

Pairings: Gabriel x Telepathic! Reader, (mentioned) Destiel, (unrequited) Charlie x Reader 

Warnings: F-bombs, smutty thoughts, grace kink kinda thing, also fingering, Game of Thrones spoilers

The first time you heard him, it was the day you met.

Sam and Dean Winchester, rain-soaked and very pissed off at something, led a very beautiful but very shaken Hindu goddess Kali to you in a red dress for protection, despite her protests of not needing help because she was a frickin’ goddess, but you pulled through anyway, and Kali disappeared off the face of the Earth, thanks to you. Then, as you and the Winchesters went to a nearby diner to catch up, a golden-haired archangel by the name of Gabriel dropped by, thanking you and the boys for helping Kali, who he used to have a thing for. The angel sure talked a lot, so you were glad you had your cookies and cream milkshake and loads of fries (salted and extra crispy) to distract you from the admittedly handsome archangel. Just as you sipped your milkshake, listening to Sam ask Gabriel about Lucifer, you heard a voice that sounded a lot like Gabriel say, “Oh Father, the way her pretty little mouth wraps around that thick straw…I wonder how it would feel around my cock, her mouth warm and moist, her tongue-

You must have been pretty shocked at his choice of words as you sputtered, the milkshake going up to your nose. The Winchesters fawned over you instantly, asking if you were alright. Flustered, you lied. 

“Yeah, totally, milkshake went up the wrong way, that’s all.” You avoided looking at Gabriel, unsure whether you should curse or bask at your little gift.

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Concept: Bitty's graduated, he and Jack have been out for a while now. Jack and Kent have sorted their shit out and are learning to be friends again. Kent visits them in Providence before heading to NYC because they fortunately both have a few days off between games for the holidays. Kent records Zimbits having a giggly snowball fight and then near the end flips the camera to give the most unimpressed face he can muster before saying "you guys are gross" -

- which then leads to Kent getting a facefull of snowball compliments of Eric who now has the most angelic smile in place. All of this is posted to twitter and immediately blows up because a) JACK IS LAUGHING. THIS IS NOT A DRILL JACK IS LAUGHING. The most joyous and relaxed and carefree the fans have ever seen or heard out of him to date. ITS ADORABLE AND THEIR CHILD IS HAPPY.  b) ZIMBITS AND KENT IN THE SAME PLACE. IS THIS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT.  c) The snowball fight is pretty damn hilarious.

awwwww so cute

“Alexander kissed with his whole heart, a passion Magnus had never felt before. His lips worked against his like a prayer, singing his praises softly. His hands held his face like an act of veneration. Magnus had an angel kneeling before him and he wanted nothing more than to return his reverence.“ - Chapter 16 of Take Me to Church by m-aleciseverything.


You know what, i know that it doesn’t need to be your birthday for me to think how special you are, you are a beautiful angel that someone up there put on here to show, what means love and care, to show how amazingly good a person can be, you’re an example and you’re just so perfect, and when you smile, it can make the longest war calm down, when you talk birds may stop singing just to hear you ,i really wish when i die at least i can see your face close to me, at least one time, yesterday was my birthday and I don’t give a shit, because all i can think about is these girls, if something brings me peace, happiness and positivity is these girls, ally you’re just an amazing girls who deserves everything good, and you deserve to feel special, hot, loved, and believe me you may be the oldest, but you’re just a baby to us all, and i feel, maybe I’m wrong but sometimes may you’re the one who keep ot5 together and i wish deepest in my heart that you made it, as you expect, happy birthday darling, love you so much angel

