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When you're taking point on an episode, do you have much input on the way the scene is filmed or does the director really kind of come in and shoot what they envision while reading your script? I'm wondering because the way 303 came together absolutely blew my mind. The whole sequence from the summit to the bow was so beautifully written and beautifully framed and felt very cohesive and just... fit. You and Antonio should team up more often!

Thanks! The writer on set has quite a lot of input into the way a scene is shot, but our role is not to be the director. We spend all of prep working with the director, talking about the story so that he or she understands our intention and what we need filmed. That helps get everyone on the same page.

When we’re on set and blocking a scene - which is when the director and actors collaboratively figure out the movements of that scene - the writer gives notes to make sure the physical progression is working. Then, during filming, the writer gives performance notes to ensure the actors are conveying what we need. As I’ve mentioned before, a portion of our story is told nonverbally, so we’re there to make sure those unspoken moments land. 

In the perfect world, the writer on set would have absolutely nothing to do, but we find that there are always questions, always things we know to look for that no one else does (especially if we’re setting up future story), which is why it’s so vital to have a writer on set at all times. That’s not the case on other shows, but it works best for The 100.

A Brief Obi-Wan rec list

@flukeoffate​ requested that I provide some Obi-Wan centric recs. Here then, is my list. It is by NO means a complete list of Obi-Wan fics I love, nor does it feature the complete set of Obi-Wan ships I enjoy, but it’s a good starter set:

1. Re-Entry and Re-Entry: Journey of the Whills, by @deadcatwithaflamethrower​.

This universe is the touchstone of the Obi-Wan-loving fandom. Together, the two series are over a million words of Obi-Wan-centric time-traveling fix-it goodness. Features the pairing ObiQui (among others) but in a way that does NOT invoke age-difference or student/teacher squicks, for those of you who have a problem with that. Seriously, if you read no other Star Wars fic, read Re-Entry. Actually, go ahead and read EVERYTHING by Flamethrower, while you’re at it.

2. Teeny Tiny Mandalorian Kenobis, by @dogmatix​, @norcumi​, and others

After order 66, a heart-broken Rex decides to use a remaining genetic sample of his deceased lover to have a child created. Only, it turns out the Kaminoans are not so good with this “only one child” thing. Also, Obi-Wan is not as dead as Rex thinks. Hilarity ensues. Features the pairing ObiRex.

3. The Black Library, by many folks, including @darthrevaan​ and @hamelin-born

This is an AU still in progress which I am adoring right now, featuring Obi-Wan the Sith Librarian. I love the characterization of Obi-Wan in this one as JUST. SO. DONE. with everyone’s bs. Also, features Shmi the badass Sith Lady, which always appeals to my particular sensibilities. Features some Obikin, but again in a way that does not invoke age-difference or student/teacher squicks.

4. Speaker of Valaeanath, by @deadcatwithaflamethrower

I know what you’re thinking. DG, you just put an epic-length series by Flamethrower on the top of this list. Why do you need another fic of hers on here? Well, my friends, it is because her characterization of Obi-Wan is JUST. SO. GOOD. I could honestly fill half this list with Flamethrower’s fic and be doing you a service. This one is on here in no small part because Obi-Wan-centric fic tends to end at least somewhat sadly, but this fic ends 100% happily. Features ObiQui, but still in that same non-squicky fashion.

5.  Custos, by @letslipthehounds

I really enjoy this one more because it satisfies my Vaderkin desires, but it’s still sufficiently Obi-Wan-centric that I can justify putting it on here. In a world in which Obi-Wan refused to go after Anakin at the end of the Clone Wars, Padme ends up replacing Palpatine as ruler of the empire, with her sith husband at her side. This is how Obi-Wan comes back into their lives. No none-platonic Obi-Wan ships in this one, though an argument can DEFINITELY be made for platonic ObiAniDala.

6. Comfort in Wartime, by Rosbridge

Okay, I have to admit, this is really just PWP, but it’s also my favorite ObiAniDala fic, as well as the first story I podficced for the Star Wars fandom. It’s Clone Wars era, and the premise is very simple: people get drunk over dinner, are too stressed and tired to care much about the whole Jedi non-attachment thing, and have a threesome. But there are emotions, and beautiful imagery, and I just really like this fic, okay?

