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okay for the ask meme thing: spones + bodyswap (and if that isn't (understandably) your Thing, mcspirk + growing up together au)

Ohh, I love them both! But Ima do the bodyswap one first

  • They usually sleep in the same bed together, and Spock is usually the one to wake them both up with soft and tired kisses, both still with their eyes closed. And when Bones slowly opens his eyes only to see his own face, he wakes up screaming. He pushes Spock off, but with such surprising strength that he literally shoves him out of bed. 
  • They argue all the way to the Bridge, because how could this happen, and they gather quite a few strange looks, because now Spock’s body is jittery around a very rigid doctor and it should definitely be the other way around.
  • Jim just looks utterly confused when the doctor sits down at Spock’s station, completely ignoring Spock who dances around him for his attention and to “get this sorted first before you go on your daily routine, you green blooded Elf.” It really doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t make much sense to Spock and Bones either. 
  • Bones teaching Spock/ himself how to shave properly, because his scruff his showing. And he has to come to terms with the strength in Spock’s hands, so he tries to be extra careful, but he still ends up accidentally cutting him. 
  • Ensigns terrified of this tall Vulcan doctor towering over them in medbay, or chasing them down twice as fast as usual for their hypos. 
  • Bones can’t stop laughing when they kiss because it’s like kissing himself and it’s just so weird.
  • Spock gives up on shaving and Bones is just all scruffy cheeks. Bones gives up trying to get Spock’s hair to look so neat so it’s just a mess.
  • It lasts roughly a week and it’s mostly annoying to the others at this point, especially Jim, who keeps forgetting and complaining about Spock to Spock.
  • Then one morning Spock wakes him up again with kisses and when Bones opens his eyes, expecting to see his own face, it’s Spock’s again and oh thank God, and against Spock’s recommendation (”We’ll be late, Leonard”) they have the best morning sex. 
  • Jim finally remembers and catches Bones in the hallways, making a joke on Bones’ facial hair and Bones just goes: “The fuck you just said about me?” and Jim’s realizes first hand that Bones in Spock’s body is terrifying, but not nearly as terrifying as Bones in his own body, purposely scheduling medical exams for him every day for the next two weeks with the sole purpose of putting his captain through hell. 

send me a pairing + AU and I’ll give you 5+ head canons about it!

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Heyy you. My boyfriend lives in france for the whole summer, and even though we are in contact like every other day by messaging, i feel so incredibly alone and distant. I dont even know what to talk to him about anymore because i always just ask how his day was and stuff.. I tell him i miss him and i tell him i love you but still its not the same. What should i do?

Hey there,

Maybe try something new instead, do not just text each other, but try to video call each other, or play some online games together, spice it a bit up.

or maybe try out some date ideas?

Some more ideas:


Romantic Dinner:
All you need for this is a internet connection and a webcam.
You don’t even need to spend a lot of money for a fancy restaurant, just set up a nice table with candles and flowers, play some romantic music as background and cook something and dress up yourself. When your partner comes on, start the video chat and be yourself. Talk about any kind of topics, the same interests or anything else.

Movie Night:
These days you can go to cinema and watch the same movie in different countries. Before the movie starts make sure you video call each other, so you can both watch the same movie at the same time. You can also watch movies online or share with your partner some videos on YouTube and talk about it later on.

Ask Questions:
You don’t need always to be serious in relationships, do some fun days, without any stress, and think about fun questions to ask each other or questions you think you partner won’t know. This way you can also learn new things about each other. Always make sure the questions don’t lead to hurt someones feelings.

Game Night:
Nowadays you can play any kind of board game online. How about Scrabble? Monopoly? Risk? etc.
Try the ever-addictive Dots from Betaworks, Words With Friends, or play a few games of Hangman and Tic Tac Toe on Couple’s and more to find in the internet. A small tip: You can also do video chat while playing to see each other.

or find some apps for long distance HERE.

I hope this will help you. All the best! :)

You know what amuses me. Every single church i have ever been to that has a crucifix or a depiction of The Crucifixion, has had their depiction of Jesus Christ buff as hell. Even the ones where he really, really should not be.
I’m talking like, muscly arms, legs, and with 8 pack abs. Jesus has at least a 6 pack in literally all the things if he’s not literally skin and bone. There are only 2 options, appearantly. 
And all I keep imagining is the Church got together in a lil meeting and decided Jesus was gonna be ripped because he carries all our sins or whatever, and thus the thing. Then there’s art of him coming out the tomb buff too and im just ok because well.