Reasons You Should Love Im Jaebum
  • he is super hella talented
  • he is super hella dedicated
  • he may act all tough and cool but we really know that he is just a soft teddy bear inside
  • he tries not to be cute but he is
  • he acts like cute things burn him
  • which only makes him all the more adorable
  • just watch him freak out over his Dream High Two acting, you will be sold
  • he has this cool and chic persona about him
  • his vOICE
  • and I mean talking voice and singing voice
  • because he does this thing when he is all embarassed or mushy and gets all soft spoken and gentle and it is enough to melt the coldest of hearts
  • and he can sing like an angel
  • 2jae
  • he is a FANTASTIC leader
  • he is very caring
  • always shows his gratitude
  • always works his best
  • even then he thinks that isn’t good enough and he can do better
  • you can just tell by the look on his face when he is preforming and thanking everyone that he truly loves what he does and it maKES ME WANT TO CRY 
  • he is so so grateful to all his fans
  • he is also equally as grateful to his members
  • he is literally the most over dramatic little bean omg
  • can we take a minute to appreciate his good looks? because hOT DAMN
  • can we also take a minute to appreciate how cute he gets when you say he is handsome
  • because he doesn’t think he is at all
  • and he can go from hiding his face to pretending to bop you on the head with a toy hammer to just being a confused little puppy wondering why you are calling him cute/handsome
  • grandpa!JB
  • he doesn’t like to speak English but he is so fucKING CUTE WHEN HE DOES
  • he acts like the dad of the group and the leader most of the time but then he has these moments where he is like ‘fuck it if you can’t beat them join them’ and does thESE CUTE LITTLE THINGS WITH THE REST OF THE MEMBERS THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO SQUEAL
  • did I mention that he is cute even when he tries not to be cute?
  • he has a heart of gold and he absolutely does his best not to disappoint anyone
  • his smile can light up the darkest of days
  • it can also been told that his smile has helped bring sailors home safely during storms
  • precious bean that must be protected

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Preference: TFW finding out that you left them to work with Crowley

But little did they know he was lying and he in fact kidnapped you because he knows they have a soft spot for you, and so that he will be able to use their weakness against them.

“Well sorry boys but it seems to me that Y/N is tired of you not being able to keep her safe anymore, you know she needs a real man to help her.” Crowley said with a smirk on his face and with those word the brothers and the angel fell hopeless after months of them tracking you to only find out that you have left them all along. 


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This is my first ever preference! Tell me if you liked it and if you want a one shot to it or something as a part 2 maybe. So excited for things to come, send me requests for one shots or imagines or anything u want, ill be more than happy to write more :)

Happy birthday to my amazing wife, my soul mate, the love of my life, my better half. I hope you’re going to have (bc it’s pretty early (or late but u know)) an amazing day with your family and friends and that you’re having fun an smiling all day because you know how much i love you beautiful smile💖 Everything about you is amazing from your perfect face to your beautiful art! You’re so nice and amazing and you deserve only the best on your big day👭 I love you so much my angel, Su 💍👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💍 @su-pectrum

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Can you write a few scenarios about Harry and y/ns breasts? Like him staring at them in a low cut top or them bouncing in his face during sex

A few scenarios… hmm…. I’ve been mulling this over some cause i’m not sure quite how to go about it, but here’s a few random lines!:

**”Harry? Harry.”

Innocent green eyes snap up to yours and twin eyebrows are high on his forehead. “Hmm?”

“My eyes are up here, love,” you remind him with a roll of your eyes. 

“Sorry, angel,” he says cheekily.

**It makes you feel powerful when you ride him because he gets this glazed over look in his eyes and he loses focus completely. He’s hypnotized by the sway of them, he’s confessed to you a time or two before, and you know that he gets really lost when he reaches up with large, impossibly widespread hand to cup, and knead, and flick your nipple with his thumb. 

“C’mere,” he rasps to you inevitably. “Lean down, wanna–” 

His mouth is wet around your nipple and you gasp and hold onto the headboard to steady yourself, but you feel your eyes roll up in your head and feel anything but.

**He’s nuzzling your neck as he hugs you from behind and you feel two hands sliding over your stomach. “Come t’bed, love,” he rasps in your ear, trying to convince you the only way he knows how. “Miss you s’all, an’ I leave soon, don’t I?” 

He squeezes your breasts gently after cupping them and you sigh and lean back against him.