7. Go Away Closer, by @poplitealqueen

This WIP is DARK, I must warn you, and features content that may be squicky to some folks for several reason, but it is gorgeous, so it has to go on the list. Basically, Obi-Wan can’t find it in him to kill Anakin on Mustafar, and thus is captured by a suitless Vader instead. In typical obsessive fashion Vaderkin decides he is going to KEEP his master, regardless of how twisted that keeping is. Features a pretty unhealthy queerplatonic Obikin, possible future ObiAniDala (according to the tags), and past (unrequited?) ObiQui.

8. He Most Happy Who Such One Loves Best, by @commonplacecaz

This is THE ObiBail fic. And by that, I mean it’s literally the only fic I have ever found which features Obi-Wan/ Bail Organa as the primary pairing. But OH does it work. It’s still a work in progress, and it’s really more Bail-centric than Obi-Wan centric, but I love a good fix it fic that actually considers the full complexity of the Star Wars universe, and this definitely does.

9. A Star to Steer By, by @dogmatix​ and @norcumi

I am ending this list with my two favorite Obi-Wan-centric crossovers, because they are beautiful fics. This is a gorgeous and surprisingly seamless crossover with Stargate SG-1. I’m not even IN the Stargate fandom and love this. Political complexities, world building, and gorgeous writing overall. It is not precisely ObiRex in the shipping sense, but the relationship between Obi-Wan and Rex is definitely important to the story.

10. Burnin’ Love, by @commonplacecaz

It’s…a crossover with Lilo and Stitch. Okay, I KNOW that sounds like crack. But there are feels, and it’s beautiful. Features the pairing Codywan. Not actually a fix-it fic, despite what it seems like.

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but why do you answer like you know 100% they are still together?

Because I despise unfounded negative assumptions. Unless I have a very good reason to suspect they might not be together (so like, they’ve both been in LA for two weeks and there have been no joint sightings or any other indication that they might be spending time together at all) I won’t entertain the anxiety-based rumors the fandom comes up with now and again. It’s disrespectful to Troye and Connor to act as though there are certain things they must do consistently in order to keep the ship alive, because that’s not how any relationship works. Connor should be able to visit his brother for a few days whenever he wants without the fandom flipping their shit and calling it a break.

art by indiefoxtail

366 Days of Vocaloid: Day #41

This time is ‘Eraser Girl’.

I know of this song, but it’s one of those things I’ve gone back to a couple of times and just not really gotten anything from.

I almost feel like I should like this song a lot more than I do. Miku and Gumi normally sound great together and the background music is the kind of thing I’d usually really like, but something about this song just doesn’t give it enough of an impact for me to really like it.

Maybe it’s because I don’t particularly like how either of them are tuned (although it’s not bad) and a lot of the music is pretty repetitive. The opening part you hear is repeated way too much throughout the song. I mean, all songs repeat parts, but it’s the same 2 seconds of music over and over and over.

The lyrics are pretty good, but, again, I feel like I should like them a lot more than I do. There’s just something missing.

Oh, and I hate the way this song ends. You’ll see what I mean when you get there. It just stops. In some cases it would work, but imagine World is Mine just suddenly ended in the middle of the chorus. That’s what the ending of this song sounds like.

I was a bit harsh here since there’s nothing I particularly love, but it’s a well put together song. I like it; it’s just nothing special in my opinion.

BTS reacting to you having a panic attack

I was actually crying when i wrote this because i, sometimes, have panic attacks and they suck. I’d be just going to school and i’d start hyperventilating in the bus for no reason. But for me, music works for majority of the time because it keeps my brain distracted with the lyrics or their voices.

-Admin Strawberry IceCream


 It was the first time that you and our boyfriend, Jin, had a fight after being together for the past three months. And it was all because of some stupid boy that flirted with you while Seokjin and you were on your date. You didn’t know he was flirting because you, yourself, didn’t know how to flirt. In the heat of the moment, Jin said the words that you hated the most: “Maybe we should just take a break”, and you felt the walls tightening as you fell on the ground, breaking down, not being able to breath. As soon as he realised what he said, he came to help you, apologising over and over. “Oh my God, I am so sorry. I wasn’t thinking. Are you ok ?" 