I wanna know their thought process. 

Was he in there doing crunches and slamming protein shakes to catch up with this image, guys. 
The 72 Hour Jesus Christ Crunchy Workout.

Easter comes around.

“He is risen!”
“He is risen– and he’s fuckin’ ripped!

Idk man. its just funny to me

Memory Monday

(Written by yaotomejr!)

As of this writing I have 5 Gaku chats waiting to be fully unlocked, what a time to be alive

For those of you who know me, it should come as no surprise that I really, really [redacted] Gaku. For those who don’t, if you want to know what [redacted] means, then you’re in luck: the hint is that there’s something I have been vehemently reluctant to say wrt Gaku on Twitter lol. I’m not revealing the answer at all because you will never get me to aDMIT IT

I guess I should explain how I came to [redacted] Gaku, right. Yamato used to be my favorite I7 character in the beginning, and it stayed that way until Gaku showed up in that chapter. That chapter being the Tsumugi And Gaku Share Their First CG Together chapter. The “Are You My Father’s Mistress” chapter. The chapter in which “Gaku is actually a p nice guy despite his flaws and his smile is really cuCOUGH. Anyhow it only spiraled down from here, as I began to look out for Gaku whenever he showed up in Part 1. The cake scene, Gaku saving Ryuu from his lady troubles, Soundship… and eventually the whole fiasco with Let’s☆SUMMER.

My fondest memory of Gaku will forever be Part 1, 18-2 “Surpass the Rainbow”, the part where all the boys + Tsumugi converged at Zero Arena. Before I read this part of the story, Gaku revealed his happiest memory to Tsumugi in the Rehearsal chat. There was a certain someone who told him that they were a big TRIGGER fan, that TRIGGER was an incredible group, and one day, they would like to surpass TRIGGER. I didn’t know what he was talking about and didn’t think anything of it… until I got to that part of the story and understood who he was referring to. And like listEN, GAKU HERE, HE, talked about his happiest moment, to the person he was describing!!!! This guy hasn’t even met Tsumugi for a YEAR, and he’s already so!!!! Why!!!!

I’ve always [redacted] Gaku for his honesty and that he cares a little too much. He may call Tenn a brat and a cold-hearted hedgehog, but he also tells a hospitalized Tenn to take a break and leave the concert to him and Ryuu. He’s the one who got SUPER mad at I7 when they accidentally stole their audience after said concert, because Tenn worked himself to the bone for the fans. He’s the one in TRIGGER who gets visibly angry first and acts on it, for better or for worse. In-universe, the boys all comment on how Gaku is able to say/do things that other guys would be embarrassed over, even if the actual person doesn’t always know about it. Just comparing Yams and Gaku’s rabbit hoodie SRs, Yams ACTS like he’s fine wearing the dang thing, but Gaku takes it in stride in the SR! This guy is a champ.

With Tsumugi he’s honest in expressing how he feels about her. Other than being cute (lol), Tsumugi is actually just like him: they’re both earnest people who put their all in their work. He’s glad when Tsumugi challenges Gaku right to his face; he appreciates it when she insists on paying for her own tickets to TRIGGER concerts; he admires her devotion to IDOLiSH7; he even muses that he wants her to be TRIGGER’s manager instead. Gaku thinks Tsumugi is amazing. But there’s a huge barrier between them, and he can’t be 100% honest with his feelings. Maybe because idols have an image to uphold and the idol industry sucks, in general, maybe they both know that they can’t get too close due to their circumstances. This part kills me, so that’s why I [climbs into a coffin] [lies down] [slowly closes the lid] bYE

I’ve derailed long enough, so let’s stop here. My worst memory is C h r i s t m a s. In hindsight I don’t even [redacted] Gaku’s Christmas card that much, but I still rolled to the limit for him. (Use your imagination on what limit means) I got him, but then he came aGAIN in a Group D 11-roll since I wanted to roll for the other boys. After that, I have never gotten a single Gaku card, except for New Years and the group MATSURI card, which don’t really count, I feel. I’m amazed I still [redacted] him after how bad the gachas treat me lmao. I guess Part 2 helps, since Gaku had hilarious, touching and “NO OH MY GOD YOU’RE EMBARRASSING” moments. The dorm scene comes to mind……