“I’m busy,” you mumble. 

“Please?” he whispers. “Please… please… please….”

**He’s working in his little office when you interrupt him. ”How’s this one?”

“What, angel?”

“This dress,” you ask him. “Do you like it?”

“I like everything you wear.”

“That’s not true!”

“Isn’t it?”

“No, because I don’t like everything you wear.”

Oi! S’not nice!” he frowns at you, put out.

“Harry, can you answer me?” you request, exasperated yourself.

Harry finally looks up from his work, amused, but he blinks quickly and his jaw goes slack for a moment. You think that’s a good sign, but….


Harry’s lips twitch, lost in his own thoughts, and then he holds out his hand for you. You huff but approach him and take his hand and he pulls you right up next to him and he looks up at you. “S’perfect,” he tells you, keeping his eyes locked on you as he leans in and presses a kiss right to your low-cut neckline.
Would Angels Envy Us?
They see suffering as bad, because it is, and they see it as valuable, because it has been made valuable.

“…I often think about that adage, “If angels could envy, they would envy us for suffering.” Apparently Saint Faustina said something similar but different in her diary, and it was turned into a Hallmark card phrase. Now all Catholics of a certain age use it; they tend to waggle it at ill or disabled folks when we complain.  They’re trying to say that we shouldn’t despair, because suffering is infinitely valuable in the end, and they’re right. But it sounds like they’re saying we should be happy to be miserable, as if we were Oscar the Grouch. Too many times to count I have heard or thought of that saying, tried to apply it to my own life, struggled to feel thankful for my cross, and failed. Too many times I’ve wondered if all nine choirs of angels are upstairs, bodiless but bending down, frowns on their non-faces, shaking their non-heads and clucking their non-tongues at my bungling inability to appreciate my cross.

It wasn’t until earlier this afternoon, when I happened to be complaining with my head leaned against the battered Archangel Michael icon, that I realized that the saying is more than a little bit ludicrous.

“If angels could envy, they would envy our suffering,” is the sort of thought experiment that always mystifies me.

Some angels did sin, and they are still sinning now– the reason they had only one chance is because they are outside of time, in the eternal Now where your yes is always yes and your no is never. They only had one choice because there is only one Now. They fell like lightning from the sky then and are still falling now, for they are voluntarily rocketing away from God, but God is everywhere present and fills all things, and there is nowhere to hide from His love.

And what was their sin? It was pride, and it was also envy. Wishing to be like God in ways that they were not. Envying the little ones who were to come, whom they were to serve, even though the angels were greater than we. Resenting that a woman, a being embodied, a thing made not only of spirit but of meat and blood, would bear the Son when the Son came to be one with His beloved. Resenting that the Son Himself would become meat and blood instead of angel. Resenting us because we are little, envying us because God wished to make us great in our littleness.

Those angels could envy, and they did envy us, but not for suffering. Suffering had not come to be, yet.

And so the angels fell. And so they tried to drag us with them, and so Man was deceived, and fell from grace. But we are smaller than the angels. The angels did not think to envy us for that, but perhaps they should have. Because we are smaller, we exist in time. Because we exist in time, we can repent. And the Son came to Earth to become a thing like us, a thing not only made of spirit but also of meat and blood. Because we had made ourselves mortal, He chose to die. Because we had made ourselves beings that can suffer, He chose to allow Himself to suffer whatever we wished to inflict on Him. He freely chose to die if we would freely choose to kill Him, and we did. And the Son took what we gave Him– suffering and death– and bore it down into hell where the fallen angels are still descending to escape His love, and then bore it up again into the Heavens where the Father sits in glory among the angels that never sinned. The Son took our suffering and made it His own. And so our suffering has value, more value than mortal or angelic tongue could tell, because our suffering belongs to Christ.

But it remains suffering. It remains a bad thing. It remains a condition our Father wishes we could be without, and a condition that will pass away when all things are set right.