Yoongi knew about your panic attacks, as you warned him before sleeping over so he wouldn’t freak out. But the thing is that you had a fear of intimacy and that was what caused the panic attacks. As soon as the both of you layed in bed, Yoongi put his arm behind your head and you felt a little anxious. As the night went on, he started pulling you closer to him, wrapping his hand around your waist and resting his head on your chest and then you felt like the room was crumbling over you and you jumped from the bed, hugging your knees on the cold floor. Yoongi woke up as soon as you moved away from him and saw you on the floor. "Jagi, are you ok ? Talk to me.” he said and rushed over to you.


While you were struggling to do your assignments for college, you saw Hobi relaxing on the couch, searching through the channels of your tv. You were trying your best to stay focused on your studying, when suddenly you felt your heart pounding faster and faster, the walls closing in on you and you started hyperventilating. You tried to get up, but crushed on the chair again. Your boyfriend saw you and rushed towards you, opening the window next to you. He took your hand and put it around his shoulders so you would lean on him, and he took you to the window. “It’s ok, Jagi. Just breath in the fresh air.” he said kissing your forehead, tears escaping his eyes, hating to see you like this.


After a busy week at work, your boyfriend decided to take you on a trip to the mountains. He wanted to take on a cable care to the top of the mountain so you could look at the beautiful sight of the city below. As soon as you started moving up the cable, you felt the dizziness take over you. You hold on tight onto the bar and shut your eyes close. You looked out the window unconsciously and squeezed the bar even harder, feeling your heart race in your body and you started having problems breathing. Namjoon looked at you as you crumbled on the floor, holding your knees close to your chest. He sat down next to you while hugging you and kissing your forehead. “[Y/N], are you ok? Why didn’t you tell me you were affraid of height?” You just tightened your grip on his shirt and hid your head into his chest.


Bangtan were having a photoshoot in a zoo. Jimin invited you with them because he knew how much you loved animals. Their session went well as they took photos with parrots, snakes and even elephants in the background as they stood in front of the safety of the fence. But the thing is, you didn’t know that they were gonna include a tarantula spider in the photoshoot. It was your worst nightmare coming true. When the zoo staff came closer to you with the box of spiders, you felt tears coming out of you eyes as you felt your heart pounding faster, collapsing on the cold  ground. Your boyfriend saw you and he run over to you, taking your hand and getting you out of the room. Once you got outside, he placed you on a bench and sat beside you, holding you into his arms “Jagi, it’s ok. Just breath.” he said breathing in and out loudly with you.


It was the morning after your first time with Taehyung. You’ve both waited for a long time to get intimate and it finally happened. One of the reasons for not getting to the 3rd base, and the most important, was because you were scared that once you sealed the deal, he’ll leave because he’s a superstar and you are just a simple girl. You searched for him in the bed, only to feel the cold sheet next to you. You started breathing harshly and your heart was racing like crazy, tears were threatening to roll down your cheek and you hugged your knees to your chest. You knew this would happen, yet you still went through with it. Just as a sob escaped your mouth, you heard the bathroom door open and saw Taehyung looking at you with wide eyes. “Jagi, what’s wrong? I’m right here. Please stop crying.” he said as he hugged you tight and kissed you all over your face.


The exams were coming fast and you and your boyfriend, Kookie, were struggling to study and help each other out at the classes you lacked. He was trying to explain to you how solve a logical problem and you couldn’t understand a thing he’s saying. You sight in frustration and got up from the table and tried to reach to open the window but you collapsed on the floor, tears coming down your cheeks, feeling the oxygen leaving your body as you couldn’t breath in the air. Kookie saw you and ran towards you to try and lift you up and take you to the window. He took you in his arms and held you by the window, kissing your cheeks to make you calm down. You hold on to him tight and felt your heart slowing down as he was lighlty caressing your hair. ”It’s ok, Jagi. I’m here. Don’t worry.”

The Paper Route


Okay, so this story happened to an acquaintance of mine, and I suppose I should give a little background information for this story to make sense. Also, the names are changed for obvious reasons.

My boyfriend and I were visiting his childhood friend, Allen, and his wife, Marie, back in his hometown during a school break. Luckily, I was best friends with both of these people, and we were all potheads but we were responsible potheads. This past year they had a kid together, and hilariously enough, named their drug dealer as the godfather because he was honestly a good guy.

