I like that bit in “Alone Together” when they’re trying to teach Steven that synchronized snapping-running-jumping routine because there’s that part where they all put their foot down but Steven puts his hand down and its just like how did you manage to do that, little dude? What events occurred to cause you to mix up hands and feet

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for the ship thing do jelsa :D

Thank you, kind anon! So, let’s start:

Who was the one to propose: Jack was! He would be a little nervous, but he would be all romantic and serious about it, because Elsa really matters to him :)

Who stressed more over wedding planning: Elsa! Jack doesn’t stress nearly as much as she does. She’s the one who wants to make sure nothing goes wrong and that everything’s perfect. Jack tries to calm her down, saying that she should just “Chill out” (yup, I just did a pun :p) and that everything will be perfect because as long as they’re together, nothing else matters :)

Who decorated the house: Hum… I believe both of them would. I think Elsa and Jack would have so much fun together decorating it! 

Who does the cooking: Elsa! The lad knows how to cook, what can I say? (Jack really loves her food)

Who is more organized: This one isn’t even up for discussion, I think. Elsa is way more organized than Jack (is he even organized at all? :p)

Who’s the cuddler: I believe it’s Jack. He loves to cuddle up with her and kiss her and everything that involves being close to her :)

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Jack is the big spoon and Elsa’s the little! 

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Ordering food and playing games all afternoon! They would even invite some friends sometimes! That way it’s more fun :)

Who comes home drunk at 3am: Jack! It’s not that he would go home drunk every night, But sometimes, he just goes out with his friends and he ends up drinking more than he should (but no worries, Elsa definitely takes care of him :)

Who kills the spiders: Both of them! They’re fearless!!! No spider will stand against them!  (Elsa- Hum… Jack? Should we kill it?; Jack- Why should we? It didn’t do anything wrong! Let’s just let it be. We cannot and will not hurt it… Poor thing!)

Who falls asleep first: Jack. Elsa always has a lot of things in her mind and she might even get up to do something, so she’s the last one to fall asleep :)

A headcanon: Elsa always stays up late doing paperwork and things like that. She ends up falling asleep on her desk. Jack wakes up in the middle of the night and sees she’s not next to him so he gets up, picks her up bridal-style and puts her in bed, brushing a few strands of hair out of her face and kissing her forehead in the process :D

Who has the most patience: Elsa!! She’s so calm, it’s hard to picture her mad (but be careful, because when she does get mad, she can freeze an entire kingdom! :p)

Their relationship summed up in a gif: This one is the hardest of them all… I’ll have to go with

Because he always makes her loosen up, bringing out her fun side :D

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Just wanted to tell you glad you're not letting people discourage you from shipping stelena even though you're a stefan stan. I love Stefan but he made mistakes too, and so is Elena obviously. Also both of Stefan and Elena's mistakes were out of their control - Stefan because Klaus forced him to be a ripper. Elena because of the sire bond. The writers literally had to force them a part due to external factors, not anything else. This is why I SE's story because their love is that powerful.

part 2) I don’t likeSC and DE because their stories aren’t compelling and they were forced together by some situation, it didn’t feel natural. People should stop acting like Caroline is perfect - she has been involved in a few love triangles not just Elena. Caroline was confused between Matt and Tyler, then Tyler and Klaus and supposedly falling for Stefan at the same time - she’s all over the place no just Elena. Yet no one calls Caroline out for it, just Elena. Worse stuff happens on tvd.
part 3) btw I don’t judge Elena and Caroline for their boy drama, it’s the definition of shitty lazy writing. I just find it annoying to see how much harsher people are on the female characters (especially Elena and Bonnie) than the male characters for their mistakes

That’s why I have a bit of a problem with all the Elena-hate. Sure, she’s been behaving like an absolute airhead lately and yes, the way she treated Stefan in season five was all kinds of wrong. But since when is behavior like that irredeemable? Can she not go through an identity crisis? Does she have to be perfect all the damn time? The perfect friend, the perfect sister, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect ex? Is she not allowed to mess up and make mistakes? What exactly is it that she has done that makes her deserve to burn in the deepest circle of hell? Don’t get me wrong: I don’t like Elena right now, I really don’t, I haven’t liked her for quite some time. And I don’t ship this Elena with Stefan. But the point is that I don’t believe this is the real Elena. Much like season three Stefan wasn’t the real Stefan. Elena is lost and I want her to find herself again, and when she does, there would be nothing wrong with her getting back together with Stefan. Stefan doesn’t deserve “better” than Elena. The real Elena, that is. And that’s why I’m not letting anyone discourage me.