I can’t explain to you what suffering is. The mystery is too vast; there are no words to do it justice. But I can fumble at it, like a blind man fumbling to know what an elephant is, and I can tell you one aspect of suffering, and not be wrong. This is part of what suffering is.

The good angels are in Heaven now, and are not blind. They see as God sees; they see rightly. They see all where we see part, and they can see how it seems to us. They see suffering as bad, because it is, and they see it as valuable, because it has been made valuable. Suffering is something they wish we could be without. They’re joyful at the glory God brings out of suffering, but they don’t see suffering as good because it isn’t. The angels see my pain and yours more clearly than I ever could. They know the value of my suffering, but they also know that I can’t see that and can’t be expected to see, little creature that I am. So they must feel for me, and empathize, and want to help.

Archangel Michael is probably thrilled every time I lean on that icon and tell him my woes.

He probably helps me bear my cross in a thousand ways I can’t see, every day.

He doesn’t look down his non-nose at me, because that’s pride. That’s a sin. That’s something the others did, the ones who have fallen and are falling still.

The evil ones who envy us don’t envy our suffering. They see the bad in it, and think they’ve scored a point against the eternal majesty of Heaven; I don’t think they can comprehend the value Christ gave suffering. Best not to bother with them. But don’t be afraid to go to the Heavenly angels. They don’t envy us for anything, but they do want to help. Ask them.”

Big Bang Reacting to holding their newborn for the first time.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

T.O.P - The small baby girl laid in her father’s arms as she curiously stared at his face, knowing that she’s looking at her father. Anyone who’d walked into the room would be able to see that she was his daughter, and it wasn’t just because of the resemblance between the two. It was the look in his eyes. The love and protectiveness that you could see just from his gaze. His daughter was his precious angel, and he’d do everything to make her happy.

It was an odd sight watching the two of them look at each other, silent, as she held tightly onto one of his fingers. It almost felt like you’d been intruding, and you could feel the joy radiating off of him.

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Taeyang - Taeyang wasn’t quite sure what to do when you handed him his son. He was sweaty, shaky, and he wasn’t sure how to hold him properly. But the second the baby was situated, his paternal instincts quickly settled in. His son, almost an exact replica of Taeyang, had opened his eyes for a moment to see who now held him, before shutting them again.

“So sleepy.” he laughed as he gazed at his son. He began to poke at his son’s feet, wanting to see his son open his eyes again, only to receive a shrill whine. “So stubborn.” he mumbled again as he opted to watch his son sleep in his arms.

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G-Dragon - His daughter had been spoiled from the second he found about her existence. He declared that she needed the best furniture, paired with the best clothes, and not to mention the mountain of toys he bought. So as he sat in the bed next to you, the small child quietly sleeping in his arms, a smile stuck on his lips as he gazed at his daughter. He found himself pointing out all her features, cooing as he gently pecked her face with light kisses.

His daughter, even though barely even a day old, was the most precious thing in his life. Besides you of course.

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Daesung - Your son was the most important thing to him, and it had been that way since the pregnancy. He was excited about his baby, and the nervousness never really kicked in. Until now. Looking at his son, wrapped neatly in a fuzzy blue blanket in his arms, all of his worries went through his mind. What if he wasn’t a good father? What if the baby didn’t like him? It didn’t take long for those thoughts to die down though. As Daesung held fists sons tiny hands in his large ones, a large, toothless smile that looked exactly like his father’s grew on the baby’s face. Maybe his son was more like him than he originally thought.

And he wished you luck.

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Seungri - Seungri had been nervous throughout the whole pregnancy, every appointment and every kick made him want to pass out; it had all been for this one beautiful moment. The tiny pink bundle laid peacefully in his arms, content while she played with her father’s finger. He couldn’t help the dopey grin that seemed to be permanently etched onto his face, as it grew larger with the happy squeals that left his daughter.

From where you sat on the hospital bed, you watched as your husband gazed at your daughter, and you could tell in that moment that she was going to be a daddy’s girl.

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