Jason is what you would first think of when the words drug dealer pop up in a conversation, but he was outgoing, wickedly funny, and loved his pregnant girlfriend’s autistic son like his own. He loved Allen’s kid, spoiled him rotten even though he was only a few months old at this point. And when he wasn’t selling bud, he worked at a newspaper company, delivering people’s newspapers at ungodly hours while also being stoned out of his mind. 

We were all sitting at the kitchen table, passing a blunt, telling ridiculous stories about crazy stuff happening to us when we were too high to process anything, and that’s how it all started.

After finishing up our fifth blunt of the night, he started telling us how one night on the paper route he almost shat himself when he was stoned out of his mind. He said that if he had stopped smoking, he would have a lot of trouble sleeping at night because of what happened to him fucked with his head a little too much.

This event happened back in January of 2015, around two in the morning while delivering the paper to a bank. He was planning on meeting Allen and Marie there since it was the bank they used and it was in the middle of town, halfway for both of them to meet for some bud and maybe a little smoke break, too.

Mind you, Jason was really, really, really high and was expecting them to be there, but apparently both Allen and Marie got too stoned at home to even remember that they were supposed to meet him there. 

So he drove up to the bank and passed the drive-thru ATM, which was towards the back of the building, he saw what he thought to be their SUV with the doors open and then parked right behind it. He wasn’t really paying attention on how sketchy the situation was because he was so focused on seeing them. All he wanted was to smoke a little while bitch about his cranky old boss with his friends.

He got out and walked towards the car but stopped because they would have gotten out to say hello. A little weirded out, he stood there for a few seconds and then shifted to the side to see that there was somebody near the tree that was in front of the car.

He quickly hid and looked underneath the car and saw what he assumed to be somebody’s feet in the dark. By this point, Jason thought he had caught his two best friends fucking at the bank in the middle of January, but he wasn’t about to shame them. He felt awkward about it, said it made him like a pervert, so he yelled at them to stop because he was right there. He even joked that he would hold this over their heads when their kid got older.

But then something clicked in his hazy mind and realized it was too quiet, especially if there was a couple secretly getting it on in the parking lot of a bank. Paranoid, he walked slowly towards the front of the car as quietly as any stoned person could be while thinking the worst when it came to Allen and Marie.

Jason told us he was expecting the worst or maybe the best, hoping that Allen would stop being a dick and come out with Marie from the darkness, but what he saw fucked him up for a long while.

He walked to the front of the car only to see a guy hanging from a fucking tree. 

He freaked out, as any person would, but being high and alone in the dark at 2 AM with a dead body sent him a little over the edge. But even though he was freaking the fuck out, he checked to see if the guy was even alive and panicked even more when he found out that the guy was actually dead. After a few moments of letting himself have his episode, Jason called the cops and hid the stash in his car while trying to calm himself down. Situations with dead bodies with a drug dealer with actual drugs in the car never really went well together when the police got involved. 

The strange thing about this whole experience was that when Jason was calm enough to process everything, he walked and sat on the hood of his car and studied the scene. It was a black man who was obviously an athlete, approximately 6'2", maybe 22 years old at most, and heavy enough that it allowed the small branch of the tree to give a little and let his feet touch the ground. 

It was weird because the tree was too small for such a large guy to hang from. It was even weirder because not only did he have the rope around his neck but he was also tied to the base of the tree. He didn’t even have any shoes on. It simply didn’t add up in his brain.

Jason said that it would have been impossible for the guy to die since the branch was too low to even allow the guy to hang and break his own hyoid bone, but the poor mother of the guy didn’t even have enough money to even have a proper autopsy done so the police ruled it as a suicide.

It was obvious that it couldn’t have been suicide, it was clear to Jason and the officers, but without an autopsy report, the police weren’t going to spend time and resources on what-ifs, even when it should have been ruled as a homicide. 

Jason was later updated on this guy by the officer who first arrived on the scene. The guy apparently showed up at the bank around eleven that night,  according to the surveillance cameras, driving up to the ATM to withdraw some money but it seemed like he didn’t have enough in his account. He punched the ATM and drove off into the back parking lot, which was off-screen, and that was the last moment of him seen alive.