Buuuut, because of his birthday box, I can read new Gaku chats again! Not only did I get the Rabbit Hoodie, I also got BorW, SNF and White Day Gaku! (Got WD again in revival gacha, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) I’m aware that WD Gaku’s chat destroyed everyone in both positive and negative ways, so I’m excited to read it with my own eyes. In the meantime, I also got his Rabbit Hoodie card up to max skill level, which was fun, as meaningless as that is.

[Look at the strong. Who even needs this. I’m not even using him in my Beat team]

I could write an (even LONGER) essay about Gaku and how much I [redacted] him. I haven’t even mentioned my Gaku keychain and necklace, which I asked a good and wonderful friend to ship from Japan to me. I can’t look or think about soba without having war flashbacks anymore. Waccha (Gaku’s VA, fyi) also ruined my videogame experience because I sweat nervously every time I hear Waccha’s voice in other media. Uh. Thanks I7?

That’s all I have to say for now, so! Happy birthday, you huge wet noodle!!! Come home more often :P

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I'm not sure why people keep speculating about whether Sophia or Jesse will get married/start a family. Maybe they are happy with how things are. It makes me uncomfortable because for all we know, Sophia might not even want kids. I think it's ok to admire them together, but the constant speculation on instagram or twitter can be disrespectful at times.

The way I see it is if it’s gonna happen it’s going to be way in the future when they’re ready and that people should just live in the now and not constantly tweet them or comment on their posts about it.

I’ve said this so many times that Soph has said so many times or hinted that she wants kids so that’s not something to speculate about, and i’m sure jesse would too.

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Hi I've just send you the ask about clannad. With all this roller coster of feelings! You should watch only this part! Father and daughter relation! I kind of made a headcanon about it. Juvia has a little girl but dies and Gray doesn't see his child because she looks so much like her mother. Until one day father and child stay together for one day and they travel and BOOM so many emotions! How about a story like that in the future? I don't think I can get worse than I already am I hope not. X )

Weeeeeeell, I’ve written one where Gray and Juvia had a son and it had been one year since she died.

Love You Today

I wrote it in 2013 and to this day I still cry when I read it. HAHA

the hardest part is that we can’t just “wait for next season.” we lost the WC in 2011 but we had the olympics that next year. this one hurts because it’s 3 years. there’ll be retirements, injuries, roster changes, people falling out of form, fans losing interest, trying to keep together a league that’s struggling, lost momentum on the fight for fair pay… until 2019 when we can finally show something on the world stage again. idk man it just sucks??? I am so gutted for the girls because they of all people knew how much was riding on this.

they should be proud tho. what they’ve done for this sport and especially for women in this sport is incredible and i know they will continue to do that. idk im not gonna try to be fake positive because i don’t even know how to feel…just empty and numb i guess. but i do love them and i am so so proud of them. sorry for the dramatics, it’s just when you’ve invested so much of your livelihood into a team…they’ve done so much for me i really couldn’t put it into words how much they mean to me

Quick Tips for College Freshmen

Hey guys! I’m a going into my third year of univeristy this fall, and I’d like to think I’ve picked up a few things along the way. These are the type of things that I’ll tell my younger siblings when they graduate highschool. I hope you can pick up something helpful, even if you’re not an incoming freshman.

Always have an umbrella, water bottle, and earbuds in your backpack. I can’t tell you how many times having an umbrella has saved me from torrential Midwestern downpours. Earbuds are great for obvious reasons, and staying hydrated is so important for learning and memory.

Wear what you want. Personally, I enjoy wearing nice clothes and a full face of makeup (sometimes even heels y’all) to my classes because it makes me feel more confident and put together (not labs though–no way am I getting acid on my favorite jeans). You should wear whatever makes you feel most prepared to learn from your professors, no matter what others tell you.

