so let’s talk about Rose

Rose’s symbol is a gem surrounded by petals and a spiral of thorns. it’s on her shield, her sword, and her cannon, and it’s in her armoury.

and it’s on their flag.

Yellow Diamond’s followers wear her symbol, and it’s on one of the devices Peridot activates in Marble Madness.

but the gems don’t wear Rose’s symbol.

they wear the star

because it represents all of them, as equals, together

because that’s the kind of leader Rose was.

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My relationship with the guy I love is toxic and we know that but we still are dating and its horrible but I don't know what else to do but hate him when I love him. I'm scared about breaking things apart, he is all I have and want but it's to crazy and I'm selfish because I want to take care of me. help

do you love him or do you just can’t let him go because you are scared to be alone? Maybe you two should give some time to the relationship and think if there is anything that can be saved or not. I ws in one toxic relationship once. I broke up, I regreted but I know it was for the best in that time.

Or you two should talk and decide together if you can change, you can save the relationship and if is worth.

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seriously, please set out logical reasons why homosexuality is sinful, and in general bad for you. is st. paul really speaking to all homosexual acts? is the creation of Adam and Eve really the set in stone model of what all human sexual relationships should be like (i.e., "heterosexual" marriage)?

Hi Anon,

The reason that homosexual activities are sinful is because of the way that God has structured the creation. In creation, Man and Woman together are the Image of God. Within the partnership of male and female, the man is active, and the woman is receptive. All mankind stands in feminine relation to God, and all mankind stands in masculine relationship to the creation. It is only within the union of male and female that the structure of the fullness of reality is supremely symbolized. 

Romans 1 teaches that homosexuality is the natural consequence of idolatry. The reason that this is so is because idolatry is constituted by a turning away from the Other (God) and a turning inwards towards oneself. This is why Adam’s sin was idolatrous, and why the exaltation of anything above God is idolatrous. Homosexuality is the result of idolatry because marriage depends upon the turning away from oneself and a turning towards the other- God has structured this so that one sex is always united to a person of the other sex. Our human nature is most fully realized when we are in union with that which is different. 

As N.T. Wright demonstrates in his commentary on Romans, the ancients were fully aware of monogamous homosexual relationships which existed in parallel with monogamous, heterosexual relationships (though they did not call the homosexual relationships “marriage.”) 

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i'm really upset and crying because my only two friends and i were going to go to our senior prom together as a group of friends, but today they both just messaged me saying they got dates, and i told them it was fine, but it's not fine, but i don't want to make them feel bad and i just don't want to go to prom anymore.... what would you do? what should i do?

y’all can’t still go together even if they got dates? like can’t you guys go together as a group still but just with extras? idk it honestly doesn’t seem that serious to me but if u can’t go as a group still then I’d find other friends to go with or rock up by myself and look good as hell anyways or just.. not go if I really didn’t feel like going idk?

Tom/Liz Or Keenler

I’m so conflicted. I think we can all agree that Tom- er I mean Jacob loves Liz more than anything else he’s ever known. He risks his entire life and career because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. At first I’m like AW but then I remember he’s a freaking sociopath. I think Tom/Jacob has an incredible plot line, he is humanized like many of the people on the Blacklist, and he makes us question why we are rooting for extremely dangerous people. That being said, he should not get back together with Liz. Does he has the capability to change - maybe. But will his change be him transforming into a new man or only taking back the role he remembers playing? Tom/Liz is my favorite thing mostly because their relationship is fascinating, but she deserves a healthy relationship. She doesn’t need anymore confusion, doubts, or anxiety in her life. She deserves better. So when she shared a birthday dinner with Ressler I was so satisfied because she needs some joy. Ressler is by no means simple, he has his own issues and demons, but she could start fresh with him rather than trying to repair her old relationship with Tom/Jacob.

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SP and the Editors were probably always too in love with Nana and Hinata to accept that she should not get together with Naruto. If nothing else because the fans didn't want it. But they saw once fanbase did want it fanatically the US nH fans. So they thought/hoped if the US "loves" Hinata then the rest of the western countries fanbases MUST love her too. And they hoped that the large international fa base would cover any losses they made from angering the Japanese fanbase. It didn't and won't.

I think that it is all the internet polls and SP’s anti Sakura campaign fault. They chose the cheap way to base their ending which is clearly not Kishimoto’s idea since it not only contradicts all of the content of the manga but he also said that he wanted to end it with the Sasuke vs Naruto fight which was the original ending. But if you think about it, SP’s source of money is Naruto and when it ends they cannot let it slide easily to which they found the stupidest way out choosing to keep doing Naruto stuff but with his son instead which is why the genetics of the kids suck, basically because the hero of the new series should look like Naruto as much as possible so people recognize him - which is why he doesn’t have a Byakugan and has whiskers instead - and is also the reason his little sister is not shown so much- because they want to gain more money from Naruto 2.0 and Himawari only makes it obvious that he had kids with Hinata and NH is not popular at all in Japan. It’s all about that - money making. But they did not expect SS and NH fans to vote more than once leading to unreal conclusion with the votes and they clearly did not expect Japan to hate it so much and America not to give their money. FFS they expected 1 million ONLY in America and they couldn’t get 1 million from all of the countries where it was shown + America. They got the most negative outcome ever and they didn’t stop with this- instead they decided to insult the SNS and NS fandoms which are one of the biggest in Japan which lead to them losing up to 60% of the viewers of the anime and the last volume not being able to hit 1 million in a week. NH fandom is just like dogs - they bark but they don’t bite which is why the movie did awful and Naruto was called a scumbag apparently.