With a little more digging, Jason discovered that the guy attended the same high school as Allen and Marie so finding out his name wasn’t difficult. It got even stranger when the guy’s cousin got gunned down while going to class on campus, which happened the very next day after this guy’s “suicide.”  

Jason told us this guy and his cousin probably got caught in some shit and was killed over some money they probably owed to the wrong people. He even had a picture of the guy on his phone, showing us how impossible it would have been for a guy like that size to succeed on killing himself on such a low branch of a small tree. 

Looking at the photo and listening to all of this gave me the goosebumps.

Though, ironically enough, before Jason left work that morning, his boss had a discussion with all the employees that any future tardys to work will not be tolerated, and when he called in, the boss was so furious but quickly apologized when Jason said, “Dude, I just found a guy hanging in a fucking tree.”

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When Regina banned Zelena, my first thought was "How Regina is even allowed around kids" how many kids she separated from their parents. Some one should make a list, because I lost count. I cant even listen "she was a villain" she was a "hero" when she took August from his father and took his change to raise his son

Yeah, I actually put together a video on that very subject last year: 

And that’s by no means an exhaustive list–I didn’t even include her abuse of Henry at all since I planned to make a separate video for that–but I didn’t want to make it too terribly long. 

But to make a long story short, Regina has absolutely no business being around children. Of course, she has absolutely no business and no right to be anywhere but in a cell…but these writers either have extraordinarily short memories or no interest whatsoever in any kind of justice. 

Regina is clearly no more fit to be a parent than Zelena, and as far as I’m concerned, Robin is an unfit parent too if he allows Regina around his children. I mean he apparently doesn’t  give a damn that this is the woman who (directly or indirectly depending on the timeline) murdered his son’s mother, but he has no problem with Regina acting as essentially Roland’s stepmother. I think that’s despicable, but then Snow seems to be a-okay with Regina having murdered her father as well. It’s just more evidence that everyone else’s characters have been weakened or warped beyond recognition to service this false “redemption” of the unrepentant, mass-murdering, child-abusing rapist. And it’s destroying the show, as far as I’m concerned. 

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Your lawsuit critics remind me of people who are against raising the minimum wage because they think it causes companies to increase food prices. Don't they understand the divide and conquer tactics their oppressors engage in? Are they so gullible?

Some of them are, but some of them are really scared because other companies (most famously déjà vu) have said they were going to offer employee status and then cobbled together these contracts that offer a choice and then make employee status deliberately unappealing through a series of also-illegal maneuvers (like saying they will take the first two hundred you make and also lap dance $ and tips and control all this other stuff) while not changing anything about contractor status so the status quo looks good in comparison.

Of course, the status quo is actually that we’re employees, and nothing SHOULD change except they stop taking our money (and start paying minimum wage and payroll tax) but for the people who don’t understand what contractor status ACTUALLY looks like and how different it would be from what we have:
negotiating your own contract! Showing up and leaving whenever you want! Paying one flat fee for space rental! Charging whatever you want!

–those people don’t know and don’t have access to anything that would help them enforce that anyway.
Like the fool last week who was like “clubs would just take your money anyway” the point is that then you could DO something about it.
The only protections contractors have are those specifically written into their contract, which right now is nothing.
Employees are the only group with protections, and with protections of those protections for people in a position to invoke them.
Of course it isn’t perfect but it’s so far beyond what contractors have, I’m just shocked. Contractors are the most easily fucked over group of working people in the country.
And that makes all of them vulnerable. But the more people stand up against misclassification, the stronger EVERYONE becomes.

So yeah I just got on my box again sorry, because it makes me sad how scared and uneducated people are, how that makes them so easy to fuck over and how willing other people are to participate in and take advantage of that.

Like I’m still so pissed off! I almost feel as mad as I was when Stiles attacked Scott! You can show me all the stydia you want I don’t give a fuck, let the stydia shipper have their moments, but DO NOT have the entire mccall pack come together and work together to save their pack member, establishing stronger bonds and using elaborate plans and teamwork, but then take it all away at the end and have it be about Stiles saving Lydia!! THIS WAS A PACK EFFORT!! They should have all been there giving each other congratulatory hugs and high fives, and Stiles should not have taken all the credit!! That ending was completely disrespectful to everyone else that helped Lydia; this was, IMO, an amazing McCall pack two-part episode, and then they just threw it all away to make it about Stiles and Stydia!! This was so disgusting and so disrespectful, good work writers you ruined what would have been a good streak of awesome episodes!!