Find your people. I went to a really small high school, and I never really felt like I fit in. However, universities are huge. I promise, you will be able to connect with people who like the same things you do, whether that be online gaming, hiking, or obscure hipster bands.

Manage your time. Get a planner, make a to-do list, put reminders in your phone. Whatever it takes so that you don’t forget about the upcoming rough draft that’s due in your composition class. Having a planner is one of the things that kept me from drowning my first semester, and it will help you too (even if that just looks like a legal pad with your to-dos on it.

Get help if you need it. There’s so many resources available that you may not even know about. If you need help getting a job, writing a resume, getting counseling, talking about finances, looking for scholarships, picking a class, getting a tutor, or even looking for somewhere fun to go on a weekend, look on your campus’s website. There’s probably someone who can help with that.

Don’t buy textbooks from the bookstore. If they’re for your major, buy them. If they’re for a general education class, rent them. I have started using (an aggregate textbook site) and had a great experience. Please don’t waste your money when you don’t need to.

Lastly, Don’t sweat the small stuff. I promise you that after you’ve graduated, you won’t remember that time you forgot the homework for a class, or you came into class late. It’s not the end of the world, and you’re going to be okay.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Good luck to all of you heading off to university!

-Shelby 🌱


top 15 girl meets world ships: (as voted by my followers)

THIRD PLACE - the high five: We wanted to give you guys something from our class to yours. We think one of the greatest legacies in life is friendship. And no matter what happens in your new school, friends should always have a place where they can sit, and talk, and work things out. Because sometimes life swirls you all up and knots people together for a reason.“THIS FRIENDSHIP BENCH dedicated by Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle and Zay PEOPLE CHANGE PEOPLE”

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In girl meets bear Zay says to Maya that should stay together so they don’t feel left out because rucas is always together.

And he said to Josh “She has to date other people Josh, she can’t wait for you forever.”

And then when they all go to the movies Zay asks Maya if they can sit next to each other and she agrees.

Also they stare at each other a lot.

so there ya go:)) and you may or may not already know this but :/

Can I just say that I do not understand. I cannot piece together how Ichigo ended up with Orihime because I have never, ever been able to make the connection. If I think two people should be together it’s because I can see something there.

The Death and the Strawberry.
The Sand and the Rotator.
The Black Sun and the White Moon.
The King and Queen.
One Shinigami and One Boy.

I don’t understand why I have been led on all these years just to be hurt. I have been crying for hours. Never have I been so invested in something that I cry for over 4 hours. I have cried to my mother, my brother, and my best friend.

My time has been wasted, I will not lie. I have waited for an IchiRuki ending only to be given the complete opposite. When I saw Bleach was trending on Tumblr, I opened it without thinking and realised that 686 was out but before I rushed to read it, I saw a picture of Rukia standing next to Renji and I knew that I had been betrayed.
When I saw the first page of the last chapter I cried because I looked at Kazui’s eyes and knew exactly whom they belonged to.

I will never forgive Tite Kubo for betraying me and an entire fandom. I will never forgive him for deviating from his own vision to please the people. He once said that he couldn’t draw Ichigo without Rukia but in the end we find that is a lie because all he did was separate them and make the rain always pour in our heart’s.

Dating V (BTS) Would Include:

After a wait maybe a bit too long, we have another Dating Would Include! Jun’s should be out on Wednesday ^-^ I’m trying to get something out every day this week, though I’m queuing things from Saturday and writing almost everything today (Friday), so idk how it’ll go ;-; I need to stop rambling XD Hope y’all like this