I wouldn’t say everyone thinks Caroline is perfect, though, she’s been called out on quite a few things as well, but you’re right: the women on TVD are judged way more than the men. I don’t know why that is. It just feels as if the women on TVD are only there to make the men look good and it pisses me off. 

We had two years of love and friendship - this is how all break ups should be.
It doesn’t matter about all the petty fights and arguments and how many times they fucked up. It comes down to the fact that you chose them and they chose you, and you embarked on a journey together and grew and learnt extraordinary new things about one another, yourself and love. And so that’s why I’m not mad about anything anymore, because I know what we had was real. And I got you and you got me.

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Dude though imagine Sector V growing up and having to deal with puberty and the mass of screaming that comes on when Kuki finds blood on her sheets one morning and doesn't know she has her period or Wally wakes up and thinks he has a banana in his pants but THATS NOT A BANANA or Hoagie stumbles across some gross things while researching or the worst thing THE GIRLS HAVE TO BUY BATTLE READY ARMOR

Omigosh but Abby having to explain what a period is ‘cause she probably already knows and just helping Kuki through it because I swear best friends for life. 

Omg the boys would be helpless until sex-ed let’s be honest.

Omg omg the girls going bra shopping together somebody should write a fic about that omfg. Pffft Kuki buying those cutesy ones with all the bows and crazy girly patterns. They are literally my brOTP don’t touch me.

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Do you support the idea that transgender women should be included in womens rights?

Yes… and no? Because i think there should just be equal rights for all not mens or womens or blacks… i think we should discuss all oppression, all issues, all everything everyone has or doesnt have together and in unison equally.

But i do consider trans women real women if that was the point here.

What would you do?

So, this is my fourth month back on the pill and it was going to be my last month also, because we will go onto NTNP/TTC and what not.

It’s been horrible. This pill doesn’t like me and I’m not on it long enough to get my body used to it.

So I am two weeks into the last packet… And started spotting yesterday and today has been very heavy. So it is pretty much a period coming 17 days early… I’m over it.

My question is, should I just stop taking the pill now all together, let my body have a period so we can start all over again… Or should I keep taking it for another two weeks?

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I love going through my poetry tag, because tumblr has some wicked writers and she was like “You should put them all together and print them in a book to take with you when you need it” and I was just like “…” BUT IVE NOT STOPPED THINKING ABOUT IT AND THAT WAS WEEKS AGO.

Rihanna shoots down rumours she’s dating Leonardo DiCaprio as she insists her schedule is too hectic for romance

Given their several outings together over the past several weeks, it was all but assumed that Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio were Hollywood’s hottest new couple.
But in a new interview with Hello! magazine, 27-year-old chart-topper Rihanna has dismissed speculation that she’s dating the Oscar-nominated actor, 40.
When asked by her interviewer ‘how does Rihanna DiCaprio sound to you?’ Rihanna responded: ‘It sounds to me like you should stay away from the blogs because they will screw you every time.’

She also went on to say that her hectic showbiz schedule currently leaves her with very little time to devote to romance.

She explained: ‘I’m so busy right now that I just don’t have a lot of time to offer to a man so it wouldn’t even be fair to be thinking of pulling somebody else into this life.
'But if I did, he would have to be man enough to live with my schedule and not get scared.'

Her statements echo those of Leonardo who, his spokesperson, addressed rumours they were an item following photos of them at a birthday party he’d hosted for her last month.

The representative told the Los Angeles Times that he ‘is single and has been for some time’, adding that he’s ‘been focused shooting’ the adventure drama The Revenant in Canada.

However, at the singer’s 27th birthday party on February 20 thrown by Leonardo, they ‘were kissing and dancing together’, a source told Us Weekly.