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I'm an INFP and my roommate is an ISFJ. I've been getting really annoyed at her lately, although I don't show it, because she only talks about herself. She also keeps asking about my dog who recently died and it's really painful for me, but she thinks it doesn't affect me because I don't express my emotions to her (I tend to be very private while she cries to me all the time). She also tries to control everything we do together which makes me feel super restricted. Help pls haha. [shitty advice]


This is totally normal behavior of an ISFJ. You have made a terrible mistake. Move out as soon as possible.

If you cannot, try repeating back everything she says in an annoying voice. At the very least, this should get her to stop talking to you completely, which would be an improvement.

Why don’t we transform Valentine’s Day from a celebration of romantic love to a celebration of every kind of love? Let’s take a day to appreciate not just our romantic partner, but every person we love: our family, our friends, our pets, every person that makes us smile?


exo + otpskaixing (requested by anon)

“ i remember when lay hyung first came. in lay hyung’s case, his enthusiasm to learn was superior compared to others. i came in about one year before lay hyung and I thought about the past a lot. he taught me a lot of dances and everyday after we danced together, we would stay behind and practice.. us two practiced so much, there was once when during chuseok, we danced all three days. i have a lot of good memories with hyung. recently we also consulted a lot on what type of dance we should dance. he thinks of me as a teacher but i don’t think that’s it but because hyung is M’s lead dancer and i am in charge of dance in K, i want to understand one another in the future as well. “ - jongin

Ok nerds I know I should finish my Charizard drawing but I’m procrastinating so sit down and grab a drink, I’m here today to preach about our lord and savior,

✧・゚:* Stromatolites! *:・゚✧

image source

it’s just a bunch of dead rocks…?
Rude. Ok Stromatolite literally means layered rocks but it’s actually a solid structure built by a colony of living cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).

image source

Um so what.
Here’s the fun part, our little friends there basically stick together their entire life, drenched in their own microscopic equivalent of sweat and shit, because they’re best buds like that. All this sticky excretion also traps sediment from their surrounding. It’s like stationary Katamari Damacy. Except bit shitty.

image source

Ew. Gross.
Didn’t your parents teach you to behave around the elderly? Some of these guys have been around for 2000-3000 years, and the cyanobacteria that build these pretty structures are known to be similar to lifeforms found 3.5 billion years ago. So they’re effectively a simulation of Precambrian life. Sorta.

image source

Um. Cool. What are they good for?
Remember when I said they basically live in their sweat and shit and fossilize it all together? Like tree rings, their layers tell us about the environment of a certain era. Just like when your bestie dug through your browsing history to see what you’d been watching all week and which restaurants you ordered your food from. 

Except they last thousands of years. So in 100 years, when your hopes and dreams are long dead and forgotten, they will still be chillin, keeping a record of time like the true nerds they are.

image source

Whatever I’m done here you nerd.
Hey. I’m not done.
Did I tell you that they photosynthesize?
If you don’t think green little thingies literally devouring sunlight to stay alive while farting out oxygen for you ungrateful metazoan to stay alive and scroll this website is the raddest thing on Earth, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

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omg but what if aa tony hides the fact that his repulsor is a prosthetic and then he meets bucky who's also missing an arm and tony's like???? should i tell?? ????!?!!!? or alternatively tony and bucky making terrible jokes about how together they have one functioning set of arms

Okay in all honesty this is one of my favourite headcanons that I’ve ever gotten so I wrote you a lil blurb. 

Assume this is after Tony has told the other Avengers that he has a prosthetic arm. Bucky has recently transferred to the Academy.

Steve walks into the common room on a Saturday morning after his run and for a moment he thinks he’s still asleep, because he must be dreaming. 