  • You met through mutual friends and felt an attraction almost immediately
  • Mostly because every time you were together you felt him staring like he found you so amazingly stunning and that’s when he knew
  • You were just chilling at his group’s dorm one day and he pulls you aside and tells you straight like. He’s usually so cheery and jokey but he looks so serious now and you just know.
  • Pulls you into the biggest hug when you agree to date him he’s just about never been so happy
  • Very smiley couple
  • You smile at just about everything
  • And his boxy smile just makes you smile more bc he’s so adorable :3
  • Loads of inside jokes that no one understands
  • Cute silly nicknames that no one understands
  • “Oh look at my cute lil avocado muffin”
  • You have no idea where he gets them all from but you go along with it
  • Him complimenting you all the time
  • Telling you he loves you every day without fail
  • Lots of hugs
  • And nose kisses
  • And nose boops
  • He likes the cute playful stuff
  • But also the sexy stuff hehehe
  • He’ll make out with you any time, any place
  • Biting your bottom lip when you do make out
  • He tastes of sweets like all the time, reminding you of your favourite candies
  • Taking weird selfies that he posts on his Twitter when he’s finally allowed to
  • Fun outdoor dates at the zoo or an amusement park or smth
  • But also in winter dates spent curled up under blankets with cocoa and fuzzy socks
  • Running your hands through his hair often
  • Being a part of the 95z shenanigans
  • Being besties with the maknae line in general
  • Jimin going on dates with you and you wanting to be mad but they’re both really cute and like. Jimin knows all the cool date spots somehow XD
  • Both of you charming each other with aegyo
  • Which ends up in giggles bc you both try too hard lmao
  • Peppering your face with kisses when you’re upset
  • And he can always tell when you’re upset
  • Before getting you to talk to him
  • You’re barely ever mad at him and if you are it doesn’t last long~~
  • Your first time with him is. Unforgettable
  • Lots of shower sex
  • Lots of morning sex
  • Lots of sex in general lbr
  • Slow, sweet sex and then hella rough sex where you see a whole other side of Tae
  • You being teased bc he never puts his fucking tongue awayyyyyyy
  • Him being hella loud and the noises he makes are the best omg
  • Puts his voice to good use I mean
  • Dirty talllllk oh yes
  • Jimin and Jungkook teasing you both the next morning ^///^
  • Random play fights and pillow fights and tickle fights and just
  • Yep
  • Surprising you with back hugs when you’re waiting for him anywhere
  • Leaving you a sweater he wears a lot when he goes on tour bc it smells like him and it’s big and it’s cosy and stuffs
  • Calling you every night without fail because he has to tell you he loves you remember
  • Lots and lots of takeout because last time you tried to cook together the kitchen almost burned down and Jin scolded you for ruining his baking stuff
  • Has his hands on you most of the time
  • He’s a cuddly one
  • Sleeps basically on top of you
  • Or with you basically on top of him
  • You bringing him food at practice or helping him with chores around the dorm or smth and him bragging about it to the point you think Yoongi may actually hurt him or Jungkook may smother him
  • But they just jelly
  • Oddly serious talks at 4 am about life
  • Spending nights stargazing on the roof of your apartment or in a park nearby
  • Your parents a little befuddled over him at first but by the time you leave they don’t want him to go bc he’s so charming??? They thought he was weird but he’s so sweet??
  • Him wanting you and his grandma to get along
  • You coming home to him holding a couple puppies on his chest cooing at them before being like “So funny story-”
  • Him getting jealous if you’re with another member ahem Jimin too much and getting all pouty but then you go and kiss his pout and he melts and hugs you all dramatically bc he’s that extra
  • Getting you to go see him perform whenever he can bc you’re his lucky charm
  • Both of you getting hyper dancing around the dorm rapping along to cypher tag team style at the top of your voices
  • He loves making you smile and laugh more than anything
  • Cuddles up to your side when he’s upset and vents everything before just kissing you until he feels better because he gets so lost in you that he just can’t be upset anymore
  • “Babe, when will we get married”
  • “Honey Pumpkin when will we have kids?”
  • Always asking important questions like this out of nowhere leading to you sitting down and talking about it all
  • Him proposing in a hella romantic way after years of you guys being together and like. Everyone saw it coming you guys are more than perfect for each other :’) And now you can start life as a happy husband and wife because Tae wants to make sure you know he loves you with all of his heart and soul.

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He’s so cute :3



So, I just got five asks from the same anon ranting about the fetishizing of m/m and f/f pairing and i think you should read it.

This is just a compilation of all together, all of the ask are published on my blog under the “fujoshi discourse” tag:

So I see that a lot of people are talking about the fetishizing of m/m and f/f pairing and i just wanted to say that: 


People think just because you ship a queer couple its totally fine to sexualize it and even worse think it is HELPING the LGBT community by putting a reputation of “Oh? They are gay? That’s so hot”. It does not help spreading gay relationships as just a fantasy to people.