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Im struggling with negative self talk. Its been going on since i had a drug binge of nearly two weeks. I feel helpless because i went to the hospital and they prescribed me seroquel 25mg at bed time. It helps but ive only been on it for a day. Should i keep taking the seroquel or should i just stop it all together due to potential weight gain and other side effects?

Jordyn- just keep taking it darling, it will help you feel better. x

I actually have a lot of nice clothing in my closet (several pairs of converse and other shoes, accessories, tons of jewelry, jackets, hats, and other things) but I never really appreciated fashion before so I never realized or wore them.

and now I don’t have many chances because when I go to school it’s all comfort clothing (old soft shirts and sweatpants) and on weekends it’s just pajamas and whatever I find on the floor that doesn’t look abhorrent together.

I should start wearing all of this nice stuff again, especially now that it’s getting warmer.

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my boyfriend and i have been together for 6 years. we're both seniors in high school and we're going to different universities. they are both in the same state, but a few hours apart. he thinks we should break up because 'he couldn't do it'. we've been together for 6 years, bianca. how can he just want to throw it all away? he was my first for everything, we've been happy, and always talk about a future. but now he wants to let it all go? any advice?

maybe he doesn’t know how to handle it? i mean, i don’t know your relationship personally, so it can be many things. you’ve been together for awhile, especially in growing years, so it might be good to take a little break! it doesn’t mean you’re never going to be together again, but it just means to slow it down a little, college is for experimenting and learning about yourself! true love finds it’s way back, don’t overthink it too much, you’ll be fine :)


. . .till I return.

When H/L come out...
  • Antis:*still pressed* Just because they're together now doesn't mean they always were
  • Louis:I knew this would happen, Niall start the slideshow
  • Niall:*starts H/L slideshow**Sweet Disposition starts playing* It all started when Harry and Louis took a piss at the same time-
  • Liam:You shouldn't say 'piss' during a presentation Niall, and anyway, we should start from when they ALMOST met at The Script concert
  • Zayn:That is technically the prologue to their story, so we should start with the concert
  • Harry:Shouldn't Louis and I be narrating this?

I Rise With The Moon by ~Nymre

IMPORTANT!! (phil's live show on Sunday)

I love that we are trying to protect Dan and Phil from the silly and inappropriate questions on younow!!

We all know that we can not reach 10k (or more) people..there will be people who spam the chat with phan..i mean it’s already bad when dan or phil are imagine both of them together. but there are more of us!!!

I already read a couple of posts with the idea so I thought I make one too because it’s important .

Idea: every time we see someone going ‘phan is real’ or ‘I dare you to kiss’ or something,we should react quickly and spam the chat with other questions..idk about music or TVShows.
If all of us join in, we could do this.

Let’s make them feel comfortable around each other.
Please spread this. It’s important! We don’t want to go back to 2012 do we?

Ily guys! x

OMG YOU GUYS!! 1k NOTES!! Thank you!!!


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I'm not harming anyone or anything. Relax.

but thats what you’re not understanding, you actually are harming people. There are reasons why there’s laws protecting intellectual property and I know tumblr makes it difficult to understand because the lines are so skewed on here but it’s still NOT okay. You’re essentially claiming someone elses work as your own that is literally illegal. 

For me posting and promoting my work on tumblr is MY MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME, you barging in and directing people to your blog is literally taking money from my pockets.. 

from MY photo that I took, in MY studio that i paid for of MY sister wearing clothing that I made with MY bare hands, all together that’s probably 12 hours of labor, 12 hours of labor that you came and stripped away in .5 seconds because you decided you liked that photo and it should belong to you now. Like nah fuck that


"Lori, you don’t need to thank me for that. "

Even though How to Train Your Dragon 2 did not win the Animated Oscars 2015, we must know that animation is important no matter from what company is and just be happy for it. Remember How to Train Your Dragon 2 won the Golden Globe Awards 2015. So be chill.

One of the most liberating feelings in the world is realizing you don’t owe anyone shit

You don’t have to be friends with someone who treats you like crap even if you’ve known them your whole life. You don’t even owe them an explanation either. You get to choose who gets to be in your life. It’s a privilege, not a birth given right. 

If someone is hurting you or just flat out annoying, you don’t have to give them the time of day. Please cut the shitty people out of your life and surround yourself with awesome ones who make you happy. You deserve nothing but happiness and anyone who brings you down doesn’t deserve to be in it. 


"You observe this group lately? I have. I see two people who don’t belong. We’re the odd men out."


'How Old are You?' (2014) is important because it's a successful Malayalam Indian movie that sheds light on the sexist ageism that is still rampant in Indian society