Objectively, what he’s seeing is a normal image. Bucky and Tony are sitting on the old couch they all have crashed on at two am at one point or another, both of them wearing pyjama bottoms and t-shirts. Both of them have game controllers in hand, the two of them laughing hysterically at whatever is going on in the game they’re playing. Bucky has one hand flailing dramatically at Tony, as if he’s trying to cover his eyes. Tony is dodging these attempts and simultaneously keeping his eyes glued on the game, seeming completely unfazed. 

The weird thing about this, is that Bucky and Tony hate each other.

Or at least, Steve thought they did. 

“What’s going on?” Steve asks, confusion creeping into his voice. 

Neither of them pay much attention to him as he approaches. 

“Morning beloved,” Tony greets him, looking over at Steve with a bright smile on his face, his eyes sparkling happily. 

“Gross,” Bucky comments in a monotonous voice. 

“Can it, Terminator,” Tony tells Bucky. 

And here’s the real shocker; this doesn’t cause an argument. Instead, Bucky just grunts and continues playing. 

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We talk all this “Build Black Businesses” “Support ourselves” “Build our stuff things”, for of being discriminated against. Then, when we’re about to pop off on the action, then they start to panic and take action and say “Oh shit, wait, they’re about to get it for themselves what they deserve, give them a piece of it quick”, they break us off a little something, and you can hear the all that “Build our own”, “Support ourselves” talk drop to the ground like bomb just hit the floor. And all talks are forgotten, while celebration of that little piece they gave us is celebrated. They then of course give those things you not because they feel you deserve it, because you’ve been begging for it all your lives and god forbid your people should come together in unity and get it for yourselves and realize that trillion dollar buying power and the amount of things you could accomplish with your unity. No. They give us a piece of it, and you hear celebrations of “Yaay!” “Yes!” ““We Finally did it!!!”. Did what? We ain’t do shit. We didn’t accomplish what we set out to accomplish was get a firm establishment that gives us what we 100% fully deserve in its entirety, not small pieces here and there that will make you cry for joy at how wonderful this feat you overcame was. You can see examples of this everywhere. Like Dior accepting Rihanna, the first Black woman in that company, a company that’s been there for 70 years. Instead of “um… ok. took you long enough”. You can hear screams everywhere “YESS WE DID IT!” “WE FINALLY MADE IT” “WE MOVING UP”. 70 years. They give you bits and pieces decades and decades and decades at a time, 20-30-50 years at a time, while everything you ever wanted could be achieved in a few months through that. But every time we speak of “Building and supporting our own”, all they have to do, when they see things are getting crazy and you’re actually about to do it, they’ll give you those bits and pieces and you’ll toss everything you’ve ever spoken about in terms of black empowerment to the side, because they gave you this little small piece of small empowerment and you feel you “got it yourself” “we did it”. People been saying to make the oscars “more diverse” for how many years now? This is the first year? Is this the first time there was a commotion? How many decades? How many speeches black people made snarky comments about them not being represented or acknowledged? Now they have people coming out saying we’ll build our own, we’ll show you. we’ll do this we’ll do that, better economics this that, people coming together. Now. I wait, for the Next one, where they’ll give you their bits and pieces of something we could’ve gotten in a matter of moments through doing it ourselves and build an immense type of unification, I wait until those bits and pieces, and hope we don’t cast away everything we’ve ever spoken about because they’ve handed us crumbs, which they don’t even feel you deserve in the first place. 

Proposal {Avengers Preference}

Requested by hey-alex-hey: ‘Avengers (+Bucky) preference for how they propose to you?’

Tony Stark:

With Tony, it would be a spur of the moment thing. He would just suggest it before turning serious and really asking you. You could be doing something simple like making pancakes and make a joke about something he would just say ‘We should get married’ and he would really mean it. It would take you off guard but in your shock, he’d start telling you just how much he loved you and it would all just come together. And of course, the engagement party and wedding would be lavish.

Steve Rogers:

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Steve would undoubtedly be romantic and cheesy. He would take you somewhere meaningful, perhaps where you had your first date or first kiss, and would have gone all out to make the day special for you. His speech would make both you and him tear up because he just loves you so much and he really would mean every single word he says.

Bruce Banner:

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Bruce is a private person so when he proposed, it would be a private thing. It would probably just be in your house, though he’d still make it romantic. He’d decorate your house with candles, flowers and have a lovely, sweet song playing. He’d make you dinner before he would pop the question.