It’s the same thing by fetishizing poly couples and transgender/non-binary/agender people. It make us look bad. 

In multiple fanfics and fanart our sexuality/gender identity is seem as a fetish. 

If you are shipping a queer couple just for the sake of it being “hot” ,and posting about, please remember you are not helping the community by “spreading the word”, you are in fact damaging it by sexualizing it and making it public. 

By making a straight character gay and sexualizing their relationship, you are the same thing as taking a woman, put her on spotlight as a sex object and calling it “representation”. And shipping its NOT a bad thing, but fetishizing IS. If you are erasing a character sexuality to fulfill your “fantasies” and “fetishes”:


It hurts me physically knowing that the most of representation that we get is by being someone fetish.

I’m not saying you SHOULD NOT ship gay couples, but please consider why you are shipping them. 

Is it because you want them to be happy in a healthy relationship? 

Or is it because you want them to fuck and gush over you fantasy? 

I know this may silly. A discourse about fictional characters in fictional couples. The thing is that by being “normal” thinking is okay to sexualize gay/lesbian fictional couples, you probably are going to sexualize REAL RELATIONSHIPS.

Please remember that LGBT people are in need of GOOD representation, not the sexual representation. 

We don’t exist just to satisfy your “fetishes”. 

We don’t exist just so you can ship two gay people and think you are sinning.


Please think about this before you go do a extensive fanfic about two guys fucking and calling it “validation”

It’s a very good rant, shout out to the anon who wrote this. You did and incredible job writing this. Thank you for sending this to me.

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Dark Becky show me the dank bokuoi


who confessed first: THEY DIDNT KNOW THEY WERE DATING. or, rather, they knew they were together and they knew they called each other babe and they knew they kissed a lot and slept together and murmured to each other late at night about how much they loved each other, but there was no grand confession scene, no formal Sign The Boyfriend Contract type of thing unless you count that one time they’d been sleeping in the same bed for almost a year and Bokuto was like “oh wait babe we should probably change our relationship statuses on facebook shouldn’t we”. because in the long run, what matters to them is that they love each other and they both know it, that’s all

what does their home look like: once they made it to pro salaries they splurged on a big penthouse apartment with huge windows out over the city. when they first decorated it they went to whatever stores they liked and paid no attention to theme, so there’s bamboo rocking chairs on the balcony, colorful beanbags in the living room, an eye-searing neon couch from the 1970s they picked up for free off the side of the road. also: dead potted plants that they accidentally killed, volleyball shit thrown everywhere, a fancy medals/trophies case they meant to organize but kept forgetting so everything’s kinda just in a haphazard pile on the bottom shelf of the thing. neither of them can sing for shit but they put on catchy bubblegum pop and sing along anyways and dance around the kitchen island together. it’s always full of light and music.

their mini mixtape: bad day (daniel powter), bubbly (colbie callait), morning glow (from pippin)

what happens on date night: there’s a 99% chance that they’ll either a) plan the date to be just volleyballing in the first place, b) ditch their original plan to go to the gym and play volleyball, or c) pass a public volleyball court at some point and pull over to the park to practice together. mostly because they’re both pretty one-track in their interests, but also because bokuto in a fancy restaurant/museum is a bull in a china shop and oikawa doesn’t really care as long as they’re spending time together. when they do manage to pull off a real date, they tend to try a lot of new and different things together, not necessarily because they’re interested in the activities themselves but because bokuto is interested in novelty and oikawa adores following him around and enabling him when bokuto gets excited about stuff

what are their shopping trips like: I WAS TALKING TO AMBER ABOUT THIS A WHILE AGO AND WE DECIDED THAT THEY’RE PROBABLY THE KIND OF PEOPLE WHO GO TO THE STORE LIKE “SURE LETS GET SOME FUCKIN GROCERIES” AND THEN THEY COME HOME WITH A BUNCH OF EXPENSIVE SPICES FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD AND SIX BOXES OF LUCKY CHARMS neither of them has any idea how to cook they mostly live off takeout and microwaveable shit and the occasional nights when kuroo just can’t let them live like this anymore and he comes over and makes them real food while they happily watch TV