The famous friends could not get enough out each other and were spotted a day later partying at West Hollywood’s 1Oak night club, the weekly reported.
Rihanna reportedly did not let the hunky actor out of her sight and was believed to have been ‘hooking up’ with him on and off for the past three months.
They had been romantically linked on Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, according to Us.

In January, it was reported that Leonardo and Rihanna were seen kissing at a Playboy Mansion party in Los Angeles, TMZ reported.

A partygoer tweeted that the timing of the canoodling happened as one of her hit songs played: ‘Just saw Leo and Rihanna make out while pour it up was playing. What is life,’ the observer wrote.

At the Diamonds singer’s shindig that went past 4am, Rihanna and Leonardo revelled among 75 attendees, who included Beyoncé, Jay Z, Robert Pattinson, Jim Carrey and Naomi Campbell.


. . .till I return.

so let’s talk about Rose

Rose’s symbol is a gem surrounded by petals and a spiral of thorns. it’s on her shield, her sword, and her cannon, and it’s in her armoury.

and it’s on their flag.

Yellow Diamond’s followers wear her symbol, and it’s on one of the devices Peridot activates in Marble Madness.

but the gems don’t wear Rose’s symbol.

they wear the star

because it represents all of them, as equals, together

because that’s the kind of leader Rose was.

When H/L come out...
  • Antis:*still pressed* Just because they're together now doesn't mean they always were
  • Louis:I knew this would happen, Niall start the slideshow
  • Niall:*starts H/L slideshow**Sweet Disposition starts playing* It all started when Harry and Louis took a piss at the same time-
  • Liam:You shouldn't say 'piss' during a presentation Niall, and anyway, we should start from when they ALMOST met at The Script concert
  • Zayn:That is technically the prologue to their story, so we should start with the concert
  • Harry:Shouldn't Louis and I be narrating this?

I Rise With The Moon by ~Nymre

IMPORTANT!! (phil's live show on Sunday)

I love that we are trying to protect Dan and Phil from the silly and inappropriate questions on younow!!

We all know that we can not reach 10k (or more) people..there will be people who spam the chat with phan..i mean it’s already bad when dan or phil are imagine both of them together. but there are more of us!!!

I already read a couple of posts with the idea so I thought I make one too because it’s important .

Idea: every time we see someone going ‘phan is real’ or ‘I dare you to kiss’ or something,we should react quickly and spam the chat with other questions..idk about music or TVShows.
If all of us join in, we could do this.

Let’s make them feel comfortable around each other.
Please spread this. It’s important! We don’t want to go back to 2012 do we?

Ily guys! x

OMG YOU GUYS!! 1k NOTES!! Thank you!!!



"Lori, you don’t need to thank me for that. "

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I'm not harming anyone or anything. Relax.

but thats what you’re not understanding, you actually are harming people. There are reasons why there’s laws protecting intellectual property and I know tumblr makes it difficult to understand because the lines are so skewed on here but it’s still NOT okay. You’re essentially claiming someone elses work as your own that is literally illegal. 

For me posting and promoting my work on tumblr is MY MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME, you barging in and directing people to your blog is literally taking money from my pockets.. 

from MY photo that I took, in MY studio that i paid for of MY sister wearing clothing that I made with MY bare hands, all together that’s probably 12 hours of labor, 12 hours of labor that you came and stripped away in .5 seconds because you decided you liked that photo and it should belong to you now. Like nah fuck that

Even though How to Train Your Dragon 2 did not win the Animated Oscars 2015, we must know that animation is important no matter from what company is and just be happy for it. Remember How to Train Your Dragon 2 won the Golden Globe Awards 2015. So be chill.

One of the most liberating feelings in the world is realizing you don’t owe anyone shit

You don’t have to be friends with someone who treats you like crap even if you’ve known them your whole life. You don’t even owe them an explanation either. You get to choose who gets to be in your life. It’s a privilege, not a birth given right. 

If someone is hurting you or just flat out annoying, you don’t have to give them the time of day. Please cut the shitty people out of your life and surround yourself with awesome ones who make you happy. You deserve nothing but happiness and anyone who brings you down doesn’t deserve to be in it.