Thor would be probably just slip it into conversation one day with a grin. He’d take you out to see the stars and probably say something like ‘…and when we get married, we’ll…’ and you’d be shocked and repeat it. He’d turn to you with a wide smile before telling you that he wants to be with you forever and that you are his one true love and he’d ask you to rule Asgard with him. He wouldn’t realise it but his speech would be the most beautiful thing and would totally make you cry.

Natasha Romanoff:

It would be a spur of the moment thing, too, but once said, you’d both be really serious about it and would love the idea of it. Nat is a private person, too, and wouldn’t always share how she felt. I think it would happen late at night as you both were drifting off to sleep, she would murmur something to you like ‘I wish I could always have you by my side’ and you’d tell her that she will always have you there and then she would blink and just whisper ‘we should get married’. That certainly would wake the two of you up.

Bucky Barnes:

Bucky would just kind of come out and say it. It wouldn’t be a grand gesture. He would have been thinking on it for a long time. You’re the first person, aside from Steve, that really saw him, not the Winter Soldier, you saw James Buchanan Barnes. You’d be sitting with him and he’d just be watching you before he asked and if you said yes, he would spend the rest of his life trying to make you see how much you mean to him.

“What happened to you and him?” My best friend sat down beside me, eating a sandwich. “You used to be so close and joking together and go together everywhere just like a couple, even though you’re no more than best friends.”

I sighed, took a little bite on my beef bun. “I made a mistake, a serious mistake. And then I told him.”

“Then? Are you guys avoiding each other because of that mistake?” She gave me a curious look.

I nodded. “I shouldn’t have told him. I should just take all the blame to me and save this guilty feelings to myself.”

“That’s so damn unusual. You know, he’s not the type of guy who avoid someone after they made a mistake. What did you actually do?”

My lips moved making a sad smile.

“I fell in love with him.”

—  m.a / excerpt from a book I will never write

anonymous asked:

Hey! New fan here. I read Outlander, binge-watched the show, and then promptly began to re-read the book - all without coming up for air. Here's my dilemma: I feel quite strongly that I would not be okay if anything happened to Jamie and Claire or came between them, and think maybe I should stop while I'm ahead. But what do you think? Are the books worth the ups and downs?? How do you think the series will end?

Oh anon - are they worth it. Let me quote Jamie and Claire themselves to answer this - because although they’re referring to their own lives, and their experiences together, I think it accurately sums up the experience of reading the Books as well:

Even now, after all the pain and death and heartbreak that followed, I would still make the same choice

- Claire, Outlander 01x01 “Sassenach”


“This wife you have,” Bird said at last, deeply contemplative, “did you pay a great deal for her?”

“She cost me almost everything I had,” [Jamie] said, with a wry tone that made the others laugh. “But worth it.”

- Jamie, A Breath of Snow and Ashes

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So..... they had been apart sometimes? As in breaks ups?? I'm curious about this information just for the realness. If you know what I mean. Hahha

Ok so this is probably a bad idea but I guess I should get this over with. 

The relationship was rocky for a bit yes including at least one big breakup. By the time I heard all the stories it was summer 2014 and everything was calmed down and they had gotten back together and were determined to make it work. The breakup wasn’t because they didn’t love each other. They always loved each other but everyone was trying to pull them apart. It wasn’t just management or their label. When you are famous people want to be around you and sometimes “friends” try to convince you they have your best interest at heart (and then they use you). I don’t think any of us have any clue how difficult this was for them. I don’t think any of us understand how important the support from larries was in their ability to get through this together. This is what made me want to check know out the fandom. There have always been shippers in other fandoms, but none quite so defiant and outspoken. When you hear two band members and a section of their fanbase has gone rogue it catches your attention. It caught the attention of a lot of people. You have so much power, I don’t think you realize it.

I know this will piss off some people because a rocky relationship including a breakup doesn’t fit the fairytale version of larry but it is what it is. They have given plenty of clues but people ignore it or explain it away to keep from acknowledging that this could ever happen to perfect Larry. I hate seeing people going out of their way to explain away Where Do Broken Hearts Go. Harry wrote what he meant. It’s right there, listen to them. The entire relationship is in their music. Including their decision to win this. 

Ok, let the hate anons begin 😞