trivial fact about them: oh man i’ve already done a lot of these but here’s one: they have a shared passion for fucking ridiculous t-shirts, bokuto wears all the cheesy volleyball shirts he found on cafepress and zazzle, oikawa wears those weird engrish ones (im still hung up on “I’M SO FUCKING FUTURE”) and ratty old alien shirts like I WANT TO BELIEVE and BEAM ME UP

also: bokuto tries to stay up with oikawa to keep him company when he’s pulling all-nighters but bokuto usually goes to bed pretty early so he conks out with his head in oikawa’s lap at like 10pm but it still works in some ways because oikawa plays with his hair all night and doesn’t hit that 3am existential crisis caffeine crash bc bokuto’s presence keeps him calm

also: every post about how powerful hufflepuff/slytherin relationships are is about them (look) (lo OK) (LOOK)

oh no i’m making myself emotional again

send me a ship!

Style Crush Saturday goes to my girl @lvernon2000 who always serves up radness and fab fashion with her posts!!

RepostBy @lvernon2000:
“Last night at #fashbash2016 Downtown feeling all types of queenly… Who said fat babes couldn’t slay? Because my thighs rub together when I walk, I should be ashamed? Nah, I glided into that event like I owned the place and the people in it with a few dollars in my pocket. Complete slayage with a dash of confidence 😜😜😜 photo: @lilmissjbstyle #leahvdaily #fatgirlsbewinning #bigandblunt #curvesarein #bgki #streetstyle #turbanista #fashionista #instabeauty #plus_isamust #fatshion #wiwt #bodypositive #style #muslimgirl #plusmodel #effyourbeautystandards #plussize #girlboss #pizzasisters4lyfe #stylefile #Stylehasnosize #selflove #psblogger #instafashion #psootd #blackgirlmagic #naturalhair #iamsizesexy

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okay but like

king au raywood where they’re both princes arranged to be married so they can unite their two kingdoms together, because that’s what their parents want

but ray’s absolutely determined to be an absolute shit to this guy— he has no clue what his name really is, hasn’t met him— but when he actually meets ryan, like ray is so suspicious 

first of all, ryan’s hot. like hotter than he should be, and it’s almost unfair to humanity? like that guy should be painted and mounted above a fireplace. not to mention, he makes snide comments that ray’s a little too fond of already. 

but ray does his best to ignore this shit, despite how hot and nice this dude is. he’s gotta like make sure that this “ryan haywood” is husband material, if he’s good enough for him and ray just rags on him, tries every lame attempt to discourage ryan, but ryan is so amused and somewhat concerned for ray but frankly he knows what he’s trying to do and that kinda just makes him slowly turn that amusement into affection then to love 

and like eventually as they grow older and interact more and as their parents begin to age, ray realizes he’s still kinda being a shit to ryan, but more so it’s turned into his humor and doing small things to make ryan laugh and roll his eyes and give one of those deep rumbles that ray knows he’s absolutely fucked

years later, ray looks back and laughs. he has a ring on his finger, a smile on his face, and so many happy memories of a man who he loves being there for him and supporting him even through their hardest times. 

Think back to His Last Vow and every interaction between Sherlock and John. There’s tension once John finds Sherlock has relapsed. Tension because John wishes Sherlock had reached out within the month after the wedding. Tension once John sees Janine is Sherlock’s girlfriend. Tension at CAM Tower as John fantasizes ways Sherlock could get brutally injured. Tension in the elevator. Tension at Mary’s reveal in 221b. Tension as they say goodbye outside the plane. These two characters don’t actually have that much screen time together in this episode compared to other episodes. And all the time they do have one or both characters is on edge with the other. Peak unhappiness. THEY ARE NOT JUST BEST FRIENDS. BEST FRIENDS DO NOT HAVE THIS TENSION FOLLOWING THEM EVERYWHERE. They should both be so incredibly happy, both having everything they claimed to ever have wanted. But they’re not. Because there’s something they both want more than anything and they’re not “allowed” to ask for it. They’re resentful now, getting deeper and deeper into despair. Soon everyone will see. Many characters and audience members already do. But it will get worse, to the point where there’s no mistaking this. God, Sherlock was so unhappy he sacrificed his chance at a fulfilling life and took enough drugs to kill himself. Because a life where John doesn’t choose him isn’t worth living.